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The air outside had gone from mild to crisp, which worked out perfectly for her outfit plans. She fumbled in her closet through numerous t-shirts, tank tops and blouses until she felt it in the very back. Delicately, she pulled the white cashmere sweater off its fancy hanger (plastic just wouldn’t do, for this was the fanciest of her fancy sweaters) and pulled it over her head.

Kate sauntered over to the corner to consult with the full length mirror. She cocked her head to the side as she examined the reflection of her long, soft frame from every angle. “Oh, this will do just fine” she thought to herself approvingly as she carefully arranged her 36C breasts in her black satin bra, as to take full advantage of her sweater’s deep v-neckline. Kate wasn’t usually the type to put her tits on display, but tonight was different. It was their one month anniversary. Tonight was the night. Even though it would have seemed childish to admit out loud, she couldn’t help but think to herself, “this is the last time I’ll leave the house a virgin”.

It seemed silly to her to even acknowledge her virginity. At the tender age of 19, Kate was by no means inexperienced. She had done her fair share of cocksucking in high school, and was no stranger to having her pussy fingerfucked. Hell, she had even licked her best girlfriend’s pussy on a dare.

For someone who was technically a virgin, Kate had always enjoyed sex. She had easily learned to bring herself to intense orgasm, and routinely snooped through her father’s porn collection. Real sex was different for Kate. She fantasized daily about getting her first good dicking, and made the decision long ago to not let it go to waste on some high school boy that would cum in his pants as soon as her panties hit the floor. Kate had known for a long time that she wanted to wait for a real man, a man that knew what he was doing when it came to fucking. And she had found him. James.

James was eight years Kate’s senior. They had met the month prior at a house party, snuck off to his car to listen to the new Radiohead album, and eventually wound up back at his house. The two had spent hours laughing and talking, and before she knew it, Kate had found herself in his lap, her cotton panty-covered crotch straddling his bulge through his corduroy pants.

“I guess I should probably tell you… I’m a virgin,” she had told him, somewhat shyly.

“You… really? Seriously?” he had said, almost painfully. Kate just didn’t understand why they always seemed so shocked, but it still brought her great pleasure to be a “naughty virgin”. When he explained to her that he was willing to wait, Kate knew that she had finally found the man worthy of her sweet, virgin pussy.

A month later, back in her bedroom, Kate rifled through her underwear drawer trying to find the most appropriate pair of virginity-losing panties. She decided on a pair that she knew James hadn’t seen yet, (she had frequently performed stripteases for him in that month, just to be a cocktease) a pair of black lace boyshorts with a pink satin lining. Kate was all too pleased with the symbolism of the black lace representing her dirty side, over top of her soft, pink and innocent side.

Kate pulled off her white cotton panties and slid on the fresh pair. She made her way back over to the mirror and craned her neck to check out her ass in the perfect pair of panties. Quite pleased with the look of her tits propped up through the cashmere and her round, perky ass peeking out the legs of her panties, she still felt that something was missing. She made her way back over to the closet to find her most hip-hugging Maltepe Escort pair of tight jeans, and there it was… buried between her favorite pair of old jeans and a yellow sundress, an inappropriately short black mini skirt.

She yanked the skirt from the hanger and pulled it up over her hips. Pleased with what the mirror showed her, Kate still felt her last virginal outfit needed one finishing touch. She slipped out her bedroom door and down the hallway to her mother’s room.

Kate quietly slid open the top drawer of the antique dresser in the corner of the bedroom and began digging through the contents. She sifted through handfuls of silk teddies and lace bustiers until she hit the jackpot. There must have been ten pairs of stockings all curled up into little balls. Some nude, some textured, some fishnet. Deciding on a pair of black thigh highs with elastic lace detail at the top, Kate slipped back to her room.

She sat on the edge of her bed, elegantly lifting one long leg and crossing it over the other. She pointed her toe as she pulled the delicate nylon over her foot, up her calf, and adjusted the lace around her creamy thigh. Repeating the process for her other leg, she laid on her back with her feet in the air, admiring her handy work and running her hands up and down her calves.

