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Big Tits

The two parts to this story do, just about, stand on their own.. However, they are intended to provide a back story to an episode written earlier, ‘Cocksucker’.

Possibly, you will get the most out of this tale if you read that story, and then the first part of this tale, first.


‘You’re too much,’ said Frances as he sat down opposite Candy in their booth back in the Bar. ‘you are a naught sister. You didn’t tell me you had a thing going with your boss – Debbie just told me!’

Candy flushed bright red. Frances, her brother smiled at her discomfort. ‘I, well, I didn’t…It’s not really a ‘thing’, it’s …..’ , her voice trailed off. She really wished she hadn’t told Debbie anything.

Frances was still smiling at her. She toyed with the idea of making something up for her brother to hear, just as she had for Debbie.

Trouble was there was a heat in her belly stoked by her recent reminiscences. She had been sitting there, her mind filled with the pictures and memories of her secret, and forbidden, liaison with him.

It had all happened two years ago. Even though she knew it was all in the past and that it was just something that they did not discuss, her memories of sucking her brother’s cock, buried for so long, had surfaced just now, in a way that made Candy ready to throw caution to the wind.

Anyway, there was something about the look in Frances’ eye that meant he would know if she lied to him.

She looked straight back at her handsome brother. This would at least be a good way to change the subject. The mental images of her illicit sex with him, of the pleasure it had given her, were still fresh in her mind.

So she told him all about her ‘thing’ with her boss. Not the sanitised version that had been invented for Debbies’ benefit to explain one late night too many, but the plain unvarnished truth.

It consisted entirely unrequited oral sex; of him unzipping his impressive cock and pressing his flesh to her lip-sticked mouth any time he wanted.

It consisted of her licking of his cock, sucking on him, and drinking his come.

It was not that he had forced her, just that when the moment came she hadn’t been able to resist. Sucking his cock was a secret pleasure.

Candy told Frances, though she had never told her employer, that she enjoyed it. Even now, she continued to enjoy it. There was something about him and about the sheer forbidden nature of the sex that turned her on.

Often, after one of these sessions, she would adjourn to the ladies and bring herself off with her hand.

She told Frances everything, in full detail. As she was telling him she realised that something else as well; the nearness of her memories of her time with her brother revealed to her a truth which she had kept hidden.

Her boss reminded her of Frances. She had been re-living her secret past through her submission with him.

Being this honest with Frances was having an effect on them both. Candy felt that she was finally realising who she was; and of just what she might be capable.

At the same time she could tell that both she and Frances were seeing the possibilities in that. She knew that Frances was remembering the time she had sucked another cock – his own.

She could see him shifting slightly in his seat as she described a particularly messy ejaculation that had trickled out of her mouth and down her chin.

As she remembered she told Frances how she had wiped it onto her fingers, and then, minutes later, in the ladies toilet, she fed it back on to her tongue, so that she could taste him once more, just as her orgasm hit.

She hadn’t meant to go on in so much detail, but telling the story in all it’s glory fed her own desires, and she thought it was lighting some more in her brother. She wanted almanbahis adres his desire; she wanted to feed it.

As Frances shifted in hid seat their knees touched under the table. Instinctively Candy parted her legs and knew that Frances now had his legs between hers. It felt right. And wrong. It was delicious.

‘We’re going to have to do something about your boss.’ Frances’ voice had a tightness to it that she had not heard before.

‘Oh no’, he continued over her protests, ‘He’s been very badly behaved. He deserves a comeuppance.’ There seemed no arguing with him.

A silence settled between them. They both realised at the same time that Frances was jealous, and aroused.

‘I’ve missed you Candy’ he said, his voice low, and laden with hidden meaning.

‘Oh God, I’ve missed you too’, she replied. As she spoke she knew that her breathing was faster and her nipples were hardening. There was a chemistry here that it would be difficult to deny.

Frances’ eyes flicked from her face to her breasts and back again. She knew that he had seen her blatant arousal. Her summer dress hid nothing.

Quickly, almost casually, he reached across the table and palmed her breast. He left his hand there a moment so that she could feel the heat of him. As he moved it away, his thumb flicked her teat. There was a hardness about it, a casual disregard for convention that made her gasp in response.

