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A modern love in the making – Wanna F¥€k You

All characters are well over 18 years old and include ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Sparkling Red’ who first met online a few years ago.

These are their stories mostly from both their perspectives – often of their same adventures in love. They can be read separately but should be red in order to see the journey.

The main Story in this Part was written by Sparkling Red again with her own perspective and very enthusiastic input. I love where her turns of phrase take us with some of the dialogue while we were in different states … She is indeed just the most fabulous lover – as you are hopefully discovering! Last year we had to spend most of the year over a 1000 km apart, so the Stories in this Part formed part of us trying to learn about each other more still and sharing past experiences both good and bad. It seems to work for us well and we have a record of that journey for us to enjoy forever.

However, to get to the purpose of this Story we had to set the stage to better appreciate and understand it’s significance properly. In particular how our pretty novel ‘Top 10 Lovers Lists’ (which readers of our earlier stories would be aware of even though we haven’t explored those yet!), what originally was our ‘Top 10 Lovings Lists’ and our ‘Wanna F¥€k You Lists’ even started really needs that! We both now have, as we are in Volume 10 now in the real world, a ‘Top 50 Lovings List’ and some pretty cool ‘Wanna F¥€k You Lists II’ ideas for each of us to explore as soon as possible!

Rocket Man’s “On my Balcony” Dream – as it becomes my Treality later

His dream of us on My Balcony under my new umbrella he’d just bought for me and installed perfectly

My Rocket Man Dreams last night were us on Sparkling Reds Balcony under the new umbrella. We’d had bubbles of course and we’d both dozed off cuddling on the couch after making love Captain style with you propped up on pillows in the corner. You loved the long deep strokes as I played with your perfect tits… Yes please … It is hot and sleeping outside is a pleasure with the birds and nature nearby to Sparkling Reds house.

As dawn comes up I awaken with you in my arms smiling contentedly… Your gorgeous body is arrayed before me and I have a big CCG. Life is sooo good…

I kiss my way down your body and you part your legs still asleep!

What can I do but kiss your womanhood … I do take my time and lick up my love juice from last night and we’ve certainly been having pineapple on our food … Tastes great as I run my hands over your muscles and tongue up and down your lips licking up all of it. Your ‘happy hips’ are already in full motion and my tongue explores every millimetre of your pussy as your nectar is starting …

I slide my hands up your sleek body and your nipples tighten in anticipation of Rocket Mans attention … As you wake, I turn you over and slide Mojo deep inside of you and your CCG is from ear to ear as you push back against my long slow thrusts. You rest your torso on the couch and with your free arms grab my butt and pull me in hard whispering ‘Yes Rocket Man: Deeper please’. Mojo is happy to oblige as he explores. My hands also explore your right breast as Mojo goes deep again. You gasp in glee as your man loves you deeply swapping breasts as another thrust sends your core aquivering in exhilaration … ‘Yes, Rocket Man, yes’ you whisper … I pull Mojo all the way out and holding your hips he enters you hard as your smile tells me you’re about to come and your waves of pleasure end as Mojo explores deep inside you.

Heavenly watching and feeling such an orgasm from you… Anadolu Yakası Escort

‘Don’t you come just yet Rocket Man’ you whisper as you come back down to earth. You do a 180 degrees turn on the cushion and take Mojo for a mouth massage and teasingly thrust your hips out for my tongue … your hands grab my butt and guide Mojos thrusts in your mouth … ‘Yes Ma’am’ … my hands play with your nipples as your lips pleasure Mojo and my tongue licks at your nectar …

As your hands guide me it is obvious you want me to come and your hips thrust Genie onto my tongue onto just where you like so you start coming … of course…

You smile with glee as my love juice erupts in your mouth and you pull me in to savour it all …

Ready for some Serious Loving Dream from your Sparkling Red

I love your dream Rocket Man, your Sparkling Red is ready for some serious loving and pleasuring – just like that on my front Balcony indeed.

In just three – four weeks you will have your Sparkling Red pussy and HDs each day to play with, to sink Mojo deep inside my very hot core and to have your number one lover give Mojo mouth massages.

I want to be surprised: be it hanging out the washing and you feeling me up, in the kitchen washing the dishes, walking past you and your magic touch hands on my body, thinking about your reaction and my nipples harden instantly – ready for some serious loving.

