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The first party since my divorce. Of course it had to be a costume party. Most of the people there would not know me no matter who I came as. Except that new assistant that had joined our company about six months ago. She was the first female I had even wanted to talk to since I had become a single man again. The other people I worked with would usually just leave me alone. The office gossip was that I always stayed in a bad mood and was hard to get along with. The best rumor was that I had turned gay or at least bi-sexual. That made me laugh. They just didn’t know how close they had come to guessing the truth. Lisa was about the only one that would ever talk to me.

Lisa was a beautiful woman with a body that just would not quit. Every time she came near me those old feelings started running through my body. Then they would collide head on with the other feelings I had started having.

Therefore, when she asked me to go to this party with her I had mixed feelings. Especially when she told me it was a costume party. I had no imagination when it came to these matters. I was about to tell her no until she told me that that she was going as a super hero and that she was going to make her own costume. That pretty much made the decision for me.

I told Lisa that I had no idea about what sort of costume to wear. Before I could say anything else she offered to make my costume for me. In fact we would both be super heroes. That intrigued me so I told her to go ahead and make my costume. She had come closer to guessing what my new feelings were than anyone else. “I’ll probably have to get you over for a fitting before the party,” she said. “But don’t worry it could be fun,” Lisa added as she walked away. “Could this be the start of a new relationship?” I realized I had said that out loud when the lady next to me rolled her eyes. Oh well. Now I was excited and nervous at the same time.

All I had been able to think about since the divorce were seeing women dressed in leotards and tights. I think that’s what I missed most about my wife. She would always run around in her tight little spandex outfits. Moreover, when she did it usually ended in a good old healthy round of sex.

My ex-wife knew it drove me crazy. The last time I stopped by the apartment to pick up the last of my things she was wearing red tights and a tight red spandex leotard. It was all I could do not to grab her and throw her down on the bed. Ever since that day I had been having weird thoughts about me starting to wear tights and leotards. I didn’t know if that made me weird, gay, bi or all of the above.

Two days later Lisa told me to come by her apartment and see how my costume was going to fit. After work I went home and took a shower and slowly made my way to her place. Turned out she didn’t live that far from me. She lived in a four-story office building that had been turned into an apartment building. I knocked on the door and heard her unlocking the locks. When the door opened she was standing behind it so I couldn’t see anything but her head. She smiled and opened the door further so I could come in.

Her apartment was and old loft that she must have refurbished herself. It was very nice and homey and had the sweet smell of incense long since burned away. She redirected my attention back to her by grabbing my arm and walking to the living room, I think. I still hadn’t looked at her. Then finally she walked in front of me and picked a sack off the couch. Geez, all she had on was a black long sleeve leotard and black tights. Naturally the tights and leotards were spandex. I didn’t think it possible but she looked better than my wife ever looked. I know I was staring but my brain was stuck in that mode. I finally realized that she was trying to say something to me. When I recognized her voice I came back down to earth.

She was trying to tell me that what she had on was part of her costume. Still having to sew some kind of trim on she said it wouldn’t be so plain when she finished. I told her plain wasn’t so bad and it actually looked good on her. Not knowing if what I had just said made any sense I wisely shut up. for a minute. Lisa still had the sack in her hands and handed it to me “Go in the bedroom and put it on,” she said as she sat down on the couch and curled her legs underneath her. The sight of her little feet in those shiny black tights were starting to work on me.

I walked in the bedroom and shut the door behind me. I dumped the contents of the bag on the bed and almost died when I saw what it was. Exactly the same thing she had on. Nice shiny spandex black tights and leotard. I picked them up and they felt fantastic. I really had wanted to try some Of these on for a long time but then I still didn’t know what that would make me. Now, though, since this was going to be a costume maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad about myself. In addition, the fact that Lisa was in the next room and would see me started to have its effect. I could feel mersin escort that good feeling in my crotch. Then I remembered everyone at the party would see me.