Kate had always liked wearing pantyhose. Even as a young girl, she never objected when her mother laid out a pair of pantyhose for Kate to wear to a school or church event. She always enjoyed the way her legs felt and looked in pantyhose. The feeling of mild constriction mixed with the tactile pleasure of the silky nylon had always turned her on, before she even knew what “turned on” was.

These black stockings, however, were different. Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill nude pantyhose. The sheer act of putting them on and feeling the lace wrap around her thighs was enough to form a wet spot on the crotch of her perfect virginity-losing panties.

After one last mirror check and a final fluff of her long, curly brunette hair, Kate grabbed her purse and practically leapt down the stairs to the front door. “Careful, sweetie! Call if you’re going to be late!” she heard her mother call as Kate dug for her keys. “Okay, Mom. Love you,” she replied over her shoulder as she headed out the door and into the brisk October night.

She slid behind the wheel of her old, blue clunker and gasped as the cold leather met the backs of her thighs. Promptly cranking up the heater, Kate cracked the window, lit a cigarette, and sped off toward the highway.

Half an hour later, Kate pulled into the driveway. She killed the engine and flipped down the visor for a quick lip check. She hastily applied another layer of pale pink lip gloss and smacked her lips at her reflection in the dimly lit vanity mirror. Before she swung her legs out of the door, Kate couldn’t resist letting her index finger find the crotch of her panties to fondle the wet spot that had been growing in anticipation throughout the drive. Grinning to herself, she lifted the hem of her skirt to adjust the lace that was wrapped around her thighs.

At the sound of her car door slam, he appeared in the doorway to greet her.

“Well, well… look at you!” James cooed to her as he pulled her in close for a deep kiss.

“I know, right?” she giggled coyly as she did a little spin, allowing him to take in the full sight of her.

He led her into the living room where they sank into the oversized couch. “You’re looking sexy as hell tonight, baby. Where’d you get that sweater?”

Kate, pleased with Anadolu Yakası Escort his reaction to her well-thought out ensemble, ignored his question. She instead wrapped her arms firmly around his shoulders and swung a long, gorgeous leg over top of him, straddling him and planting herself firmly in his lap. She instantly felt his cock begin to swell against her pussy as she placed her lips right next to his ear. He instinctively reached his big hands behind her and placed them lightly on her ass as she began to nibble gently on his ear.

“Kate… babe… the reservation is for 8:00” he gulped, tightening his grip on her ass.

“I don’t give a fuck about the reservation. I want it” she said forcefully, pressing her now dripping pussy hard against the bulge in his pants.

“Are… are you sure you’re ready?” he croaked.

“Oh, I’m ready” she said firmly. With this, her eyes met his and she guided his eyes down to the hem of her skirt. She playfully lifted the hem to reveal the intricate lace detail at the top of her stockings that caressed her thighs. She grinned as she felt his cock stiffen even more beneath her.

“Those are fucking hot, baby” he said as he moved his hands from her ass, down her hips and to her creamy thighs, clearly enjoying the feel and the sight of her black silky stockings.

Unable to stand it any longer, Kate wrapped her legs tightly around him and said with a note of authority in her voice, “I’ve waited long enough. Fuck me now.”

James stood up and she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. He carried her up the spiral staircase as she kissed him hard on his neck. Her pussy was now so drenched that she could barely contain herself. James struggled to keep his legs moving up the stairs as he groaned with pleasure at the feeling of her lips on his neck and her warm pussy against him.

After what seemed like ages, he reached the bedroom and they collapsed onto the king-sized bed. He pulled her sweater off over her head, exposing her heaving breasts overflowing from the satin cups of her bra. He sat on his knees in between her spread legs, pausing for a moment to take in the gorgeous sight of her.

James leaned forward and covered Kate’s full breasts in wet kisses as he pulled her skirt down over her legs and tossed it to the side. She saw a smile flash across his lips as he ran his hand across her perfect virginity-losing panties, his fingers lingering at the saturated crotch. She groaned with pleasure as his long fingers slipped inside the crotch of her panties, running them up and down her slippery pussy slit. Kate propped herself up on her elbow to reach his belt buckle, undoing it with one swift motion. James hurriedly wiggled out of his jeans and boxers, releasing his massive hard cock. She quivered in anticipation, knowing that soon she’d finally feel his glorious cock filling up her aching virgin pussy.

