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Part 4 – The Orthodontist’s Office – Chapter 2

When I leave Janet’s work area, I take time to walk to the windows in the front of the office and take a look outside. I am not really surprised to see that it is snowing fairly heavily. With the city being in the valley at the base of a mountain, it is not that uncommon for us to get some snow in the evenings as the air cools off, but this seems to be heavier than usual. Judging by the amount of snow already on the ground, it is probably snowing quite a bit higher up in the mountains. Having spent quite a bit of time driving with Michelle, I already know that the roads can get covered in snow fast, and that it doesn’t take much to cause the roads to get a layer of ice under the snow, which can really slow down the trucks coming through the mountains.

I wander through the store towards the receiving bay, taking an indirect route through the clothing area of the store. I see that the staff have been busy today rearranging and restocking their area, having received a large shipment of new merchandise a few days previously. I had unloaded the truck and had taken the time to check out some of the boxes, enjoying seeing that some of the styles had a more sexy look to them, since it was the stores christmas shipment and it had a more romantic theme to it.

The lingerie section of the clothing department had a good selection of garterbelts, stockings and bras, which was normal for the holiday season, but there are also several styles of corsets, basques, merrywidows and bodysuits, which were not things that are normally sold in the store. Michelle was into bodysuits and I saw a red one with red lace cups that had a lace flower right where her nipples would be, the nice thing being that it doesn’t have an underwire, which she does not like, because her breasts are so small that they did not need the support. She already had a lace shirt that she could wear the bodysuit underneath. I make a mental note to myself to have one set aside for her to try on the next time she is at the store.

As I am looking over the new selection, one of the part-time sales girls comes over and stands beside me. I have seen her around the store before, but since she is a recent hire, haven’t had a chance to meet her and talk to her to get to know her. “You’re the night receiver, I’ve seen you around the store. My name is Brenda. We have some more stock that we haven’t put out yet in the stock room, why don’t you come with me and we can take a look at what is there together. It is very quiet in the store tonight and I have all my other work done ahead of time, and the store is about to close.” Brenda looks to be in her early twenties, has long wavy auburn hair and is probably not quite five feet tall in her bare feet, but since she is wearing fairly tall heels — about 3 1/2 inches -, looks taller than that. Her build is slim and athletic, but what really stands out is her chest, which can accurately be described as spectacular. My guess is probably a DD cup, but on her slim body looks bigger. I am taking this all in as I turn towards her, my gaze, starting at her feet and working upwards, pauses as I reach her chest. She pulls her arms back slightly, causing her breasts to become slightly more accentuated, as my gaze continues upwards. At the angle that she is standing to me there is a slight gap showing between the buttons of her uniform blouse, giving me a glimpse of black lace and pale skin.

When my gaze reaches her face, she has a smile on her face which lets me know that she has seen that my gaze has paused at her chest, before continuing upwards to her face. Her lips are covering most of her teeth in a way that shows that she is trying to hide them from public view out of habit. “I don’t have time to do that right now, I have to get back to the receiving bay in a few minutes, but I might have a little time after the store closes. Give me a call in receiving when you have closed your department for the night. If we don’t have time to do it tonight, give me a call in receiving the next time you have an evening shift.”

As I pass the deli department on my way to the receiving bay, Sherri, the deli supervisor calls to me. It has been a while since I have seen Sherri, since I am usually in the back of the store around closing time and don’t really have much to do with the deli other than putting the new stock in their cooler after all the deli staff is long gone. “Have you talked adana escort to Troy yet this evening? He was looking for you a little while ago, something to do with the trucks being delayed by the snow.” It was not unusual for her to be seen with Troy, one of the assistant store managers, since they were known to be seeing each other, sometimes sneaking away during work hours for a quick rendezvous in her office. I do a quick visual inspection of how she is dressed, but her makeup including her lipstick doesn’t seem to be in need of a touch-up.

“No, I was busy earlier up in the new orthodontists office moving some stuff around for them. They are just about ready to open to the public. I am heading to receiving right now. Are you and Troy closing the store tonight? You haven’t both been working the evening shift for a while.” I reply.