Oh well first things first.

I took my clothes off and sat down on the bed and tried to pull the tights up. I did figure out that the label went in the back so I was already ahead of the game. I finally had the tights on and pulled up over my waist. That was one of the best feelings in the world. There’s something about the feel of that material against my skin that I couldn’t resist. I reached down and picked the leotard up and found the label, again, and put it in the back and stepped into the leotard. I pulled it up and put my arms through the sleeves and straightened it out. My excitement was already starting to show so I had to adjust myself by trying to hide everything down between my legs.

The way that spandex leotard felt pulling against my crotch. It’s almost as good as having sex. I took a step towards the mirror and knew if I had to move around very much I would have a mess on my hands. Well not actually on my hands but in my crotch. I looked at myself in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. I really did have a good body. Nothing like a woman’s body, of course, but good none the less. I couldn’t stand there all day looking at myself and I didn’t want that bad feeling to start so I walked to the bedroom door.

I cracked open the door and asked Lisa if I really had to wear this for my costume or was she just trying to make a fool out of me. “No, no, no,” she said, “don’t be embarrassed in front of me and I really want to see how good you look in those.” I slowly opened the door and walked out. She watched me all the way. I could see her eyes moving up and down my body.

Then she zeroed in on my crotch. I could tell that I was still showing my excitement standing there with her looking at me and me looking at her. She broke the silence by telling me to turn around which I did apparently too fast. I had to turn around again and stop so she could look at my butt.

“Damn you look good in those,” she said.

I turned back around facing her. “Do I really have to wear this in front of people?” I asked her. “I mean you can see everything about me”

“Yeah, I see what you mean'” she said as she smiled and looked down below my waist. Then she explained that I would have a pair of briefs on over the tights and leotards like Superman wore. “But for now we won’t worry about those yet,” she said as she reached out and pulled the leg holes in the leotard down. Luckily she didn’t brush my crotch or else I’m afraid it would have been all over.

She sat back down on the couch and motioned for me to do the same. When I sat down the leotard pulled tighter and felt like it was going up my butt. Again it wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling in fact it was pleasant. I was really enjoying this. She started telling me how the costumes would look like when she finished everything. Our costumes were alike because we were going as a husband and wife super hero team. As we sat there I just wanted to take her in my arms and get both of us out of these costumes. Not now but maybe later I had to keep telling myself. After sitting there for another thirty minutes I told her I needed to get on home. I leaned over closer to her and put my hands on her legs. Just the feel of the spandex tights on her almost made me loose it all right then. I gave her a little kiss on the lips. She didn’t pull away so maybe that was a good sign.

We both stood up at the same time and she automatically looked down at my crotch and could see the effect she was having on me. At least I wasn’t embarrassed anymore. I asked her, hoping that she would think that I was kidding, if I could just wear the costume home under my clothes in case someone needed a super hero later that night. Only thing was that I wasn’t kidding I really didn’t want to take the tights and leotards off. She just laughed and said maybe later but she needed to finish the costumes because there was only two days left until the party. I went back to the bedroom and took the costume off and got dressed. I started walking out and walked by her and gave her another little kiss and hug as I left. I just had to get one more feel of those tights and leotards.

I went home and ate. Soon as I finished eating I jumped right into bed. I could still feel the marks on my skin where the seams if the costume had dug into my skin. I knew I’d better get to sleep before I had to relieve that feeling in my groin. Of course the only dreams I had that night were of me wearing those tights and leotards. I woke up that next morning not knowing what I was going to say to Lisa. I sure was hoping she didn’t have any good friends that she could tell about the last evening’s events.

I didn’t get a chance to see her until it was almost time to go home. Lisa walked in my office and handed me kocaeli escort a box that was taped up tightly. She told me that was my finished costume and to try it on that night to make sure everything was okay. She even looked good with all her clothes on. I thought back about last night and started to get that ache between my legs again. She looked like she wanted to say something but didn’t. Walking out the door she said she had a good time last night and looked forward to the party and seeing me. With the emphasis on the seeing me part.

