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The Princess, Her Harem, Her Brother and the Duel

Book 1


This book contains incest.

Although this book is book 1 of a 2 part series, it is still self-contained, and I believe that it has a satisfying ending. Book 2 takes the story in a new direction and greatly expands the importance of what is happening. (It is almost twice as long, but it is not free and should not be available on Literotica.)


(According to the Literotica submission tool, each chapter is about a page long.)

Arc 1: The Princess and Her Harem.

Princess Maria of Kritoria.

The Knights’ Love for Maria.

The Knights’ Ultimatum.

The Knights’ Love for Each Other.

Lorraine’s Torment.

Love, Perversion and Shame.

The First-Knight’s Conspiracy.

The Reason for It All.

Maria’s Birthday.

A Surprise on Her Birthday.

Waiting for Him.

Arc 2: The Princess and Her Brother.


The Bringer of Bad News.

The Lead Up to the Contamination.

The Princess and the Beast.

The Repercussions of Her Lust.

The Contamination.

Decisions and Misapprehensions.

Their First Time

Maria’s Gratitude

Maria Repays Her Debt.

Maria the Sex-Toy.

A Hint of Disobedience.


Thank you

Arc 0: The Princess and Her Brother.

(But First, An Apology)

The Ceremony of Acquiescence



On the planet Sapphira, women greet each other by making out and settle arguments by bringing each other off. Pretty much everything else involves them making love.

… Sorry.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. The first arc is mostly one long orgy, but the chapters do build up and reach a climax, and I think that most of them can be read by themselves. My future novels will have far shorter sex scenes.


The erotic scenes in the first arc of this book are lesbian. (According to the Literotica preview, that should be pages 1-12.) Those in the second are mainly heterosexual. (Those in the second book mainly involve a single man with multiple bisexual women.)


I’ve already posted a chapter 0 for this novel on Literotica under the title “The Ceremony of Acquiescence – Incest”. It’s not required reading, but you can find it either by searching Literotica, by skipping to the end of this novel or by viewing my profile.

And finally…

Thank you for reading this far.

Please enjoy!

Arc 1: The Princess and Her (All Female) Harem.

01: Princess Maria of Kritoria.

The first sensation to disturb Maria’s dream was that of a beast’s gaze upon her flesh. She felt his lust upon her skin, and she knew that his mind was filled with fantasies of her. He thought of her body alone, where normally the power and wealth that were tied to it would at least have some small place, but the fact that he did so was of no consolation.

For what reason had a mere beast seen fit to intrude himself unannounced upon the strictly lesbian orgy that took place about the Queen? In what way could he ever hope to repay the debt that he would incur for the act of glancing upon her naked and holy flesh without her permission, when even the King himself would have been whipped for such a crime? Should she call for the Guards? Should she order him to be imprisoned within the Halls of Impregnation? Should she perhaps demand that he be blinded, muted and crippled before exiling to a Hall of Glory, where he would live the rest of his life as nothing more than a cock in servitude to those slaves who enjoyed the sight of his ejaculation?

Each response would have been too lenient by far.

Barely a month had passed since the King himself had been rightly executed for his attempt to mount the Queen without her permission, and he had been the most important of beasts. There could thus be no mistaking that the correct punishment was execution. Just like the Queen however, Maria had no desire to waste a life that might still prove to be productive, and perhaps more than anyone else, she knew that even a beast could have some worth. She therefore turned towards him with the intention of doing nothing more than hurling a vitriolic reprimand towards him before letting him off with only a whipping.

But then she froze.

Maria’s shock and confusion were so complete that she stood struck speechless before him; and without meaning to, she raised one hand to press at the breast beneath which her heart pounded with frightening rapidity. He was a handsome beast; and at just over 21 years old, he was barely more than three years past his transition from boy to beast. He saw her alone amongst the aroused and naked slaves who filled the Queen’s balcony with their lust, though; and his thoughts concerned only her despite the eight long years that had passed since their last meeting.

He was her brother.

