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I was the Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in occupied Shanghai during the Empire of the Sun conquest. Born in a honorable military family, I was destined to become a great general. My genes gave me an outstanding physique, improved by committed Samurai training started at an early age.

Local Wedding

Having witnessed the most sensual interactions of two beautiful female figures, I could not wait to consummate with my local virgin wife, just turning 19 today. To celebrate this special occasion, everything I wore was new, even my Samurai sword. And I arrived early.

To my surprise, the sad looking Comfort House was completely decorated for a wealthy Chinese wedding. The solders guarding the compound and the entrances all had new uniforms. Miss Yamaha, dressed in traditional Kimono, was already waiting at the entrance.

‘Congratulations General Tanaka! Welcome to your local wedding! According to your command, I have informed today’s warriors of your order. Only those that will treat their servants lovingly are allowed. The others demanding their usual animal violence are rescheduled to another day.’ I knew my ferocious warriors, but I also knew they followed my orders like gospel. ‘General, I also informed all the servants of today’s arrangement. They are so grateful and happy. To help celebrate they got new clothes and will get a better meal than they ever had here. In fact, all the good food they can reasonably eat. After all, we don’t want them sick, do we?’ She laughed out loud.

‘Well done, Miss Yamaha, you will be rewarded.’

She saw my glance and smiled sweetly. I extended my arm and she leaned in and walked me to her room at the end of the long hallway, the biggest in the house. Along the way, I was greeted by the well dressed warriors and Comfort House servants at the doorway of each room, congratulating me. I knew I could count on Miss Yamaha. I liked how the interior of the house was redecorated too. I learned about Chinese wedding when I was studying about China, I was glad to experience it today. I noticed all new furnishings and decorations in the room, my local bride sat on the bed in a red long wedding cheongsam dress, her face covered with a red thin silk veil. I turned to Miss Yamaha, who was smiling and watching my reaction. ‘Stay here to help and interpret if needed.’

‘As you like, General.’ I saw joy in her eyes.

I took my local bride’s small soft hand and sat her at the round teak table. Yuko poured us wedding wine. I lifted the silk veil to uncover Cherry. Her makeup really enhanced her lovely face, big brown eyes and her first smile. ‘I hope you like her makeup. She has learned to do that for you if you want.’

‘Lovely, thank you!’ Yuko showed surprise in her smile because I very rarely thanked anyone, other than my superiors of course. I crossed my arm with Cherry’s and emptied the cup but she sipped the wine and coughed when she swallowed. I laughed.

‘General, I will train her also.’ I stood up for my new bride to undress me, then she slowly unbuttoned her cheongsam, stripping and glancing at me sensually. Surprising to find the few days of good nourishment, mental and sexual Anadolu Yakası Escort contentment had transformed this thin, sad and very scared girl. Her hair not as dull, her skin smooth and her breasts were fuller today. Cherry walked to me and kissed my cheek, then my earlobe and worked her way down. She learned fast. She spoke to Yuko. ‘General, your bride asks if you like a bath first.’

I lifted Cherry up with my arms and carried her to the next room with the huge bathtub. Yuko followed close behind. Cherry massaged my body the same way Yuko did but she clearly lacked the strength and skills. ‘Teach her more and build her strength.’

‘Certainly, General.’ I saw Japanese pride in Yuko’s eyes. But Cherry redeemed herself during the bath and surprised me with her foot service. She went further by licking between my toes and tongue rubbed my toes inside her mouth, sensually watching my reactions all the time. She slowly licked and sucked all the toes and sole of one foot while scratching and massaging the other foot and toes and then switched. I said nothing to Miss Yamaha, since I already detected some jealousy.

I stood up for Cherry after she rinsed her mouth with hot tea. She kissed behind my ears and worked her way down to my strong pecs and then licked my nipples. Her tongue drew circles on my nipple while her finger did the same on my other one. I felt my manhood stirred. I grabbed her perky breasts and they filled my hand fuller than on the first day. She just needed good care and food. Her small pink nipples grew as I gently caressed them. Her big brown eyes looked up to me all this time, the fear wasn’t there anymore.

Her soft hands touched for the first time a half erect manhood. Carefully she pulled the foreskin back to expose my red mushroom. Kneeling down on the thick Chinese rug, she kissed then licked the tip of my manhood, then licked around the glans before wrapping it with her wet lips. Then she took my manhood deep. Her soft hand gently caressed my balls while her other hand reached up to rub my hardening nipples. I kept still because I wanted her to show us what she had learned so Yuko can teach her some more. As my manhood grew, Cherry choked. I pulled half out so she could breath.

‘This is her first time. She will have to practice a lot to take General’s huge manhood completely. I will teach her the secret!’ I glanced over to see Yuko’s sly smile. Then she gave Cherry some instructions to lick, suck and massage my full erection. I let her practiced for few more minutes then lay down on the bed.

Cherry followed and lay on top of me, licking my hard nipples. I reached for hers, gently rolling them between my fingers and she moaned softly. I pushed her smooth thighs together to hold my thick manhood in place. She wiggled her hips to rub my rock hard manhood against her almost bare slit, large brown eyes looking at me for approval. Yuko stepped up to bring her to sitting and moved my rock to rub Cherry’s small pussy lips and clit. I fondled Cherry’s perky tits and firm pink nipples as her breathing fastened and moaning got louder. With her juices lubricating my manhood, Yuko sped up the polishing of Bostancı Escort my stone on Cherry firm clit. With eyes closed, Cherry quickly slipped into the second orgasm of her life as she tensed up completely, breathing fast and loud.

