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This is my story for the 2022 Literotica Geek Pride Story Event. The girls are the same three that appear in Moving to the Suburbs, which is set a few years later.

Thanks to ChloeTzang for organising the event. I hope you enjoy all the submissions.


“I don’t know. I’m completely blank.” Jo said, spinning slowly in her chair. “Project Management for Diverse Teams. We really should have picked our electives earlier.”

“Yeah. No kidding. A bloody final year project that incorporates all of our areas of study. Business, engineering and nursing. What the fuck can we do with that?” Daryl replied.

“Dunno, but we’d better think of something. And it needs to be impressive.” Vicky said, looking up from her textbook. “Maybe we should look at our subjects and see if there’s any crossover. You know, cut it down to two areas.”

“That’s not a bad idea. Coffee?” said Daz, heading to her flat’s kitchen.

“You can’t call that shit you buy coffee,” scoffed Jo. “That’s like calling Four X ‘beer’. But I’ll have a mug, thanks.”

“Vick? What about you?” Daryl called out. “And put that book down. It’s Friday.”

“Hmm? Oh, no thanks. I know, I know, but I’m really worried about this one. It’s maths, and I hate maths. If I wanted to do that, then I would have gone into Engineering or Accounting…”

Daz poked her head out of the little kitchen and blew a raspberry at Vicky. “I’ve had to do bloody mathematics for the last three years, and I’m really happy I don’t have to do a subject this year. What’s yours?”

“HR Analytics,” Vicky replied, holding up the textbook. “It’s supposed to provide a preliminary introduction to the use of analytics in the context of Human Resource Management in organisations. Or so the back cover says.”

Daryl walked out with a thoughtful look on her face. “So, sadistics? I can help you with that. I don’t like stats, but I passed.” She handed a mug to Jo and sat down. “Well, that’s a common element for us two. Personally, I’d like to leave that as a last resort though.”

“Glad I don’t have to deal with maths. I struggled all through high school to get good marks, much to my parents’ disappointment. Anyway, on to more important things. Who’s going to be up you two tonight?” Jo said, sipping the brown sludge.

Daryl shrugged. “No one in particular. I was going to the Royal around ten. There’s a couple of half reasonable bands playing, and it’s only a five buck cover charge. I can scrape that together and have enough for a couple of beers, particularly if Georgie’s working.”

“You know sooner or later you’re going to have to tell her you’re not a lesbian,” Vicky said, smirking. “You can’t keep leading her on for free beer.”

“Oh, she knows I like dick. No secret there. She also knows I’m partial to a sexy pussy. LittleRed…”

Vicky shrunk back in her chair and turned bright red. “We were all really pissed,” she said defensively.

“Maybe that’s ok for the first time, but after that? I’m pretty sure it was your fingers tickling my fancy on our special video nights,” Jo laughed. “And you didn’t complain when I reciprocated.”

“Ok, ok. Fine. But it’s not me we’re talking about, it’s Daz.”

“Don’t worry about me. As much as I’d like my itch scratched, I’m not holding out much hope. The brick shithouse look isn’t in at the moment.” Daryl said, sighing with mock regret. “And you, Vick?”

Vicky stood and picked up her backpack. “I’d better go and get some sleep. I’ve got work early in the morning until two in the arvo. I’ll see you guys here about seven?”

“Yeah, no worries. That’ll be fine. I’ll be here. You know, you should really get your licence. Relying on public transport and hoofing it would get old pretty fast for me.” Daryl replied.

“Oh, it’s ok. I really can’t afford a car, and there’s nowhere to park at home except on the street. Besides, you two would get me to be the designated driver.”

“Nah, we wouldn’t do that to you. Anyway Daz, I’d better go as well. Got a date with Steve, that Yank from Elec Eng. I’m looking forward to seeing if a black guy’s cock is really that big.” Jo said, heading to the kitchen.

“Doubt it. From what I’ve read, that’s a bit of a Furphy. But I’m sure you’ll have fun.”

“Of course. See you tomorrow about seven. I am Groot?”

“I am Groot…” the other two replied.


“Rocket is crazy. That movie never gets old.” Jo said, reaching for the pizza as the credits rolled.

“Not wrong. I reckon Guardians is better than most superhero movies, especially the DC ones,” Daz replied, sipping her beer.

“Oh, I don’t know. Henry Cavill is pretty hot.” Jo said.

“Hotness helps, but at the end of the day, MoS is still a pretty average movie,” Vicky said from her bean bag.

“True. DC have really good TV shows and crappy movies. Marvel’s the opposite. Anyway…” Daz said, turning to Jo. “More important things. How was Steve?”