He was her darling brother, Jason; and because he stood before escort ataşehir her, it was obvious that she was dreaming. Maria stared at him regardless though, and her heart ached within her breast. Since her forced promotion to the role of Princess, thousands of Kritorian slaves had offered her the use of their beasts should she desire their seed; and not one of the hundred or so Upper Beasts had failed to offer his seed of his own free will. She had turned them all down, for not one of those beasts could have held a candle to the one who stood before her then. He was also the one beast whose seed she could never accept though, and she knew that he could never feel for her the same forbidden lust that she felt for him.

Regardless of propriety, he stood before her as naked as the moment that he had been born, and as naked as he had been only a few minutes later when she had first held him within her arms. Her love for him had started in that moment, and although her entry into adulthood had transformed her love in unexpected ways, she still held onto the innocent love that she had felt in that moment.

In contrast with the innocence of her childhood love however, Jason’s cock stood as hard and erect as it had during the night of his Ceremony of Acquiescence eighteen years later, when their mother had fucked him senseless before her. It was always hard when she saw him within her dreams; but she stared at his hand rather than his cock, for he held his hand out-stretched towards her. He did so as if offering to pull her into his embrace; and despite the innocence of his gesture, she saw a far from innocent offer within it.

Could it really be that he was offering himself to her? Might it be that he would be willing to let her worship his handsome and virile body? Maria had longed for a chance to do so ever since he had first started the transition to beasthood, and the thought wiped all common decency from her mind. Would he really consent to taking her, to fucking her, even though to do so would be depraved and immoral?

Of course, she knew that he wouldn’t. She knew that he would never, and could never, feel for her the immoral lust that she felt for him, but she went to take a step towards him anyway. So what if it was a dream? So what if she would awake drenched and unfulfilled as usual, if it let her pretend for a moment longer that she might one day get to witness his ecstasy first hand?

Even if she could never feel him within herself, she wished that she could watch him as he thrust his cock inside a slave who adored him as she did! That she could see the pleasure upon his face as the lucky slave flexed and moved her wet cunt about him. That she could witness the ecstasy upon his face as he emptied his seed deep into her womb. That she could hear the words with which he would no doubt profess his love and gratitude, once he had reached his climax and spurted his seed deep into his so fortunate partner. That she could worship the place where they were joined, and taste not just his seed upon her tongue, but also his lover’s cum as well. Oh, how she would love to fuck his lover with her tongue, as his cum oozed out from between her pussy-lips!

Even as she started to move towards him, a wave of warmth and bright red light washed across him though. It threatened to erase him from her mind, but she found that she had no voice with which she could cry out to him. She had no words with which she could offer him the body that was still taboo. The light burned ever brighter upon him regardless of her impotence, and she reached towards him desperately, stretching towards his proffered hand, but that too proved to be futile. She looked downward to find that her body stood motionless, and that her hands were by her side despite her desire.

“Come on, Princess Maria. You really have to get up now.”

Her struggle was interrupted by the sound of a young slave’s voice, for it joined the light in threatening her fantasy and forcing her return to consciousness. She realized then that she had heard other voices before it, and although it was as soft, gentle and full of love as those voices that had preceded it, it was nevertheless full of confidence that it wouldn’t be ignored as they had.

Was it her First-Knight and wife, Elizabeth? Might it be Elizabeth’s cousin and their mutual lover, Tanya? The two had such similar voices that Maria was unable to identify just which beautiful slave had addressed her so. Her return to consciousness brought other more sensual matters to mind however, for the EnPid switched automatically to its live feed.

Obviously, she could see only blurred images without opening her eyes, for the EnPid did not intend to overwhelm her mind. Even so, however, she could tell almost immediately that her six Knights were as disheveled and filthy as they had been at the end of the previous night’s orgy. Their skin was covered in patches and streaks of that odd iridescence that was so characteristic of dried girl-cum, and every one of them had smears of lipstick upon kadıköy escort her naked flesh.

It had been Catherine’s turn to sacrifice herself to their collective lust however, and although that had primarily involved her accepting their fingers, fists or strapons in turn; it had started with them kissing her all over. Her loins were therefore a rainbow of lipstick, whilst her beautiful breasts were so covered in their various shades that there was not a patch of flesh to be seen.

