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I was really not looking forward to Julia’s daughter coming to stay with us. Mike’s sister Julia has always been what I consider a slut and every time we have been to visit them, I have gotten the same impression from her daughter. It turns out that what I consider a slut may be a little harsh.

It was five am on a Sunday when Mike left for the airport to pick up Carrie, his sister Julia’s daughter. Julia had some legal issues that were going to keep her unable to take care of Carrie. Mike and I couldn’t have kids and he jumped at the chance to be Carrie’s guardian while she attended college. I guess I should have understood, after all, it was his niece.

When they pulled into the drive, I cringed. Carrie was always a brat and I knew nothing had changed. As they got out of the car, I noticed that she had really grown up. She was still just a young girl, but was physically showing all the signs of womanhood. I was immediately jealous. Her body was exactly what Mike was attracted to, and I should know, mine was the same before ten years of marriage and 30 pounds.

I heard the door close and Mike yell for me, then I heard the creaking of our stairs, and knew exactly where they were going. Mike had only spent a month fixing up his office to be her room and he couldn’t wait to show it to her.

I walked up the stairs, trying to put on my best smile. Just as I rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, I saw Carrie wrap her arms around Mike. Standing on the tip of her toes, her face pushed against his chest and she said, “Thank you uncle Mike! It’s the best surprise ever.”

She held him tight for a few seconds, then I noticed her hands relaxing and she moved them downward and placed them on his ass. Her eyes were closed, but her conscience must have been working, because when they opened, they met with mine.

She pulled away from Mike quickly, but not enough for him to notice. He was too content with himself and her approval of the room.

A couple of days went by and Carrie started to test the waters and see how far she could push us. I asked her to help me set the table and she looked down her nose at me and said “I didn’t move here to be your maid.”

Luckily, before I could get a chance to smack her, Mike stepped in.

“Excuse me young lady!” He said. “You moved here because you needed a place to stay. If you want to find out what you’ve missed out on all these years, just keep disrespecting my wife. Otherwise, get your ass up and do what you’re told.”

Carrie stomped into the kitchen, showing nothing but attitude and rebellion and I followed her.

Once in the kitchen I tried my best to display no gloating and pointed to the cabinets and drawers she could find the plates and silverware in.

“You’re not my fucking mother.” She said as she reluctantly placed the table. “And you never will be.”

“You got that right.” I said, going about my business of cooking. “But I could be your best friend if you’d quit acting like such a bitch and just be yourself.”

We paused and stared at each other for a moment, then went on silently preparing for dinner.

That night, I woke suddenly from a deep sleep. When I reached to cuddle with Mike, I realized I was alone in the bed. At first I laid my head back to the pillow, but then felt a sudden and eerie urge to look for him.

Our bathroom was empty, so I proceeded into the hall where I noticed a dim light coming from the doorway of Carrie’s room. I crept down the hall and peered into the crack of the door where I found Mike sitting at the edge of Carrie’s bed.

She was lying on her side, supporting herself against one elbow, with her face very near to his. I could see Mike’s lips moving, but couldn’t make out what he was saying over the noise from her portable stereo. I was just about to retreat back to my room, when she threw her arms around Mike’s neck, and pressed her lips against his. At first he did nothing to resist, but then her mouth opened and I saw her slip her tongue into his mouth. He pushed her away. “Carrie, what the hell!” I heard clearly.

Her words weren’t clear and neither was his, and when he stood, I silently and quickly moved down the hall and back to my room.

I laid back in the bed and my eyes were glued to the clock. It was nearly five minutes before Mike returned. I pretended to be asleep, and he did everything he could, not to wake me, as he crawled back into bed. With my back to him, I snuggled my ass into his crotch. His dick was about half erect and before I could even be angry about it, I realized that I was aroused.

Wether it was my own confusion about getting aroused while spying on Mike and Carrie, or the fact that I wanted to keep the information as ammunition, I never mentioned what I saw to either of them.

After about 2 weeks of having Carrie live with us, the reality of it all was sinking in. I knew I had to accept her being there and I had to change my bad attitude about her. Since I primarily work at home, I began taking casino şirketleri Carrie with me when I had to go out. Things were going well and we actually started to like each other. We had gone with out a disagreement for over two weeks when I asked Carrie if she would like to spend the day at the beach. I sometimes take my work to the beach and relax in the sun while I work and I thought it would also give Carrie a chance to meet some of the other teens in the neighborhood.

The beach was only about four blocks from our house, so Carrie and I chose to walk. After we had found a nice spot and had laid out our towels, we both began removing our t-shirts and shorts. That’s when the disagreement came about.

Carrie had chosen to wear a bikini that seemed much too small and revealing to me. The bottoms left two thirds of her ass hanging out in the back and in the front, they barely covered an inch above her clit. They were so tight that every contour of her pussy was revealed. Her top was equally as small. Her tits were barely as big as tennis balls, but her top only covered her nipple area.