‘General, Cherry is ready for you, should I guide her?’ I smiled in response to Yuko’s foxy smile. She lifted Cherry’s hips slightly to place my red mushroom on her soaked slit and spread her wet lips apart for penetration. More cream leaked onto my throbbing manhood as Cherry moved her hips uneasily. Fear reappeared in her eyes as she watched my red mushroom slipped in gradually until it met resistance. I did not want to scare her so I stayed still to let her adjust.

Yuko was obviously more eager as she steadily put pressure on Cherry’s shoulder and hips. Then the hymen gave in as my thick manhood slipped in another inch. Cherry gasped and cringed with eyes closed. Having deflowered hundreds of virgins since coming to China, I knew real well Cherry was hurting. But she kept quiet, just taking in deep breaths as her body gradually lowered, inch by inch through Yuko’s effort until my big mushroom pushed against Cherry’s soft landing.

I signaled Yuko to move away and pulled Cherry’s thin body on top of me. I held her still and kissed her forehead. Her deep breathing and tears told me she was trying her best to accommodate the huge intrusion, while my tightly wrapped manhood enjoyed her warm and wet virgin love channel without movement.

I saw Yuko sensually licked her lips, her hands rubbing her large breast and between her legs. ‘Miss Yamaha, come join us.’

‘My honour, General!’ She was clearly delighted and quickly undressed without taking her sensual eyes off me. Yuko moved next to me and kissed my ear and neck. I gently lifted Cherry off and placed her on my other side as she let out a deep sigh and opened her eye. I wanted to treat her like my lovely wife back home so did not want to hurt her anymore today. Yuko used a white handkerchief to wipe the virgin blood on my manhood and Cherry’s bleeding pussy for safe keeping.

I kissed Cherry’s lips and she sucked mine and my tongue also. I held Cherry tight against my body while Yuko licked my sensitive nipples and slowly stroked my erection. I reached for Yuko’s large firm breasts as she climbed onto me. She sat up and rubbed my throbbing manhood on her soaking wet slit and big clit. She let out a big sigh as she lowered to slip my rock between her full lips into her warm and soaked vagina. I thrust up fast to nail her cervix ‘Oh General!’

Yuko knew how to comfort me as she grind her hips and tightened her pelvis floor muscles. Cherry turned to watch her instructor closely while licking my hard nipple and gently scratching my other one. I kept one hand fondling Cherry’s firm breasts and hard nipples. My other hand explored Yuko’s shiny black bush and rubbed her large swollen clit. ‘Oh…oh…oh, General!’ as her grinding picked up speed and her full C+ breasts swaying in unison. Her martial arts training really gave her the hip power and the lightening speed, grinding her protruding fat clit on my pelvis. Loud moans and quick panting Ümraniye Escort signaled her fast approaching climax.

‘I am cumming General!’ She finally tensed up and fell on top of me, shaking uncontrollably, her love channel pulsing around my rock hard manhood, warm liquid coating my entire manhood, her tongue in between my lips. I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth and exchanged fluids with her until her spasms and shaking gradually subsided. ‘Thank you General for an amazing climax!’

I moved up to sitting with Yuko embracing tightly, my super hard manhood pressing on her cervix. I fondled her big breasts while kissing passionately. I stood up, holding Yuko under her ass and thrust slowly for a few minutes while enjoying Yuko’s passionate kissing and her hardened nipples rubbing my chest. Then I put Yuko down on the bed and turned her on all four. She raised her hip up and inserted my thick manhood into her creamy wet love channel. I thrust deep into her soft landing as my balls slapped on her big protruding clit. ‘Oh General!’ She gasped with each thrust. I chose slow long strokes, taking my time while fondling her soft breasts and large hard nipples.

I noticed Cherry massaging her breasts, watching wide eyed intently. So I extended my arm and she came over to kiss me. Then she embraced me tightly from behind, rubbing my firm nipples, licking my neck, sucking my earlobe. I like how her firm breasts and stiff nipples caressed my back. I also liked how Yuko squeezed her pelvis floor muscle and vagina when I paused at the end of every thrust. I gradually picked up speed and she moaned in response. When I thrust fast and hard, hitting her cervix and balls slapping her clit, Yuko screamed in response to each stroke.

Suddenly, I felt a soft hand wrapped around my balls. Cherry must have been taught to monitor my sack. I smiled, looking in her big brown eyes but I decided to give Yuko my seeds since her period had just finished. ‘Here comes my seeds!’ Yuko was in no shape to answer as her intense climax took her over the edge. She fell forward on the bed, body shaking as I squirted and squirted huge volume of hot seeds into her womb. Our mixed juices overfilled her love channel and leaked out all around my thick manhood.

Suddenly Cherry moved around me to feel Yuko’s swollen lips and then licked the cream off those lips and my shaft. Looked like she wanted to taste the mixed juices. Cherry’s facial expression said she was pleased with the taste. Yuko slowly recovering, turned her head and smiled sweetly at me. ‘General, I am so honored again! I love your hot seeds!’

‘I like leaving them deep in you when the timing is right. You can remind me of the good days.’

‘General, I will add to my duties!’ I like her foxy smiles. I know Yuko would love to use my superior genes to create my offspring. But she also knew I did not want to hurt my lovely wife back home by making a child with another Japanese. So she always reminded me on her safe days.

After my softened penis slid out of Yuko’s love channel, Cherry licked my manhood clean before wiping my sweaty body with a wet towel. Yuko sat up and scooped our love juices leaking from her vagina with her hands to feed herself. Cherry leaned over with her mouth open for a taste also. After we were all cleaned up. I held Cherry tight and lay down to rest. I reached for Yuko and held her against my other side. Both kissed me and we all drifted off to a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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