I couldn’t wait to get home and try on my costume. I rushed in my building and got lucky and caught the elevator the fist time. I opened my apartment door and went straight to the bedroom and took off my clothes. I couldn’t get all the tape off so I had to tear the box apart to get to the costume. A Polaroid picture fell out. I picked it up and saw that it was a picture of her in her finished costume. Looked like all she had done was sewn on a big M and a little rs on the front of her leotard and had put a pair of bright red briefs on over her costume. The briefs were so tight it still but it looked great. I pulled the leotard out of the box and saw that mine had a big M and a little r on it. And the red briefs were lying on top of the tights. I guess we were going as Mr. and Mrs. Super hero.

I pulled the tights out of the box, with the label in the back, and tried to put them on standing up. Couldn’t do it, almost killed myself. How do women do that? I had seen my wife put pantyhose on all the time standing up. Oh well, that’s one of those mysteries of life. I sat down and pulled the tights on. Next the leotard, before I pulled it up all the way I had to tuck everything in again. Once I had my arms in the sleeves I pulled the briefs up over the costume.

They were super tight, I’m glad spandex can stretch.. And that just made my crotch feel so much better. I looked in the mirror and knew I looked good but would other people laugh or make fun of me.

Probably not, I thought, everyone would see how great Lisa looked in her costume they wouldn’t notice me. I picked up the picture of Lisa and laid down on the couch and stared at that picture. The leotards and briefs were really pulling tight and I found that the more I squirmed around the more that feeling built up inside me. I didn’t realize it at first but I was on my way to one big orgasm. And by the time I did realize what was going to happen it was too late. I couldn’t stop it. I was shooting everything that had built up inside my costume. I thought it would never quit coming. I was so wet and sticky I didn’t want to move. But that was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had.

I lay there for awhile on the bed and I fell asleep. The feeling of the slippery spandex against the sheets almost hypnotized me. I woke up and it was midnight. My crotch was still pretty wet and sticky but now, strangely it felt good. However, I knew I had to have the costume cleaned up by the next night. So I took everything off and tried to wash them out in the sink. I had seen my ex-wife do it plenty of times so I did it just like she used to in cold water and hung them up to dry. I went back to sleep and slept heavy the rest of the night.

I woke up about six the next morning and got myself ready for work. The tights and leotards were still wet but maybe they would dry during the day. Lisa cornered me in my office as soon as I walked in. She wanted to know how the costume fit. I told her it fit almost too well. Of course she wanted to know what that meant but how do you tell a women that you had an orgasm wearing women’s clothes? I just told her she had done and excellent job and the costume looked and felt good. She gave me a funny look when I said they felt good but I just let it slide. “I’ll be by your place about seven this evening to pick you up. Be ready.” She said as she walked out of my office. I had a feeling it was going to be a long day thinking about that costume and what had happened last night. However, what made me nervous is how I was going to be in that costume all night without having another accident especially with her right beside me all night.

The day turned out to go by pretty fast and before I knew it I was back at home. I first thing I did was to see if the leotard and tights had dried. They weren’t all that dry but I didn’t have much time left. I took a shower and dried off. I glanced at the clock and it was only six so I decided to go ahead and put the tights and leotard on early thinking maybe they would dry faster from my body heat. As soon as I put them on I didn’t know how I was going to handle the night. If I just didn’t get so excited when I was wearing them but I couldn’t help myself. I guess that’s when I finally realized I had a spandex fetish. I felt guilty and ashamed at the same time. But as long as nobody else knew I didn’t see anything wrong with it. samsun escort So I got myself back in a good mood and sat around watching the news for awhile.

