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It had been a week since Shawn and Jennifer’s last session with Deborah, where they both confessed their obsession with the other. Shawn admitting that after accidentally seeing his mother naked he started spying on her. Jennifer admitting that she knew Shawn was watching and on the spur of the moment decided to show off for him, going so far as to masturbate for him. Jennifer walking in on Shawn masturbating, and now all they could think about was sex with each other. Deborah had convinced both of them in their separate sessions to masturbate in front of her while describing what was going on in their mind’s eye, and then given them both assignments to write down any sexual fantasies that they might have for the following week.

Shawn hadn’t tried to spy on his mother again, even after Jennifer left the bedroom door open just a bit, hoping for at least one more. But after a couple of days she realized it probably wasn’t going to happen. They managed to retain their normal relationship around each other, but every now and then, they could feel some of that unspoken sexual tension between them. It was taking everything they had to not act upon their sexual urges for each other.

Shawn started and ended almost everyday with his cock in hand thinking about fucking his mother. Jennifer used her morning shower to get herself off, and would masturbate before going to sleep, using the pillow to muffle her cries of pleasure, wishing that it was her son’s cock and not her fingers inside her. They wrote down the fantasies they had during their masturbation sessions as Deborah had asked and brought them along for their next session.

Deborah looked out the window and smiled as she saw Jennifer and Shawn pull into her driveway. For this session she wore something a little different, she had decided on a tighter shirt than she usually wore. Not exactly form fitting, but a V-neck shirt that accentuated her 40DD tits and showed a decent amount of cleavage. She met them at the door.

“Hey guys,” she said with a big smile on her face. “Come on in.”

Shawn’s eyes went wide when he saw what Deborah was wearing, she noticed but pretended not to.

“So I want to do something a little different today,” Deborah said, leading them both into her office, “I want to have a session with both of you today.”

Jennifer and Shawn looked at each other and then back at Deborah and shrugged.

“Okay, I guess.” Shawn said.

The three of them sat down, Deborah in her easy chair and Jennifer and Shawn on the couch.

“Now, the reason I want you both in here is because last week, you both pretty much told me the same thing.” Deborah said.

Mother and son both looked shocked, Shawn’s jaw dropped, and Jennifer grimaced a bit.

“But you said…” Shawn started to say, but Deborah cut him off.

“I know, I know,” Deborah said, “I’ve always promised both of you that whatever is said during our separate sessions stays separate, but after what you both told me last week, I think this is best for both of you. Now I gave you homework of sorts. Did you bring it with you?”

They both nodded, and looked nervously at each other before they handed the papers to Deborah.

“No,” she said, “Give them to each other.”

Even more nervous energy could be felt in the room as Shawn and Jennifer looked guiltily at each other and slowly exchanged papers filled with their sexual fantasies about each other.

“Go ahead, read them.”

There was a long moment of silence as they slowly unfolded the papers and started reading. Deborah wondered what they had written, but she was more interested to see Jennifer and Shawn’s reactions when they realized they were thinking the same things about each other. Shawn’s jaw dropped as he read. His cock instantly got hard as he read the things his mother wrote about him. Jennifer’s eyes went wide and her mouth hung open, a small circle of shock. Her pussy got wet as she realized her son felt the same way about her that she felt about him. The only noise in the room were the muffled sounds from outside, and the shuffling of papers as the two read page after page of their sexually explicit fantasies. After they were done (Shawn was done first due to writing more than his mother had), they looked at each other.

“Honey, I had no idea you felt that way about me.” Jennifer said, “Do you really think I have…” she shuffled through the papers, “the best tits you’ve ever seen in your life?”

“Yeah, mom. I do.” Shawn said, “I think they’re perfect. From the moment I first saw them when I came home from Rich’s house a few weeks ago.”

He had used that day as well as Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday as springboards for some of his fantasies. Jennifer only knew about Tuesday and Thursday, and had used those for starting points for a couple of her fantasies. They also both used the day she had walked on him masturbating as starting points. The other fantasies they had written down were not inspired by the events of the izmir escort bayan last couple of weeks, but simply situations that popped into their heads while they were masturbating. They didn’t hold back either, going into explicit detail about what they were doing to each other in their fantasies, using language they’d never used in front of each other before.