Jo bahis siteleri sniffed. “Not too bad. We went out for Turkish, then down to the Pier Hotel in Frankston. They had an 80’s night, which was pretty good.”

“So what did you wear? Something suitably slutty, I guess?”

“That silver dress and matching heels. It had the 80-ish look about it.” She stretched and swung her feet up on the couch so they rested on Daryl’s legs. “Steve liked it. He was looking down my front all night.”

“Mmm, I like that dress. It’s so – shimmery. Shame I wouldn’t look any good in it.” Vicky sighed. “Red hair, pale skin. I’d disappear.”

Daz laughed. “At least it would be a decent length on you. It barely covers Jo’s crotch. I suppose you weren’t wearing undies?” Unconsciously, she had started to massage Jo’s feet.

“Well, no bra. That would’ve spoilt the dress. I did have a silver g-string on at the restaurant. Mmmm, that’s really good Daz.” Jo murmured.

“Well, it’s only fair, seeming you do my back. So the undies didn’t make it to the club?”

“What do you think? First trip to the loo and they were off. They might match the dress, but they’re as scratchy as anything. I couldn’t stand it. Anyway, Steve didn’t complain. He kept looking sideways as he was driving. I was afraid he’d drive off the road.”

“You should have forgotten about the pub and found a nice, quiet spot along the beach somewhere. Another drink?” Vicky said, struggling to stand. “Bloody bean bag. Needs more beans.”

“Beer, thanks. I don’t have a problem with it. Probably because my bum is bigger than yours,” Daz replied.

“Rasberry Cruiser, please. I sort of suggested that, but he was meeting his mates there. I guess he wanted to show off his latest conquest.” Jo said.

“His latest conquest… Ahh, the male mind. Little did he know…” snorted Daryl.

“True. Anyway, they were mostly other Eng students. All jeans and check shirts. Seriously dorky.”

“Nothing wrong with checks…” laughed Daryl. “That’s my wardrobe.”

“Yeah, well, next time you can come with me. They’ll drool all over you. A couple of them looked ok, but my God… Socialisation isn’t their strong point, is it?”

“Oooo, next time? Sounds promising,” Vicky said, handing them their drinks.

“It was fun,” Jo admitted. “I was the only girl in the group, so I danced with pretty much all of them. And they bought me drinks, which was nice. I was getting really, really pissed so I had to change to straight Coke. In return, they caught a glimpse of my boobs when we danced and my fanny when I sat on a barstool. Seemed like a fair trade.”

“Yeah, I can understand that. If I wear a tank top in the engineering lecture theatre, guys are buzzing around me like flies on a shit sandwich.” Daryl lifted her large, unfettered boobs and dropped them. “They tend to attract attention.”

Jo took a sip and smiled. “And with good reason. They’re a nice pair of attention getters. Anyway, I finally got sick of Steve showing me around like his prize. I wanted to see what he had. I saved most of my serious flashing for him, trying to get him to make a move. It finally got to him after I came back from the loo and he watched me push out a lipstick, use it, then slide it back in. His eyes nearly fell out of his head! I thought he was going to tackle me to the floor and fuck me there and then!”

The other two burst out laughing – Vicky in a fit of giggles and Daryl with a booming guffaw.

“Oh, I would’ve loved to have seen his face. It probably was like the old cartoon wolf. Eyes out on stalks, tongue on the ground, drool everywhere…” Vick sniggered.

“Pretty much. So about two seconds later, we were back in his car and heading for I have no idea where. We went through a locked gate he had keys for and wound up in a paddock under some big powerlines.”

“Nice. Probably does grad work with one of the power companies. No chance of getting sprung by a stranger.” Daz said, nodding appreciatively.

“It was a really nice spot. He stopped at the crest of a hill and you could see over the Bay. He pulled a blanket out of his car, and we sat on that. I didn’t expect that. I was expecting to be wedged in the back seat. This was luxury!”

“I’ve never had sex outdoors. I’m too worried about something besides the guy biting my arse.” Vicky commented, sipping her Cruiser.

“You don’t know what you’re missing,” said Daryl. “It just adds to the whole thing.”

Jo nodded. “Yeah, it was great. We just snuggled on the blanket for a while. Stars, the breeze, the lights around the bay… Anyway, his hands started roaming so I took the dress off. It really didn’t make much of a difference, but he was having trouble getting to my tits. He did a pretty good job warming me up, not that I really needed much…”

“You are basically horny all the time…” Vick interjected.