The doorbell rang about six-thirty and I heard Lisa’s voice telling me it was just her. She was early, naturally. I looked out the peephole just to make sure she was alone and opened the door. She walked in and I closed the door behind her. She had a long coat on over her costume. Great now I was the only one that was going to look silly. But when she saw me standing there like I was she took off her coat and smiled. Then she came over and gave me a hug. I tried not to press too hard against her so she might not be able to tell how excited I was. She didn’t seem to notice that she did notice that the tights and leotard were still wet. She even ran her hand over my body trying to see just how wet they were.

I explained to her that I had knocked over a coke last night after I had gotten home. So I washed them out and they weren’t quite dry. Lisa kind of looked at me funny and asked me if I made it a habit to sit around in tights and a leotard. My heart almost stopped beating. I didn’t know if she serious or just kidding. Then she burst out laughing and so did I. Thank goodness. Through our laughter I told her as a matter of fact I did make it a habit of sitting around like that. “We’ll talk about that later,” she said. She told me to go put the briefs on so she could see how I looked.

When I walked back out of the bedroom with the entire costume on she was sitting on the couch. “Wow!” That’s all she said. She motioned for me to sit beside her, not taking her eyes off me as I was walking. I sat down beside her and she put her hand on my leg and quickly moved it up to my near my crotch. “Oh no,” I thought, here comes another accident. No pun intended. But she didn’t move her hand anymore. “Better not,” she said, “we wouldn’t want you to have another accident in your costume now would we.

Busted. Now how did she know? I could feel myself turning red, which probably looked good with all the black I was wearing. She told me not to be embarrassed. You’d be surprised how many men have a thing for spandex tights and leotards and even pantyhose. Maybe later, after the party, we can come back here and do something about it. I just nodded my head.

It was time to go to the party by the time we finished talking. I helped her on with her coat and she helped me on with mine. I asked her if I needed to wear some pants and a shirt over the costume but she said no that the coat would be fine. I was getting so aroused by the time we left for the party that it was difficult to walk. Plus the fact that I was going out with nothing but a coat on over my costume was a turn on to. Man I didn’t know what was happening to me. My life had changed so much in just a week. We took a cab to the party and the whole time she had her hands all over my leg after she unbuttoned the coat halfway. I don’t know if the cab driver could see me or not. Hopefully not.

We walked into the party arm in arm. Not to many people even noticed us.

That is until the doorman took our coats. Then it seemed as if everyone turned around to look. I know they were all looking at Lisa but I did see some people glancing at me. Men and women. I hoped the excitement I was feeling wasn’t showing as much. I really didn’t feel as embarrassed as I though, there were other couples dressed like we were and some had less on than we did. Lisa grabbed us something to drink and we mingled. Most of the people I talked to were friends of Lisa’s and were very nice. No one seemed to find anything wrong with a man dressed as I was even if it was a party.

The band finally started playing and we danced. She was hitting the wine pretty heavy but she seemed to be able to handle it. Lisa seemed to like slow dancing more because she would rub against my body hard enough to cause some major anxiety but I was able to hold it back. A few couples started leaving so I asked Lisa if she was ready to leave. “Sure, your place or mine, never mind we’ll go to my place,” she whispered in my ear. We put our coats on and caught a taxi and were at her apartment in about five minutes. Neither of us had bothered to button our coats and the cab driver told me he liked our costumes. I looked down and everyone could see what I was wearing along with what Lisa was wearing. Oh well too late now.

As soon as I closed the door behind us in Lisa’s apartment she took her coat off and threw it on the floor and the slipped her red briefs off and let them fall to the floor also. I took the hint and did the same. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to her bedroom. She laid down and pulled me on top of her. Her hands were all over me. She had one hand on my crotch which felt like it was going to come through the material of the costume

and the other hand was playing with the crack of my butt through the tights and leotard. Pushing the spandex up the crack of my butt making the crotch pull tighter. I asked her if she wanted me to take those things off but she told me not yet. So then I was following her lead. I had my fingers rubbing inside her through the material trying to make her feel as good as I was feeling. My other hand was playing with the crack of her butt too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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