Kate anxiously wrapped her fingers around his hard shaft, moving her small, delicate hand up and down the length of his stiff pole. “I want to feel it,” she sighed as she looked up at his eager face. “I need to feel that cock inside me, please,” she begged.

She reached behind herself and unfastened her bra, letting the straps fall off her shoulders and exposing her erect nipples. James cupped her full tits in his hands, squeezing and massaging them as he wrapped his lips around her hard nipples. She moaned helplessly as he sucked and licked her nipples, and she felt his hands move to her panties. He plopped her nipple out of his mouth as he worked her panties down her long, stocking covered legs. She Ümraniye Escort kicked the panties off, letting them dangle haphazardly around her ankle, as James positioned himself over top of her. Kate gasped as she felt his rock hard cock lay against her sopping cunt.

James put his lips next to her ear and whispered, “are you sure you’re ready?”

“Fuck yes, I’m ready. Please,” she moaned as she reached between her legs for his rigid cock. Kate gripped his shaft tightly in her hand, and raised her hips to press against it as she guided his juicy mushroom head into her tight hole.

James paused as his throbbing cockhead entered her tight virgin pussy. Kate winced in anticipation and a hint of pain, as he slowly and gently shoved the length of his hard, thick cock into the tightest pussy he’d ever felt. He looked down at her beautiful, innocent face, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.

“Yessss,” she hissed, as she relished in every second of feeling a hard cock deep inside her pussy for the first time. James stopped there, with the head of his throbbing cock deep inside her. Kate squeezed her muscles tightly, sucking his cock even deeper into her sweet wetness. She lay beneath him helplessly, writhing with intense pleasure mixed with pain, the most exquisite pain she had ever felt. As she gasped and bit her bottom lip, Kate lifted her shapely, stocking covered leg and wrapped it around his back, pulling him into her deeper still.

“Ooooh fuck,” James grunted as he began slowly pulling and pushing himself in and out of her dripping little hole. By now, the pain was quickly melting away into pure pleasure for Kate, and she raised her hips to meet him with every thrust. Every movement of her body, her bucking hips, her hands reaching up to grab his hair, her stocking foot caressing the backs of his legs, all came so naturally to her as a gut reaction to the overwhelming sensations that were surging through her body.

“You’re so good baby, your tight little pussy is so fucking good,” James moaned softly as he continued to pump in and out of her. He raised himself up to enjoy watching her breasts bounce happily, and his cock throbbed inside her wetness. Seeing his eyes fixated on her tits, Kate moistened her finger in her mouth and rubbed the wetness on her nipples, pinching them for him. James groaned happily at the erotic sight of his newly de-virginized girlfriend pinching her perky pink nipples.

Kate began to feel the familiar signs of orgasm brewing deep in her loins, and reached her hands around his back to pull him in closer, deeper into her. “Oh fuck baby, you’re gonna make me cum,” James sighed through labored breaths, pumping his cock harder and faster, sloshing in her sweet pussy juices.

Kate squeezed herself tightly around his throbbing cock as she felt the orgasm begin to wash over her. “I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming so hard,” she screamed as her tight and wet pussy contracted and pulsed around his stiff cock. He fought to prolong his own orgasm, so she could enjoy hers with the feeling of him filling up the entirety of her drenched pussy. Her body rocked and quivered with the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. She contracted and came so hard, his dick popped right out of her.

James could no longer fight it, and began stroking his pussy juice-covered cock furiously over top of her sweet and wet cunt. Kate knew what was coming, and reached her hand down to her still-cumming pussy and frantically rubbed her engorged pussy lips and hard clit. Warm spurts of white cum spilled out of his cock, as he slapped it against her soaking cunt. She moaned happily at the feeling of his hot load shooting on her pussy and stomach.

He collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing heavily. “Worth the wait?” he asked jokingly.

“Fuck yes it was,” Kate replied, still trying to catch her breath. “Ready to go again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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