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Damn I’m cold, I thought as I got my ass into my dorm. I don’t know why I ever moved to Virginia. The place is so damn cold, it’s not even funny. I guess I came for the education. The University of Russell offered me a full academic scholarship which I accepted. It’s not like my other options were too appealing. Still, there are times when I thought my siblings, Jake and Maria got the better deal by going to Morehouse College and Georgia State University, respectively.

My name is John Marcelin and I’m a young black man of Haitian descent living in the state of Virginia, though the part about where I reside should have been clear by now. I come from a rather fortunate background. My father, James Marcelin is the Chief Executive Officer of Marcelin & Dale Enterprises, a civil engineering firm located in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. My mother Samantha Howard Marcelin is the Provost of Greater Atlanta Community College. They raised me and my siblings in a strict but loving home. Even though we were millionaires, they knew the world wouldn’t be kind to us and taught us the value of hard work. That’s why we attended our city’s public schools and had to work our butts off to win scholarships to the colleges and universities of our choices. My parents didn’t spoil us. We lived in a nice house in a wealthy neighborhood, but lived frugally.

Jake Marcelin, my older brother currently plays varsity football for the Maroon Tigers team of Morehouse College. My older sister Maria attends nearby Georgia State University on an academic scholarship, though she’s also a member of the university women’s rugby club. I chose Russell University mainly because it was far away from home. Russell University was founded in 1978 by a philanthropist conglomerate and has been a small but expensive private institution. In 2000, they were accepted into the N. C. A. A Division One and sponsor Men’s archery, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics, bowling, cross country, soccer, volleyball, swimming, rugby, lacrosse, football, wrestling, golf and tennis along with Women’s archery, softball, basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics, cross country, soccer, swimming, rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, equestrian, golf, wrestling, bowling, tennis and volleyball.

Unlike most private schools which aren’t Ivy League, Russell University doesn’t offer athletic scholarships. How about that? They were both cheap and expensive. Oops, sorry. I guess I shouldn’t bad mouth them. I mean, I never know who might read these lines someday. The school costs thirty five grand a year, including room and board. Luckily I got a free ride. Even for a family like mine, the costs were getting up there. Since moving into the dorms, I acclimated myself to campus life. I made a few friends. And I went to class and studied. Russell Bostancı Escort University’s student body was fifty percent male and fifty percent female. That’s cool, especially in an age where male students were the new minorities on campus. The school was also eighty eight percent white. How about that? I didn’t let that bother me. I wanted to get my engineering degree and then move on to bigger and better things.

Still, even the most dedicated student needs something to help him or her unwind. I found that special outlet in Janice Stephens, a student-athlete at Russell University and one of the most popular students on campus. When Janice and I first met, I couldn’t help but notice her. She was about five feet eleven inches tall, lean but still somewhat curvy, with dark brown skin and long black hair framing a pretty, nicely rounded face. She also had the loveliest almond-shaped golden brown eyes I’d ever seen.

This fine African-American beauty hailed from my corner of the South. Her father, Magnus Stephens was a longtime member of the Georgia State Senate. Her mother, Jane Brown Stephens was a bank vice president. Janice was a native of Atlanta City who transferred to Russell University from Spelman College. I was impressed. Spelman College was an exclusive elite school for young black women. The academic equivalent of Morehouse College, the best school in America for young black men. As you can imagine, I was drawn to Janice. She was tall, sexy and quite bright. Also, easy to talk to, which surprised me. In my experience with pretty girls, many of them were mean and conceited. Not all, but the majority of them fell into that category. Janice seemed the exception. We began dating.

At first, everything was great. Janice was the kind of lady any man would be glad to call his own. I mean, she was sexy as hell and she was smart and decent. A very kind and patient young woman with wisdom beyond her years. She was supportive of me and I repaid her in kind. I attended all of her basketball games. She led the Russell University’s women’s basketball team to victories over West Virginia University and Virginia Tech, our school’s worst rivals in many sports. I happily cheered my lady as she shone brightly on the court. After her games, we would go out together to celebrate. The gal had lots of friends. Her cousin Mario Jenkins, a big and tall, dark-skinned guy with dreadlocks was an offensive lineman on the Russell University varsity football team and her sister Julianne Stephens was the captain of the school’s all new women’s varsity wrestling team. Her younger brother Albert Stephens played soccer for Ohio State University. Damn, the gal’s entire family had the sports gene. I sometimes felt inadequate around them star athletes. Most people would never guess this Anadolu Yakası Escort about me. I stand six feet two inches tall and weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. I can’t throw a ball to save my life. But I was the first minority male valedictorian my high school had seen in decades!