Even though it was done in a moment the heat of his hand burned through her dress and she felt her pussy pulse in response. Being away for two years really had made him more of a man.

‘Oh God,’ she thought. ‘He did that in front of all these people. It was wrong.’ But she knew that she wanted him to do it again.

He rested his hand on hers. His skin was hot on her hand. She suddenly burned with the memory of the heat of his skin in other places. She knew she wanted his hand….

‘Somewhere else’ she said.

Frances nodded his agreement as if the effort of speaking was too much. He stood and headed for the back exit. Candy followed.

They made to cross the small dance floor but were interrupted by Debbie, who clearly wanted Frances to dance. Candy thought that he would. Debbie she knew would make a more than suitable outlet for any pent up desire that her brother was feeling. She resigned herself to a frustrating night.

Frances surprised her when instead he turned and said to Debbie, ‘No, I’m going to dance with my sister – maybe later?’ With a smile and charm to match, Debbie had to give up.

She nodded her understanding and made a disappointed face. Frances grabbed Candy and began to whirl her around the small dance floor. Candy was amazed that he had kept his composure. She knew that she would not have been able to.

The music changed to a slower number and without thinking they began to dance closer, almost as if they were a couple. They moved well together and instinctively moulded their bodies closer so that they were touching.

Candy could hardly bear it. She could feel Frances so close to her. She knew that he was as turned on as she was.. She could feel the outline of his hardening desire every time their hips moved together. Every time he pushed into her she could not stop herself grinding right back.

They had always enjoyed teasing each other but this near public display was as arousing as it was becoming frustrating.

She looked up into his eyes , leant forward and whispered into his ear. ‘Frances, I don’t care. I’ve got to have….’

He interrupted. ‘Don’t worry sis.’ There was a certainty in his voice. ‘I feel the same. It’s all for you.’

The temptation to kiss him there and then was almost too strong. Desire was reflected in each of their eyes. Candy, mouth open, raked her almanbahis adresi tongue across her lips.

She had an idea. Candy took his hand and led him from the dance floor to the bar.

She was a regular there and knew the staff well – quickly she arranged with the manager to view the upstairs of the bar – a private room used for parties and other functions.

As they were busy and she was trusted they were happy to give her the key.

Minutes later she and Frances were alone, although the music from the bar could be heard pounding through the building.

They knew that they did not have long before they were missed. Even so, they stood apart, facing each other, looking each other up and down once more.

It was cooler in the room, there was less heat. Not for them though – their mutual desire was easy to see.

Candy reached under her dress, and gracefully removed her scanty knickers. They were wet. The crotch was soaked. She dropped them on the floor. Her eyes never left his.

Wordlessly Frances flipped open the top button of his jeans and unzipped. He reached in and freed his cock. As if revelling in it’s release it continued to grow and stiffen. He rubbed the length of it once and then invited her forward with his hand. They both knew what she wanted.

Candy knelt in front of her brother and her fingers reached for his flesh, gently at first, lightly, almost reverentially. Soon though, as he grew, as she sensed his increasing lust, her strokes grew harder and faster.

Then she opened her mouth, licked her lips once more and her lips engulfed his cockhead, memories and reality fusing into one. It was both different and better than before. Their anticipation had made the moment sweeter.

A small whimper of joy escaped him as her mouth closed around his hardness.

She was all lips and tongue now. Wetting him, licking him, sucking him.

Frances began to thrust with his hips, matching her rhythm, driving himself deeper into his sister’s mouth.

She moaned around him. His hands pulled her head further onto him. He was quite rough, his urgent need as strong as hers and fuelling her increasing desire. With one hand she spread her own pussy lips and began a familiar caress around and on her clit.

Frances reached over and pulled the hem of her dress up so that the cheeks of her backside, and her hand, fingering her pussy, were exposed. It sent a stab of desire through her to realise that he wanted to see her, to reveal her.

‘Oh my sweet sister’ he said. He pulled out of her mouth. ‘Stand up.’ Candy did as she was told.

He leaned in. their lips met. A gentle kiss, a first kiss, became a hungry exploration.

Suddenly, his hands were everywhere. He pulled her in close, crushing her body into his. He clasped her backside as his tongue swirled around hers.

She knew that he could taste his cock in her mouth. She knew that this aroused him. It certainly aroused her.

