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After a few hours of sleep, Lindsey’s eyes opened of their own accord. She remained lying down, not really wanting to move just yet. At some point while they slept, she and Lucas had managed to position themselves properly on the bed and pull the covers over their naked bodies.

A slow smile spread across her face as she turned her thoughts to the wild and intense lovemaking they had just engaged in a few hours ago. She had never in her young life met a man who could match her intense desires, who could leave her satisfied. Lucas had done both. And very, very well at that. Without a doubt the best lover she had ever had.

She turned to look at him, studying his features as he slept on. He was really quite handsome, and he looked a little boyish now as he slept. She had never met anyone quite like him before, and she doubted she ever would again. She could only hope that she didn’t screw this up.

Opening his eyes, Lucas smiles as he finds Lindsey watching him as she remained on her side. Turning his head, he greets his new lover, “Good morning.”

Feeling herself blush, Lindsey responds, “Good morning.”

Reaching his hand over, Lucas gently clasps his hand around the back of Lindsey’s head and draws her to him as he leans forward. Pressing his lips against those of his new lover, Lucas indulges himself as he increases the pleasure by prying her mouth open for an even deeper kiss.

Before he knew it, he was on top of her, feeling his manhood rising to the occasion.

Feeling Lucas’ hard length pressing against her belly, Lindsey let out a muffled moan and reached down, wrapping her long fingers around the girth. Last night he had given his all to pleasure her and she was more than willing to return the favour. Giving it a gentle Anadolu Yakası Escort squeeze, she began to slowly stroke, rubbing her thumb gently across the tip.

His groan of pleasure sent a thrill of desire running through her and it took Lindsey no effort at all to initiate a change of positions. Before Lucas knew it, she had him on his back while she straddled him, still stroking his member. Pulling away from the intoxicating kiss, she smiled down at him before lowering herself to run her tongue along his jaw and down his throat.

Slowly she licked, nipped and kissed her way down his muscled torso, not stopping the smooth strokes on his length. Her tongue flicked across his nipple before she wrapped her lips around it to suck it and worry it with her teeth. With her free hand, she teased his other nipple before transferring her mouth to it.

Lindsey shifted herself slightly lower and traced her tongue down the soft line of hair that lead down Lucas’ belly, pausing just above his pulsating length. She finally took her hand away, tilting her head down to kiss the head and was rewarded by Lucas’ sharp intake of breath and his moan. She glanced up, smiling as she ran the tip of her tongue down the ridge to his testicles.

Taking one into her mouth, she suckled on it, popping it gently in and out of her mouth. Her hands remained on Lucas’ thighs, not touching him in any other way as she transferred her attentions to his other ball, giving it the same treatment. Lucas reached down to brush her dark hair from her face, leaving his fingers tangled in the roots of her hair as he let out a deep groan.

Lindsey trailed her tongue back up his length, still tasting herself on it. She wrapped one hand around the base, and circled the head with her tongue, coming across to taste the drop of precum that had started oozing out. She moaned softly, feeling a pleasurable ache between her legs and as she slowly wrapped her lips around his member, her free hand slipped up between her legs to explore her own inner folds.

She spent several long minutes stroking him as she sucked and licked the head. Lucas’ grip on her hair tightened as he started to buck his hips upwards. Lindsey made the attempt to control herself, wanting to keep teasing him, but found she couldn’t. She wanted to feel him lodged deep in her throat.

At the same time as she slid two fingers deep inside herself, she lowered her head until she felt Lucas’ length hit the back of her throat. And she began to finger herself at the same rate of speed, pushing her fingers deep in her sopping wet tunnel at the same time as she swallowed him.

Lucas’ groans were matched by her muffled moans as she brought them both off, his hands holding her head still as he thrust himself in and out of her mouth. Before long, he tensed, shooting his seed down her throat at the same time as Lindsey came, coating her fingers with her juices.

Lindsey kept him lodged in her mouth until he grew hard again, sucking gently at first, then more rapidly as he hardened and grew. Then she pulled her head away, straddling him again and spreading her lower lips as she rubbed the head against her pussy. Then she positioned it at her entrance, pausing slightly to rub her slick fingers over his lips just as she lowered herself, taking him all inside.

Lucas immediately took her fingers in his mouth, licking and sucking her sweet juices off the offered digits as she rotated her hips, grinding him. Slowly raising and lowering herself, she began to ride him. She threw her head back, increasing her speed, loving the feel of him deep inside her hot tunnel. His hands gripped her hips tightly as she started to buck, her breasts bouncing.

Leaning back on her hands, Lindsey abandoned herself to the incredible sensations of their lovemaking, her cries starting to rise in pitch as she came closer and closer to the edge. She leaned back far enough that Lucas could see his member plunging inside her. Bringing one hand forward and retaining her balance on the other, she began to rub her clit as she rode him, gaining a series of animalistic groans from her new lover that pushed her right over the edge.

Riding him hard now, her tunnel clenched itself tightly around him, her cries turning into screams as she came, coating his member with her juices. Before she realized it, Lucas had sat up, pulling her close to him as he captured her mouth, muffling her screams of pleasure as he kissed her hard, a kiss she returned with passion. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave way as he twisted them around so that he was on top. Lindsey found herself on her back with her head hanging off the bed.

Gripping tightly to his forearms, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he thrust into her madly, quickly sending her into another intense orgasm. Like a man out of control, he pounded into her willing body and Lindsey encouraged him, begging him to do it harder, faster, deeper as she sank utterly into the lust of the moment.

So intense was her next orgasm that her entire body stiffened and she was unable to breath. She barely heard Lucas’ shout as he came with her, filling her womb with his seed. Her fingernails dug deep into his forearms, her tunnel clamped tight around his member and the muscles in her legs gave way as her vision dimmed, then blacked out, not feeling Lucas collapse on top of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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