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First, please permit me a brief explanatory note regarding prostitution in the United Kingdom. We, as a nation, tend to be a little inhibited and very hypocritical about commercial sex. Prostitution, per se, is not illegal but soliciting for the purposes of prostitution certainly is, nor is it legal for the owner of a property knowingly to allow his premises to be used for the purposes of prostitution. However, he can’t be held accountable for what individual occupants or tenants get up to without his knowledge or consent. Whew! In short, you can fuck someone for money but you better be careful how you do the deal. The reason for this explanation will become clear later.

By way of introduction: My name is John, I am 27 years old and married to Elizabeth. We live in Birmingham, Britain’s second city, which is in the heart of the Midlands. The only other detail that is relevant here is that I am a total glutton for sex, I always have been. I am at my happiest when I am fucking and, normally, Elizabeth is bloody brilliant in seeing that I get my rocks off well and often. Its pretty good for her too I might add. We spend quite a bit of time fucking like bunnies.

So, it happened that, about three months ago, Elizabeth had to go away for nearly a month to be with a sick aunt. I was left all on my own. For the first few weeks I was a brave little soldier. After all I had the porn videos, the magazines, the toys, the KY jelly and, praise be, the Internet. I pestered my regular cyber sex contacts until I nearly drove them crazy. (Of course cyber sex was on our regular menu, we know what’s good for us!) And all the while I masturbated!

Finally I started to get desperate. I positively had to have sex with a warm body. That night I broached the subject with Liz during our nightly phone call, just after we had finished our nightly phone sex. I asked her if she would mind me going to a massage parlour to get laid and she was most amenable. I remember what she said, “Fuck as many tarts as you like babe, just stay the fuck away from any of my friends, I know some of them have the hots for you and there are one or two who have the morals of an alley cat.” I didn’t think it would be wise to ask for names at that stage. Grin.

The very next day was Saturday and at about five p.m. I found myself standing outside a neat, well-kept semi-detached house in a quiet side street not too far from the city centre. In a downstairs window was a discreet sign that read “Jade Dragon Sauna and Massage.” I rang the doorbell and, after only a few moments, was admitted by a very smartly dressed middle aged woman. She invited me into a small reception room, furnished with a desk and two chairs and tastefully decorated. She seated herself behind the desk and invited me to be seated in the other chair. There was not much to be discussed really, She told me that all that was on offer was a massage and a sauna and that the cost of that would be twenty pounds. Anything else that was on my mind would be a matter for a private discussion between my masseuse and me. Would I like to meet the young ladies who were on duty? A nod was all it took. She relieved me of my twenty quid and led me through a door into the next room.

Seated in comfortable chairs around the room were five women and all of them smiled at me beautifully as I entered. Four of them were very similar in appearance; they had blonde or blondish hair, big breasts, were dressed provocatively and were young. The fifth woman was totally different. She was forty or forty-five and was dressed quite demurely but very smartly in a print dress underneath which I could make out a generously endowed figure. She had a lovely face with an enchanting smile. Being as fond of mature women as I am, and especially those who are a little plump, I was instantly captivated. I went over to where she sat and held my hand out to her saying, “Please will you be my masseuse for today?”

“It would be my pleasure,” she said, “My name is Sue” I mumbled my name in return. She rose to her feet and, still holding my hand led me out of a door at the back of the room. She led me up a flight of stairs to a landing on the next floor and then through a door into a room which was about the size of a normal double bedroom. Up against the wall on one side was a massage table with a large mirror fastened to the wall directly behind it. In the opposite corner were a comfortable chair and a clotheshorse. In another corner was a generously sized shower cubicle which was opened to the room and opposite that, to finish off the furnishings, was a large television set. ” Please take a shower.” she said, “There is plenty of hot water. When you are done make yourself comfortable on the table. I will be back.” She went over to the television and clicked it on and then swiftly went out of the door, leaving me alone.