Candy’s fingers were still wrapped around his pulsing hardness. She could not let go.

His hands were strong and crushed her breasts. He teased and twisted her nipples. They stiffened and throbbed. There was an ache in her pussy, a need to be filled.

At last his fingers found her pussy lips and quickly, firmly, he pushed one finger inside her, in and out, and then another; until two fingers were pistoning in and out of her willing cunt.

She broke the kiss. ‘Yes, Frances’, she said; her breathing was heavy, ragged. ‘Oh yes, little brother…..please?’.

He grunted. He was in charge now. ‘Turn around. Bend over.’

Candy did as she was told. She gripped a nearby cocktail table with her hands, presenting her pretty backside to her lover.

Her heart beat as fast as it ever had. She knew the almanbahis adres moment had arrived. She knew her brother was going to fuck her. She wanted nothing more in the world than his slick length inside her wet cleft.

Frances, moved so that he stood behind her. He bent slightly at the knee, manoeuvring the head of his shaft to her swollen pussy lips.

He teased her by rubbing it gently back and forth over her clit. He knew what he was doing.

Candy gasped loudly, all inhibition gone. She fell forward onto the table, raising her backside, making access all the easier.

‘Frances,’ she hissed, through closed teeth, ‘Please.’

‘Please what?’ he replied. He wanted to make her say it.

‘Please…put it in me.’ She said.

‘Put your cock in me.’ Need in her voice.

‘Fuck me.’

‘Oh. Oh!’ Frances thrust his entire length into her wet cunt. Somehow he had known that she was built to take him all in one go.

Once in they both savoured the moment. He reached around to find her breasts. He teased, tweaked and twisted his sister’s nipples once more, and then began to slide himself in and out of her in earnest.

Slowly, then faster, building a rhythm, fucking his sweet sister.

He took one of her hands and placed it on her own pussy, forcing her to feel him as he entered her and withdrew, and then entered again; forcing her to play with herself at the same time.

‘Oh yes’, she said. ‘Harder. Fuck me harder, little brother.’

Frances gasped. Her words were taking him closer to the edge. He took hold of her hips and plunged his cock into his sister’s willing hole, pushing further; faster, and deeper.

His thighs slapped against her cheeks. He could tell that she was close, and that brought him closer. The walls of her flesh were rippling around his stiffness; he could hardly bear the intensity.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah’. The voice of his sister, driving him on.

‘Yeah.’ She said.

‘Yessssss.’ Tension in her voice.

He remembered what she had done to him two years ago and with a groan, slipped his thumb into her puckered anus, returning the favour.

‘Oh.’ She said. ‘Oh Yes.’

‘I’m comi…I’m comi….I’m comi……’

Her words were lost as Candy gave herself over to the orgasm washing through her. Her sphincter tightened around his thumb, her pussy pulsed and rippled, milking his erection.

She thrust herself back onto her brother’s cock as each wave rippled through her body. She had given herself over to the darkest of desires.

It was too much. Too much for both of them.

‘Oh sis,’ he said, ‘Oh Candy’. His cockhead tingled and pulsed in response.

As the first squirt of his come leapt out of his cock he pulled out – he wanted to see his juice dripping on her flesh.

‘Ah!’ Another jet of spunk shot onto her bare ass cheeks.

‘Ah-Aaah!’ Another down one of her wide-open legs, onto her high-heeled shoe. A third directly onto her pussy lips.

H leant forward, resting his chest on her back, his stiffness between the cheeks of her arse, so that they could both feel him pumping the last dribbles of his spunk into her juicy crack.


Luckily the upstairs room had it’s own small toilet; they were able to clean up as well as they could. They did not speak. Words seemed superfluous.

Shortly afterwards they went to say their goodbye to Debbie but she was nowhere to be seen. In a way they were both relieved. Candy knew that her friend had sharp eyes and a quick mind. Anyone who knew them and who looked at them would know only too well that they had just fucked.

They walked home in silence to the flat, side by side. They did not hold hands, but with every step he made sure that his hand brushed against hers.

She still had no knickers on, having abandoned them in the upstairs room. The cool night air on her pussy was thrilling, and a reminder of what had just happened.

As she walked he knew that her backside still dribbled with traces of him.

They both knew there was more to come.

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