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By fntsymn©

This is the continuation of my previous stories: Voyage into Sexuality and Widening the Circle. Thank you to all those people who have made positive comments and who have liked my story. I also appreciate the negative comments and all I have to say to those who make them (all of them anonymous) is that nobody is forcing them to read my stories. Someone said there’s not really a story, that this is just sex. Well, I’m not trying to win a Pulitzer or a Noble price in literature. These are erotic tales that I want to share with those who like them. And those who don’t like them, I thank you anyway for reading them.

Vanessa was halfway through the painting course with Steve. She had been working on two paintings, one of Pamela and one of Edward, she’d had them pose for some photos and had chosen one of Pamela reclining on a love seat, one of her breasts, her hip and part of her upper thigh covered by a piece of silky translucent material. Edward’s photo showed him standing against a tree, his cock partially erect. These were apart from the sketches she was doing at Steve’s classes, where several models, both male and female posed for the students in the nude.

Vanessa and Steve often got together at a coffee house to discuss the topics Vanessa would cover on her next lecture and where Steve commented on her sketches and made suggestions to make them less rigid. Vanessa had also shown him the paintings she was working on and that she, quite frankly didn’t like that much.

On one such occasion Steve asked Vanessa, “Can I be completely candid with you?”

“Well, of course you can Steve,” Vanessa said, “I probably guess that you’re going to tell me that my work sucks. You know, I don’t like it that much myself.”

“No,” Steve said, “I really can’t say that. But they are kind of stiff. I believe you’re trying to hard to make them look like a photograph, and for that we have cameras. I’ve seen some of the sketches you’ve made, the ones you say are unfinished and there definitely something there. They show some force. I would suggest that you try to find a style of your own, that you try to capture more what you feel.”

“Oh,” Vanessa said, “but I don’t know how to do that. I’ve always painted like that, you know, my landscapes.”

“Yes, I’ve seen them, and they’re good. But they could be better if you did the same with them, you know, capture the feeling, your feeling, of the landscape. You might want to try beginning with a landscape in the background, since you’re more used to painting them, and include a torso or even just a face in the foreground.”

“Well, I sure can try.” Vanessa said, and placing her hand over his, she added, “Thank you Steve for telling me how you see it.

“Well, I like telling it to my students like it is,” Steve said, he turned his palm upward and since Vanessa didn’t pull her hand away he closed his fingers lightly around her hand, “And all the more reason not to lie to you, you are my special student.”

“Oh, come on.” Vanessa chided him.

“You are.” Steve insisted, “And I know you can do better.”

“Well, OK, I’ll try.”

“Now, there’s something else I want to ask you.” Steve hesitated a bit.

“Well, what is it?”

“Would you pose for me?” Steve blurted, “I really would like to make a portrait of you.”

Vanessa pretended to be thinking about it before she answered, she had though about this several times during class and when she was in her studio painting. She found the idea of posing nude for Steve exciting, even though he hadn’t actually said it; she guessed that’s what he had in mind.

“Why Steve, you mean in the nude?” She asked coyly.

Steve blushed, “That would be great, but I don’t know, just a regular portrait will be fine.”

“Well, yes then,” Vanessa teased him, “I mean I’ll pose for the portrait, but I’ll have to think about doing it nude.”

“Sure… yes… err… that’s fine.” Steve stammered.

* * *

That night after dinner, Vanessa was in the couch reading a book while Robert made a selection of the photos he had taken the previous weekend at the strip club. When he had e-mailed them to Karl, he poured a couple of glasses of wine and sat down next to his wife.

“Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you, Pepper and Mint are coming back to the club next week, so Karl asked if I can do a special shoot of them, you know, so he can post their photos on the billboard.”

Vanessa reached out and placed her hand above his cock, over his jeans. “You seem happy about that. Are you thinking about the time they told us they would like to join us to party? You really would like to fuck them, wouldn’t you?”

“Well yes, I really like those girls, but who knows if they still want to do it,” Robert answered, “And I also seem to recall that you weren’t exactly repelled by the idea of making love with them either, right?”

“Mhh, yes,” Vanessa said, “I think they are lovely too, but I can tell the idea of making it with these young women has got you all excited.”

Robert’s cock had gotten hard under his pants and Vanessa’s touch.

“Well, I have admit it’s been a long time since ankara rus escort I’ve made love to a young woman,” Robert said, “and I was the same age as they when I did.”

“Well you might get your chance to fuck a young woman before that.”

