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Bret Leconte is 18, a high school senior. Fairly normal physically, 5’ll”, 175 pounds, brown hair and eyes. Not handsome but clean cut, average until he smiles and then he turns everyone on. A decent high school athlete, he was a receiver in football, is the left fielder in baseball. Correction, was the left fielder. Today, in chemistry class, he messes up big and mixes the wrong two items. The beaker starts getting very hot and he holds it with both hands as he hurries to a sink, oohing about his hands burning. Just as he gets there, the beaker finally cracks and some of the contents get on his hands and he yells out even louder. The teacher immediately treats his hands with baking soda. The office calls the paramedics and he’s taken to the hospital while his mother is called. The result is, both hands are bandaged for at least a week and perhaps up to two. It’s expected he’ll have a full recovery but in the meantime he can’t do much of anything.

At home, his mother undresses him, gets him into a robe, hand feeds him dinner. His Dad and younger sister watch and commiserate. Later, she decides to help him take a shower. She decides to remain dressed and just reach into the shower and wash him as he turns, keeping his hands out of the water.

Elaine, his mother, hadn’t really seen Bret naked for years. Probably not since bathing him at 3 or 4 years old. Bret had developed a need for both privacy and being allowed to do things on his own. So she was in for a bit of a shock at how big he’d become.

The other thing about Elaine is her personal history. When she was Bret’s age she started her sexual discoveries. She had decided that of all the prime instincts of humans, sex was number one. And the number one representation of sex, in her mind, was an erect male penis. So she checked out as many as possible. She handled them, moved to hand jobs and making them cum. Then to tasting them, sucking them and making them cum. A mouthful of sperm was a desirable sexy result. She developed a reputation in high school. So, at college, she became more selective.

She spent months with one guy, sucking only him. He led her into the next step, which was taking his cock into her vagina. And she loved that. When they broke up she found another guy for some months. Through two years of college she probably sucked and fucked a half dozen guys, normally not actually getting active until they had dated a short while. Well, she did relapse a couple times and suck off complete strangers that just looked sexy. But whatever, she retained her love for a good, stiff cock.

Then she met Bret’s Dad, Bob. After a few dates they got naked and she sucked him and, for the first time ever in her life, he went down on her her. Wow, this was something new. Something terrific. Oral sex on her. She found a keeper. Besides he had a lovely big cock. A little over a year later, she was pregnant with what became Bret. They married and she graduated from college seven months pregnant .

The result is, almost twenty years later she still weighs about the same, has the same sexy body. She’s still with him and his is the only erect cock she’s experienced for all that time. And she’s experienced it plenty. They may not be as active sexually as they were at first but they still get at it, usually resulting in a couple orgasms each, several times a week. She still sees sex as a main principle of life.

So, she’s washing Bret and eventually gets to his cock and balls. He gets an erection. A beautiful, delicious looking erection that may even be slightly bigger than his Dad’s. She has her hand around it and is almost hypnotized looking at it, ready to lean forward and start swallowing it. And it hits her. This is my son. My baby. I can’t. She immediately lets go and draws back. “Just rinse off,” she says.

He realizes he has a boner and apologizes. “Sorry, Mom, I couldn’t help it.”

“It’s o.k., Bret. I understand males. It happens. Just rinse off and I’ll dry you.”

While she’s drying him his erection stays. “Mom, I’m sorry. I don’t want it to happen, it just does. I can’t control it.”

She’s well aware of the erection. Maybe spends a little too long fondling him with the towel as she dries. “Don’t worry about it, Bret. I understand.” But she’s feeling both a little excited and a little guilty that she’s so interested in his truly lovely big cock. Her husband’s going to get attacked tonight.

That evening, Bret’s girl friend, Diane, stops by to visit. They’ve been going together for over a year. She’s definitely one of the finer girls at school. Blonde, blue eyes, more cute that beautiful, with a killer body. 5’4″ tall, perhaps 105 pounds. Great breasts. Not DD’s at all but firm and full and standing up, all out front. On her slight, slim body they look large. She has almost no waist leading down to a great butt. A firm, full, round ass, sitting up high. Long legs. Shapely, slim legs that account for a little over half her height. And she’s no softy, has been a starter Kartal Escort on the girls’ soccer team for three years, so she’s solid inside that luscious body.

