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Cindy moved back to the opposite side of the table as Ryan lay collapsed in his chair. I went to the fridge and poured me a glass of sweet tea. I walked back towards the table and noticed Terra was still touching herself. She always was such a horny bitch.

Cindy cleared her throat and made an announcement. “It is my turn to pick a challenge and since we are doing smaller challenges, I will follow the same line, though I know they will grow as we continue. Since Marte performed the last challenge she does not have to be part of this challenge…unless she chooses to of course.”

Ryan was now gathering himself and put his clothes back on. I was worried this was going to turn out to be a full orgy before the end of the night. I wasn’t sure if the girls would be able to keep their hands off Ryan. I wasn’t sure if I could keep my hands off the girls if they were naked. I wasn’t even sure if Ryan could keep his hands off the girls unless challenged.

I felt good knowing that I didn’t have to participate in this next challenge. Cindy was always the level-headed one of us girls so I felt this next challenge would not be too extreme. That is where I was wrong. I was sitting at the table next to Ryan and I couldn’t believe how hot the house felt. I was burning up. I stood opened the screen door to my porch to let some cool air in. I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing because my porch faced the woods looking down over the mountains.

I returned to hear the announcement. Cindy said the next challenge would begin immediately. “My challenge involves a game called strip poker. Whoever ends up naked wins and will have an act performed on them. That person can choose either of the losers to perform the act or both. Marte is not required to participate unless she wants to.”

I let my intentions be known right away. “I will not be participating in this challenge. I have already done my challenge for the day. This one will probably take a little while so I will make us a few snacks while you three battle.”

I hoped that Ryan was not the winner. I did not want my friends laying hands on him, at least not yet. Not until I had enough of him first. I handed Terra a deck of cards and she shuffled the first hand. I stood behind Ryan and massaged his back as he looked at his first hand of cards. He turned around and gave me a long, passionate kiss that almost sent me to my knees. I pulled away after a few seconds not wanting to distract him too much.

Cindy won the first hand with a pair of Jacks and Ace high, beating Terra who had a pair of Tens and Ryan with a pair of Eights. Cindy removed her shirt as Terra predictably whistled. I just shook my head. I went to gather some chips and bowls as Ryan dealt the next hand.

I returned to see Terra had removed her jeans and Cindy was dealing the next hand. I kissed Ryan on the back of the neck then placed the bowl of chips on the side of the table. Cindy won the next hand and removed her shoes. We laughed as she stated she was now comfortable.

The next few hands played out with Cindy loosing her socks, Ryan loosing his shirt and Terra removing her shoes. I was secretly cheering for Ryan to lose, yet conflicted knowing that if he lost there was still a chance that he would have to participate in the challenge.

As the next few hands played out I became more nervous. Ryan won two hands in a row removing his shoes and socks and Cindy loosing her şirinevler escort bra. I couldn’t help but notice Terra and Ryan staring and catching glances at Cindy’s beautiful breasts every chance they got. Who could blame them? I enjoyed her beauty as well.

Terra was becoming very competitive as she lost two of the next three hands and worried about losing. Cindy one the first hand and removed her pants. Ryan won the second hand and removed his jeans. Terra won the last hand and removed her shirt. Ryan was one hand from winning. I could feel my nerves beginning to build. Cindy was down to her socks and panties. Terra had a long way to go.

The girls asked for a soda and I reluctantly went to get them each one. I didn’t want to miss a hand so I hurried. When I returned they were each holding their cards. I could feel the competition and the tension building. The three lay down there hands and Cindy jumped out of her chair chanting “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

She removed her socks and did a little dance. Her breasts bounced as she celebrated and almost victory. Ryan commented that she had not won yet. Terra began her pouting. She is so cute when she does not get her way. I told Terra, “You better start winning or else you will be the giver in the next challenge.”

