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We woke up mid afternoon, naked and in my bed. Her hair was still a little damp after our shower, but mine was totally dry. We got out of bed and I put on some boxers. Stephanie went into my closet and slipped on one of my t-shirts. It was big on her, but it just barely covered her pussy from view. She looked great. She crawled back into bed with me.

She said “so lets upload everything.”

I brought up the site on my laptop and started uploading photos from my phone. I asked her questions about her “menu” as everything was uploading. We came up with prices for custom photos and videos, dick ratings, and prices for any pay-to-view videos. After the photo sets uploaded, and then the blowjob video uploaded behind a paywall, I logged out. Then after logging into my personal account, I subscribed to her page.

I said “there, I’m your first subscriber. Hopefully the first out of a bazillion.”

She kissed me on the cheek as I logged back into her account. We decided to pay a fee to boost her page onto a “Hot new user” list to hopefully generate some traffic. We laid in bed and debated whether we should actually get up for another 20 minutes, when my phone buzzed with an alert.

I looked at it and said “you just got your second subscriber!”

She exclaimed “shut up!”

I said “looks like he ‘liked’ several of your photos and gave you a rating. It says ‘hot chick. needs more content.’ And he gave you 4 stars.”

She said “I wonder if he’ll buy the video, or if he was just window browsing.”

I shrugged and said “the important thing is that he subscribed. He’s interested in seeing more of you. And who could blame him?”

She grinned at me and was about to say something when my phone buzzed again. It was another alert. I checked it and said “he bought the video!”

Stephanie said “oh my god! It worked!”

We only priced the video $4 to try to get people to buy it and figured that was a good introductory price. It wasn’t a fortune by any means of course, but Stephanie was thrilled.

She said “this is amazing. I hope others find me on there.”

I said “oh they will. Just wait until tonight. People will find you a lot faster when it’s not a Sunday afternoon.”

She said “good point. I usually masturbate in the mornings and at night. Not usually in the afternoon. Lets put some clothes on and get something to eat. I’m starving and I need to run a couple of errands.”

We got out of bed and got dressed. She wanted to run by her place first so she could put on something other than the clothes she had worn the night before. I waited in the car for a few minutes while she went in to change. My phone buzzed again and she had gotten another review. When she got back to the car, she had changed into a knee-length black dress that skulls all over it. It had a deep neck line that showed a generous portion of her cleavage. Stephanie noticed me looking and she blew me a kiss.

I said “you got another review. It says ‘Not really my type, but nice tits.’ And he gave you 3 stars.”

She frowned and said “that one wasn’t very good.”

I shrugged and said “eh, at least it wasn’t bad. And he just said you’re not his type. The important thing is that another person saw your page.”

I drove to a chain restaurant and we went inside. It was between regular meal times so there weren’t many people inside. casino siteleri We were seated at a table in the back corner. After the server took our orders, I brought up her page on my phone again. I showed her that her pics were getting Likes and Views.

She smiled and said “thanks again for helping me with this.”

As she said that, I felt her foot rub my calf. Glancing down under the table, I saw she had slipped one shoe off and was rubbing it against my leg. I looked up at her and she raised one eyebrow and smiled slyly. Slowly, she moved her foot further up my leg until her toes nearly brushed against my cock. I felt my dick twitch and start to harden. The server came back with our orders right as her toes rubbed against my prick. Stephanie jerked her foot away and her knee hit the bottom the table with a thud. The server gave her a weird look and Stephanie snickered.

After the server left, I laughed and said “you’re gonna get us kicked out!”

She laughed and said “nah, he didn’t see anything.”

When we were halfway through our meal, she said “hey, get your phone. We can take a few pics right now.”

I did and she glanced around. Then she pointed downward. I looked under the table and saw that she had spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties under her dress and I grinned. I snapped a pic of her hairy, exposed pussy. As I did, my cock got fully hard. I readjusted my pants to be more comfortable. I took a few more pics as she used a hand to spread her lips, exposing the pink inner folds of her cunt. She dipped a finger inside of herself and let out a sigh.

She winked at me and said “follow me in a minute.”

Stephanie walked to the restroom. I waited about half a minute before discreetly following her into the Ladies Room. As soon as I went inside she locked the door and started unzipping my pants.

She said “I need your dick. I’ve been turned on since we launched the page, and flashing you turned me on even more. Lets have a quickie.”

My cock sprang free as my pants dropped to my knees. Stephanie jerked me off for a second before turning around and bending over the sink. I lifted the hem of her dress up and squeezed her big ass with one hand as I guided the head of dick into her wet cunt. I sighed as I entered fully her from behind in one smooth slow thrust and she gasped. I held her hips as I slid in and out of her wet, hot, tight pussy. It gripped my dick on each thrust. Stephanie wasn’t kidding about being turned on; her pussy was soaked when I slid into her. She looked up in the mirror and we looked into each other’s eyes. She smiled a little as she panted. I slapped my hips against her ass for another minute before she stood up, and I slipped put of her. She turned around and sat on the sink. I lifted her legs up and apart with my arms and she guided my dick back into her slit.

She said “hurry, we need to finish.”