I cannot get you and your loving out of my head!

Both our funniest and worst f¥€ks …

Yes please, I want some of that Sparkling Red dreaming …

Something different though until then – your turn to talk about your first, worst or most funny f¥€k? Given I’m interstate again, I enjoy discussing these things rather than keeping any secrets on my part … Feels good I must say and your reactions are just a classic and most insightful I must say. I’ve learnt so much and it’s been awesome to understand where my lady is coming from. Hope you caught that one!

I think my funniest f¥€k was us trying to do deja vu on the Balcony the first time as I was so afraid I’d thrust you over the 14th story balcony. You were so understanding of my pre’dick’ament and going inside onto the couch and back into my bedroom turned into love …

My worst is easy – it was what in hindsight revenge f¥€king the Ex after her announcement of her f¥€king someone else while I was in Belgium working! It was in missionary as she seemed to want – but I kept thinking whether this was how ‘Dickie’ had f¥€ked her too and got another married notch up. I so regret that f¥€k now with 20:20 hindsight: except for the part now that I have a beautiful son …

My best f¥€ks have clearly been truly making love to you staring into your loving eyes as your body surrenders to another orgasm. Sharing making love with 7 orgasms in 12 hours and sharing 18 with you as a jockey stand right out there in front.

Even our first kiss and rolling around with a fabulous redhead in the surf ranks right up there my Bestie…

I have the best ones: they are with you Sparkling Red comes back… My funniest f¥€ks have also been with you – your sense of fun no matter what happens makes me feel loved … My worst ones don’t warrant thinking about at all – as none of them have been with you!

You’re an amazing lover – clearly my best ever thank you.

Keep them coming. Hehehe

With that in mind here are my Top 10 Lovings List …

Update to our Top 10 Loving Lists – mine not Rocket Mans in Volume V LOL …

After considering the latest Top 10 Lovers List, I offer you the following as I do want Kadıköy Escort to focus on our love as we embark on another great phase of our lives together…

MY Top 10 Loving List: Sparkling Red

1.Our first date at the Wharf and Boatshed covered

2.Jardine Man when I had My first vaginal orgasm with Mojo inside me – I never knew an orgasm could be THAT good until you

3.Jardine Man when I do 18 ‘laps’ as your “Jockey”

4.Rocket Man when you made love to me 7 times in just 10 hours – You’re my machine and Rocket Man

5.You when you made love to your Goddess on my new Kitchen Bench overlooking your great paving in Rocket Man’s best ever lunch

6.Rocket Man with the two finger clit dance and he has Mini Orgasms

7.Your Gentle Art of the Mojo Slaps, my cushions and your clean shaved/waxed balls and Mojo f¥€king me

8.Jardine Man in The Jardine Shower at the Penthouse with my hands in cuffs

9.My outdoor couch dream turned into Treality in this very Part!

10.Rocket Man doing The Quickee while cooking dinner

11.First time we made love in my Spa

12.My All Mans Loving just all the f¥€king time!

That list is incomplete as there are a bunch of things I want to do with you – I have many Wanna F¥€k for us? In fact my list looks like this …

Sparkling Reds Wanna F¥€k You List:

I love our story’s and dreams, so I have many wanna f¥€ks for us:

1. On my balcony

2. While whale watching

3. In a car front seat

4. On your Harley

5. On the beach

6. Having a picnic in the bush

7. On my outdoor table

8. In a hotel after giving you The Look in a Bar to see if I’ve still got it …

9. In your new place in CBR … done …

10. In a Pool and/or freshwater lake

You anytime as all of these are with my All Man. How do you wanna f¥€k me?

Rocket Mans Wanna F¥€k You List:

1.You right now, on my mink coat, well come on. … half done with your orgasms in Jan before we worked out we already were late for a dinner with friends LOL

2.You whale watching.

3.You as my first Bar Pickup and ONS

4.You on The Roadking …

5.You on the beach

6.You PowerRAPing or Powernapping

7.My Goddess however she wants me

8.You playing Strip Crud …

9.Whatever my Goddess wants … Yes, Mistress

10.Deja vu on any balconies!

11.You anytime, all the fucking time.