The dishevelment was not limited to their bodies however, for it continued to the room itself. A trail of torn lingerie led from the bathroom to the bed, whilst the floor about their bed was littered in discarded toys. Even the duvet had not escaped unharmed, for it had been designed with comfort in mind rather than strength, and it had proven no match for Catherine’s passion. She had clutched at it with such fierceness that it had torn within her hands as they fucked her in her arse, her mouth and her pussy simultaneously. The damage was not her responsibility alone though, for they had taken turns to kneel in her place once she had fainted, and its condition had worsened with each orgasm that had been met upon it.

Even if she ignored the evidence of the EnPid however, Maria could hardly escape the state of their room, for the smell of sex permeated the air. The scent of the pussy-juices with which they had dampened the duvet, the sheets and the rugs upon which they had made love. The faint musk of exertion alongside the delicate perfume of arousal, and then the even more delicate scent of the milk that had been spilt as they feasted upon each other’s tits. The smells were not only familiar and normal but also comforting; but they were nevertheless deliciously naughty, and Maria couldn’t help but pray for the day when she might detect the scent of Jason’s cum amongst them.

“Come on, love! Get up before these fucking sluts win!”

Another appeal was greeted by giggles from the slaves against whom its owner had no doubt wagered upon how long it would take Maria to awaken. Once again, its voice gave her no clue as to whether it was spoken by Elizabeth or Tanya, but only one slave could address the others as sluts without reprimand. The words identified the voice as belonging to the young slave who had taken her virginity before giving her own in return during the Princess Selection; and Maria’s recognition of Elizabeth erased the last remnants of her rapidly vanishing brother.

“Liz…? Is it Beasts or private…?”


Private? A day of rest.

A day to indulge themselves in each other’s bodies.

In the same way that they were not allowed to fight during the night, they were not allowed to make love during the day. It was for exactly that reason that her Knights would have woken her up not long after they themselves woke up. They would therefore have two or even three hours during which they could make love as a Princess and her Knights, rather than fight as slaves; and Maria had no doubt that her Knights would put those hours to good use.

But of course, only a beast could have thought that those few hours were sufficient to satisfy their lust. There were nowhere enough hours in the day to sate their desire for each other’s pleasure, and Maria’s initial reaction was therefore to get up as quickly as she could. Even then, she couldn’t help but think of Jason, though. She thought of his kind, gentle ways, and of his handsome, youthful body. She thought of his seed surging into her mouth or her womb; and she grinned to herself at the thought of how much her Knights would enjoy the arousal that thoughts of him would induce within her.

“Then, just five more minutes -…”

“Up. Now.” Elizabeth uttered her words more firmly at Maria’s protest, and she emphasized them by pulling gently upon one of Maria’s eyelids. The sunlight that bathed their bed shone through unobstructed for just a moment before a pretty face filled Maria’s vision, and then Elizabeth lowered her voice to a whisper. “Get up now, your Highness, an’ I might be able to go down on you before we get down to frigging.”

For all of the enticement of a return to her fantasies, Elizabeth’s offer was too much to ignore. Of all of the hundreds of slaves who had gone down on Maria, none had matched the skill with which Elizabeth did so, and the thought of experiencing it once more was all the impetus that she needed. She opened her eyes hurriedly whilst her loins tingled in anticipation of Elizabeth’s worshipping, and then she recalled something that her drowsy state had caused her to forget.

It was their week.

The recollection brought with it a memory of days that had seemed to drag on forever. They would normally spend the day fighting or training, and although the two activities differed so fundamentally as to be almost opposing, they nevertheless both resulted in them making each other climax. The Queen had ordered them to spend their days of celebration doing nothing more than frigging, however; maltepe escort bayan and whilst it had been wonderful to watch each other cumming, it had been torture to be unable to go down on each other. The setting of the sun had allowed them to make love as they longed to though, and Maria could not put into words how wonderful their nights had been.