Terra was in charge of dealing the next hand. I held my breath as the cards were dispersed. This hand seemed to take forever to play out. Each person was talking trash to the other. I couldn’t help but laugh at them. Finally the cards were lain down. Cindy had a full house. Terra had two pair. Ryan was last to lay his hand down. He hesitated before laying down a hand of junk. Cindy jumped up, removed her panties and took a victory lap around the kitchen, hooting and hollering. I was secretly celebrating with her.

“Terra, you dog in heat, you get to be the subject of this challenge!” Cindy exclaimed. “You get to use your tongue and bring me to an orgasm right here on this table. Marte please grab me a sheet to put over the table.”

Terra retorted, “How is that a challenge? This is easy for me. It is just self-gratification for you.”

Cindy replied, “I am not done. The second part of the challenge is that you are not allowed to have an orgasm until we decide to give you one tomorrow. Oh and you will be naked as long as you are in this house. Lastly, we are all allowed to touch you as much as we please.”

“Not fair. I am not sure I want to take this challenge.” Terra pouted.

“Listen here my party pooper. The alternative will be even worse like maybe no orgasm for a week.”

“Okay fine. But you have it coming back to you girl.”

I turned to Ryan and said “This is going to be fun. You think you have seen the whiny side of Terra? You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Cindy, Ryan and I all laughed. Terra did not see the humor in this for some reason. I laid down a comforter and then a sheet on top the kitchen table. Cindy lay down spreading herself wide open. I could see her lips glistening; her clit peaking out from the top. Terra removed the rest of her clothes and climbed up on the table. I had a wonderful idea and headed out to the den. I returned to see Ryan watching intently as Terra was licking and sucking on Cindy’s outer labia. I put my finger to my mouth as Ryan turned and looked at me. I turned on the video camera part of my cellphone and began recording. I escort istanbul couldn’t believe my boldness.

Terra didn’t seem to be taking her time as she aggressively licked and sucked Cindy’s clit. I could tell Cindy was very aroused. She was already breathing hard and moaning. Her body was dancing like a candle on the table. I wondered if Cindy was getting off on Terra’s expert tongue or if part of it was the fact she was being watched. I walked around the table from above Cindy’s head and stopped just to the right of Terra. I was able to get a good view of Terra’s tongue working it’s magic and a good view of Cindy’s pussy. I could see that Cindy’s juices were beginning to flow. Terra’s lips were glazed with juices. I was glad I was holding the video camera, otherwise I would have been joining in. I moved the camera up Cindy’s body to capture her hard nipples protruding. I wanted this to be a great video moment when we replayed it so I focused the video on Cindy’s face as she let out passionate moans.

I returned to Cindy’s vagina as Terra slid two fingers inside Cindy. Cindy bucked her hips. Terra was swirling her tongue around the outside of Cindy’s clit as she held her two fingers deep inside Cindy. After a few seconds Terra began to pound her fingers in and out of Cindy. I was amazed at the skill Terra was displaying. Cindy’s moans were driving me nuts. I had multiple orgasms in the last 24 hours and here I was wet and fucking horny again.

I watched as Cindy thrust her hips over and over. Her legs dancing on the table. Terra trying to hold on as she sucked Cindy’s clit deep inside her mouth and began rolling her tongue around the inside layers of Cindy’s clit. Cindy screamed and then began moaning long deep moans that lasted several seconds until her body fell flat onto the table.

Terra removed her two fingers and sucked on them and tried to wipe the glaze from her face. I handed her a paper towel. I looked over at Ryan and noticed a bulge stretching from his pants. I walked over to him and asked if he liked the show.

“Wow. I should have come down here years ago. You girls are amazing. I can’t wait to take you into the bedroom.” , he said smiling.

“I can’t either, but first we have some teasing to do. Terra your turn to get up on the table.”

She turned and looked at me with eyes that could shoot daggers. “You have got to be fricken kidding me!”

I walked up to her smiled and said, “Get up there and spread ’em girl. I have some paybacks of my own I owe you.”