Janice was energetic, beautiful and brilliant. Also, she was friendly, loyal and supportive. Everything a man could want in a partner. However, sometimes I felt a bit insecure. One night, after one of Janice’s games, it finally happened. We went back to her dorm, and there she put the moves on me. I was sitting on the couch, watching The Colbert Report on Comedy Central when she sat next to me, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. I looked at her, suddenly feeling very nervous. Janice smiled and told me to relax. Then she kissed me. In that moment, I felt my nervousness go away. I was suddenly feeling quite excited.

Janice gently stroked my face as she kissed me, then began unbuttoning my shirt. I always wore a dress shirt and pants to class, in the blazing heat or the chilling cold. Folks called me preppy but I didn’t care. Clothes make the man, my dad used to say. My silk shirt and pants were precious to me. Now I couldn’t wait for her to take them off. Soon I was standing before her, completely naked. Janice looked at me and I could see her lick her lips. I smiled confidently. Apparently, my lady liked what she saw. Grinning, she reached for my now fully erect penis.

She held my penis in hand and examined it. While erect, I measure around seven and a half inches. A respectable size. Not every black man is walking around with a ten-inch monster in his pants. Don’t believe everything porn movies and dirty magazines tell you. As Janice examined and stroked my penis, she noticed that I was uncircumcised. She looked at me in surprise. Yes, I told her. I am uncut. And not ashamed of it. My mother refused to let doctors circumcise me or my brother when we were born. She was a nurse before becoming a college administrator and she thought routine circumcision was nothing short of genital mutilation, especially in the modern age. It was no longer necessary. I stared at Janice. What was she thinking? My mind roamed over the possibilities.

There are quite a few uncut guys out there and some of them have told me about difficulties they’ve had with women because of their anatomy. I don’t know why it turns off some women. Nature made men the way she did and what she created should be left alone. Some people think of circumcision as a good thing, preventing infections in men and whatnot. A few even think it prevents AIDS. That’s a lie. Nothing prevents AIDS except maybe lifelong celibacy. Some people think circumcision keeps a man’s penis neater. That’s also a lie. Ataşehir Escort Seriously. If a guy is going to be a slob with his body, surgery won’t change that. I’ve always kept my whole body neat and I’m very hygienic. No need for surgery, thank you very much. I like myself the way I am.

I looked at Janice. Was she going to reject me? If she did, it would really hurt my feelings. However, I wasn’t going to alter my body to please a woman, no matter how much I liked her. It’s my body and I like it the way it is. I asked Janice if my being uncut bothered her. She shook her head, said she didn’t mind my being natural, then smiled and resumed stroking me. I sighed in relief, then gasped in amazement as she began sucking me. I’ve never had that happen before. Hell, I’ve never even had a naked woman in the same room with me before. Relatives don’t count. I closed my eyes as my beautiful and sexy girlfriend went to work on me. For a long time, she sucked, teased and stroked me. I squealed in pleasure. Somehow, she knew just what to do to take me over the edge. I had never felt anything like it before. When I came, I swear the entire dorm building could have heard me. And I could care less!

Afterwards, we tried something new. Well, new to me anyway. Janice moved with the confidence of an expert and the grace of a sexual adventuress. She’d done this before. She smiled and told me that she was going to rob me of my virginity. I grinned. Rob me, ma’am! I am all yours! Janice put a condom on my penis then climbed on top of me. She straddled me. Slowly, she lowered herself onto my member until she was impaled on me. I looked at the gorgeous sight of my gloriously naked girlfriend as she began to ride me. She placed my hands upon her hips and rested hers on my shoulders. I thrust into her, a bit eagerly. She told me to take my time, and we rode onto the pleasure super highway. Janice’s inner muscles gripped my member and I felt tightly enclosed within her. It was a very pleasant feeling. Janice gripped my face in her hands and, looking me right in the eyes, told me to fuck her. I did just that, with all of my might. And lo and behold, my gorgeous, intelligent girlfriend began swearing like a sailor, urging me to give it to her. Who was I say to say no? I gave her everything I got, and then some!

An hour later, Janice’s sweat-soaked, sexy nude body lay next to mine. She entwined her fingers in my chest hair and asked me how was my first time. Folks, I found myself at a loss for words. Sex was awesome. So, that’s what the fuss was all about. Nice! A brother could get used to that. I kissed her, and told her it was great. Janice laughed, then told me to get ready for round two. I smiled. My woman is insatiable. And I love it! And this, folks, is the story of how I lost my virginity. I’m glad I met Janice. She’s mad cool. It’s not often that you get a great scholar, a talented athlete and a sex pot all wrapped up in one sexy body. I finally found someone who accepts me as I am, both physically and mentally. I guess sometimes nice guys can come out on top in the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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