Later, as she’s leaving, Elaine follows her out the door and talks to her on the front walk. “Diane, have you and Bret had sex?”

Diane is surprised. In fact, they had not. Not yet. They’ve each given the other orgasms with their hands. And she sure wants to go further, has even gone on the pill in anticipation. But why is his mother asking? “Why are you asking,” she comes up with as her reply.

Elaine appears embarrassed. “Oh, well, it’s just that Bret can’t do anything for himself. He needs assistance for everything. And I helped him shower and I think he was embarrassed to have me see him naked. And he, uh, well, got so big, and, uh, well I’m not sure I’m the right one to, uh, I mean really bigger than his Dad even, so I thought maybe he wouldn’t be embarrassed if you, uh, well, maybe this isn’t really a good idea.

“So maybe I can help him do a lot of things?”

“Yes,” sounding very relieved to find a way out of this conversation, ‘That’s it, maybe you can help him with, uh, well, whatever. Well, thanks for stopping by, I’m sure Bret appreciated it.”

The next day, as school lets out, Bret comes out the door and sees Diane waiting for him. He grins. He always grins when he sees her, so happy that for some reason she’s dating him instead of someone else. He really likes her. A lot. She’s perfect. And she grins when she sees him, for pretty much the same reasons. She likes him a lot, they get along great. Both want to kiss but don’t since so many others are all around them. She puts her arm around his waist and says, “I’m coming home with you.”

“That’s great,” he answers, putting his arm around her shoulders. “What brought this on?”

“Well, your hands are wrapped and you can’t use them for anything. You need help. Your mother talked to me last night after I saw you and pretty much asked me to help. Besides, this way we’ll have a couple hours alone together. Your sister’s at track practice and your parents are working.”

“My Mom asked you to help me?”

“Well, not exactly. It was kind of odd. She said that she thought you were embarrassed having her see you naked while taking a shower. Maybe you wouldn’t be embarrassed having me see you. Actually she didn’t say it just like that but I think that was the idea. And of course, I’d love to see you naked, be naked with you, maybe do a lot more.”

“You want to do more?”

“Well, sure, don’t you?”

“I’ve wanted to so much I can hardly stand it. But I didn’t want to push you into anything you weren’t ready for.”

“Oh, I’m ready. More than ready. Have been for weeks. I thought maybe you weren’t.”

“Well then I’m glad my Mom talked with you but I’m surprised she would suggest this. I mean, she’s saying we should have sex?”

Diane grinned. “No, she didn’t ask me to have sex with you. I’m the one asking that we get naked for a couple hours and see what happens. It was an odd conversation. Did you get a hard-on in the shower.”

“Oh, I did. I was embarrassed. I apologized. A really big one that wouldn’t go away. She actually had hold of it for a while as she washed me.”

“Yeah,” Diane answers, thinking of the conversation. There’s something in this that I’m not figuring out. “Well, it’s going to be my turn soon and you’ll have no need to apologize.”

As they started into Bret’s house, he says, “I really have to go. I’ve been holding it the last couple classes and I’m about to wet my pants.”

“Well, let’s get to a toilet quick,” Diane says and they hurry up the stairs to the bathroom between Bret’s bedroom and his sister’s. Diane gets hold of his zipper and pulls it down and reaches in with one hand to find his penis.

“You don’t h ave to, Diane,’ he starts to say.

“How else can you do this? You can’t grab it and it’s not like I’ve never touched it before,” she says as she pulls it out and holds it. “Wow,” she adds, “You went from dead soft to full hard in two seconds. Can I push this down enough to aim it at the toilet?”

“I can’t help it. Your grabbing it did it, it’s beyond my control and, yes, you can push it around to aim it but I’m not sure I can piss when I’m hard.”

Diane has her hand fully around his cock and has it aimed at the toilet. “Well give it a try, see if you can.” It turns out he can, and the pee comes out in a strong stream and keeps coming for a long time, something like twenty seconds or so. “Gee, this is interesting,” she says, holding his cock and feeling the urine stream through it. “I’ve never done this before. I like it.” The stream stops and she shakes his cock a couple times. “I heard some where that shaking it more than twice is playing with it and I guess I can get away with that better than you can,” she tells him grinning and still holding it, still hard. “It makes me realize that I need to go, too.”