Terra climbed up on the table as Cindy stepped down. I moved the sheet and comforter a little so she was not lying in Cindy’s wet spot. I looked at Cindy and Ryan and motioned towards Terra. I began to run my hands aggressively up and down the insides of her legs. I would go to her ankles then move my way back up until I was less than an inch from her pussy. Terra kept closing her legs and I would reopen them. Cindy was drawing circles on her stomach with her fingers. Ryan took the opportunity to massage and draw circles on her breasts.

I could see Terra’s glistening juices flowing from inside her. I wanted to get her all revved up. I didn’t want to take her to the edge but I did want her engine to be wide open. I finally moved my fingers to Terra’s labia. I massaged them and listened to them squish around. Cindy began to massage Terra’s mound just above her clit. Terra was rolling halkalı escort her hips trying to get more contact and cussing us all as we teased her body. Ryan took the plunge and began sucking on Terra’s nipples. He would alternate from one breast to the other.

Not to be out done, I instructed Cindy to pull back on Terra’s mound, exposing her hard, swollen clit like a penis. I pulled her lips apart and began very gently circling her clit hood with my index finger. Terra moaned as her body jumped. I could not wipe the grin off my face.

“You guys are going to pay. Ohhhhhh. Please stop. No wait, don’t stop. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I will tie you down and punish you all if you don’t quit.” Terra exclaimed.

Her breathing was heavy and short. I wanted to put my tongue deep inside her so much, but I restrained. That would be at a later time. I continued to circle her clit hood applying more pressure but careful not to give her all the pleasure she wanted. Her glistening lips were so beautiful, shining in the kitchen light.

I decided to switch it up and began massaging Terra’s clit between my pointer and middle fingers. I would start against her mound and slide my fingers up to the tip of her hood. I repeated multiple times before pulling back her hood and tapping on her inner clit. Terra began moving her hips trying to get away from me and pleading for me to stop. Cindy motioned towards Terra’s head. I ran my wet fingers up Terra’s stomach and circled her navel while I leaned in and gave her a big kiss.

“I think Terra has had enough for now.” I exclaimed.

Terra grunted as we pulled away from her body. Her hand moved to her clit before Cindy pulled them back.

“Terra you are not allowed to orgasm. I will tie your hands down if I catch you touching yourself again”, Cindy scolded.

I could tell Terra was all primed up and ready to be driven home. We decided it was bedtime. Terra and Cindy were to sleep on the sofas in the living room so Cindy could keep and eye on Terra. Ryan and I resigned to my bedroom for some fun of our own.

That night Ryan made love to me like magic. We fell asleep in each others’ arms. It felt great to be finally held by him. No matter how many times I cuddled with the girls, it was not the same as being held by a man.

I woke at 3 in the morning and decided it was time to torment Terra more. I quietly tiptoed into the living room and found Terra fast asleep on the couch covered with a blanket. I slid my head underneath the bottom of the blanket and slowly spread her legs. I heard her let out a soft moan as I began sucking on her labia. Her legs spread even wider on their own as I began sliding my tongue up and down the slit of her pussy. She tasted so good. I couldn’t get enough. I could feel her pussy opening up, inviting me in. I softly ran my tongue over her clit and heard her gasp. I knew that she was still sleeping and probably thought this was a dream.

I softly sucked her clitoris into my mouth and twirled it around with my tongue. I could hear her breathing beginning to get shorter and deeper. Her legs began to stir. I knew in a few seconds she would realize this wasn’t a dream and start to wake up. I stopped all movement and stayed motionless, waiting for her breathing to become regular again. When her breathing became rhythmic again I separated her lips with my tongue and slid my tongue inside her womb. I began slowly slithering my tongue in and out of her pussy. I felt her juices begin to flow on my tongue. Her legs began to stir again and her breathing sharpened. I slid back out from underneath the blanket and returned to my bed. I curled up next to Ryan with a huge grin on my face and went back to sleep.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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