I erotik hikaye quickly stripped off and got into the shower. The warm water felt great on my body and I soaped myself all over, wanting to be squeaky clean for my mature masseuse. I was paying particular attention to my cock, feeling it start to swell as I stroked it gently with a soapy hand, when my attention was caught by a scene being played out on the telly. A hot hardcore sex scene was being played out in glorious technicolour and widescreen. A young woman of the bimbo type was servicing two well-muscled guys who were hung like stallions. She had blonde hair, huge silicone tits and a well-rounded arse. She was kneeling on all fours, one guy in front of her and the other behind. As I watched, the guy behind her was forcing his enormous cock into her tight arsehole. She was moaning and crying out and then she shoved back just a little bit and it popped right in, past her ring. She gave a long gasp as he pushed it slowly in up to the hilt and then held it there for a few moments while she grabbed the huge cock in front of her and tried to inhale as much of it as she could.

The camera zoomed in until it was tight on the enormous cock embedded in that tight hole. It lingered as he slowly withdrew his shaft, slight brown staining in the lube that eased its passage, until the knobend was just visible again. This happened a few more times and then the camera backed off as he started to pick up the pace and began to fuck her with some energy. This was so fucking hot! My soapy hand was getting my cock real clean; I was stroking harder and faster. I soaped up my other hand and then slipped it underneath me and found my arsehole with my index finger. I rammed the finger in, searching for my gland while I wanked furiously. The guy on the screen came at that moment, his cum slopping out of the woman’s arse, squeezing out past his cock in blobs. The camera switched to the other guy, just in time to catch his cumshot spurting all over her face.

What the fuck was I doing! I stopped myself just two seconds short of a mind blowing cum and a total waste of twenty quid. I quickly finished my shower and dried myself before going over to the massage table and stretching myself out full length, lying on my back. My cock stuck straight up in the air like a flagpole. Moments later Sue came back. I caught her smiling as she saw me but she did not say anything about my erection. ” Would you like talcum powder or aromatic oil?” she asked. ” I have some very sexy oil scented with sandalwood.”

“Mmm yes.” I replied, “The sandalwood oil sounds fantastic.” She poured a little into her cupped palm and began to rub smoothly over my chest, belly and shoulders. She did not give any indication that she had noticed or was even aware of my cock, which was so stiff that it would have made a crowbar look like a wet noodle. Bloody hell, talk about feeling neglected! Then it dawned on me. She was taking no chances at all that I might be a police trap. It was up to me to get this show on the road. “And what would be even more fantastic would be for you to suck me and fuck me and do unspeakably filthy things to me until I spurt cum by the bucketload!”

She giggled and then burst out laughing, “I was worried for a moment that you might be just a little slow there, love. Glad I was wrong. Now, it sounds to me like you really want everything you can get. How about I give you the full works, Sue style? You like to get really down and dirty don’t you? That will be £100.00 OK?”

“Gawd yes, that’s fine, please just make it last, keep me on the edge then make me explode”

She smiled again and said, “We are going to have such fun. Let’s just get the money thing out of the way and we can get started.” I leapt off the massage table, got my wallet from my trouser pocket and gave her the money which she tucked into a small bag that had been lying on the floor under the table. I got back onto the table and watched as she began to disrobe. She looked straight into my eyes as she teasingly took off her dress, unbuttoning it and letting it drop to the floor. My eyes were drawn to her breasts. They were generous but looked to be totally natural, a little saggy but that just made them more exciting for me. There were a few small stretch marks on the side, quickly forgotten as I looked at her nipples which were large and erect, surrounded by wide dark brown areolae.

“You want to suck my titties baby? You like big juicy titties?” As she spoke she lifted her breasts in her cupped hands and offered them to me, the big nipples pointing straight at me like shotgun muzzles. I didn’t need a second invitation. I dived in and buried my face between the mounds, thrilling to the feel of that smooth, soft skin, then I withdrew a fraction and took as much as I could porno hikayeleri of one of them into my mouth. The nipple itself got even more erect as I sucked it with a solid rubbery texture. My tongue then licked all over the areola feeling smooth and rough and even a few stray hairs. Lovely.

