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What I am about to share with you I can only describe as the most sexually indulgent few days I have ever encountered.

I was invited to accompany a very special friend on a business trip to Europe. We hadn’t known each other for long and I was so flattered to have been asked. I knew this would be an unforgettable trip. This was an opportunity to spend time in each other’s company and explore one another without the barriers and restrictions we have in real life. What I mean by that is our relationship is very much of the clandestine type. We have committed ourselves to others, but we have discovered a sexually magnetic pull to one another which has evolved into an exquisite Dominant/submissive dynamic. So, these few days were truly going to be escapism for us.

In the weeks leading up to the trip we shared fantasies of what we wanted to do to each other, what experiences we wanted to share and how we would make the most of that time we had. As the trip grew closer, I was feeling more and more excited that I would have this man all to myself for more than an hour and I would have his undivided attention.

We arrived at the airport separately and I first see him sitting in the departure lounge smartly dressed in his suit engrossed in his work on his lap top. He looks up and sees me and gives me a guarded smile. I had to remind myself we were still in public and it was likely either one or both of us would know someone at the airport. Best behaviour! I sat beside him and we exchanged pleasantries. To everyone else we must have just looked like colleagues. If only they knew what erotic plans we had.

We board the plane for the first leg of our journey and our adventure begins. Before we take off, he leans into me and whispers in my ear to give me my first task ‘when the seatbelt sign goes off, I want you to go to the toilet, remove your knickers and stuff them inside you’.

My eyes meet his and I smile. I don’t need to say anything all. The plane takes off and I can feel my heart quicken at the thought of carrying out my first task. I patiently wait to hear the bong telling the passengers the seatbelt sign has been switched off. That signal meant something very different to me than to the other passengers and that thought excited me. A few moments after I asked to be excused and I made my way to the toilet. I locked the door behind me, and I couldn’t help but giggle to myself. My outfit had been planned a few days before. I had to wear a dress. A dress is always much easier for wandering hands to slip under. I hitched my dress up, slid my knickers down my bare legs, scrunched them up as small as they would go and pushed them inside my pussy. I wasn’t surprised that my knickers were already damp. I had been tasked with doing this before, but I hadn’t been in his company. I knew exactly what feeling to anticipate. I will never forget the first time and the sensation of feeling full. Feeling my underwear inside me was such an unexpectedly erotic sensation. But doing that on the plane, in public and in his company just exaggerated that feeling. I composed myself and returned to my seat.

Once I sat down and made myself comfortable again, he lent into me and asked me how it felt. I told him how full I felt to which he gave a lopsided smirk and told me how hard he was. This set the tone for the next few days.

The rest of the flight was relatively uneventful. He was extremely restrained much to my disappointment. I felt I needed to do something to turn him on, get his attention and get his heart racing. Before I had left home for the airport that day, I had marked my body in pen with his name. This was another fun little game we had played several times before. I would write his name on my body for him to find. This time I had written his name high up in the inside of my thigh but low enough that I could open my skirt to show him.

I picked my moment and whispered that I had something to show him. As he leaned forward to hear me better, I parted my skirt so he could see his name and catch a glimpse of my knicker-less skin. This had the desired effect. When he’s turned on and aroused there is a look in dark his eyes, a wicked glint, a flash of animalistic desire which tells me he wants me. His erection is visible as he tries to adjust his trousers and make himself a little more comfortable. I take a sense of pride in making his body react like that to me.

The first leg of our journey ends and we have some time to wait until our next flight. We find somewhere to sit and kill some time. He finds a small table tucked in the corner of a bar, sits himself so he is looking out at the passers-by, pulls Tuzla Escort a chair in-front of him and gestures for me to sit down opposite him.

At this point I still have my knickers inside me. Siting facing him I position myself so he can see up the skirt of my dress. I watch the expression on his face change as he sees more of my skin and I can tell when he catches a glimpse of my underwear. His erection is visible again and I can feel my body pulsing against the pressure of my underwear. I watch him as he quietly undresses me with his eyes. We say very little and I know the next few hours of this foreplay will be fabulous and excruciating at the same time.

This part of our journey was a little more reserved. My underwear was back on and I felt a bit more comfortable. We read, we chatted, we dozed, and I fantasied about getting to our hotel. Once we landed at our final destination, we had a short train journey into the city centre.

Before our trip he introduced to Shibari and this was one of his fantasies he wanted to share with me. Shibari is a Japanese form of rope bondage but this is so much more than rudimentary tying of wrists or ankles to a bed. Shibari is such an aesthetically pleasing form of bondage. It stimulates the physical and psychological senses in how the rope touches so many parts of your skin, putting pressure on multiple places on your body, the vulnerability of being restrained and somewhat helpless. All these sensations make the art and practice of Shibari extremely erotic. This rope play experience was what I was most eagerly anticipating. It was new and exciting. I loved the idea of submitting myself to him, trusting him to bind me carefully and to relinquish all my power and control to him.