“Troy and I were up there earlier today checking out the office. He got them to give me a tour of their treatment rooms as well as showing me what they will be doing when they treat their patients. I got to experience what the patients will be going through at the start of their treatment. The Doctor had one of the assistants do a digital scan of my jaws and teeth, which I got to see on the computer, then they took impressions of both of my jaws along with a wax bite impression of how my teeth and jaws line up. By the time they were done with that, the Doctor had been given enough time to look at the computer scan to give me an initial assessment for a proposed treatment plan.” The whole time she had been talking I had been getting very brief flashes of silver from the back of her mouth. “Since Troy is the one who is responsible for making decisions about approval for treatment for the staff here, he sat in on my consultation. After the Doctor reviewed all my scans and developed a treatment plan, Troy had them put molar bands on since I had enough space without needing spacers installed. They put in bands with headgear tubes since the other bands haven’t arrived yet. I can have them removed in a few days if I want.” With that she gave me a big smile that exposed the bands on her molars. “Even though I had braces in my teens, my teeth have shifted slightly as I got older, probably because I didn’t wear my retainer the way I was supposed to. The Doctor said that my teeth are fine as they are and don’t need to be corrected, although there are a few things that can be done if I want them to. I think that Troy looks so sexy with his braces that I am considering getting treatment again. Last time I had full metal bands on most of my teeth with metal brackets on my front teeth. If I do get braces again, I will push to get ceramic brackets on most of my teeth this time.” Once more she gave me smile with that hint of sparkle to it. Since she is Troy’s girlfriend, I didn’t think she would have any trouble getting her treatment approved.

Just then there was an announcement that “the store was now closed for the day and that all customers are to proceed to the tills to pay for their purchases.” Sherri turns and heads towards the front of the store as I head towards the back. I take my time walking to the receiving area, knowing that there will not be any trucks scheduled to arrive for quite some time yet. Just like I always do at the beginning of my shift, I log onto the terminal at my workstation and go through my Email. There are the usual ‘company employee’ notices relating to things that the employees might be interested in, such as new internal job postings, any changes to work hours because of holidays, and other store related information.

Then there are several messages for the receiving department. The one that catches my eye is right at the top of that section, since it is highlighted and is flagged as important. It is a weather report for the district letting all the stores know that there is a winter storm warning, and that all the trucks will be late arriving. The main distribution warehouses would send out updates to the various stores as the trucks departed with an estimated time of arrival. I open up a new window on the computer and go to the highways department website to check the road conditions between the warehouses and this store. Several of the roads have heavy snow-fall alerts on them and the one to this store has an avalanche warning on it. I have driven that road many times with Michelle and now that if the wind is blowing from the ocean eskişehir escort side of the mountain, that they will close the road rather than risk having vehicles caught in an avalanche. There are only two other roads that the trucks can take to bypass the mountain and both of them take at least two and a half hours longer in good weather, and since it is snowing heavily, it could take as much as five hours if those roads aren’t closed too.

The last group of messages are in my employee message box. These are for me only and are usually from store management, although sometimes other staff members do send messages. We are all told that the messages can be monitored by the security department and that we shouldn’t use it for personal messages. I don’t usually send personal messages to people in the store unless it is for something that isn’t really important. Tonight, I decide to send Brenda a quick ‘thank you’ note and include my personal email address, home phone and cell number. I scroll through the names, which are listed by last name alphabetically, looking for ‘Brenda’. There is only one and it is right above Sherri’s. I send the note and then read a few more messages from management.

Just then a new message pops into my in-box from Troy. I click on it to find that it says, “All overnight staff is being sent home because of the weather. They are to be ready to receive a call if they are needed, but that we do not think that the trucks will be arriving tonight because of the road conditions. All other staff not already in the store has been notified not to come in. The exception is the receiving staff, who will be staying overnight to handle any unexpected deliveries. All other staff is requested to leave as soon as the store has closed.”

The intercom comes on and I hear, “The store is now closed for the night. Can all staff please check your departments for anyone still shopping and then you can leave for the night.” I am just about to have the whole store to myself for the rest of the night. My phone rings and the number that shows in the display is the extension that Troy uses.

“Hello, receiving.” I answer.

“I just received a call from the warehouse letting me know that the main road into town has been closed because of the avalanche hazard. They are holding all the trucks at the warehouse until the weather improves. You probably won’t have any trucks until the local deliveries start in the morning. I already called the night-shift grocery supervisor and he is calling all his staff and letting them know to stay home tonight. Have a good night and don’t work to hard.” I could hear the humour in his Troy’s voice as he said the last sentence.

“I’ll try to keep myself busy. You have a good night.” I respond and then I hear him hang up. Before I can return the phone to the cradle, it rings again. “Unlisted number” appears in the display. I pick it up and respond, “Hello, receiving. How my I help you?”

“Did I just hear that you are going to be all alone in the store tonight? How would you like a little unexpected company to keep you awake. I still have a few things that I want to do yet before I go home.” There is no mistaking that sexy voice for anyone but Janet, especially when she puts that seductive purr into it.

“You heard right. I will be all by my lonesome self in this big store all night. If you wanted to keep me company, I will not complain. What are you working on, anyway?”