“And how’s that?”

“Well, Jen called this afternoon,” Vanessa said, “She asked if they could come over this weekend to shoot a video or some photos. But she seemed more excited than usual, so I asked her what she really had in mind. She didn’t exactly say it but I think they want to get more involved with us.”

“Mmhh, that will be interesting.” Robert said thoughtfully.

“Oh and there’s something else.” Vanessa said.

Then she told him about Steve’s proposal to pose for him.

“And are you?” Robert asked, “I mean, are you going to pose nude for him?”

“Of course I am, silly.” Vanessa said with an impish smile on her face, “And before you ask, I think he might want something more, you know, he always flirts with me, in a very respectful way, but I think he would really like to get in my pants. And I might just consent, if he asks and his wife knows about it. Who knows, it might be nice if she would join us too. I’m sure you’ll love her, she has a great body. And they are younger too, not as much as Jen and Jake, but still… Anyway, I think I better do something about this now.”

Vanessa pulled Robert’s cock out of his pants and bent down to suck him. After a while she straddled his legs and pulling her skirt up and her panties to the side she guided his cock into her. She rode him until she climaxed and he exploded inside her.

* * *

Jake and Jen arrived Friday afternoon. Vanessa and Robert greeted them at the door and Jen threw her arms around Robert’s neck and planted a wet kiss on his lips. Jake went over to Vanessa and gave her a more hesitant kiss. Vanessa was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and she was braless. Jen was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tube top, her nipples poking through the material.

“Well, come on in,” Vanessa said and then added, “Bob, why don’t you help Jake get their bags or whatever while I fix something to drink. What would you like?”

“Oh, I want some of that sangria you prepare, we love it. And we have a ton of photos to show you, I was going to e-mail them to you but since we where coming we decided to bring the whole lot.” Jen spoke rapidly.

“Fine then,” Vanessa said, taking Jen’s hand, “We’ll wait for you downstairs and I’ll fix the sangria.”

Jen went over to look at some of the new photos Vanessa and Robert had hung on the wall, commenting on them while Vanessa got busy behind the bar. When they were joined by the men, she gave each a glass of sangria and they toasted to their reunion. Jake gave Robert a CD and he turned on the computer and the giant screen. Jake sat down on one of the sofas and Robert went to sit on the other one. Vanessa waited to see where Jen would sit, and when she sat down next to Robert she went and sat next to Jake as the photos began flashing on the screen. All of the photos showed Jen in various states of undress in public places. In malls, coffee shops and fast food joints she flashed her tits or her pussy but there were some of her totally naked in parking lots and parks.

“Well, it seems you’ve become quite and exhibitionist,” Vanessa commented, “What happened to shy young woman we met at the lake?”

“You have no idea how that trip, and you guys, changed me.” Jen answered, “I guess I was so shy because I felt unsure about myself. But exposing my body like that has made me feel sure of myself,” she placed a hand on Robert’s thigh and added, “and it’s exciting too. Whenever we go out and Jakes takes some photos of me, we always go back home and fuck each other silly. The same happens when we I’m by myself and I shoot myself with my cell phone and I send the photos to Jake.”

“It can be very distracting at times,” Jake said, “Once I was at a meeting when a message came on my cel, I opened it here was a photo of Jen totally naked and a message that said ‘hurry home’. I’m almost sure that the guy sitting next to me got a brief look at it although he didn’t say anything.”

“And how do you feel about it?” Vanessa asked as she placed her hand on Jake’s thigh.

“I was a bit embarrassed and apprehensive at first,” Jake said, as he hesitatingly passed his arm around Vanessa’s shoulders but he let it rest on the sofa, “but now I find it quite exciting. If Jen is such an exhibitionist I guess I have a voyeuristic streak on me.”

“You must get a lot of propositions from the men that are lucky enough to see you?” Vanessa asked.

“Oh, yes, I’ve gotten a few,” Jen answered and added, “and not just from men.”

“And how do you feel about that, Jake?” Robert asked, “You find it exciting that other men desire your wife or does it bother you?”

“Same thing, I used to get angry at first, but as I got used to it, it excites me.”

“Much the same thing happened to Van and I.” Robert commented, “So what are your plans for the weekend?”

“We would really like you to take some photos of me, of us,” Jen said, “you ankara türbanlı escort know, some here like the last time, we still see those often and every time they seem more beautiful to me. And some somewhere outside, you know, if the four of us are together I might get a little bolder.”

