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Patting the top of my hand that remained on your thigh for the rest of the trip home, I am roused from my restful state to the familiar sight of my apartment. By the looks of things, the vacant parking lot and the open blinds in every window tells me no one else has moved in for the coming school year yet and we have the building to ourselves.

Being bold you fish my keys out of my jeans, open the door of the van and head towards the door. I bail out of the van as well and head towards the rear door where my bags are.

“Leave them, they will still be there in the morning.” you say and remote lock the van before continuing to saunter towards the door of my building. Mesmerized by the motions of your ass I follow it, in through the door, not taking my eyes off of your gorgeous cheeks as you unlock the second door leading into my place.

Scooting in you kick your sandals off, flick a light on, turn around, lean against a wall and beckon me over with your finger. I come more than willingly, closing the door behind me and kicking my shoes off. We pull each other into a mutual hug that quickly turns into a kiss that lingers and rises in ferocity. When the kiss finally ends we are both panting heavily, you grab onto my shoulders and push me downwards.

Willingly I drop to my knees, once there I look up, smiling back at me you lift your leg, placing your foot on my shoulder. Bracing yourself against the wall and myself you use a free hand to press my face into your thigh, understanding what you want I begin to kiss and lick your thighs noticing how soaking wet your panties are. Pulling them aside with a pair of fingers I lean in and lick your smooth lips, tasting the aftermath of our encounter in the van. You arch your back off of the wall, tilting your head up so you are looking right at the ceiling and let out a moan deep from within, making it clear to me you are still very sensitive from our earlier encounter.

I begin to lick and play more aggressively, seeking out your pleasure spots and trying to overwhelm them before rapidly moving to the next. Concentrating on your clit I move my two fingers that are holding your skimpy, soaked panties to the side into your body. Finding your g-spot I rub it slowly timing my movements with that of my tongue. You shake and moan and grasp at the coat hooks mounted on the wall for support through this small orgasm you are experiencing. Having had enough you place your leg back to the floor pushing my face out from between your delectable thighs.

Nearly tearing off your tank top, you toss it to the floor and head straight for my bedroom. Picking myself up off of the floor I follow you swiftly hearing the lamp turn on as I come in through the door. I gasp at the sight of you, on your hands and knees, your beautiful ass separated only by a thin strip of material, you roll your hips making your ass move seductively.

Looking back at me, the lamplight shining through your light hair you say “What are you waiting for, come and get me.” Ending your words with another tempting gyration of your hips.

Falling prey to my lust I shed my boxers to reveal the long and firm erection that began reviving Kurtköy Escort itself as soon as we left the van. Walking on my knees I take up a position behind you, my shaft pressing against your damp crotch, thighs touching yours, I lean over so my chest touches your back and I begin to kiss. My lips touch over your shoulders, your neck and down your back, all the while our hips move against each other. Once my lips have reached the middle of your back I sit on my legs so that I may pull down your panties, you sigh as my lips leave your body but stop as you feel my hands grip the strings holding the damp material covering your crotch on you.

Slowly I roll the g string down over your hips and it reaches your parted thighs let it drop to your knees. Positioning myself behind you I rub my head over your lips, getting it wet before positioning it over your dripping wet hole. We mutually push together sinking me deep into you, so wet, so hot, so wanting. One arm ceases to support you as you place it between your legs for the one purpose of bringing yourself to that peak you brought me to earlier in the evening.

Grabbing your hips I begin to slam myself in and out of you, as your fingers fly over your clit you push yourself back against me, increasing the force at which our bodies collide. Your ass bounces sexily as it collides with my stomach, reaching back with a hand I give the opposite sides cheek a firm squeeze than run my fingers in little squiggly lines all the way back to your hips. A moan escapes your lips as I repeat the process for the other cheek, knowing what I am doing felt good but what your finger is doing felt so much better. Your finger works at a frantic pace over your clit, with how wet you are it is clearly audible over our sighs of pleasure and moans.

Laughing you blame my filling you up earlier for how wet you still are, to which I reply, “That may be true, but it feels so good for me.”

Having been aroused for so long your peak hits fast and very hard, you stop pushing back towards me, you bury your face into a nearby pillow and scream, your body jolts like electricity is passing through it. You gush, our thighs become soaked but I continue ramming myself into you, doing all I can to prolong your pleasure even replacing my hand with yours in between your legs when your fingers movements become to sporadic to be of any great effect.

After what seemed like minutes of muffled screams, moans and your body’s thrashing you jerk my hand away, pull your face from the pillow and say, “Stop, too much, too sensitive.”

Halting my movements immediately I remain deep within your body, leaning down I kiss your shoulders and the back of your neck. Applying some pressure to your left arm I fold it in and slowly tip our bodies down onto our sides. Still breathing heavily, you moan softly as we spoon, shuffling yourself gently until you are comfortably close in my arms. You lay your head on my bicep, and my other arm snakes its way over your stomach, in between your breasts to rest my hand on the upper part of your arm that is in full contact with the bed.

Nearly asleep I begin to feel you pushing Pendik Escort back against me, still solid and inside you, your slowly rocking hips let me know you are ready for more. Pushing my hips to meet yours you groan happily that I have not fallen asleep on you.