“I know this is very awkward for both of you, and I can imagine the past week must have been tense for the both of you. But I think it’s best to have all this out in the open.” Deborah said.

“That’s an understatement.” Jennifer said, “Since we’re being so candid here, I will admit, I was hoping you’d try and take another peek at me. I even left the door open for you.”

“If I had known, I would have,” Shawn said, “But in my fantasies, as you can see, you were pretty receptive to me, but I didn’t think it’d be the same in reality. I was afraid if you caught me, or if I was as bold as I was in my fantasy, you’d freak out. That’s why I didn’t try it again. But all I could think about since last week was fuc– having sex with you.”

“That’s all I could think about too.” Jennifer said, “Every time I touched myself, I wished it was you touching me. I don’t know if you realized it this past week, but every chance I could get, I would watch you when I thought you couldn’t see me.”

Shawn let out a relieved sigh, “I did the same thing too.”

“I know.”

Shawn went wide eyed.

She smiled, “You think I didn’t notice you looking down my shirt every time I bent over? I did that on purpose. I wanted you to see my tits. I just pretended not to notice.”

“So you’ve been teasing me all this time?”

“Pretty much,” she said, “But a part of me was just as afraid of acting on my feelings like you were. I was afraid of what might happen if I made the first move. I was afraid you’d… what’d you say? Oh yeah, freak out. I wanted you to make the first move”

He chuckled, “And I was hoping you’d make the first move. Every time I was masturbating I was hoping you’d walk in on me again.”

“I know,” she said, holding up the papers.

“This is one of those times I wish I had a time machine. You know, knowing what I know now.” he said.

“What would you do differently?” Deborah asked, “How far back would you go?”

Although Shawn was answering Deborah, he spoke to his mother. “I don’t know, maybe Tuesday, when you realized I was watching and you put on a show for me. Or maybe this past Friday, when I first realized you weren’t wearing a bra and I could see your nipples through your shirt.”

“What would you have done differently?” Deborah asked.

Shawn gestured towards the papers his mother was still holding. “Take your pick. But I would have done more than try to get a glimpse of your tits.”

“Do you want to see them again?” Jennifer asked.

“God yes.”

“Deborah, is it okay, if I…?” she asked, glancing over at her for the first time since reading Shawn’s fantasies.

Deborah smiled and nodded, “Go ahead.”

Jennifer put the papers down and started to unbutton her shirt. She was excited to show him her tits like this, no more pretending on her part that it was an “accident”, no more of Shawn trying to sneak a look without her noticing. She didn’t even care that Deborah was in the room with them. She just wanted to get her tits out for her son. Shawn was licking his lips in anticipation as Jennifer shed her shirt and reached behind her and unclasped her bra letting it slide off, exposing her tits to her son’s hungry eyes. They looked even better up close. He took a moment to study them, they hung perfectly on her chest, firm and proud, each one centered with a pert pink nipple that looked like they were hard enough to cut glass. He reached out and gently cupped them in his hands, feeling the warm firmness of them.

“They’re gorgeous mom,” he said, finally looking up at her face, “They really are perfect.”

He only had seen three pairs of tits in person in his life. Alicia, the girl he had lost his virginity to, Casey, his current girlfriend who he had only had sex with a handful of times so far, and now, his mother. He had seen hundreds of naked women online in pictures and videos, but nothing beat the real thing.

He gently flicked his thumbs over her nipples, and a shudder ran through Jennifer’s body. It felt good to have Shawn’s hands on her tits after having to imagine it. He gently kneaded and massaged the firm flesh that once nourished him. He leaned forward and took one nipple into his mouth and Jennifer gasped in pleasure at the warmth of her son’s mouth as he sucked her nipple into his mouth and started flicking it with his tongue. He moved to the other one and Jennifer gently cradled her son’s head in her hands, much like she had when she breastfed him all those years ago.

Shawn’s cock, which had been rapidly growing as he read his mother’s fantasies about him, was now izmir escort at full mast. Jennifer noticed the bulge in his jeans as well and she reached for it, gently squeezing it through his pants. Then he felt her fumbling with his belt, so he reluctantly released her tits and helped her get his pants off. Jennifer gasped again, this time marveling at the size of her son’s cock. Much like Shawn, she took the time to fully appreciate an up close view of what she only had a fleeting glance of and had to imagine.

