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Their vacation to Costara had gone better than Tim expected. He’d always heard that the big cities of Midland were cocktease hellholes, and his wife Jodie had found it rather amusing to paint a picture that their five-day stay was going to involve Tim crawling naked on hands and knees while they stayed at her sister’s condo.

However, the costal metropolis was not, in fact, the worst dickpocalypse south of Victoria, as he’d been led to believe. Much like their home city of Rockland, Costara seemed to be filled with normal people going about their normal day. He’d expected to see cockteased men stuck to street lights to be used by women as casual Lust Energy fountains, expected to see nude men being flown around by barefoot women as Boy Boards, and other such dramatic displays of Sex Magic’s incredible femdom power.

But no, in a city with hundreds of thousands, he didn’t even see any public nudity. Tim was almost as confused as he was relieved. He’d followed the assumption that cities, with their much more crowded and diverse populations, were hot-beds of sexual tension, but it seemed the opposite was true: specifically because there were so many people, with different levels of kink, fetishes, and desires, it was expected for the citizenry to exercise greater self-discipline and control, so as to minimize conflict. Not that anyone was prudish, but people kept their magic in the home. Or at least in the hotel room.

There were, of course, the occasional displays of Sex Magic in public, but nothing more than quick, harmless pranks. After the second day, Tim had started to think their rather laid back town of Rockland was more excitable than the city!

Jodie had burst out laughing at his relieved expression the day they arrived, and just to make sure he wasn’t still tense with worry over it for the rest of the week, the first three nights, she let him fuck her brains out exactly how he liked, and made him cum a half dozen times each!

On the fourth and last night of their trip, though, she just wanted to cuddle. Tim agreed, being pretty thoroughly sexed out as it was, but he swore her Arousal Aura kept flaring up throughout the night. Several times, he awoke with a straining erection. He figured she’d let him have a quickie in the morning, but she coyly fended off his hands, and insisted on going out to breakfast before checking out their final tourist spot.

It turned out Costara did have its lurid side. The northern district of the city had a nude beach, bordered by a few restaurants with a very lose dress code. And at one end of the beach was a special museum which Jodie was dying to check out.

“Museum of Erectile Art?” Tim muttered. His brow furrowed as they pulled up to the driveway.

Jodie grinned. “I’ve heard about this place. It sounds so crazy, I had to check it out!” She reached over and pat his thigh. “You don’t have to go in, though.” She pointed a thumb towards the beach. “You can check out the show down there. I won’t get mad. Promise.” She winked. “Of course, if you stare too much, and get some lady’s attention, well, you might still get in trouble.”

Tim tried not to get hard at the thought of being punished by a bunch of bikini girls. He only half succeeded, causing her to giggle.

“I, uh, I mean, I’m fine,” Tim said cautiously. “What is it, a bunch of paintings of cocks? A bunch of dildo displays?”

She again giggled. “Something like that!”

Tim smirked. “Oh, what the hell? Could be funny.”

“Okay then!” she said. The two exited the car, and headed towards the building. It was a two-story building constructed against and half way into a steeply rising cliff. You would walk right up to a lighthouse on the roof to check out the view out to sea, and out to the beach. But the building itself, though large, strangely had no windows, save for the short row of tinted panels framing the similarly mirrored doorway.

Cool, conditioned air swept over the two as they entered, coming into a small lobby. Tinted doors framed either side of a the front desk, where two smartly dressed women were sitting both looked up at the couple and smiled. The woman on the left gave Tim an approving once over and her smile became a knowing smirk. Tim didn’t see it, but he had the impression that the woman and his wife shared a wink.

The woman on the right said, “Welcome! Two tickets?” She gave Tim a glance over of her own. “Just to warn you, sir, while men are welcome to tour the place, it may not be as stimulating as for your wife. There are aspects of the displays that only Sex Mages can sense.”

“I see,” he said, glancing at Jodie.

She gave his hand a squeeze. “You can still go to the beach, hon,” she said.

“Nah,” he said. “I’m up for it.”

Both women at the counter mardin escort snickered. “I’m sure you will be!” the one on the left said.