“I don’t know how much bolder can you get.” Jake interrupted, “You know, this morning she walked out of our house naked to the car and she rode naked all the way down here, she just put her clothes on when we arrived.”

“You shouldn’t have bothered,” Robert said, “you know you’re very welcome here with or without clothes.”

“So anyway, that’s what we have in mind.” Jen said, “What do you think?”

“I love the idea,” Vanessa said, “We’ve done a few shoots at public places, but I’d love to do them with you. So what do you say we take a drive around town and then we can go and have a nice dinner someplace?”

“Come on Jen, let’s go change into some ‘flashy’ clothes.”

Vanessa was driving with Jake in the front seat while Robert and Jen were in the back seat. Robert has begun snapping some photos as soon as they left. Jen had put on a short skirt and a semi-transparent blouse. Robert asked her to undo some of the buttons on the blouse and soon Jen was showing her breasts and lifting her skirt to show her pussy as they drove along. Vanessa had worn a long thin skirt and a peasant blouse, Jake asked her to lower her blouse to expose her breasts as she drove and he snapped a few shots with a new camera he had. As they got on the freeway to go to a mall in the southern part of the city, Robert switched to his movie camera and Jen took of her blouse while Robert filmed her, as other cars passed them and their occupants turned to see these beautiful topless women.

The mall Vanessa had chosen was not a very popular one so it wasn’t too crowded. The women had ample opportunities to flash their breasts or raise their skirts as Robert and Jake photographed them. They were all laughing and having a good time. The walked into a few stores and took some photos there. At one point, Jen took of her blouse altogether and walked down the aisle on a hardware store. An older clerk walked into the aisle and froze when he saw the topless young woman but Jen instead of putting on her blouse walked up to him and asked him if he would pose next to her. The man grinned and accepted and after a few shots, Vanessa joined them lowering her top. For a couple of shots she raised her skirt exposing her well trimmed triangle of pubic hair. Jen, not to be outdone, dropped her skirt to the floor and posed naked next to the clerk.

After that they went to have coffee at a shop, there was only another young couple that was too engrossed making out. Jen and Vanessa sat with their backs to the window and whenever Robert saw someone walking past them he would lift his camera as a signal for Vanessa to lower her top and Jen to open her blouse. When they finished their coffee, the young clerk brought them another round and when they looked at him inquiringly he said it was on the house, he was obviously enjoying the show and wanted it to continue. Jen asked him to stand between them and Robert and Jake took a few shots of their topless spouses while the clerk pretended to drop some sugar cubes in their coffees but he actually missed once since his eyes were glued on the women’s breasts. Now the other couple was also looking at them, the girl had an amused look on her face and the boy was also staring at Vanessa and Jen’s tits. To get his attention back the girl lifted her blouse and lowered her bra. Robert motioned if it was OK to shoot a picture of her and when the girl nodded her acceptance he took a few shots of them.

They left the mall and on the way to the car, Jen took off her clothes and walked naked as Robert took several shots and once at the car he asked Jake and Vanessa to pose next to her for a few more shots. Vanessa lowered her blouse and raised her skirt whit Jake between embracing them. Jen got on the car without putting her clothes back on and Vanessa drove to a nearby park where Robert made another set of the two naked women. Some passer-bys just stopped and watched as the two women adopted several poses for Robert and Jake. When they finally put their clothes on they got a big cheer.

Vanessa drove back towards home and stopped at a restaurant where they had a steak dinner with a bottle of red wine. Jen had to put her clothes back on but kept her blouse unbuttoned to her navel and she purposely leaned forward every time the waiter went to their table so he could get a good view of her tits.

On the drive back home, Jen lifted her skirt and began touching herself, “Oh God I’m so hot that if someone touched me I would probably cum right now.” She was looking at Robert straight in the eye challenging him to take the next step.

“Would you like me to touch you?” he asked her.

“Only if you want to,” Jen replied opening her legs a bit more.

“Touching you is not the only thing I would like to do to you.” Robert said reaching out and running his fingers along her slit. Jen was holding her labia bahçelievler escort open with both hands and Robert immediately felt how moist she was.

“What else would you like to do?” Jen asked coquettishly.

Robert pulled his fingers away and licked them before answering, “I would like to suck your pussy and I would like to fuck you.” He put his hand between her legs again but this time he inserted a finger in her vagina.

Jen moaned and opened her blouse baring her breasts, “And what would you like to do with these?”