Sue hugged my head to her bosom briefly and then pulled away. “Time to lose the panties love, watch now.” She was wearing flimsy little panties more like a thong than a g-string. She turned her back on me and pulled them up into her arse crack, as far as they would go, then pulled them back and forth a bit before turning to face me again. She pulled the front of her panties right into her pussy, so far that the puffy, smooth pussy lips closed over the material and then pulled them back and forth a bit, just like before. She bent down and whipped the panties off and balled them up in her fist, moving in close to me and holding them over my nose. I breathed in deeply and then breathed in again, the scent of her cunt and her arsehole arousing me fiercely.

She tossed the panties on the floor and stepped back a few feet, spreading her legs, bending her knees and pushing her hips forward. Using both hands she pulled her pussy lips wide open so that I could see the wet pink inside and the dark shadows of her heavenly hole. With the fingers of one hand she pulled back the hood over her clitoris and it pushed out, just like a tiny little cock. “Will you suck that for me hon, will you make me cum too? I love to have my cunt and arse eaten. Are you a cunt lapper? Will you eat me out?”

“Oh God fuck yes!” By this time I was so hard and aroused that my cock actually hurt. Using it to fuck was gong to be like assault with a deadly weapon. She giggled again and pushed me back on the table, my erection sticking straight up like a flagpole. She bent and did a combined suck and hand stroke, just three times up and down and then left it, her spittle cooling it in the air circulation. “I know you like the out of the ordinary,” she said, “so I want you to trust me, OK?”

“OK” I said, wondering what was coming.

“Bend your legs for me,” she commanded, and, as I did so, I felt my anus twitch with anticipation. She bent down to her bag on the floor and a few seconds later I felt her finger enter me. She had covered it in KY and it slipped in easily. I gave a grunt and prepared to enjoy a good fingering. I was not prepared for what happened next.

Her finger popped out but I didn’t have enough time for disappointment before I felt it being replaced with something smooth and much, much bigger. It was a butt plug, a big butt plug. She pushed it in, gently but firmly until my ringpiece closed over the groove at the top and I was impaled on the monster, feeling it fill me up. And then she flicked the switch, starting the vibrator!

Holy fucking hell! I had never before in my life felt such a sensation. If she, or I, had jerked my cock just a few times there would have been spunk stains on the ceiling. She switched it off and bent close to my face and whispered in my ear, “When the times comes you are going to cum harder than you ever have before, until then you will feel that lovely thing buried deep in your arsehole while we fuck and suck.”

She nimbly leaped onto the table and straddled me in the 69 position, cupping my balls in one hand taking a firm hold on my shaft with the other. She licked all the way up one side of it and then all the way down the other. Then she closed her mouth over just the knobend, the hugely swollen purple glans and put her lips on that incredibly sensitive ring of skin we have just below the head. With just a bit of light suction she moved my cockhead from side to side in her mouth, the friction of her lips making me groan with sexual tension. Her timing was exquisite, the result of much experience. Moments before I would have exploded in her mouth she released me and did the long lick up and down again.

She half sat up and looked over her shoulder at me. “My turn now baby, just remember that you trust me and don’t panic, OK?” I did trust her but I didn’t have time to reply before she spread her legs a little wider and then pulled her arse and pussy as wide apart as she could. I looked up at this incredible sight, only inches away from my face. Her cunt gaped wide open and her arsehole too was open I could even see a short way up her chute. Then she sat on my face hard, my nose ramming into her arsehole and my mouth covered by her cunt. For an instant I almost panicked but trust kicked in and I gave myself to the sensation of the smooth skin of her most intimate parts rubbing my face as she moved an inch or two up and down.