“You are your father’s son.” she said, gently wrapping her hand around her son’s warm throbbing cock. “It’s beautiful honey.”

Much like her son, Jennifer only had a small pool of penises to compare him to. There was her high school boyfriend who had taken her virginity when she was 18, the guy she dated for a few months before meeting Shawn’s father, and of course Shawn’s father. Also like her son, she had seen plenty of naked men in pictures and videos, but nothing beat the real thing.

Jennifer slowly started stroking her son’s cock, he took a moment to pull his shirt off and then he reached for her pants. He had an easier time getting them undone and off, and she helped him pull her panties off and guided his hand between her legs. Jennifer and Shawn looked at each other and their lips met in their first passionate kiss. Shawn moved one hand back to his mother’s perfect tits, the other hand searching for her clit. They kissed like two teenagers on their first date, and not like a mother and son sitting naked in their therapists office fondling each other. Neither one of them seemed to notice Deborah who was just watching intently with a huge smile on her face.

Jennifer moaned as Shawn found her clit and gently rubbed it. She wanted so badly to fuck him right now, but first she had to taste him. She slipped off the couch and between Shawn’s legs, she looked up at him with lust in her eyes.

“Mommy’s gonna suck your cock now, okay honey?”

Without waiting for an answer she wrapped her lips around Shawn’s cock and swallowed all of it. Shawn, who’d never had a blowjob yet, let his head flop back and a low moan escaped his throat. It felt better than he ever imagined. He looked back down at his mother, her head bobbing up and down as she eagerly sucked her son’s cock for the first time. She used her tongue to tease him, pulling his cock out of her mouth and running her tongue over the head of his swollen cock, sending a shiver of excitement through his body. He suddenly remembered that Deborah was in the room.

He looked over at her. Most of the time Deborah would sit back with her hands either folded neatly in her lap, or on the armrests. Not this time. She was leaning forward, intently watching as Jennifer sucked Shawn’s cock. Shawn realized for the first time that he could see down the front of her shirt, and could see the curves of her breasts before they disappeared into her bra. She noticed him looking at her.

“How does it feel, Shawn?” she asked, her voice no longer that of a friendly therapist, she was now talking in a low sultry voice, “How does it feel having your mother suck your cock for the first time?”

“Oh my god,” Shawn said, “It feels like heaven.”

Jennifer stopped what she was doing. “You’ve never had your cock sucked before?” she asked, then got a devilish grin on her face, “Then I’d better make this memorable.”

She went back to work on her son’s cock, and he placed his hand on the back of her head loving the sensation of his first blowjob. He couldn’t hold on much longer though. He hadn’t had a chance to get himself off today, and between reading his mother’s fantasies, and now actually having sex with her, with Deborah watching no less, it was too much to bear.

“Oh shit, mom,” he gasped, “I’m gonna cum… fuck… mom… oh fuck! I’m cumming!”

Shawn’s body jerked, and he practically growled in pleasure as he exploded in his mother’s mouth. “FUCK!” he cried out again, as he fired of jet after jet of cum into Jennifer’s hungry mouth.

Jennifer tried desperately to swallow all of her son’s sweet cum, but couldn’t keep up with how much he was giving her, and it leaked out of her mouth, and down the shaft of Shawn’s cock, she reluctantly took her mouth off his cock, swallowed the mouthful of cum he had given her, slowly stroking him as a final jet of cum oozed down over her hand. She released her son’s cock and licked her fingers clean.

“You take after your father,” she said, looking up at a spent Shawn, “He always came a lot too. Let’s see if you eat pussy as good as he did. Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

All Shawn could do was shake his head.

“Well, then, I guess it’s about time you learned.” Jennifer said standing up.

She climbed onto the couch until her pussy was in front of Shawn’s face. The same pussy he’d exited 19 years earlier. Balancing herself on the back of the couch, Jennifer lowered her pussy onto her escort izmir son’s face. Taking a cue from the hundreds of videos he watched he flicked his tongue out and ran it over his mother’s clit.

“That’s it baby,” Jennifer cooed, “Lick mommy’s clit, just like that, yeah that’s it. Oh you’re a natural.”