Jodie took the tickets, paying for both of them, and led Tim through the tinted doors to the first display. She gasped a bit, faltering slightly as the two entered the first hallway. Tim’s eyes widened in shock. Jodie’s did, too, but from the way her face flushed, he could tell she was “seeing” much more than he was. No doubt feeling more, as well.

The first hallway consisted of twenty men, ten on each side, all floating naked. Their eyes were closed, and their limbs were bent back in a variety of ways, as if they were hogtied by invisible ropes. Their cocks were rock hard, twitching, and glistening with dripping pre-cum, which formed puddles in glass bowls set below their floating forms.

The men were eerily silent, their mouths closed like their eyes, but even with Binding Spells on them, they still managed to let out soft moans or sharp gasps, each utterance timed with a hard clenching of their cock.

Tim gulped nervously. There were three other people in the hall admiring the living statues, two other women and another man. The other man was as naked as the displays, and his cock was tense as well. The girl with him had her hand on his cock, giving it rhythmic squeezes with her hand, even as she reached out and brought her fingers within an inch of a hovering man’s organ. She jerked and gasped and her legs quivered, and the man whose cock she held let out a whimper.

The other woman was likewise holding her hands out, coming with an inch of two hovering men’s cocks and was trembling, a look of bliss on her face.

Jodie watched the other three for a moment, then reached out to the man nearest her. He was a strapping young red head, his cock noticeably bigger than that of every other man in the room. He was the least exotically bound, being held standing ruler-straight, arms at the sides, like a soldier at attention. Jodie’s fingertips nearly came within touching range of the man’s cock, but before she could make contact, she let out a sharp cry, and leaned against Tim.

Tim didn’t realize he was already sporting an erection of his own until he felt in clench in response to Jodie’s cry. He felt her shiver against him the way she did when he was working her over with his hands.

The lone woman glanced over to Jodie and gave her a dopey looking grin. “You might want to Block him before you go any further.”

“It’ll be more fun if he’s naked, too!” said the other lady, giving her man’s organ a gentle squeeze that had him bucking and gasping.

Jodie giggled and glanced to her husband. “Sorry, babe,” she said. “I think they’re right about the Block.” He felt her power snake into him and seize him somewhere inside, that telltale sensation that his orgasms had been sealed away until she allowed it. “I’ll let you decide if you want to stay modest or not.”

He nodded vigorously, then said in a low voice, “What the hell is this place?”

“It’s what it looks like: Sex Mage Art!” she said. “Men are put here and frozen in various poses, then put into a sexual dream. Aside from being floating statues, you can tune in to the fantasies they’re experiencing.”

“More than that,” said the lone woman, as the other couple moved on from the room. “They have one room where the cocks are being teased so that the mental hum they make is almost musical. If you tune into different ones at a time, it actually sounds like different songs playing!”

“Wow!” said Jodie. “Man, this place is cool!”

“I thought they didn’t use guys like this here!” said Tim. He shifted uncomfortably as the other woman didn’t even hide eyeing his crotch.

“Oh, honey, these are professionals,” she said. “They get paid to be put on display like this. And unlike the galleries in Victoria, these guys get off days. Usually.” She reached her hand out and hovered her palm over the cock head of a man who was forced to hold his ankles. The men let out a whimper and the woman shuddered. She wore a short dress and as Tim watched, a line of feminine fluid dripped down her inner thigh. She grinned and pulled a tissue from her purse to wipe it up.

“I recommend leaving your panties behind,” she said as she straightened up and let her skirt fall back into place. Tim almost saw a flash of her womanhood, and he knew that wasn’t an accident from the way the woman grinned at him.

Jodie, who was wearing a sundress, gave her a thumbs up and a wink. “Trust me, I’m prepared!”

Tim’s cock twitched. Jodie wasn’t wearing panties? Jodie caught his thoughts and gave his hand an affectionate squeeze, a sensation she replicated on his cock with a brief Phantom van escort Hand spell. Tim let out a shaky breath.

