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This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature, including graphic descriptions of “vanilla” sex. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

This is a work of fiction. This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use. It may be posted on other sites, provided the sites are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a “membership fee” of any kind. Posting is permitted on a site requiring an ‘adult verification service’ provided it only costs a few dollars a year for access to many sites (the way “Adultcheck” used to be) but not on an “Adultcheck Gold” site, which requires much more money.

Birth control is used because in ‘real life’ every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

You are encouraged to vote. Fives are always best!

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Chapter 1 – triumph!

As the sun beat down overhead, Lauren wound up and pitched the softball. It sailed right across the center of the plate, but just barely above the knees of the batter. The batter swung hard, but missed. Pandemonium broke out around her. Her teammates swelled around her congratulating her, patting her on the back, some hugging and kissing her. She had just pitched a no hitter game in the state finals, cinching the victory for her high school. The game was over. They had won! SHE had won!

Between innings, her coach had whispered to her that her pitches had been clocked consistently between 58 and 61 miles per hour. Not shabby for a high school girl pitching underhand, she thought to herself with a smug grin.

Now, not only her teammates were flocking around her, but various school officials, some newspaper reporters and even the anchor for the local TV station was there to ask her a few questions! She stole a glance toward the stands, where she immediately found Brian sitting and watching her with a big smile on his face.

Brian always chose to stay in background. She looks at him longingly, but he had always said that when she had won a game, he had to share her glory with everyone else. She had been named all-state a week ago and now she had pitched a no-hitter, winning the state championship game! Several colleges had offered her scholarships, and she knew she would have to commit to one of them soon. But, no matter where she went to college, she wanted to be near Brian! She really hoped they could find a college where they could attend together next year. But there was a real possibility that they would be attending different schools.

The celebrating seemed to go on for hours. Finally she begged off from her parents and teammates, quickly showered and dressed so she could spend evening with her boyfriend.

Lauren was on top of the world! She was a state champion, an all-state athlete, and now she was with the boy she loved. She felt the warmth of his love radiating from him. The teens had been dating for two and a half years & wanted to get married, but both of their families had insisted that they wait until they had completed college.

Limp with the heady afterglow of the championship game, and comfortable in the security and familiarity she felt with Brian, Lauren leaned back in the passenger seat while Brian drove to a burger-place and ordered carryout. Then they picked up a ‘frozen custard’ for dessert. Both of these pleasures had been forbidden by her coach while she was ‘in training’.

Tucking the ice cream bag on the floor, Brian asked, “Okay! Where to?”

She looked at him with a big smile, then dropped her eyes. “I’d like to go to Partisan’s Point,” she whispered. The sun was just setting as Brian put the car in gear and headed up into the hills.

Chapter 2 – Lovers’ lane

Parked among the rocks, the solitude was so quiet it was almost deafening! This was not a well used ‘lovers’ lane’, and Brian had discovered it only because he hiked in the area with his family.

Alone in their secluded hideaway, they sat on the hood of the car and relaxed together as they enjoyed their meal. As Lauren finished the last of her sundae, Brian packed their garbage in a paper bag and stowed it in the back seat of his car for later disposal.

They ‘necked’ for a while, even though sitting on the hood of a car wasn’t exactly the most comfortable place for this kind of activity. Eventually, Brian’s hand cupped her breast and she lay back on the hood of the car, basking in his touch.

Usually, she wore a sports bra, but he could feel that she was wearing a more ‘standard’ bra tonight. He slipped his Şerifali Escort hand under her sweatshirt and, not certain how to manipulate this new bra, he fumbled until he slipped his hand inside the cup of the bra from above. She stiffened slightly. She usually didn’t permit this degree of familiarity, but this time she didn’t move as he caressed her inside the tight confines of her underwear.

She broke from his kiss and asked if he still kept the blanket in the trunk. Of course, he did!