Shawn grabbed his mother’s hips and pulled her down onto his face and sucked her clit into his mouth, getting an enthusiastic cry of “YES!” from his mother. He looked up, past her magnificent tits to her face. She was looking down at him with love in her eyes.

“So good baby,” she said, “You’re eating mommy’s pussy so good.”

Neither one of them noticed Deborah standing up. She’d watched long enough. After Jennifer and Shawn had left last week, she’d practically torn her clothes off as she ran to her bedroom, threw herself on her bed and furiously masturbated to an intense orgasm. That wasn’t enough, so she pulled her dildo out of her nightstand, and fucked herself to two more equally intense orgasms.

She quickly pulled her clothes off and came up behind Jennifer and slid her hands around her body until she was cupping her tits. Jennifer gasped in surprise, looked back at Deborah, and without a moment’s hesitation kissed her.

Jennifer was no stranger to sex with women, having her first lesbian experience at the age of 18. However, all of her other sexual partners had been men. Her high school boyfriend (who was also her first, also at 18), a guy she dated for a few months, and her husband.

Deborah was bisexual and had been since she could remember. She had always felt an equal attraction to men and women, even if she didn’t know or understand her feelings until she was older. She was a late bloomer as far as sex went. She lost her virginity at 20, and had her first lesbian experience a year later. From there she went on to have a variety of lovers both male and female. She never married, never wanting the feeling of being “tied down” as she put it. She couldn’t fathom the idea of being with just one person for the rest of her life. Once her sexual side had been awakened, she wanted to learn and experience as much about sex as possible. She had found most of her lovers through a site called “No Strings Attached”, where just like the name said, she could have no strings attached sex with her pick of hundreds of men and women. Most were one night stands, but a few of her lovers turned into long term relationships, but still with no strings attached. She was not exclusive to anyone, and no one was exclusive to her.

Now watching Jennifer and Shawn have sex in her office, after resisting the urge to fuck both of them last week, she decided to become an active participant. Shawn for his part felt his spent cock surge back to life as he watched his mother and Deborah kiss.

“Is he eating your pussy good?” Deborah asked when they broke the kiss.

Jennifer nodded, “So fucking good, like he’s been doing it all his life.”

Both women looked down at him, as he alternated sucking and licking his mother’s pussy.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Jennifer gasped, grinding her pussy against her son’s face.

Deborah noticed Shawn’s cock getting hard again and decided to help it along, letting go of Jennifer’s tits and getting into the same position she was earlier, and started sucking Shawn’s cock.

Shawn gasped as he felt Deborah’s mouth close over his cock as she sucked him back to life. He marveled at the different technique Deborah used compared to his mother. Deborah didn’t use her tongue as much as his mother did, but it still felt amazing. Jennifer tried to look back over her shoulder to see, but due to the angle all she could see was part of Deborah’s back and her smooth firm ass sticking out. She felt Shawn’s tongue moving faster and faster as Deborah brought him back to life.

She was close to having an orgasm, but if she was going to cum, she was going to cum with her son’s cock inside her. She pulled herself off of Shawn’s face.

“I’ve gotta fuck you baby,” she gasped, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“More than anything else in the world,” Shawn said, “I wanna fuck you so bad mom.”

“No baby, I’m going to fuck you.” Jennifer said. “I’m in control right now.”

Deborah took Shawn’s now fully hard cock out of her mouth, and held it straight as Jennifer lowered herself onto it. Since Jennifer was so wet, and Shawn was well lubricated from Deborah’s blowjob, Shawn’s cock easily slid inside his mother’s steaming hot pussy. She slowly inched his cock inside her as she literally sat in Shawn’s lap, until his cock was all the way in her.

“God that’s fucking beautiful.” Deborah said, as she helped guide Shawn’s cock into his mother. She sat on the couch next to Shawn, and looked from son to mother. “Jennifer, fuck your son.”

Jennifer didn’t need to be told twice, again using the back of the couch for balance, she started slowly sliding up and down on her son’s throbbing cock. Slowly at first, but picking up speed as she got comfortable with having such a huge cock inside her. She hadn’t felt this filled up since Shawn’s father. Again she marveled at how big her son was. She threw her head back as she picked up the pace, her tits bouncing on her chest.

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