Beautiful Rocket Man, I love all of these … When can we start?

Sparkling Reds Wanna F¥€k You

On my Balcony outdoor couch dream gets turned into Treality

You make me feel sexy and so special which makes me think about you all day long dreaming about us loving each other. We are on my outdoor couch cuddling and kissing when we are both feeling amorous. l move my body so I am kneeling on all fours and you take your position behind me also kneeling with your back to the house and we can keep an eye over the balcony while you’re sliding Mojo into my wet hot pussy. We have the perfect position where we can hide from view with my foam squares leaning against the balcony.

l am wearing my stunning new bikini from you which you have untied on one side for easy access for Mojo into my tight little pussy. Your shorts have been pulled down to allow Mojo out for action as he was busting from the top, yet again! Your thrusts are deep and slow, your hands are holding onto my hips guiding our pace, then your left hand slides up to reach my left breast and ?nds an erect nipple wanting to be tweaked and rolled between your thumb and index ?nger. This Ataşehir Escort is fabulous as my core heats up and my pussy is throbbing and tingling with my nectar flowing. Mojo is tempted to go faster and deeper but you’re in total control and start pulling Mojo out with only his tip and ridge going in and circling – my clitorus is tingling and excited feeling Mojos hard v against my g-spot. You’re squeezing my nipple which sends a shudder through me.

You smile as you know you want Mojo to feel this shuddering so you slam Mojo hard inside while you squeeze my nipple again and I gasp with joy as my body starts reacting with a vaginal orgasm squeezing and pulsating Mojo while thrusting slowly but ?rmly as deep as he does so well. My body is singing with excitement with shudders and squeezes from my pussy, your hands have swapped positions and now your left one is guiding my hips while your right hand runs up my body to play with my right breast which has a very erect nipple your squeeze between thumb and fore?nger and my body shudders as you feel my core tighten with the inner orgasm around Mojo – who is hard and huge and so ready to come but your control is brilliant and again you have me putty in your hands … my right nipple is feeling so erect and enjoying some attention as Mojo is hard and huge pleasuring us both. l want Mojo hard, ?rm, fast and to feel him slam into my hot little pussy as he comes completely out then slams back into my wet hot core again and again, you can feel my nectar flowing around and the tightening of my core making each new entry get a moan from me as I just want you to keep going. You give me some not so gentle slaps on my left buttock which sends a new wave of excitement through my body and you squeeze and pull my right nipple which release’s another internal orgasm. You slap my buttocks again and I gasp with surprise as it really stings but I want another one, so this time it’s my right buttocks that feels the slap while the left hand reaches up to squeeze my left nipple. This feels amazing very primal and Mojo can’t hold on any longer and cums into my wet hot pussy off-loading his love juices – exploding with emotion from you as you give a moan…wow … we both lean back and your holding me so tightly it’s beautiful, I swivel so as to kiss you deeply and embrace wow wow that’s something new.

…I want to be slapped by Mojo on my clitorus and a flicking by your hands while you suck my nipples. l want to shudder and squeeze and beg for Mojo to enter my wet hot pussy which will be engorged from the not so gentle slapping from Mojo and your hands …

I am your girl who loves being touched and loved by you too. My body is singing with excitement and anticipating much love – l am all yours.

Rocket Man’s Wanna Fuck Me

: is You right now on my mink coat, well come on – yes please!

On your trip in August as you madly leave to see your legal matters hopefully resolved, you hand me this beautiful mink and fox coat that you had planned to leave at my Mum’s place until the right time and do not want to carry it all the way back to Adelaide and return it again – far too valuable.

You say that it has been a long time fantasy to make love to a beautiful lady in such a coat and that you’d bought it in America when you were paid higher duty allowances after only ten years in the military – including Uni. Amazing.

Sadly you say this fantasy was yet to be realised as your Ex hated the coat as it had someone put a Peta card in it. The only time she wore it was for her 30th birthday photos on the insistence of Rambo.

I love it and look forward to having you make love to me on it and in it too a priority Treality …

See Volume 06 for the Treality which was way better than the dream of 30 years…

Sparkling Red and I hope you enjoy our Treality and we truly welcome any and all constructive comments you can offer us. Bring them on – please …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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