I had bought some rope a couple of weeks before our trip for us to play with and as soon as we sat on the train into the city, he asked me to get the rope out of my case. It was a soft black cotton rope perfect for what we wanted. He inspected the lengths of rope and expertly passed it through his fingers. I couldn’t help but get turned on watching him as he confidently twisted, turned and looped the rope in his hands. Those hands were going to be binding me soon. I felt myself take a deep breath at that thought.

Our train journey came to an end and we made our way to the hotel.

Another request he made whilst we were planning our trip was for me to wear knickers I wasn’t concerned if they didn’t come home with me. I presumed I was going to be told to leave them in a public place after they had been inside me. I was wrong.

No sooner had I placed my case on the floor, hotel door closed behind us he had hitched up my dress and ripped my knickers off! This caught me by surprise as it seemed a little out of character but oh my god it made me so wet. He buried his head between my thighs and started to taste me. I was so turned on I could have come so quickly but I wasn’t allowed.

A few weeks previous, I was given a task which I didn’t complete when I should have. As a form of punishment, I was to be denied four orgasms. I knew this was going to be difficult. He knew exactly which buttons to push and how to tip me over the edge. It took all my will power to not let go but he was relentless and showed me no mercy. He eagerly explored me with his tongue and fingers bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. I managed to hold my orgasm once, twice, three times but I just couldn’t hold back that final one. I felt the warmth of the release course through my entire body. It was exquisite. But that feeling was short lived as I realised, I had failed yet another task.

One overwhelming feeling I really did not anticipate when we embarked on this D/s journey was disappointment. I was not prepared for how strongly I would react if I felt I had let him down or disappointed him in any way. It was palpable and it was there when my body gave in to his tongue and fingers.

He allowed me to compose myself, stood me up and undressed me. He told me I had done so well but I hadn’t quite managed this task. We had agreed beforehand that there should be some form of recompense if a task wasn’t performed fully or to his liking. I had added clothes pegs to the contents of my suitcase case. He instructed me to get them from my bag. I took a deep breath and went to fetch them. I stood in front of him naked as he sat on the bed and I handed him two clothes pegs. I knew where they were going and a braced myself. As he gently placed a close peg on each nipple, I felt the pressure increase as he released them. I let out a whimper as they were a little too tight. He gently removed them Gebze Escort to loosen them and placed them back on each nipple.

I helped him undress so I could explore his perfectly toned body. We were both naked, I could feel his hard cock pressed against me and I can see the glisten of his pre-cum on my skin. I slowly dropped to my knees kissing down his body. I needed to taste him. I let my lips and tongue trace up and down his hardness and flick my tongue over the tip of his cock to taste him. My lips part and I side my warm wet mouth down his shaft taking him all. My fingers gently caress and pull his balls and I hear him whimper softly. I slowly pulled back and forth tasting his saltiness. His body tenses and I know he is so close to the edge. I glance up at him just at the moment he lets his body go. I swallow his cum deeply as his body shudders and legs tremble. I look up and we smile at one another. We needed that.

It was early evening, so we decided to go out to find some food. We shared the shower, gently washing one another and tracing our soapy hands over each other’s bodies, smiling and soaking up each other. I loved how such a simple and every day task could be so sensual. Our shower was a few moments where our bodies recovered and regenerated energy for the fun that lay ahead.

In the few days leading up to this journey he sent me pics of different Shibari knotting. This further accentuated my anticipation and excitement to try this with him. But there was one part of Shibari he had introduced me to with the Hishi Karada or rope dress which we were both very keen to experiment with. Once we caught our breath, he grabbed the rope he was playing with earlier on the train and tells me to stand in front of him.

Our bodies were now freshly clean and glowy and I stand in-front of him naked and vulnerable. He started to tie knots in the rope and passed strands around my body wrapping me. As he was binding me, I watched the intensity and focus on his face as he concentrates on the knots he’s tying and where they are placed on my body. As I feel the soft cotton on my skin, the pressure as he tightens the ropes, I can feel my heart quicken and breathing change. I’m also acutely aware of the warmth and wetness building up in my loins again. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. Despite the fact I was dressed in rope it felt surprisingly comforting. This was going to be worn under my dress that night.

Before we go out, we have some more fun with the rope. He unties my rope dress and tells me to lie on my stomach on the bed with my arms outstretched in-front of me. He starts to tie my wrists together. This was a different feeling to the rope dress. This felt much more vulnerable. He was taking power away from me. Standing in-front of me naked I can see his cock swelling with excitement with the tip glistening again with pre-cum. He finishes tying my wrists and proceeds to do the same with my ankles. More power is taken away from me. I feel like I am fully giving myself to him.

He proceeded to pull my wrists and ankles together pulling my hands above my head and pulling my ankles up to meet my wrists making my back arch. He positioned himself at the edge of the bed where my mouth is waiting to take his swollen cock. I couldn’t get over how hard he is. He slowly slides between my warm lips and lets my tongue play. I feel him place a hand on the back of my head with his fingers gently pulling on my hair. He pushed his hips towards me, and I feel his hardness at the back of my throat, and he started to get into a steady rhythm as he fucks my face. The saliva builds up and I felt the wetness spill from my mouth down my chin.