With Yakacık Escort that, she unbuttons her shorts, and pulls them and her panties down and sits on the seat. Bret just watches and then can hear the sound of her stream joining his in the pot and can actually see the movement of the urine way down in between her legs. “I’ve never seen a girl do that before, so it’s a first for both of us.”

“Well, we do, all of us,” she adds, “and we do more than that and probably smell just as bad as guys. It’s human, that’s all.” With that, she reaches and grabs some toilet tissues and wipes herself and then reaches to flush the toilet. She stands up but bends over to get a shoe off and then the other, then pulls her shorts and panties off her feet. Naked from the waist down, except for her socks, she heads into the bedroom. “C’mon, Bret, lets get you undressed and ready for a shower.”

In the bedroom, the sexy blonde, still naked from the waist down, starts getting Bret’s clothes off. His shoes, socks, pants, underwear. “How long can you stay big and hard like that?” she asks as she holds his cock and moves her hand back and forth. Then she unbuttons his shirt and helps pull his undershirt over his head. As soon as he’s naked, she takes off her top and bra and, once they’re both naked, puts her arms around him, presses up against him and looks up to be kissed. His cock is forced up, pressed against her stomach as he get his arms around her and kisses her. They lick each other’s tongues. “I don’t want to stop but we better get you into the shower before we get any more involved.”

She leads him back into the e bathroom, opens the door to the e shower stall and gets the water running. While they wait for it to get hot she wraps herself up against him and they kiss some more. As they finally break, she starts pushing him into the shower, “Keep your hands out or up so the bandages don’t get wet. Does your hair need washed?”

He agrees it does and she gets in next to him. It;s fairly tight and their bodies are always in contact one place or another as she gets him wet and uses shampoo on his hair and gets him under to rinse it out. She then starts with a bar of soap and her bare hands, washing his body. “You’ve got a great body, Bret. Very sexy.”

“Me? You have the sexiest body I’ve ever seen.” he replies.

She washes his face, his chest, his stomach and then has him turn and does his back. She keeps telling him when and how to move and he obeys. She gets kneeled down in the tight space and does his butt and legs, then has him turn. She then washes his feet and up his legs and then his balls and cock. He’s still hard. “I’ve never really felt your balls that much before,” she says as she fondles them and washes. And I’ve never really got a look at this big cock of yours.” She slides her hand on his erection as she washes. “It’s almost scary thinking that huge thing is supposed to fit inside me.” She then has him back up some as she gets everything rinsed off and clean.

But she keeps hold of his cock. “It’s about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” she says, then leans forward slightly and kisses the head. She sticks her tongue out and, bending her neck and getting her head to the side, licks it. “I’ve watched girls on the internet do this and I’ve waited a long time to try it myself.” She gets her lips around the head and licks and sucks and slowly takes more and more into her mouth. She has to spread her mouth wide to get it in and she licks and sucks and moves her fingers ahead of her lips as she gets more than half of it inside her mouth. She grips it tight with her lips and slides back, letting it come loose. “I like this,” she says just before swallowing it again, licking and sucking and using her fingers to slightly masturbate him.

She starts moving her head back and forth, gripping him tightly with her mouth as she licks and sucks and hums a happy sound. Bret is watching her with an odd look on his face, partly amazement and partly pure lust, loving the feel of what she’s doing to him. Surprising him almost as much as her, he cums. He shoots off a major load, right into her mouth. She moves her head back quickly, glances up at him and then back at his cock as it shoots off more, onto her face, with some going on a breast. Perhaps she thinks but perhaps it’s pure reflex and she quickly gets her mouth back around it and gets the head into her mouth as a final shot fills her mouth. She swallows as she takes as much as she can into her mouth and then, gripping it with her lips, slides back the length, milking it, and then off. She just stares at the now very red cock, still mostly hard, and grins and then looks up. “I liked that. You surprised me, I shouldn’t have pulled loose. Next time I won’t. It’s all pretty sexy.” She stands and uses her hands and the running water to clean his cum off her face and breast.