I fucked into her as quick as I could. Her big boobs were bouncing back in forth in her dress, nearly falling out of the material. She bit her lip as I tried to hump into her harder. I looked down at her pussy as my cock pushed in and out of her with a wet sound. Stephanie reached down and started rubbing her clit with her fingers. I reached up and started squeezing her boobs and pinching her stiff nipples. I loved the feeling of her soft tits in my güvenilir casino hands. After a few seconds, she gasped a few times in quick succession, and her cunt tightened even more on my cock. I fucked her through her orgasm, until I needed to cum. I pulled out of her and stroked my slick cock. I spurted my cum out onto her belly and black bush. Two white ropes of spunk covered her stomach and three shots matted her pussy hair. The stark contrast of my thick white load against the dark hair of her bush was incredibly sexy. I reached into the pocket of my pants around my ankles and got my phone. I took a couple pictures of her freshly fucked cunt and her cum-splattered stomach and pubic hair.

I was breathing hard and I said “shit, that was good.”

She got off the sink and turned the water on while holding her dress up out of the mess. Stephanie grabbed a few paper towels and got them wet. She quickly cleaned my cum off of her stomach and pussy. I cleaned off my slick prick the same way. When she was cleaned off and I had pulled my pants up, she glanced out the bathroom door. We went back to out table when the coast was clear. We laughed quietly as we finished eating. I left cash on the table and we left.

When got back to my car I said “fuck that was great. I’ve had sex in public before.”

She laughed and said “it was good for me too stud.”

The rest of the day, we ran her errands. She had to run by the grocery store, a pharmacy, dropped off a check to pay a bill, usual errands. It was dark when we got back to my apartment. She grabbed two beers from the fridge and we sat on my couch. Neither of us had checked her page since lunch time and we were surprised when we did. She had received four more ratings, two messages, another four people had bought the blowjob video, and she’d received $32 in tips!

I showed her everything and she couldn’t believe it. We looked at the ratings first. Three gave her four stars, and one had given her five stars. The five star had given her a tip too. One message was just saying that she was hot and he wanted more content. The second message was a dick rating with the menu price attached to the message. I gave her the phone and she looked at it with a judgmental eye. She replied with a few lines, a selfie, and her rating. Altogether, she had made almost $100 on her first day and she was thrilled. We sent each person that tipped her one of the upskirt pics from the restaurant as a thank you.

She said “I can’t believe this working. I’ve made less on bad nights at the club than what I made today. Want to make another video to upload tomorrow?”

I said “if you feel like it, yeah, I’m ready again. What did you have in mind?”

She said “well, it looks like they like my breasts. How about a titjob? Think they’d buy that?”

Nodding, I replied “I’m sure they will.”

She got off the couch and put a pillow on the ground and then went into my bedroom and came back with a bottle of lube. I reached over and tilted the lampshade up off of the side table lamp. I then slid my pants down and got my phone ready. I’d only gotten one titfuck before several years ago. I was excited for another one. Especially with Stephanie’s glorious big boobs.

She knelt on the pillow in front of me and asked “ready to record?”

I nodded and she started stroking my semi-hard canlı casino dick. After a few seconds I was fully hard. Once I was, she lifted her dress up and over her head. Her beautiful pale boobs swung free because she wasn’t wearing a bra. The areola were pink and pebbled, her nipples stiffened as they came in contact with the air. Her tits sagged a little but they still looked amazing. I could never get tired of seeing them, and boobs that big couldn’t help but sag at least a little. Stephanie got the bottle of lube and poured a small drop into her cleavage. She held my dick used it to spread the lube up and down between her big tits. Her juggs were warm and soft on my prick. She pulled her nipples and used them as handles to fully snug my cock in between her breasts before she rested them on my thighs. They were surprisingly heavy on my legs. After my dick was in place, she put her hands on the sides of her tits and started lifting them up and down my shaft.

The feeling was incredible. Almost like fucking her pussy, but not as tight. The tit flesh had more give and was more pliant than her snatch. I groaned when she started fucking her tits with my dick and she smiled at me. Her big boobs slid up and down my dick over and over. Each time she brought them back down on my lap, they made a clapping sound against my thighs. Every so often, she would lean forward and lick the head of my dick as it poked out the top of her cleavage and it drove me wild. Each time she licked my sensitive head, I bucked my hips as a bolt of electricity shot through my balls.

I was getting close after just a couple of minutes, but I tried to hold out as long as possible. She could tell I was getting close though, and she used her hands to squeeze my cock even harder between her boobs and started fucking me faster with them. She grinned at me and she knew I was almost there. The view of her tits on my cock, the stimulation, and the sexy sound of her tits slapping on me was too much after just another minute and I started cumming with a moan. My first shot hit her under the chin and splattered her neck. My second shot plopped onto the top of her right titty. My third and fourth shots dribbled down my shaft into her cleavage. She let go of her tits and my sticky cock fell against my belly and my cum started running down toward hers. She started rubbing my cum into the skin of her neck, cleavage and tits. She made a sticky mess out of the pearl necklace I had given her.

She said “thanks for watching!”

I hit stop and she went into the bathroom to clean up. I sat on the couch and caught my breath while she was in the bathroom. When she came back in the living room, she put her dress back on.

I asked “what about you? Don’t you want to get off again?”

She shook her head and said “no, but thank you. I’m cummed out today. I need to get home, you have to go to work in the morning and it’s getting late. And I need to get home and do some laundry for work. All of my thongs are in the hamper. Will you upload that in the morning? I’ll come by after you get out of work tomorrow and we can make more content.”

I told her that she didn’t have to leave, but she insisted. I shrugged and said I’d love to see her tomorrow. I got dressed and told her that I’d upload the video in the morning. I walked her down to her car and we kissed and said good night. I went back to my apartment and collapsed into my bed. I’d gotten off several times that day and I was tired. Before I fell asleep, I sent a silent “thank you” to the universe for having my path cross with Stephanie’s.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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