He untied me from the hog tie, lets my body relax and I wondered what he has in store next. As I lay on the bed recovering, I watched his beautifully sculpted body as he placed a blanket on the floor and gestures for me to join him on the blanket. He told me to lie on my back, bend my legs and pull my ankles as close to my bum as I could so my calves were touching the back of my thighs. He starts by tying a piece of rope around each ankle then pulls my ankles tighter against my bum and wraps and knots the rope around my legs so I can’t straighten them. As I lay on my back with my legs bound my pussy is exposed and ready for him to do as he pleased. I could feel my juices as they trickled down to my ass. He proudly tells me how wet I am then lowered his head between my thighs to allow his tongue to slide across my clit and taste me. His warm tongue explores every millimetre of my smooth skin.

My orgasm builds as I felt two strong fingers slide inside me. Aydınlı Escort He took me closer to the edge and I told him I want more. I wanted to feel full. He obliged and slid another then another finger inside me. The intensity of the pressure in my throbbing pussy made my vision blur. I hear him whisper oh my god. He took one of my hands and guides it to my pussy. I felt his wrist and I realised that he has his whole hand inside me. My fingers started to circle my swollen clit and I had the most powerful orgasm my muscles contract and squeeze round his wrist. He looked at me with an expression of astonishment and pride leans towards me and places a tender kiss on my lips. I let out a soft contended sigh as he flips me on to my stomach, my legs still bound, and he takes me hard from behind. The trembles course through his body as he cums inside me. Our bodies lay in a sweaty, crumpled sex spent heap.

Getting ready to go out took a little longer than usual but I certainly wasn’t complaining. It was now time to get dressed. He wanted me to wear the Hishi Karada under a dress. When he first suggested it, I thought it would feel uncomfortable with my underwear. I wondered about the practicalities, but I needn’t have worried. My underwear was being left in the hotel. I am dressed in my Hishi Karada and I feel sexy and sensual and I wanted him to experience it also so I asked if I could bind him. He didn’t hesitate in saying yes. As my hands passed the rope around his torso the tips of my fingers brushed against his soft skin. I concentrated on my knots and where they were positioned and asked for his guidance to make sure I was doing it correctly. The black rope looked perfect against his sun kissed skin. I finished tying him and took a step back to admire my handy work and his erection. He found the act of me tying him extremely erotic. As we both admired and appreciated each other’s artistry we decided to capture the moment in a photo. We now have a lovely memento of the rope dress on me that we can look back on and recall the sensual moments just before the picture was taken.

We took a walk into the city centre and found a cosy pub for food. It was a little windy and I kept thinking the wind would catch my dress and a poor unsuspecting passer-by would get a good look at my bare ass. I felt a little exposed, but it was so naughty. I loved the thought of doing something that only he and I knew about and the ropes under my dress was perfect. We chatted over food and drinks about the day so far, we chatted about normal everyday things but that didn’t last long as one of us would deliberately distract the other. I loved the mischievous look in his eyes. It turned me on even more and I thought I was going to leave a damp patch on the seat when we got up to leave!

We ventured back to the hotel to pick up our games where we left them earlier in the day. The evening air was chilled, and it was nice to get back to our warm hotel room. I kicked my shoes off, hung my jacket and watched as he followed suit. He stepped towards me and pushed me back against the wall. He kissed me hard on the mouth, took my wrists and pulled my arms above my head. He placed his warm kisses down my neck as he took both my wrists in one of his strong hands allowing his free hand to unbutton my dress. I felt the buttons popping open and my dress parting to expose my rope bound breasts. He lowered my arms and slips the dress off my shoulders. The naked skin of my back is now pressed against the cold glossy wall. The contrast of the coolness of the wall and the warmth of his mouth on my nipples sends shivers down my spine and I felt my nipples harden. His tongue circled my hard nipples, his teeth gently squeezed and pulled on them. I could tell the rope running between the lips of my pussy was getting damp.

My body was reacting to his touch. I undressed him until all we had between us was the rope on my skin. My Hishi Karada. I took his hand in mine and lead him to the bed. We lay together kissing, fingers caressing slowly and sensually at first. My body needed to feel his inside me. His fingers hooked under the rope between my pussy lips and pulled it to one side allowing his hard cock to slide effortlessly into me. Our bodies moved together in synch my hips pushed up to meet his thrusts as he pushed deep inside me. My hands pulled on his firm ass as he thrusted harder and harder. As I look into his eyes he leant down and wrapped his arms around me and held me so close. His body tensed and I could tell he is reaching the edge. I urged him to cum for me as I felt his body release all the tension that had built up. He nuzzled into my neck and I held him close as the last shudders of orgasm leave his body.

We curled up together, our bodies entwined, and we drifted off into a contended slumber. That was our first uninhibited night together and I fell asleep wondering what the next day would hold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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