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My boyfriends words reverberated through my mind.

“Rachel, why are you so old fashioned and conservative? You are sexy, you should dress to show off a bit. As they say if you have it flaunt it” he would say to me often.

I never felt comfortable parading like a slut with my breasts squeezing out of a top too small, or in s short short mini which barely covered my butt or in pants so tight it look like I had my ass painted. I am not sure why I am like this but the truth is I am very sexual and I fantasise about things I would never tell anyone about. They say still waters run deep. Its probably true of me. I seem a prude on the outside but I have some raw, urges deep within me, which I work hard on covering up.

Guys like to talk about masturbation but few woman would volunteer their experiences unless probed. Like guys us woman also need a release and while I am not sure how often other women may touch themselves I do it at least once d day. It keeps me in sync. I get really jittery without it.

There was once a time however where I was working long hours and I never got the chance to indulge in either self pleasure or sex with my boyfriend. It had been a few weeks and my hormones started to run rampant throughout my body.

I awoke one weekend feeling fiesty and horny. Ut distracted me so much I couldn’t even focus to fantasise and after a failed attempt I gave up frustrated. I got dressed instead and went shopping. Maybe retail therapy would help I thought.

As if possessed by a demon, I found myself doing things I never would. FIrst I found myself wondering into a clubwear shop and asking the saleslady to help find me something to wear out.

“how sexy an outfit do you want?” she asked me.

“really really sexy” I answered as if those were someone else’s words spoken through my mouth.

She the looked me up and down. I was just wearing plain jeans and a plain pink t shirt.

“You have a good curvy figure and great legs so how about a minidress?” she asked me.

“I am open to anything” I answered.

“What size are you?” she asked.

“I am size 10 pants” I replied.

“Ok. Go into the change room and I will bring you a few outfits to try on” she said as she guided me into a small brightly lit change room.

Suddenly a black mini and a white mini were thrown over the door.

“Try these on! There is no mirror in the change rooms so come out and use the big mirror out in the passage”

I took off my shirt and pulled the black minidress over me. It was very tight. I pulled my jeans off and then noticed that the dress was also very short.

I opened the change room door and went out to meet the saleslady.

“It looks great on you” she commented.

I looked in the mirror. It was figure hugging and my bikini panty line stood out.

“Try the white now” she instructed.

I went back in the change room and put the white minidress isveçbahis on. It was lower cut on the breasts and even tighter and shorter than the black one. I went out again to look in the mirror. I immediately decided this was not for me. My panties stood out. You could see the black and white lines pattern through the white material. It was also tight tight and ended just at the bottom of my butt showing off far too much thigh and leg for my good.

“Wow! this was made for you. you look stunning and so sexy” the sales lady complimented me.

“I can’t take this. its too revealing” I said.

“No ways! you look great. you must buy it. your boyfriend will absolutely love it. trust me on this one” she continued.

I bought it and then walked straight into the waxing salon. If I was going to display my legs I better make sure they are nice and smooth.

“Are you here for a bikini wax?” the salon lady asked me.

“No, I want a full leg wax so I can wear my new purchase” I replied.

I went in to the room and as I had the wax laid on the therapist asked if she could look at my new purchase.

She lifted it up and said “This is very short, we better go high up your leg with the wax. Are you going to wear undies with this?”

I was startled by her question.

“Ofcourse I am going to wear undies” I answered.

“Well this material is quite thin, so if I were you I wouldn’t. Even a skimpy g-string would show lines on this one, and the ones you have on now would look terrible. You are not planning on wearing the in this are you?”

“I hadn’t thought about it” I replied.

“If you are planning on going without, which is what I would do, I suggest with your dark hair you make sure you have a nice smooth brazilian” she went on.

I was stressing so I gave her the go ahead to give me a total brazilian and make me smooth.

This was my first time I had had such a wax. It was so painful, but i was so excited about it.

That night my boyfriend arrived at my door and I was wearing this white minidress which as skintight, hugging me tightly around the hips and butt. I had on an underwire white bra to lift my breasts and make them perky and I had on no undies. It felt strange being so naked with material pressing against me tightly and ending only a few inches below my butt. I felt naughty, sexy, sensual and unbelievable horny. My boyfriend’s eyes nearly popped out seeing me dressed like a slut for the very first time.

I got into his car and as I sat on the leather seat I so wanted to pull up my mini and show him my naked pussy, in all its smoothness and glory. My blood was pumping through me and I was primed, ready for sex.

Things didn’t quite work out and after a few minutes we ended up having the biggest fight ever over something he said about my sister. I ended up furiously getting out of his car and telling him never to bother calling me again. I couldn’t get isveçbahis giriş hold of any of my friends on my cell phone so I hailed a cab and went back to my apartment.