I snake my hand down from your arm, over your breast passing my palm over your nipple and letting it slide in between two fingers. You feel my fingers pass lower, tracing lines over your stomach making you twitch and giggle. We rock our hips back and forth in rhythm with each other, my hand finally reaches its destination between your thighs, and you part them slightly allowing my hand greater access to your body. You feel my fingers rub around the union of our bodies, making them slick with our sex. Beginning to rub your clit you moan into my arm that is still cradling your head.

Our hips move against each other faster, your lovely ass pressed against me feels so nice. I twist my arm around to massage your breasts, you arch your back pressing your firm tits into my hand. My fingers move over your clit faster, wanting to hear you moan in orgasm again soon.

You tense up, having came so recently it took little time to bring you to another smaller peak. You thrash around pushing your ass against me trying to get me as deep as I possibly can go. You stay silent then gasp and breath heavily as it ends, nestling into me.

Wanting more I pull my arm from underneath of you, finally I remove the panties that had made their way down to your ankles and toss them to the floor. Leaving you on your side I straddle your leg, allowing you to wrap the other around my hip. I spread my legs as far as I can and push forwards, sinking deeper into you than I could have while we spooned. You moan and shuffle your hips from side to side as you enjoy the depth I now reach.

Beginning to thrust I enjoy the smoothness of your lips as I slide between them, admiring your soft thighs as my thighs and sack move over it. You draw your leg up to your chest allowing me to plough further into you. I thrust as fast as my widespread legs allow me, placing a hand on your hip to stabilize myself. Your hand grips my forearm, squeezing it tightly as I reach the maximum depth I can, you convulse and gasp with the ferocity of my thrusting.

Releasing your leg you quickly move it back to my waist, using your powerful muscles you squeeze and pull me in. Trapped immensely deep within you, we both stop moving and gaze at one another, breathing heavily and plotting our next movements. Making the first move you use your leg to push me off of you and back onto the bed, we both sigh as I exit your body for the first time in what feels like hours.

Recovering quickly I kneel on the bed, my hard shaft pointing at you. You also kneel on the bed moving towards me. Guiding my head with both hands you place a nipple at my lips which I willingly envelop and suck on. Once there you remove your hands from my head and begin positioning my body, placing me in the center of the bed sitting down with my legs crossed.

Standing up on the bed, you place one foot by my hip while leaving the other in front Mutlukent Escort of my crossed legs. Acting quickly I lean forward and lap at your thighs, tasting the passion dripping from you. I make it to your lips before you move my head away and continue with what you had planned, lowering yourself down you end up sitting in my lap with both legs wrapped around me. You reach back and guide me into your soaked hole as we both gyrate our hips to achieve our bodies union once more.

Taking hold of your fantastic ass with both hands I grip and pull your pelvis closer to me, allowing you to settle further down onto me. You lean in and kiss me softly as we experience the slow soft movements this position allows. You trace your nails over my back as we embrace, our movements and kiss gradually getting more intense as we grow comfortable in this position.

You began to bounce on my lap making our kisses nearly impossible, my lips instead travel to your heaving chest, I nip and nibble at your collar bone, the tops of your breasts and neck. Your nails now dig into my back, you moan and squeeze me tighter with your legs. I lift my hips as much as my folded legs allow to try and maximize our pleasures.

Tossing your head back you moan loudly, taking the opening I lunge forward and kiss your neck, with you leaning back and me leaning forward we tip and fall. You gasp as you land on your back, your head sinking into a pillow. My legs uncross and stretch out over the bed while yours remain locked firmly around my waist.

Kissing me, then looking deep into my eyes you ask, “Please cum in me again, I love the feeling of you filling me up.”

Supporting my weight on my hands, and some on my knees, I begin taking long strokes, almost pulling completely free before diving back into you. I divide my attention between your eyes and your chest, heaving with the deep breath of our exertions and the force of my thrusts. I lean in planting my face in your cleavage, kissing and sucking on your sensitive breasts, you moan and claw at my back, urging me to bring our act to a climax.

I tear myself away from your chest to face you once more, you run your hands from my back over my sides and up my chest. You stop at my nipples running your finger tips over both of them simultaneously. Instantly I feel it building up faster, my need for release grows ever stronger as you play with them more. Taking your hand away from one nipple you lean forward and lick it, rolling your tongue around it in circles and I can take no more. I lunge forward, my legs collapsing beneath me, my hands reach for your hips, gripping them and holding you to me, I burry my face in your neck to muffle the moans I make. You feel me flooding into you as my body shakes and spasms over yours, relishing in the feeling of it, your body relaxes completely and you go as limp as humanly possible.

Trying to roll away you stop me and make a request, “Don’t go, stay in me,” you plead.

Honouring your request I shuffle my weight to the side, put my left leg on the outside of yours, wrap my arms around you and roll us. I stay in you as you wanted and my head is resting on a pillow as I wanted, you fall asleep to the sounds of my heart slowing and my breathing calming, using my chest as your pillow. As late as it was, I stayed awake until I was finally soft and deflated enough to slip free from your body. Then I slipped into a deep sleep myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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