She lifted just an inch and her scent washed over me like a wave. The combined smell of cunt and arsehole, so thick and sex hikaye strong I could almost feel it passing through my nostrils brutally kicking my scent receptors and awakening every sex drive instinct I had! Without a conscious thought I stuck my tongue out and rammed it into her puckered opening. She gave a little squeal and then held still while I gave her an enthusiastic rimming. A few moments later she bent forward a bit and moved back until her clit just naturally popped into my mouth. I was so wild with desire I just took that nubbin into my mouth and sucked harder and harder, like there was no tomorrow. I thrashed my face back and forth in her pussy like a dog worrying a bone, getting my face absolutely slathered in cunt juice as she just got wetter and wetter. All the while she was sucking and licking and stroking my rock hard cock, ultimately going down so far that I could feel my knob poking at the back of her throat. I was going to cum at any second, no, more than that I desperately wanted to cum I was so sexed up. It didn’t happen, Sue my wonder whore stopped just a millisecond short of letting me release a deluge in the back of her throat.

She pinched my cock hard between her thumb and forefinger, just below the knob and waited a while until my desperate need to ejaculate had passed. She once again gave that lovely little giggle of hers and said, ” Oh no you don’t sweetie, you have to fuck me first before you’re allowed to do that.” She dismounted, got off the table and ducked down to where her bag lay emerging with a condom in her hand, “I know you’re not going to object to this, you are far too sensible aren’t you?” So saying she stripped off the wrapping and, with an ease born of long practise, slipped the rubber snugly over my dick.

So smoothly and quickly that she almost flowed Sue was back up on the table and before I could blink she had sat on me, burying my cock in the depths of her snatch. The weight of her body also increased the sensation from the butt plug in my arsehole, pressing it on my prostate. She began to rock slowly back and forth, moaning softly as she did. I felt the tip of my cock scraping her cervix and the moist flesh of her cunt tunnel sucking at my pole. My balls were compressed under her weight, pain but not pain. My whole groin area one mass of sensation. As she rocked her tits swung from side to side. They were beckoning to me and I yielded, reaching out my hand. Sue bent forward and I had a nipple in my mouth to suck and lick and slurp to my hearts content. Once again she brought me to the edge of orgasm, teetering on the brink, and, once again, she stopped and let me regain myself.

She raised herself up and let my cock slide out of her tunnel with a sucking squelching sound until it was free. Then she turned round with her back to me and pulled a cheek to one side, exposing her tight puckered ring while she gripped my rod in the other hand. “You want to fuck my arsehole now baby? I want you to. I want you to fill my chute.” I just grunted and she placed my condom-clad tip at the entrance to her hole and then slowly, ever so slowly, sank down on it. She bent forward and moved up and down, no more than an inch at a time. I watched as my shit stained condom covered cock slid out, and then slid in and then out again. I trembled with the horny sensation and sniffed the aroma down. Once more, just before I was about to cum, I grabbed her generous hips and held her still until I regained control.

Sue rose up off me and I watched as her distended hole slowly closed. She knelt between my legs and stripped off the dirty condom, throwing it toward the shower stall. Then she licked me once or twice and looked me in the eye as she said, “These beautiful balls must be getting quite painful now. I think it’s time for you to cum!” She put her mouth over my knob and started to suck, hard. Her tongue was lashing me and her hand was pounding up and down on my shaft jerking me off. Then she flicked the switch on the butt plug!

“Oh fuck! Oh my god! Fucking hell!” I screamed, I cried out, I moaned and then I simply exploded. The cum left my cock like water from a hose. The first pulse must have hit her right in the back of the throat because she gagged a bit and took my cock out of her mouth, holding it pointing straight up in the air. The next squirt must have gone a foot up before falling back on her face and then the rest flowed out over her hand and down my rod to my balls. I flopped back, drenched in sweat and feeling the tears in my eyes from the orgasm.

She looked up at me for a while, a strange look in her eyes and then she did something that I had heard that whores never did. She slithered up my body and she kissed me. Her mouth was open and her tongue probed mine. I could taste my cum and I could feel the soft warmth of her tongue and lips. I got so choked that I could say nothing, I just held her there.

Fifteen minutes later I was outside The Jade Dragon again, an hour after first entering. I was shaken and I felt confused about the way I felt. I still do. I have no idea why. After all, she is only a whore, isn’t she?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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