“And you two aren’t? I bet if I check either of your moisture levels now, canlı bahis siteleri you’d be running freely.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Oh, fine, yes I am a little damp.” Daz sighed after Jo glanced at her with a raised eyebrow. “I admit it. I mostly live my sex life vicariously through porn and others, with the odd exception. Anyway, this is supposed to be about Steve’s cock, not us. How big is it?”

“I’m getting to that. Do you want me to grab your vibe? No? What about you, Vick? Want to borrow one? I have movies…”

Daryl and Vicky looked at each other, then at Jo. They knew that anything their friend did would put most porn stars to shame. It was weird, their friendship. They were thrown together in their first year at Uni, stuck with an elective unit none of them really wanted to do. They clicked. Nothing really in common, but they became good friends over the next couple of years. Really close friends who occasionally helped each other out in more ways than one.

“Nah, I’ll be fine. I’m sure I can handle watching your tiny Chinese arse bouncing up and down,” said Daz. “I have fingers if needed, and I’ll borrow your Cruiser bottle if I need more.”

“Not until I bloody well finish it. Raspberry and Daryl Vodka? Hmmm, no.” Jo looked at Vicky, who shook her head.

“All good, thanks. I’ll grab it if I want it. So what did Steve say when you said you wanted to video yourself?”

“He turned the parkers on so there was reasonable lighting…”

Daryl roared with laughter. “How romantic! What a guy. He’s a keeper…”

“Mmmm, dunno. Anyway… We moved the blanket in front of the car. He still had everything on, but there was a bit of a bulge happening. We went back to kissing, and he slowly started working his way down until he was slowly licking and nibbling my clit. Stopped for a while on my tits.”

Vicky giggled, “I doubt any guy would go past your long, pointy brown nipples without a nibble. You could use them for coat hangers.”

Jo poked her tongue out at Vicky and continued, “Perky nipples are an Asian thing. You’re jealous because your’s don’t want to come out and play. To be honest, sometimes I’d love to have your tits with their inverted nipples. It’s hard to go to a prac and look professional when the patient is staring at your boobs.”

“You really should get a padded bra, just to hide them,” Daryl said. “I know it’s a pain wearing one, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it.”

“Yeah, I know. When I get a job. Until then, they can roam free.” Jo stood up and stretched. “Steve really knew how to work my bits. Lots of kisses, gentle and then not so gentle biting once he figured out what I liked. Pushed a finger in and hooked it forward looking for my rough spot.”

“Definitely a keeper. Can you invite him around for tea one night?” Vicky asked. “I’d love a good orgasm.”

“Same here,” said Daryl. “The last fuck I had was just a wham, bam – not even a thank you, ma’am…”

“I’ll ask if he does timeshare sex,” laughed Jo. “Anyway… So. Umm. Yeah – He got a couple of fingers in and worked me over. Had to give him just a bit of guidance but he was really good…”

“We don’t care about you and your fanny – we want to know about his cock. Hurry it up, Jo. Geez…” Daz grumped.

Jo smiled evilly. “I know, but I believe it was you that said foreplay is the best play? Another drink?”

“Still going. Now you’re just being mean. I’m with Daz. Where’s the dick? We want dick! We want dick!” chanted Vicky.

Jo sighed loudly and made a show of pulling a USB stick out of her handbag. “It’s all here. He was pretty excited when I asked if he was ok videoing it. He just wanted a copy.” She turned on the Playstation and plugged the stick in. “And here we go. Haven’t had a chance to edit it, so you’ll have to put up with my crappy camera work.”

Jo navigated to the file and pressed play, then sat next to Vicky on the bean bag. The image wobbled around and the brightness shifted as the camera moved from night sky to the car lights. Steve came into view and he waved.

“Gid day. How’s it going, Jo?”

The girls heard Jo giggle. “That sounds so funny when you Yanks try an Aussie accent. Never quite right. Let’s see if I can prop up this phone…”

A flash of her silver dress went past the lens, and the screen went from portrait to landscape.

“Stay… Stay… Ok, that’ll do for the moment. Looks good. Hang on, just need to open my watch app.”

“Oh, your ass is magnificent.”

A naked Jo appeared on the screen and looked at her watch, then at the phone. “Why, thank you. Stand here,” she ordered. His hips shuffled in front of Jo, who placed her hand on his crotch and gently squeezed. She looked at the image on her watch, gave a slight nod and a wink towards the camera and ran her hand up under his shirt. He groaned and a hand appeared on the back of her head. Jo’s other hand unbuckled his belt, then his slacks. They canlı bahis dropped to the ground, and a pair of bright red boxers filled the screen.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all night,” she murmured. “You really found a nice spot.”

“Yeah, I thought you’d like it. Can’t believe you keep a lipstick in your pussy. How’s it stay there?” he drawled.