The evening was warm and there was a reasonable light from the moon, even though it wasn’t a full moon. In moments he had the blanket spread out in a comfortable, grassy area, but she was standing by the edge of the rocks looking over the countryside. He took a moment before he approached her to gaze at her in awe. She had broad, well developed shoulders and narrow, tight, sexy hips. Ahhh! Those hips almost took his breath away.

Brian came up behind her and put his hand on her shoulders. Her shoulders were well developed for a female, broad and muscular. She was tall, the way most pitchers are and he remembered he was only ½ inch taller than she was. He let his hands trace down her arms, and once again, he noted that her right arm (her pitching arm) was obviously stronger than her left. His arms circled around her waist and kissed her neck. Her hands settled over his arms and she hugged him to her, even though he was behind her.

“We’re going to get married, aren’t we?” Lauren asked. Brian nodded, knowing she could feel his movements and words weren’t necessary. He nibbled on her ear, and she continued.

“Married people have sex, don’t they?”

Brian paused as he kissed her neck again. They had talked about sex before. Lauren knew that Brian wanted to make love to her, but he had respected her wish to wait until they were married. She had allowed him to touch her breast through her clothes several times, and once, before tonight, she had permitted his hand inside her sports bra. But only once.

“And people who aren’t married don’t have sex, do they.”

“Some do,” Brian whispered into her ear, nibbling at the earlobe, trying to keep his responses very casual. He had no idea where this conversation was going.

“But they’re not supposed to, are they?”

“That’s what some people say. But if two people love each other, I mean really love each other . . . . “

“We really love each other, don’t we?” she interrupted, leaning back against him.

Brian nodded. “We do, Lauren. I love you more than you can imagine!” and his arms tightened around her almost squeezing the breath out of her. Lauren liked that! She enjoyed trying to imagine how Brian could love her even more than she loved him!

Again, squeezing his arms, she returned his hug. “And I love you, Brian.” Then she peeled his arms from around her and took him by the hand, leading him to the blanket. They sat beside each other wordlessly, then she lay back and he reclined beside her, leaning over her, with his hand over her waist. Only one finger of his hand was touching the skin between her sweatshirt and her skirt. She looked up into his eyes. She had a wide-eyed look of innocence about her.

“What will happen when we make love?” She asked.

Brian’s ears almost stood on up as he reacted to her choice of words.

“Uuum – – – I’m – – -“

She smiled at him and slapped at his arm playfully. “That’s not what I mean! I know we both took that sex-education course . . . I know what happens. – – -.“ Her eyes sobered and her gaze met his again. “I mean, what – – – “ she glanced away, trying to find the right way to phrase her question. “What will really happen – – – between us – – – the way we feel about each other – – – when we have sex?”

Brian’s body was reacting to this conversation making him very uncomfortable. He shifted his position to try to relieve the pressure that was building in his pants without being obvious about what was happening. And he made sure he wasn’t ‘inadvertently’ touching any bare skin anywhere. Lauren noted his squirming and wondered if she was correct in guessing why he was squirming. If she was correct, then it gave her a feeling of pleasure to know she could have this affect on him. She smiled to herself.

Brian had never had a discussion like this with anyone, let alone the girl that he loved. He sincerely wanted to answer her, but he didn’t want to say something dumb, anything that might break the mood. He didn’t know where all of this was leading, but he sure didn’t want to be responsible for ending it because of saying or doing something stupid!

“If we make love – – – “ he started, fumbling for words he had never expressed before. Then his eyes met hers boring deeply into her soul. “ – – – and I want to make love with you, not just have sex! – – – “ He hesitated, hoping the words would come out right, “I want it to be an expression of love, a demonstration of the Göztepe Escort way I feel about you! The way we feel about each other!” He thought some more. “I want it to be a time when we are close, very close. A time where we can be spiritually and mentally connected as well as physically – – – -“ he hesitated again, afraid. It had started out all right, but somehow . . .

“I like that!” She responded, caressing his cheek. Brian felt immensely relieved she hadn’t picked up on what could have been a serious faux pas on his part. “I think it should be a time of closeness, an expression of love between two people. It should be something they remember forever – – – their first time.” She smiled, thinking about it. She grew serious and met his gaze again.

