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Candy woke up from her nap even hotter than she was before her bath time fun. She ran a finger down her stomach and to her wet pussy, biting her lower lip and giving out a soft whimper as her finger came in contact with her swollen clit. She moaned as she rubbed her clit in tight little circles and squeezed her tit with her other hand. Pinching her hardening nipple, she plunged her middle finger into her pussy as her thumb continued the assault on her clit. She pulled her nipple straight out and bucked her hips up off of the bed as an intense orgasm ripped through her body. She brings her finger to her lips and sucks her sweetness from it, the taste reminding her of the encounter she had with her neighbor, Nicki, last week.

Nicki came over for drinks and Sex and the City, and after a few drinks, Nicki put in the DVD she brought with her. Nicki started the DVD while Candy was in the bathroom, and when Candy came back, she was greeted with two hot women on screen French kissing each other.

“Nice movie, Nicki,” she joked. “I don’t think I’ve seen this one before.” Nicki laughed.

“Hey go pour us another couple of drinks and then watch with me.” Candy acted like she didn’t hear her…the on screen action was getting hotter, as one of the girls was tugging at the other’s thong, then running her fingers up and down her wet slit while taking a nipple into her mouth. Nicki smiled a knowing smile.

“Earth to Candy! You want me to pause this?”

“No I’m good I’ll be right back,” Candy replied.

She could feel her clit tingling and couldn’t wait to get back to the movie. Candy brought the drinks Ankara escort back, handing one to Nicki without taking her eyes off the screen. If she would have looked over, she would have seen that Nicki’s skirt had ridden up a bit. Nicki wasn’t taking her eyes off the screen either, and was sucking on her finger while rubbing her thighs together. They both sat in silence as the girls on screen changed position. The blonde was running her tongue down the redhead’s chest, swirling it around her hard nipples, and then licking down her stomach. The redhead arched her back and pushed the blonde’s head down between her legs, and moaned loudly as the blonde dove down and licked her clean shaven pussy.

She shoved her middle finger into her pussy and fucked her fast, and sucking on her clit. The redhead screamed as she came, the pushed the blonde onto her back and returned the favor. Both Nicki and Candy finished their drinks and leaned forward to put the glasses on the coffee table, their hands touching as they did. They were both extremely hot and bothered at this point, breathing heavily and just a bit intoxicated. Nicki licked her lips as she undressed Candy with her eyes and that’s all it took to send Candy over the edge. They lunged at each other and met in a hot embrace, kissing each other hotly and moaning loudly as their tongues met. They broke the kiss only long enough to pull each other’s tops off, then resumed their kiss.

Nicki ran her tongue down Candy’s neck then playfully bit her shoulder while Candy’s hands found Nicki’s breasts and hard nipples. Nicki moaned against Candy’s skin as Candy tugged Ankara escort bayan on Nicki’s nipples, both so hot now there was no turning back. Candy got up and quickly led Nicki into her bedroom where she finally relieved herself of her skirt. Nicki let out a little moan as she saw that Candy wasn’t wearing any panties and then quickly stepped out of her skirt to show Candy that she was also not hampered by any extra clothing.

“Are we really doing this,” Candy asked, not really needing an answer. Nicky replied,

“Oh yeah baby and I can’t wait to taste you.” Nicki playfully pushed Candy back onto the bed, Candy pulling her down on top of her.

Candy moaned as Nicki’s tongue ran down her body, not stopping until she got between her legs. Nicki kisses and sucked and nibbled on Candy’s inner thigh, moving closer and closer to her hot, extremely wet pussy. Nicki ran her tongue between Candy’s pussy lips, relishing the sweetness and making her own pussy drip with desire. Nicki continued to lick and suck on Candy’s pussy as she ran her own hand down between her legs and ran her fingers up and down her own wet slit. Candy’s fingers gripped Nicki’s hair and pulled her up until Nicki’s tongue found what Candy wanted her to find, her aching swollen throbbing clit. At the same time Nicki’s tongue found Candy’s clit, her fingers found her own clit, and as she reach her first orgasm, she moaned against Candy’s pussy, the vibrations causing Candy to raise her hips, grind her clit against Nicki’s tongue, and explode into orgasm.

Nicki climbed up Candy’s body and kissed her deeply, where Candy licked and Escort Ankara sucked her own juices from Nicki’s lips and tongue. “I’ve got a little surprise for you,” Candy said breathlessly. Nicki just moaned and smiled an approving smile. Candy opened her bedside table drawer and pulled out a long, pink, two headed dong.

“Oh my god!” Yelled Nicki. Candy just smiled as they moved into position, lying on opposite sides of the bed, pussies within inches of each other. Candy handed one end of the dildo to Nicki, then they both started to slide the heads between their own pussy lips as they massaged their clits. Hearing each other moan in ecstasy, they both came hard, shaking and trembling, then they slid the heads of the dildo between their pussy lips and slowly gliding them in.

Using their hips and hands to push the dildos further into themselves, they crossed their legs over each other, caressing their calves and ankles, and starting to fuck each other, the other driving one end into the other’s pussy as the other did the same on the return thrust until they got the perfect rhythm going. The fucked each other fast and hard, each gripped the other’s ankles, moaning and screaming in pleasure as they both came over and over again. Candy released one of Nicki’s ankles and attacked her aching clit. She rubbed it harder as she fucked the dildo faster and deeper, ramming it even further into Nicki’s hot pussy. Nicki reached her biggest climax at that point, raising her hips off of the bed and freezing there, shaking and trembling, cumming long and hard. Candy felt this and then exploded into another intense orgasm, screaming and cumming harder than she ever had in her life. When they both came down, they just lay there breathing heavily, softly rubbing their abused pussies, until they both fell deeply asleep, the long two headed dildo slowly slipping out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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