They had fallen upon each other in a daze of passion and lust before fucking each other senseless, and just as the Queen had promised, they had discovered new and even more perverse ways in which they could bring each other off. Unfortunately, the thought of grabbing even just a few hours of such delicious debauchery was such that Maria sat up before she had had time to acclimatize to consciousness. She therefore started to fall back onto the bed only moments later when she was predictably overcome by dizziness.


“Princess Maria!”

A chorus of cries from her five Lower Knights.

They uttered their concern despite the fact that Maria was at no risk of injury, however. Even if she had fallen off the bed rather than onto it, the rugs about it were of such depth that the experience would have been at worst surprising and at best oddly enjoyable. They scrambled across the bed to catch her regardless though, and even as she fell, Maria was struck by conflicting emotions.

She was of course touched by their unnecessary concern, and by the love that caused them to move even though they knew her to be in no danger. She was also embarrassed that she had once more fallen so neatly into Elizabeth’s plans, for Elizabeth’s eyes shone with mischievous satisfaction, whilst her only response to Maria’s collapse was to gasp in delight.

Her primary emotion was one of guilty gratitude for the existence of the EnPid that recorded her Knights’ attempted intervention, however. In contrast with their collar and negligée-clad First-Knight, her Lower Knights wore nothing more than her collar of gold above those that they had given each other. They rushed to her aid with no thought of their nudity though, and as her head fell backwards, Maria was treated to the sight of their beautiful breasts bouncing, hanging and swinging beneath them as they did so.

Which slave could claim to be alive and yet not enjoy the sight of five naked beauties scrambling to her aid, even if only in secret? Who could fail to appreciate the delicious movement of their breasts as they scrambled on all fours towards her, and who could help but glance downwards at the deliciously obscene exposure of their panty-mounds? Her Lower Knights had performed such a rescue so many times in the past that they managed to catch Maria before she hit the bed, and it was then that Maria’s visual treat became deliciously tactile.

Maria’s eldest Knight, Catherine; and Catherine’s daughter, Michelle, who had copied daughters all over the world in accepting the silver band of her mother’s collar. Lorraine and her identical twin Julie, the latter just a few minutes younger than the former and hence sporting Julie’s silver. Tanya, who wore Elizabeth’s silver in deference to Elizabeth’s rank, and regardless of the fact that she was the elder of the two. The five beautiful Knights pulled Maria into their collective embrace then, and five pairs of firm but velvety-smooth breasts pressed against her back and head, whilst ten swollen nipples scratched at her flesh.



A chorus of indignant protest, aimed at Maria’s giggling wife. The five Knights uttered it with such sincerity that even Maria would have believed that they truly had no part in Elizabeth’s trickery, had they not thrust their breasts against her. They dragged their bodies against her own even as their hands found her sensitive breasts, and she whimpered in helpless pleasure before them as they stretched and twisted her swollen nipples.

Could it be that she had mistaken the surprise within their first cry? Had they finally decided that it was better to cooperate with her merciless young wife rather than merely react to her? Maria was still too dizzy and breathless to think clearly, but her eyes fluttered closed of their own accord, and she saw the answer to her questions in the feed from the EnPid.

She saw Elizabeth and herself, of course, and she saw the way in which the five Knights’ tits crushed and ballooned against her as they were dragged this way and that. More telling than that however, was the way in which the five behind her were pressed with unnatural force against each other. Their legs were quite clearly spread and interlocked, whilst their buttocks were raised to form a solid arc of rounded mounds behind her; and their bedroom had so many mirrors that the EnPid was able to create a far more indecent feed.

“Oh, Lady…!”

Maria whimpered once more as she was treated to a view from behind her Knights, for she saw far more than just the five wonderfully beautiful pussies that she had been expecting. Naturally, she saw the glimmer of the Knights’ carefully lacquered anuses, as well as the sparkling of the tiny gems with which their delicate labia and clitoral hoods were decorated. Her attention was drawn primarily to the dildos that were half-buried within their pussies though; and she gave a shiver of pleasure at the sight of them.

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