The other woman left, while two other women entered in from behind. Jodie let go of his hand and wandered to inspect the other guys. Tim followed closely behind her. She held her hand out to hover in front a guy who was bound spread eagle and upside down, the pre-cum barely missing his face as it dripped downwards.

“Oh, my,” she gasped. “He’s in a dream where he’s on one of those glory hole tables, and every girl he ever jerked off to is taking turns sucking under there. When they’re done sucking him, they get up on the table and make him lick them while the next girl has her turn. Ooh, it’s a very long line! He was a real stroke-aholic!”

Tim’s cock surged as that scenario played in his mind. During their honeymoon, Jodie had floated him over her, holding his face just above her pussy, while she’d spent an hour lovingly working him over with her mouth. She caught his memory and snickered, then blew him a kiss. A Phantom Mouth gave him a quick suck and he shuddered. He wasn’t sure if she was pouring on the magic, or if all the magic in the building was enhancing his sensitivity, but even that small sensation made his nerve endings tingle.

“And this guy here,” she said, going over to man who was hog tied, his cock pointing straight to the ceiling, while his limbs were joined behind his back. His head was thrown back, giving passerby a clear view of his face contorted in pleasurable agony. She reached her hand over and let out a sharp gasp. Her thighs quivered. “Oh fuck…” she breathed. “Oooh… cheerleader gangbang!”

Tim wasn’t sure how he felt about the idea of his wife getting off repeatedly from the fantasies other men were trapped in, but seeing his wife’s erotic responses set his cock on fire with excitement.

As she went to psychically taste each of the men’s exquisite erotic suffering, Tim tried not to look too hard at each of them. But as Jodie described a variety of fantasies: threesomes, gangbangs, being stuck in weird sex machines, reenactments of popular sex scenes in movies, Tim couldn’t help but get more and more aroused.

The last man in the room they got to was weirdly posed. His legs were pulled up with his arms hooked under the knees, then spread at the ankles. His cock twitched like all the others, but Tim noticed his ass muscles were clenching rhythmically as well. Jodie chuckled and gave her husband a knowing glance. “Do I even need to explain?”

Tim shook his head vigorously. He’d never been comfortable with butt stuff, and he could only imagine the strap-on pummeling the poor guy must be dreaming about!

Finally, they left the introductory hallway, and the couple nearly fell over. The rest of the building was a single room with a tall ceiling, divided by walls which formed a labyrinth of men on display. There were more floating bondage racks, although these had pictures, paintings and pre-made videos depicting the fantasies they were experiencing.

The further in they went, the more the magic seemed to imbue the very air, as though several Arousal Aura’s were active at once. After passing a through a few sections, Tim’s cock was so hard it physically hurt, and he walked with an awkward limp. His balls were aching for release, his cock quivering with the need to be touched. He almost started masturbating unconsciously, but Jodie caught him, and forced his hands away. Several other men who were there as tourists, almost all of them naked, were hunched over and gasping, being dragged along by their cocks by their wives or girlfriends or mistresses, who giggled at their plight, even as they themselves shuddered with increasing pleasure past every display. A few women were very clearly having orgasms, stopping in mid stride and leaning heavily against their man, or another woman.

Jodie didn’t last that long herself. After only five minutes in the display, she leaned against Tim, gripping his shirt and biting into his shoulder to muffle her cries as she shuddered in climax. Tim held her steady while she calmed down, and her hand pressed against his hard cock. He grunted and his hips bucked, but she whispered. “Not yet… not yet…”

They weren’t even through a third of the museum! But of course, the wildest stuff was yet to come!

They entered a fully walled off area that dominated the back half of the building. As soon as they stepped in, Tim could see why it was hidden, so as not to spoil the view. An enormous, winding sculpture made of a multiple men entwined together like a great fountain of male flesh. Each man in the man display was linked together, cock to mouth, forming huge arches and coils of men in sensual, oral ankara escort chains that reached the full two stories of the building. Tim shuddered at the surrealness of it all, and while part of him was a bit repulsed at the idea of men sucking each other off, the thought of women’s power being so great as to force these men together like this made his cock ache so hard, he bent over and gasped.