Her hands ran over his thighs, around his muscular bum and over his covered cock. “Just a little bit of magic. I’m really tight and I have well-developed muscles there.” Jo leaned forward and nuzzled his crotch with her nose. “I’m sure you’d like to test that, wouldn’t you?”

Steve groaned again and pulled her head to him. “Oh, fuck yeah. Ever since you asked me out, but… Shit…”

Jo had reached under the band of his undies and lifted his hardened cock and balls out. She held them up momentarily for her audience to assess, then swallowed his rod.

“Well, that’s not very impressive, is it?” Vick said.

“No,” agreed Daryl. “Pretty much average, I’d say.”

“Yep. I thought it might get a bit bigger, but that’s about it. Not bad, but not what I had hoped.” Jo shrugged. ” So there you go. Not all black guys have super huge dongas.”

Video Jo was working Steve’s cock over, subtly giving her audience an idea about his measurements. “Let’s have a closer look at you…” The phone shifted as she picked it up and focused on her hand wrapped around his shaft, then a quick grip around his root.

“I made him to be about one and a half of my hand, so maybe six inches long, and about two in diameter. He knew how to use it though.”

“Hmm. Guess that’s the main thing.” Daz replied, watching video Jo work Steve in the mouth and hand.

“Shit Jo, you better stop. I’m going to cum. Oh God, you’re good.” Steve gasped. The screen wobbled as Jo rapidly bobbed on his cock and tried to keep him in frame.

“Didn’t take long. Wanted to see how much he spewed,” real Jo explained.

“You didn’t give the poor guy much of a chance. Tell you what though, you’re doing well,” Daz observed. “The camera, I mean. Keeping everything pretty much in shot.”

Jo shrugged. “Not my normal approach to blowjobs. I deliberately took it easy so I could keep control of the camera. Later, I went a bit wild.”

“Noooo… You a bit wild?” Vicky put her arm around Jo and hugged. “Miss Pointy Tits? We never noticed…”

Jo turned and stuck a wet finger in her friend’s ear. “Shoosh. He’s about to cum.”

Vicky screwed up her nose and tried to dry her ear out. “Fine. He does have a nice looking dick. I like the upward curve. That would find all the fun places.”

Camera Jo was deepthroating Steve, one hand behind his arse pulling him forward. He groaned in ecstasy as her nose buried itself in his pubic hair.

“Fuck Jo, that’s amazing. Shit, so fucking good. I’m going to… gunna… nnn!!!”

Jo flicked a glance at the camera, swiftly grabbed his throbbing shaft with her free hand and pulled her open mouth back. The girls heard Steve grunt, gasp, and a pearlescent stream erupted from his tip. Jo guided the flow towards her mouth as Steve twitched with pleasure. His sperm almost sparkled in the car’s lights as it arced over the gap.

“Nice shooting Tex. Aim and videography.” Vicky observed.


After Steve slowed to a trickle, video Jo poked out a spooned tongue and collected his last drips. She tilted her head to show her prize to the camera, then swallowed the load.

“His balls were certainly full. Tasty, slightly sweet,” Jo observed, stopping the video. “Do want to watch me fucking him?”

“Hmmph. Well, there you go. Average,” Daz sighed. “No, not for me. Thanks for the offer, but not unless he does something really spiffy.”

“He made me come before he stuck his dick in, then went hard for about ten minutes. A few different positions. That was better than average.”

“Condom, I assume? That would have made a difference,” Vicky said.

“Yeah, of course. I gave him one to wear that I bought. I actually got the larger ones – wishful thinking, but it came off while fucking me doggy. It was mostly outside so I ripped it out and let him continue naked.” Jo shrugged, “Shit happens.”

“That’d be funny to watch, but I’ll give it a miss. I’ve had a guy lose one completely inside me. Not a lot of fun. I was afraid I’d have to go to hospital. Luckily, I managed to dig it out. Now that was a mood killer.” Vicky said, shaking her head.

“Ouch.” Daz shuddered, “I’d hate that. Why’d it happen?”

“I think he came without telling me, and then went soft. He wasn’t particularly small, so I guess when he shot his load he just kept going and pushed it in. Not impressed, particularly when he wouldn’t help finding it. Prick was too busy laughing.”

“How rude.” Daz drank the rest of her beer and scratched her boob. “You know, I think I’ve got an idea for that project. Jo, what makes you think Steve was average?”

“Dunno, he just… was.”

“Vick, same question.”

“Umm, well, I guess he just looked normal.”

“Would it be reasonable to say that compared to all the dick you’ve seen, it seemed about the same?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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