At first I just stared, unsure of how or what to say. But then Carrie began adjusting her top to reveal even more of her tiny breasts and I lost it.

“Young lady!” I said. “That bathing suit will not be worn again, and you need to put your t-shirt back on if you want to swim.”

Carrie looked at me with an astonished expression. “Aunt Sandy? ” She said. “What’s wrong with it.”

“What’s wrong with it?!” I replied. “I guess nothing if you are trying to look like a slut and show everything you have.”

She looked at me very seriously. “I am not a slut.” She said, “And if it was allowed, I wouldn’t even wear a suit. I like the way I look and I like it when people check out my body.”

Then she stood, grabbed her things and began walking away. I almost let her go, but then I realized that what I said may have sounded pretty mean.

“Carrie!” I yelled as I followed her, pacing myself just a little faster than her so I could catch up. “Come back here Carrie. I’m sorry.”

She stopped with her back to me, one hand on her hip and her head cocked to one side. As I approached her, I put my hand on her shoulder and said, “I shouldn’t have called you a slut. I’m sorry.”

She turned to face me and gave me a look of understanding. “I won’t wear this suit anymore. It’s about a year old. Maybe I’ve grown out of it.” Then she pushed her chest out and wiggled her shoulders, trying to make her breasts look bigger. We both laughed and returned to our towels for some sun bathing.

We were sharing a bottle of tan lotion and talking when Carrie offered to put some on my back. I agreed and sat with my back to her, but she suggested I lay on my stomach. The warm sun felt nice and as Carrie began massaging the cool lotion onto my back, I became very relaxed. Her soft hands were soothing and felt very nice as they preformed a wonderful massage on my back and shoulders. As she worked her massage down to my ass, she pulled the top of my bikini bottoms down an inch or so and began massaging lotion around my waste. I felt her hands slip under my suit bottoms a couple of times and fingers brush the top of my ass, but I thought nothing of it. Then she slipped her fingers into each side of my suit and pulled them into the crack of my ass, revealing nearly every bit of my ass cheeks.

“Carrie.?!” I said.

“Relax Aunt Sandy.” She said. “You don’t wanna get big tan lines.”

Actually I might have been too relaxed already. As her small hands began massaging more lotion onto the cheeks of my ass, the backs of my legs, and my inner thighs, I began to enjoy the feeling in a way I never expected. I became very aroused. I could feel things heating up and getting moist between my legs. I was almost in a hypnotic state of mind.

She would use both hands to rub lotion all the way down my leg, to my ankle, then back up again. Every time her hands came back up to my hips, she would rub the cheek of my ass with one hand and my inner thigh with the other, brushing ever so gently against my pussy each time. It was all very innocent at first, but then I felt her fingers pushing against my pussy. It took me a second to come to reality and realize that she was intentionally massaging my pussy.

My embarrassment kept me from saying anything. I just casually rolled onto my back and said, “That’s good enough. Would you like some on your back?”

“Sure.” Carrie said, then laid on her stomach with her arms at her sides.

I squeezed some lotion onto my hands and began rubbing it onto her back. As I reached the him of her swimsuit bottoms I paused, looking at her tiny well rounded rear end.

“Don’t forget my butt.” She said. “I don’t wanna get a booty burn.”

I was hesitant at first, but decided it was harmless and began massaging the lotion onto the cheeks of her bottom. As I worked the lotion into the soft skin of her ass, I couldn’t believe the intense feeling casino firmaları of arousal that had come over me. I wanted to stop, but at the same time, I was loving the way her ass felt in my hands.

“MMMmmmmm, that feels good Aunt Sandy.” She said.

I was pretty well confused with my own emotions and I quickly began applying the lotion to her legs, trying to finish quickly. When I was finished, I laid on my back and pulled my t-shirt over my eyes. My mind was racing with thoughts I had never experienced before. Why was getting aroused, I thought.

Several weeks went by and I steered clear of even mentioning the beach. I had decided that my arousal over touching and being touched by Carrie was just a temporary lapse of better judgment. Carrie had made some friends in the neighbor hood and Mike was working extra hours at the office, so things around the house were pretty quiet most days. Carrie had been spending time at the beach with a new friend named Shelly, and she was even showing me her bathing suits before she went and asking for my approval. I was actually starting to feel like we had begun to become a normal, average family. Of course I really wasn’t sure what normal really was.

Carrie and her friend Shelly came in one afternoon sun burnt from head to toe. They had went to the beach and forgot their sun block and the hot July sun took its toll. Carrie was a very pale skinned young girl, and had gotten the worst of it.

“Here, put some of this on.” I said as I handed them a bottle of aloe lotion. “It will take the sting away and hopefully keep you from peeling too much.”

“Will you put it on for us?” Carrie asked with a wide grin. My mind reverted back to our day at the beach.

“No. Uh….I’m kind of busy right now.” I said. “I think you girls can manage without my help.”

Carrie gave me a grin that seemed to say “I know you want to.” Then they went off to Carrie’s room.