“Right now I am working on your impression models. I just finished pouring the mixture into the moulds and have to let it harden over night. I will be busy for the next couple of hours, but after that, I will have the rest of the night free. I have a few ideas of what we can do, but I’m not going to tell you what just yet. Come up and see me after everyone is gone.” There is a pause and then Janet says, “I might want to put you back into my chair later.” And before I can say anything, she hangs up.

I pull a chair over to the computer and sit down to continue reading the rest of my messages. Just as I am finishing my response to the last message, I see an eye below a head of long curly auburn hair peek around the corner. The one eye becomes two and a nose, then a face. It is a face that I have seen just a little while ago. The face is followed by the tip of a breast, which gradually becomes a whole breast, then two very spectacular breasts encased in a sakarya escort very snug fitting sleeveless knit top with several buttons undone, revealing a hint of cleavage. The head does a quick survey of the area, and then satisfied that I am the only one around, ducks back briefly before coming around the corner again, this time with the rest of the body with it.

“Janet ssaid that I sshould keep you company for a while. I already told my Mom to go home, and that I had made arrangements to get a ride later. Everyone elsse hass left. Troy and my mom were the lasst oness to leave the sstore. I decided that I would try on some of the clothess from my department.” She moved over to the bright spot on the floor underneath one of the lights. When she had ducked back behind the corner, she had undone a couple more buttons and the stretch in the one size to small top was doing a good job of showing off her substantial cleavage. I can see the outline of her underwired push-up bra through the material of the top, although it isn’t see-through. I had seen the top displayed on one of the mannequins before, but it didn’t look this good. Below that, she has on a form-fitting leather-like skirt that stops well above her knees. On her feet she has on a pair of boots that I know for sure are not sold in this store. When I had seen her earlier, I had thought that her heels were high, but the knee length boots she has on now are easily six inches high at the spiky metal heel, with a platform under the boot-toes. The remaining leg area is covered by black lace-patterned stockings with just a hint of the gray lace at the tops slightly showing below the hem of the skirt. She starts to do a slow-motion spin in the middle of the bright spot on the floor, first in one direction then the other. “Sso, what do you think of thiss outfit.”

“Very impressive. It fits you extremely fine. If I knew you better, I would be saying things like “Hot”, “Seductive”, “Flirty” and “Enticing”.

I could hear the extended ss’s in her speech, and the reason became clear to me when Brenda gave me a broad, open-mouthed smile. When she smiled at me this time, she wasn’t trying to hide her teeth from me, in fact it was quite the opposite, she was deliberately flashing them at me. Her front teeth were all just slightly twisted because of the crowding of the teeth behind them. She had a very small open-bite that was hard to see if it wasn’t being looked for. Janet knows that I have an eye for females that need orthodontic work and that I am turned on by females with orthodontic appliances. I could see the cause of the extended esss in her mouth. It was what looked like a set of lingual braces with molar bands for headgear. When she saw me looking at her mouth, she opened wider and slowly turned to different angles, giving me a slow-motion examination of her mouth. “Janet ssayss that I am to get you all hot and bothered, but that you are only allowed to look but not touch. She hass a ssurprisse planned for you later tonight, so she wantss you in the right sstate of mind. Horny and wanting. She ssuggested that we go check out some of the new christmasss sshipment, the sstuff that hassn’t been put onto the floor yet. Janet and I picked through the boxsess yesssterday afternoon and sshe found some sstuff that she really liked. Ssshe would like me to get your opinion on ssome of them.”

I don’t know if I would call it a lisp, probably more of a speech impediment, from the lingual braces. Those extended ess’s were having a definite effect on me both anatomically and mentally, not to mention all the glimpses I am getting of the metal in her mouth. I say, “Let me put a notice on the door to call my cell if anyone shows up.”

She bounces up and down slightly, which does wonderfully tantalizing things to her breasts. “I’ll meet you in the storage area, don’t take to long.” She does one more complete twirl in the pool of light and then walks off. I watch her butt cheeks sensually undulate away from me above her spike-heeled boots. Just before she disappears around the corner, she looks over her shoulder and makes sure that I am watching her walk away.

We have a magnetic sign that we stick on the door whenever we will be away from the receiving department for an extended period of time. I write my number on a piece of tape, stick it to the sign and place it on the outside of the door. The clothing department has a storage area at the other end of the warehouse area, which is where I expect to find Brenda. However, when I get there, I don’t see her around, just a note for me on the desk. “Janet had set aside all the things that she wants your opinion on. I have everything in the changing rooms already. There is a chair waiting for you on the floor in front of changing rooms. Sit down and wait there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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