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The Mistress is beyond sexy. I cannot stop gazing upon her exquisite form. The shape of her ass entices me like nothing else. I love the way it looks, love the way it teases me with the hope of spying that tiny snatch between those perfect cheeks, but just at the last second it denies me the privilege of a direct view. That is unless she knows I’m looking. I see her stretch a little bit more to reveal the folds of delicate skin around her sex, a mass of pussy and panty lines that makes my member twitch in anticipation. I see her turn to acknowledge my looking. There is an evil smile on her face as our eyes meet. She is aroused at my helplessness and she wants to quench my desire to touch her. I see her squirm as the thick lubrication slides out of her pussy lips and into her panties. I want to taste her. I sense that her sex is swollen and in dire need of attention.

She beckons to me to follow her. We enter the small room and I walk up behind her and eagerly grab her fabulous ass with both hands. She throws her head back with abandon, her hair flowing through the air as if in slow motion, exposing her tender neck to me. I inhale the scent of her skin and hair. The light sweet scent drives my passion to new heights. I can’t believe this scrumptious specimen of a woman allows me to touch her. I whisper to her how hot she is and she moans into my ear. This makes me even more aroused. I feel her quiver in response to my hands on her lithe waist. I savor the flatness of her stomach as I again slowly venture down her waist to her panties. We are on fire with lust for one another like two animals in heat.

She has told me earlier that I may not touch her but only watch for she is concerned that my touch will prevent her from stopping me before we chance to go too far. My begging for an opportunity to touch her shaved mardin escort slit has broken her resolve and she relents to my caress. Our excitement grows as my fingers discover her delicate lips. I slowly slide my digit down the hot wrinkled flesh till I find my prize. She is indeed soaked down below as she has promised. I feel a shock run through my body as I discover her moisture which is in response to my fondling. I feel my cock begin to grow in anticipation. I whisper into her ear that I cannot wait to penetrate the burning hole later as she has promised. She can no longer resist me. “Do it now,” she utters from somewhere deep within and simultaneously reaches around cupping my buttocks to pull me closer to her. I wriggle to releases my now hardening dick from the captivity of my underwear in hopes that I may slide it up and down the crack of her ass and dry hump her while my middle finger slides unopposed into her wet pussy to the third knuckle. She gasps as I enter her steamy, slippery gash. I slide it in and out of her savoring how hot she is for me at this very moment, allowing me to do what she earlier forbade me from doing.

The Mistress is pleased. I slowly remove my finger from inside her and eagerly raise it to my nostrils to inhale her scent. My body quivers as I recognize the sweet perfume of her sex. After I deeply inhale her several times charging my nervous system to its limit I plunge my finger into my hungry mouth to taste her. Ahh, my Mistress tastes delectable. I tell her how pleasing her lubrication is to my tongue. We are suddenly interrupted from our encounter. I disengage from her and reluctantly walk away, leaving her to adjust her under garments which are now sticky with her juices. I secretly savor her aroma on my finger which causes van escort my member to twitch longingly every time I inhale. She has promised me a show later if I am good. She will allow me to watch her masturbate, but I am not guaranteed the chance to participate. Once again she is concerned her passion may ignite if I touch her and we may go too far. I wait in anticipation running the sweet memory of what has just transpired through my head, an ever present wicked smile upon my lips and pre-cum on the head of my cock.

I have waited patiently, surviving on intermittent grabs of her firm ass when no one is around. She takes every opportunity to bend over enticingly in front of me so as to enjoy how weak her body makes me. I slide my middle finger against her pussy through the material of her pants and she pushes back against it making it enter her hot crevice. I need her so badly. When the time has come she again summons me to our little room. I melt when she calls me Lover. That is what I have dreamt of being and the Mistress has made that dream come true. My brain is overwhelmed with stimulation. She beckons to me and I sit in front of her as she pulls her tight pants down slightly to reveal the sexy panties she has chosen for me to see as she exposes herself to me for the first time. I am hypnotized as I grab hold of the panties and slowly slide them down to reveal black panties just sheer enough to see her ravishing labia. I am paralyzed as I feast my eyes on her beautiful pussy lips. The Mistress allows me to fondle and touch her naughty bits through the material that separates me from my prize. My heart is pounding as I cautiously lower her silky panties to reveal her sex in all its glory. It is almost more than I can bear and my eyes are wide as I drink in the sight of ankara escort her. She has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen in person and I feel a shiver run throughout my body as my eyes devour it. She leans back on both of her hands and thrusts her sex towards my face.

I tell her over and over how incredibly hot she is. I look up at her face to see her looking down approvingly at me. I am drowning in the thought of her. I cautiously touch her wrinkled slit and she jumps in reaction to my fingers on her sensitive labia. I begin to slide my index finger up and down her. I slide lower trying to find the opening to her steamy, wet hole. I am surprised at how long her lips travel down to where I can no longer see. But my hand senses her vaginal opening as the skin grows hotter the closer it gets to the prize. At long last I find the slippery hole and slide my finger inside her. She moans loudly as she impales herself on my hand all the way to the fourth knuckle and begins to slide up and down, slowly shoving it in and out of herself. She moans from deep within her as she enjoys my thick finger. I remove it and quickly bring the slippery digit to my nose to deeply inhale her feminine musk. My dick stands at attention immediately. After several deep breathes I am drunk with her scent and I start sucking her juice into my mouth from the wet finger. I immediately replace it with my middle finger deep inside her steamy hole. She rides it up and down moaning in delight which drives me insane. I can barely control myself from plunging my face into her and sucking her long labia into my mouth. I need her like a drug, my sexy Mistress who shares her perfect body with her Lover.

Suddenly there is a knock at the back door and our fun is interrupted yet again. She commands me to wash my hands because she can smell her pussy aroma on my hand. I reluctantly agree, although I was planning to save her woman perfume for later when I will be stroking my hard cock to the memory of this fiery interlude. My lovely Mistress for whom I burn with desire quickly pulls up her panties and adjusts her sopping crotch. There is none like her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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