Jodie pat his back in sympathy, even as she struggled to walk straight from the amount of pleasure and lustful energy she was absorbing.

Similar smaller sculptures were scattered around the main ones, men’s bodies linked and frozen into tree-like structures, weirdly bestial poses, and symmetrical geometries. One set of six men were stood shoulder to shoulder in a pillar which slowly spun, their cock’s audibly vibrating at high speed. Any man who came near felt their own cocks start to vibrate. Tim didn’t even get that close, and yet he felt the field of influence, the subtle vibration in his own organ making him stagger and edge against his wife’s Orgasm Block! Jodie herself cried out and drenched her thighs as she felt the energy from his edging. Thankfully, a museum attendant was ready with a towel.

The final two rooms were called the Hall of Relief. The men displayed here were all posed mostly the same way, standing tall, leaning a bit back with their cocks stiff and pointed skyward. Unlike the other men in the area, these men were allowed to cum! But to Tim’s horror and Jodie’s fascination, their orgasms appeared to be magically trapped in a state of extreme slowness. Each man had a grimace of climax frozen on their faces, their cocks clenched hard, and semen was starting to spray forth. At first glance, it looked like the semen was likewise frozen, but after a few minutes, one could tell it was slowly oozing outward, shooting into the air with physics-defying slowness.

Each of the men was at a different level of relief, it seemed. Some men were only just getting started, others had a whole shot glass of semen already collected in front of them, the ropes of still-hot cum beginning to twist into various shapes, telekinetically molded by the magic. One man’s semen took the shape of a dragon, it’s maw open to spit fire, which took the form of a line of semen that extended to the helpless man’s mouth, forcing him to swallow his own artfully-shaped seed.

“Oh fuck,” whispered Jodie. She had to use Tim as a crutch, leaning on him heavily as she shuddered in another climax. Tim himself could barely stand upright, his cock tingling with energy. He felt like he was just about to cum himself!

“Oh god,” he gasped raggedly. “I can’t… I can’t!” He staggered forward, practically dragging Jodie out of the building. Two chuckling attendants held the double doors open for them and they staggered out into another room.

The two collapsed onto their hands and knees, gasping. Jodie was recovering from her climax while Tim was stuck on the edge of his. “Please! PLEASE!” he whined. There were feminine chuckles all around him, but he didn’t even notice the handful of staff and other tourists going through.

“You can let him pop now, ma’am,” said one of the attendants. “Just aim him this way.”

He heard Jodie give a consenting moan. Tim was too out of his mind with lust to fight it as a couple other women gently pulled him into a kneeling position, and one of them yanked down his shorts.

“Ready?” a sensual voice breathed warmly against his ear.

“Y-yes!” he squeaked. And then he CAME!

Semen shot from his diamond-hard cock like a rifle, and he heard a splattering noise as his seed hit concrete. After several blinding seconds of pleasure, relief washed over him, and his cock finally cooled. Woozily, he got to his feet with two women’s help, and Jodie leaned against him. When he didn’t cover himself right away, she reached down and pulled up his shorts for him, eliciting some giggles from the women watching.

“Congrats! You hit the bullseye!” said a chipper young female voice.

Tim blinked and shook his head, and saw he was facing a wall ten feet away with several bullseyes painted on, and some distance lines marked from his feet to the wall. He saw a large wet wad of cum sliding down from the bullseye.

The girl, one of the museum staff, handed him a few slips of paper. “You can turn these in for a couple free drinks at the beach,” she said cheerfully.

Jodie laughed, thanked her, and helped guide her still-stunned husband out the exit door. He didn’t really zone back in until they were back at the car.

“Whew!” said Jodie, a huge grin on her face. “That was fucking awesome!”

Tim let out a shaky laugh. “Yeah,” he said. “I guess. Jesus. I thought I was gunna die!”

“Nah, you’re a tough guy,” she said. She reached over and pat his still half-hard cock. “So, what say we try out some of those statue poses when we get back home, hmm?”

He laughed and held up the coupons. “Can we get those drinks before we go first?”

Jodie chuckled. “Oh, fine. As long as we can get them to go!”

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