She turns off the water, gets him out of the stall, grabs a towel and starts drying him. She moves around him, telling Kadıköy Escort him to lift his arms then his legs, dries him thoroughly, then uses another towel to do herself. “O.k. sexy, lets get back to the bed,” she tells him She helps him onto the bed and onto his back. She then climbs up over him and lays out, fully on top of him, her body pressing into him. “Did you like that?” she asks after kissing him. “Is there some way I could do it better? If there’s something you’d like, just let me know, I’ll do it different next time.”

He has his arms around her as much as he can. “It was the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to me. You were fantastic, I can’t imagine it being done any better. I mean, it’s obvious you really wanted to. I’d love to do the same for you but these darn hands don’t let me do what I’d like”

She kisses him again, wiggling her body on him so he can feel her shape against him. “I’ll handle that,” she says. She moves up on him to get her knees on either side of him and then leans over his head and gets her breast on his face. “Just start licking and kissing and tasting me because it’s your turn, now.” She slowly moves ahead slightly to get a breast, hanging loose, to his mouth. She uses her hand to aim her nipple right into his mouth. “Lick and suck. Ah, yeah, just like that.” She smiles, enjoying the feeling, then pulls back some and moves to get her other breast to him, again using her hand to get the nipple into his mouth. She pulls her breast loose by sitting back slightly and slides up a little more, letting him kiss her stomach, lick her navel. “Okay, lover, now for the real thing,” she says and moves her knees forward to get her pussy right at his face.

She’s sitting on his face, her knees on either side of him. As he licks she moves her body, aiming his tongue where she wants it, into her vagina, then up and down her slit, then finally to her cit. “Work on that shape, Bret,” she tells him. “Use your tongue, suck on it, and don’t stop.” She looks up, concentrating her mind on what his tongue and lips are doing to her. She takes a breast in each hand and starts pulling on her nipples. “Yeah, yeah, like that. More. More.” she almost yells. Her sounds turn into a gargle or light scream, “aargh” and her body almost jumps and Bret can feel her juices coming onto his face. She sits even tighter onto him, her weight on him, then lifts up and back. She almost jumps back until she can lay back onto him and kiss him again, her hands on his chest. “I really liked that. I hope you did, too because I want you to do that to me a lot.”

“Gladly, it’s as sexy as possible,” he tells her between kisses. “And I hope you liked sucking me because I want you to do that a lot, too.”

She can feel his cock, hard again, under her body. She does a slight push up, repositioning herself so her pussy sits right on his cock, pressing it against his abdomen. She slides her hips to move her pussy back and forth, feeling it against her clit. She smiles and looks at him and then kisses him, sliding her body as they kiss, so her pussy is almost masturbating him. She slides a little more forward and can feel the head of his cock right at her vagina. Looking off, her concentration internal, she maneuvers her body slightly so that the head pushes it’s way slightly into her. She then looks down at Bret and gives him a very dirty, lusty grin. She starts pushing her body back, taking more and more into her.

She can feel it hit her insides. It’s in enough that she can actually lift her upper body up on her arms and then use her weight and arms to punch her body back, shoving his cock into her, rupturing her hymen. She makes a face and and an “ow” and then looks down at him and pushes herself back more and more, watching him as he fills her. “This is it, isn’t it?” she asks, “The real thing.” She starts moving her hips, moving him inside her. She sits up even more and slowly begins to move faster and further, riding up him and then down again.

Her breasts are bouncing and her breath is doing an “uh” with every stroke of her body. Bret reaches to her and gets a hand to her clit and uses a finger to massage her as she bounces and bang against him. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck,” she says each time her body lands on him and his cock goes fully up into her. She slams down on him and her insides start pulsing, grabbing his cock, as she goes into orgasm and starts leaking fluid. The action inside her triggers Bret and he shoots another load into her.

She collapses onto him, perspiration showing on her face, They kiss. His cock softening, still in her. “I love you,” he says, his arms around her. “This is all amazing.”

She kisses him again. “It is, isn’t it,?” she replies softly. She just lays there for a minute, then pulls back some, his cock coming out. She starts to sit up. “Oh, wow,” she says quickly, “everything in me is starting out. I’ve got to clean up. She jumps off him and with her hand between her legs, runs into the bathroom. A few minutes later she comes out with a washcloth and cleans Bret’s genital area some, even wiping up the worst of the mess on the bed. “We’re going to need to wash these sheets before I go home,” she says, then climbs back on top of him, laying on him so they can kiss some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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