My hormones were shot and I was frustrated like crazy. I went onto my balcony to get some fresh air. It cooled me down and I sat down on my deck chair to recollect myself while looking out at the city lights.

There were two guys on the balcony of a floor below me. I could see them and they could see me. I was standing there in the mini and barefoot. I heard them whistle to me. They were staring up at me. The balcony barrier was see though glass so they could see me wearing my minidress. I at first ignored them and then I hear them shouting.

“show us a leg”

The guys looked about a few years younger than me.

“hey sexy, if you show us more leg we will show you our chests”

I continued to ignore them and I went inside and poured myself a glass of red wine.

I went outside and downed the wine. I was now frisky and drunk.

I noticed the guys were now not wearing shirts and were still looking up at me.

I pulled my shoulder back and pushed out my bosoms.

“Hey you. show us some leg and we will give you a show too”

I was drunk now so I decided to pay along. Why not! It would take my mind off things.

I turned around and stuck my butt out, while holding my minidress down so they wouldn’t see under.

The guys then took off their trousers and underpants and stood on their balcony nude.

I could not help myself stare at their naked butts. They faced away so I could not see their front.

I played on and I pulled the top over my shoulders exposing my bra straps. They guys were laughing and cheering me on.

“More, more, we dare you to show us a peek at your tits!” they shouted.

I don’t know why I took on the dare but I did. I pulled the dress down my torso exposing my bra.

“come on, not the bra” they shouted back.

I unclipped the bra and let it fall to the floor as I stood there totally topless. My nipples were hard and as the guys stood there starting up at me I just let myself be voyeured. I was aroused from the experience.

The guys then turned to face me. I could clearly see their penises just hanging there. I stared back as they took in the sight of my breasts.

I sat down back on my deck chair. I was still in full view through the glass as were they.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as the guys started to pull on their penises and wank themselves in my full view.

“You had beautiful breasts. please show us just a little more” they begged.

I was turned on watching these guys masturbate in front of me, as they sat on their balcony floor.

I lay down facing down on the deck chair and I rolled the dress down my legs. I knew they would be able to see my naked butt. I couldn’t see their reaction so I thought to hell with it and isveçbahis yeni giriş I turned around and let them see my smooth pussy. My clit was engorged and swollen from the arousal and my pussy lips pouted out.

The guys both had big erections and were pulling up and down furiously on them as they took in my exhibition.

Watching this live porno had me so turned on I wanted so much to touch myself.

I heard moans coming form the guys as they stared up at me.

“Come down here and we can have some fun, or we can come over to you” the one guy shouted.

However horny I was I could never do anything like this. I wanted to be fulfilled and satisfied but I had my limits.

As i watched the guys and they watched me I played with my nipples with my one hand as I slowly stroked my clit with my fingers of my other hand. The guys watched in awe.

I watched them pulling their cocks and jerking off like mad.

“I am cumming” I heard the one voice shout.

I couldn’t see anything, but I stood up, walked inside to my bathroom and I grabbed my electronic toothbrush and I pushed the non brush end into my clit as I arched and enjoyed the waves of pleasure wash over and thought me.

i was till unsatisfied so I got on all fours bent forward as if I was doing a yoga position, stretching my chest down to the ground. I opened my legs wide and I wrapped my hand behind my thigh and pushed my index finger into my soaking wet pussy. It felt good. I pulled it out and pushed it back in faster and faster and I felt myself get more and more excited. Juices were running down my inner thigh from my pussy. My fingers were soaked. I put one finger into my mouth and tasted my salty fishy pussy juice. I was on a fiery road to orgasm, but I still wanted greater intensity. It was then that I stuck my other finger into my butt hole. At first it felt tight as the muscles constricted in on my finger, but they relaxed after a few pushes and eventually my finger roamed freely and into the depths of my anal passage. This sensation was new and elevated way above anything nI had ever experienced in my life. I now had two fingers jabbing in and out of me like a piston. One finger went deep into my pussy pushing at all my g spot nerve endings, while the middle finger ventured down my butt stimulating my g spot from within the other side of my anal walls.

I struggled to keep pace with my deep fast breathing. I lifted my face upward to get more oxygen. It was then that I felt a volcano erupt. I felt like I was going to piss, but it was just too good not to go with the flow. I pushed the feeling out, I enjoyed pleasure. My whole body shook in orgasm as I yelled out loud, so loud I am sure my neighbours hear my moan. AT first one long deep gutteral moan as I the floodgates opened and juices rushed out of my pussy and then high pitched little moans as my pussy throbbed and I arched down into the ground tensing every part of my being and feeling the second rush bring immense calm and sensations of relaxed tranquility to me.

I was sweated out. I pulled my fingers out of my passages and I just lay in a heap of sweat and cum and I fell a sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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