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Just a short post from another story that I’m working on. Using it to gauge interest, as this is my first post here after all. Let me know what you think and if improvements can be made to the scene.



She gasped softly as she felt him embrace her from behind. His strong hands cupped her large, bare breasts, giving them a slow stroking squeeze as he pressed soft, hot kisses along the back of her neck. Another slow squeeze along her lush breasts and she was left panting softly, leaning forward into those strong hands, bracing herself against the wall with her arms as soft kisses assaulted her neck. Her feet slipped slightly along the cool floor, letting her legs slowly part as she felt him press along the backs of her silken thighs. She licked her lips slowly, biting down softly on her lush bottom lip as she pushed her ass back against him, feeling him behind her. His fingertips caught her nipples in a soft stroking pinch, coaxing a groan from her lips as she pressed her forehead against the wall. Her legs unsteady now, trembling as her lush, heavy breasts received the full attention of his strong, massaging hands.

She felt him moving behind her. The slow shifting of his hips pulled his growing heat down between her ass cheeks. She pressed back as she felt it deliciously against her back there, wiggling her bottom against him, enticing him to get nice and thick and full for her as her massaged and stroked her breasts. A soft, lusty, expectant groan escaped her lips as the heat of the thick head of his length stroked down to her tenderly swollen folds, catching just at the tender dip of her slick, silken entrance. She bit down harder on her bottom lip, closing her eyes, savoring each sensation. Her legs trembled more, her Anadolu Yakası Escort knees weak as she steadied herself against the wall. She knew that he was big, almost too big, and that he almost didn’t fit inside her, almost. But right now she didn’t care, she wanted the stretch to hurt a little, to make her whimper for him.

The thick, hot head of his shaft rubbed against her swollen folds, spreading them slowly around him as she felt his heat and thick need. The steady, slow pressure made her ache as her nails clawed against the wall, her hands balling into tight fists as he pushed her up on her tippy toes against the wall with the steady pressure of his length at her silken folds. A soft, sharp cry escaped her lips as she couldn’t lift herself any more. Her silken folds stretched slowly down around the thick crown of his massive length as he continued to slowly push up into her from behind. A sharp nip along the side of her neck, followed by soft kisses distracted her slightly from the nearly overwhelming sensation of stretching slowly around him. His strong hands kneading her breasts expertly, deliciously pulling her back against him as he slowly entered her.

Her toes curled against the floor, her fiery locks spilling over her shoulders as her head pulled back as she arched back into him. Her thighs trembling as she felt her own juices hot along her creamy deep inner thighs. Inch after hot, thick inch pushed slowly up into her. The constant, steady, intense pressure making her gasp for breath as she felt most of him inside her now. Her inner muscles clenched and squeezed around his length in steady, convulsing spasms as she cried out louder, longing for this, but in no way ready for him. Her skirt hiked Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan up high over the curve of her lower back. Her blouse open, loose along her shoulders as his strong hands worked over her tender breasts beneath the loose silk.

She cried out sharply, eyes rolled back behind closed lids as her body betrayed her, convulsing around him, surrendering far too early as she felt the pleasure flooding her, pouring out around the thick shaft stretching her out, filling her as her silken folds have managed to slide down around him to near the base of his full, thick shaft. Her release laid her low, leaving her panting against the wall, hitting her hard as she trembled, held up now only by his strong hands along her breasts and thick length inside her.

He held her firmly, pinned like a butterfly spread against the wall as she panted out desperately for breath. Those deliciously strong fingers catching her hard, peaked nipples, dolling them slowly, stroking them, coaxing her head to loll against the wall and coax another moan from her lips. Soft beads of sweat teased along her curves as she submitted herself to the agonizingly slow and tender touch of her lover.

The slow roll of his hips eased a few inches from her, letting them sink in again as her body sank back against him. Her cheek and chest flush against the cool wall, holding her steady as he began to ease back and forth. Her tight inner walls clenched desperately at his thick shaft stroking inside her, stretching her intensely with the slow, bottoming out pumps. Hot, breathy groans of pleasure spilled from her softly parted lips as she sank into the rolling, pistoning pumps.

Another sharp nip along the side of her neck, Escort Anadolu Yakası just above the collar of her blouse sent tingling ripples though her. The pleasure electric as his fingertips sent sparks dancing along her peaked nipples, though her full breasts, all the way down to spill into her core. She felt herself tensing inside again as he pumped into her. Each inch of his deliciously thick shaft she could feel moving inside her, stretching her clenching inner walls out to the point of not being able to squeeze back. Her moans breathless, as though the pleasure was too much inside her and welled up though her throat, spilling from her lips. She had nothing to brace against as her nails scratched desperately against the wall. She slid back against him, sending him all the way into her. Her silken folds trembling as they stretched taunt around the thick base of his full length.

Screaming out her soft body trembled, convulsing sharply as the searing pleasure inside her pulled tighter and tighter, the knot of pleasure finally pulling so tight that it shattered inside her. Her mouth gaping as her chest heaved in screams, but not a sound escaped her lips. The deep thrust sending a current of pleasure raging though her as she her juices spill from her around his thick, full shaft. His hard body pressing to hers, pulling her to him as his strong hands kneaded her lush breasts. The intense stretching of him fully inside now, a sharp, searing spray of melting heat flooding her as he empties himself inside her.

Her body trapped against his as her luscious lips strain, her mouth gaping as she barely manages to gasp down the cool night air. The pleasure coursing through her as he held her pinned, not letting her go as she was forced to ride it all out stretched hard and deep around him. His hot breath, panting as well melted along the back of her neck. A soft kiss teasing her skin. Her eyes closing again in exhaustion, her body melting back against his hard form, tingling, trembling as his warm voice curled along the outside edge of her ear.

“Welcome home…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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