“Something like this,” Robert answered bending forward to suck one of her hard nipples into his mouth as he began pumping his finger in and out of her cunt.

“Oh God… harder… do it faster.”

Jake had turned around to watch his wife as Robert played with her body and he was startled when he felt Vanessa’s hand on his cock, he turned around and noticed that she had lifted her skirt and her legs were slightly parted.

“You seem to like watching what’s going on back there,” she said squeezing his erection, “I sure am.” She took his hand and guided it between her legs, “Feel how wet I am too.”

Jake had no trouble inserting his finger into Vanessa’s cunt and he let out a deep grunt as her hand wrapped around his cock again.

“Would you like to fuck me?” Vanessa asked him.

“God, yesss…” Jake said, “Please hurry home.”

Robert had slowed down the movement of his fingers, he knew that Jen was getting close to the edge but he didn’t want her to cum just yet. He wanted to have her cumming in his mouth the first time.

“Ohhh, don’t stop now,” Jen pleaded, putting her hand above his to push his fingers into her again.

“Hang on Jen,” Robert told her in a soft voice, “We’re almost home and I want to taste you and make you cum with my mouth.”

“Ohh God, yes, but hurry, I need it so bad.” Jen pleaded.

A few minutes later they got to their house and just made it as far as the living room. Jen threw herself on the couch raising her skirt and opening her legs as far as she could, she had taken her blouse off on her way in and she began pinching her nipples. Robert knelt between her legs and gave her clit a couple of licks before inserting his tongue into her cunt. After swirling it around a couple of times, Jen arched her hips and flooded his tongue with her sweet juices. Robert continued swirling his tongue inside her and when he felt her orgasm beginning to fade, he took her clit between his fingers and pinched it hard. Jen screamed in pleasure as a new wave of orgasmic pleasure shot through her and her vagina produced a new wave of juices.

When Jen came down from her orgasmic cloud she pulled Robert to her and kissed him hard, “Please fuck me.” She said.

“Come, let’s go to the bedroom.

Vanessa and Jake had sat on the armchair to watch, she was sitting on his lap and he had his hand beneath her skirt.

Vanessa got up saying, “That sounds like a good idea, come I want you to fuck me too.”

On the way to the bedroom Jen dropped her skirt and walked naked in front of the other three swinging her ass seductively. Once in the bedroom, Jen and Vanessa sat next to each other and motioned the men to come closer. While Robert was unbuttoning his shirt, Jen undid his belt and pulled his trousers and underwear down to his knees, his cock sprang up and Jen wrapped her lips around the head. Vanessa had also lowered Jake’s pants but was just fondling his cock. Jake’s eyes were glued on his wife as she sucked Robert’s cock until he felt the warmth of Vanessa’s mouth enveloping his penis. He groaned as Vanessa slowly worked her way down his shaft until she was able to touch his balls with the tip of her tongue. Jen was bobbing her head rapidly intent on making Robert cum, but he held her head to slow her down. Jake however was to excited by everything that had happened today: seeing his wife and Vanessa exposing themselves, and mostly by watching Jen as she was brought to orgasm by Robert eating her and now watching her sucking his cock and at the same time having Vanessa deep throating him. He grabbed Vanessa’s head and groaning he began shooting his sperm into her throat and mouth. Vanessa swallowed some of it but some trickled down her cheek to her breasts above her blouse, she hadn’t even taken her clothes off.

Vanessa took off her clothes and slid back on the bed opening her legs, Jake climbed between them and Vanessa grabbed his cock guiding it into her, not surprisingly it was still semi-hard after cumming in her mouth and after a few strokes it regained its full size. Robert asked Jen to gen on all fours on the bed and knelt behind her ramming his cock into her pussy. Jen gasped and began to move her hips to meet his thrusts. Vanessa pulled Jen’s head to her and stuck her tongue out; there were still a few remains of Jakes semen in her mouth and chin. Jen opened her mouth and Vanessa stuck her tongue into it. A muffled moan escaped from Jen’s throat; this was the first time another woman had kissed her. She had seen the videos and photos of Vanessa making love with Pamela but she had never been particularly attracted to a woman. But now as Vanessa kissed her and fondled her breasts as she tasted Jake’s sperm on her mouth and face, and Robert pumped her cock into her vagina, Jen was extremely aroused. Vanessa twisted her body to reach Jen’s breasts and suck a nipple while at the same time she began stroking her clit. Jen exploded in another powerful orgasm.

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