“But how will you feel – – – afterwards?”

“I hope we will feel more in love than ever!” he answered sincerely. He leaned down and kissed her lightly, but her arms around his neck drew him into a much deeper kiss. They were both panting when the kiss ended, and they stared into each other’s eyes with lust that could barely be disguised.

Slightly, embarrassed, she asked, “Brian, what if I get pregnant?”

Trying to take charge and be the man of the world, Brian responded, “if we use a condom, you shouldn’t get pregnant.”

“You told me once,” she started, faltering, “that you keep a condom in your wallet. Is that still true?”

Brian nodded, uncomfortably. She had been surprised when he had revealed that bit of information to her. She was angry at first. But then she had told him to keep the condom in his wallet. They hadn’t talked about it since. And he didn’t know how she would feel about it now.

“Thank you for that!” Lauren whispered. “I love you!” Her hands went to his cheeks, and at the same time, slipping her elbows between his arms.

When Brian responded with, “I love you, too, Lauren,” she kissed him lightly on the lips before pushing him backwards and sitting up. He took a sitting position beside her, still squirming to adjust his uncomfortable and growing erection within his pants and trying to move in a way that wasn’t obvious. Just as he was getting settled, Lauren rose to her feet and stood looking down at him. He quickly scrambled to his feet and stood across the blanket from her. She reached down to take his hands in hers, pausing for a moment as she saw the unmistakable bulge was showing in his trousers. Deep inside of her, Lauren was happy she had this effect on him. She placed his hands on her hips, and slid them upward until they were below her sweatshirt and above her skirt. Both hands were solidly placed on her skin.

Lauren draped her hands over Brian’s shoulder. “You know, don’t you, that I may be the last virgin in our class?” she said. It was partially a question and partially a statement of information she was giving to him.

With a slightly worried look on her face, she asked him, almost imploring him, “Will it hurt when you make love to me?”

“I don’t know – – -“ Brian stammered. Then he remembered the sex-education course. He responded, “Sometimes a girl’s first time is a little painful. But I don’t really know – – -“ he choked the words out. “- – – I’ve never done – it – before.”

A genuinely pleased smile spread over Lauren’s face. “Really?” she asked. “You’re a virgin, too?” She caressed his cheek. “That’s sweet!” She gave him a gentle kiss before continuing. “I thought you were – no, I hoped you were! And I’m glad!” Lauren drew her arms around him and the two pressed together in a long, comfortable embrace.

Then, Lauren whispered wistfully into Brian’s ear, “During the past two weeks, I’ve accomplished two goals that I could never have dreamed of achieving:

“First, I was named to the all state team as first string pitcher. Second, we won the state championship, and I pitched a no-hitter.

“I’ve enjoyed two experiences that I’ll remember the rest of my life. Now, I’d like to add one more!”

Chapter 3 – Intimacy!

Without taking her eyes off of his, and without further comment, she simply raised her arms directly above her head. Confused, Brian just stared at her. She dropped her eyes to her shirtfront, then her eyes met his again.

Hesitatingly, almost afraid to breath, he looked down at his hands on her bare sides and cautiously moved them upwards an inch, taking her sweatshirt with them, and exposing a definite ring of skin around her waist. Looking up to her again, he saw a definite look of approval in her eyes. He continued sliding his hands upward to the pits of her arms, expecting her to stop him at any moment. She didn’t. Finally, he ran his hands up her arms, pulling the sweatshirt over her head and off of her arms. Once the sweatshirt had left her wrists, she dropped her hands to her sides and stood facing him. The sweatshirt fell to the blanket beneath them

“I selected this bra especially with you in mind. It opens in front.”

He Ümraniye Escort looked at the garment, a sexy piece of lace that really didn’t hide anything, but presented a tantalizing suggestion of the treasures beneath it. His hands went to the clasp, and he fumbled, never having opened a girl’s bra before. As he began to get frustrated, unable to solve the mystery of the clasp, she gently raised her hands and the garment opened magically. As her hands dropped to her side again, he spread the cups to the side and gazed at the beautiful mounds shining in the moonlight before him. She wiggled, and the bra dropped to the ground also.

Tentatively, he touched her breasts with both hands. They were not large, probably somewhere between an “A” and “B” cup, and they didn’t stick straight out the way he imagined they might, but drooped ever so slightly. Her nipples were an expression of perfection, placed exactly where they should be. He cupped them, and gently grasped the nipples between his fingers. She gave an intake of breath as she closed her eyes and rolled her head skyward.

Supporting her with his hands, he bent down and kissed each breast, then each nipple, and finally took a nipple between his lips and sucked ever so gently.

Her hand went to the back of his head and gently drew his mouth against her breast as she looked down to watch him nursing on her. Her other hand found the top button of his shirt and gently opened it.

Brian was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t realize that she was opening his shirt until she was trying to push it off of his shoulders. He pulled the shirt out of his waistband and let it drop to the ground. Then he gathered her in his arms and they both felt the electricity that comes from flesh-to-flesh contact. He held her so close to him that she could barely breath as her hands stroked his back, pulling him closer to her, thrilling in the touch of his naked skin.

Lips pressing together, she found the waistband of his pants and started unbuckling his belt and opening his pants. At the same time, he found the button and zipper that was holding her skirt in place. Almost immediately, her skirt loosened and fell. Lauren encountered the large bulge pushing outwards causing her to hesitate as she lowered Brian’s zipper. Brian realized what caused her hesitation.

“I’ll help you,” he offered, breaking their kiss, and reaching for his fly.

“No, I want to!” She interrupted. They separated slightly and she looked downward. Then, carefully and purposefully, she maneuvered the zipper and pushed the pants downward. With careful studiousness, she knelt before him and stared as she pulled his boxers downwards. She had to pause for a moment to lift the material over what had become an immense erection. As his pants slid to his hips exposing his manhood, . Lauren’s eyes were on the level of his groin. She lifted her fingers to carefully touch him.

“You’re circumcised?” she asked, looking up to meet his eyes. He nodded. Originally she had planned to take him in her mouth, but all she could do was stare at him.

“You’re so biiiiig!” she observed as she scrutinized him with unbelieving eyes. She glanced up to him with obvious apprehension. “Will we be able to – – – -?” She couldn’t complete the question.

Brian sank to his knees before her, and answered with a self-confidence that he didn’t feel. “Everything will be all right. Don’t be afraid!” And again, he put his arms around her. Completely trusting him, and feeling their bodies in such intimate contact, Lauren melted in his arms and clenched him to her as tightly as she could. In a deep kiss, they sank to the blanket, their hands covering every part of each other’s body. Their breathing became ragged and irregular. Lips and bodies pressed together, Lauren felt Brian’s hands slide inside her panties and cup her tight, little bottom, again sending a new thrill through her. She cupped his hips, and, as if by an unspoken agreement, both slid their final undergarments downward and kicked them off.

His hand moved to her bush and gently manipulated her pussy. She grasped his penis, still afraid that sex would be impossible for them because of his sheer size. But soon, his manipulations of her sex made her forget everything else except what she was feeling.

Pushing him away, she gasped, “You’d better get the condom.”

Brian had had the presence of mind to get the condom out of his billfold earlier and still held it in his hand. He opened the package, rolled a few inches away from her, to position the condom and roll it into place. Then, almost as if the break had never taken place, the two were deeply kissing again and Lauren was pulling Brian on top of her and between her wide spread legs. With very little preamble, he found her opening and rubbed his penis backwards and forwards, spreading her juices around to better lubricate her.

Lauren was suddenly embarrassed as she realized that the moisture came from her. Just as she came to this realization, Brian entered her. They both gasped, followed by a moan. Lauren felt him spreading her lips and pressing inward. Immediately, she tensed, clamping her knees against his hips, blocking his further entry.

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