My mind was back to thinking of that day at the beach and the way Carrie touched me. All the erotic feelings were coming back to me, along with the confusion of why it seemed to turn me on. After about 10 minutes I became very curious and decided to check on the girls.

Carrie’s bedroom door was cracked just slightly and I decided to just peek inside before barging in. Shelly was lying naked on her stomach with Carrie sitting beside her on the bed. Carrie was rubbing her ass with one hand and appeared to be fingering Shelly with the other.

“See.” I heard Carrie say. “Doesn’t it feel good.”

“Ya, I guess so.” Shelly said, sounding almost out of breath. “But it still seems weird to have a girl touch me like that.”

“You said you make out with your boyfriend and you let him touch you like this.” Carrie said. “If it feels good, it shouldn’t matter that I’m a girl.”

“Oh…..o..k. I guess you’re right.” Shelly said, still breathing fast.

“Roll onto your side.” Carrie told her as she positioned herself beside her friend in a way that made it easier for them both to finger each other at the same time. They were nearly in a 69 position, but so far were doing nothing but masturbating each other.

Carrie expertly rubbed her friends pussy, while at the same time instructing her where and how she liked to be touched herself. I was in a daze and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had never even played with myself at her age, and here she was masturbating with her friend. My amazement led to excitement. I broke out in a cold sweat and became very aroused. I felt that I should stop them, but then wondered. Which was worse? What they were doing? Or the fact that I was watching and it was making me horny?

Without really thinking about it, I slid my hand into my shorts and began rubbing myself. I felt like I couldn’t control myself. It was almost a primal urge and I couldn’t take my eyes away from what I was seeing.

Before long, Carrie had her face between Shelly’s legs sucking and licking her clit. She eventually moved on top of Shelly and both of them were licking each other and breathing hard. My fingers moved faster and faster against my own clit as I watched and suddenly I started cumming. I could barely contain myself and hard as I tried to prevent it, I tiny squeak escaped from my closed mouth. My eyes were closed tight and I quickly opened them and looked through the crack in the door to see if the sound had been noticed.

Shelly, who seemed to really enjoy the new experience, was still licking away at Carrie’s hairless pussy. Carrie, on the other hand was looking directly at the door with a satisfied smirk on her face. I knew she couldn’t see me, but I also knew she was aware of me watching them.

“Oh yes! Right there Shelly. That feels so good.” Carrie said, staring at the door I was standing behind.

Realizing that my hand was still inside my shorts, I quickly removed it and made my way quietly down the hall to the bathroom, where I sat for several minutes trying to collect my thoughts. I was overcome with guilt güvenilir casino and confusion and very unsure of how to face Carrie without feeling anxious or nervous about what I had seen, and what I had done while I watched.

Facing Carrie was not as bad as I had imagined. She actually seemed unaware that I had even seen a thing. If she knew I was there and watching, she never let on. It could have been just my excitement and imagination causing me to think that she knew. It really didn’t matter, I was still very confused with all of these new feelings I was having. I had never been sexually attracted to another woman or even curious, but for some reason the thought of touching Carrie and having her touch me back made me very excited.

I fought with my confusion for a few weeks. In the evenings Carrie would shower and come to living room to watch TV, wearing nothing but a lose tank top and either silk or satin panties. It was what she always wore to bed and the tank top was long, hanging almost to her knees, but the material was worn and nearly see thru. The arms of the tank top were stretched and hung below her ribs allowing her tiny breasts to be visible when she moved in certain ways. I watched Mike and they we he looked at her. It made me jealous the way he undressed her with his eyes. I wanted to say something to him about it, but how could I, I wanted her myself.

In fact, mine and Mike’s sex life even got better. Usually after an hour or so of watching her prance around half dressed and lying on the floor, stomach down, with her feet in the air, I was horny as hell and ready to take Mike to bed. Night after night, we were having really hot passionate sex and I’m almost certain that we were both thinking of Carrie while we did. I know I was.

I finally came to terms with all my mixed emotions and decided that what I was feeling for Carrie was just normal sexual curiosity. She seemed to have plenty of sexual curiosity herself and maybe it was just rubbing off on me. At any rate, Mike had a business trip coming up and would be out of town for a week. I decided that I would spend some extra time with Carrie and just let things happen naturally if they were going to.

We left Mike at the airport late on a Sunday morning and made plans to pick him up the following Saturday. I really didn’t expect things to begin so quickly, but we stopped at a truck stop on the way home for breakfast and Carrie was already turning me on.

“Did you see that?” Carrie said as the waitress walked away from our table.

“See what?” I asked.

“That waitress wasn’t wearing a bra.” She explained, “When she bent over the table I could see all the way down her blouse.”

“Carrie!” I said, “What are you doing looking down her blouse?”

“I don’t know.” Carrie said “I guess I like the way other girls look. Don’t you think she’s sexy.”

I tried to resist the urge, but turned my head to look at the waitress anyway. Carrie was right. She was bent over a table cleaning it with a damp cloth and I could see everything she had in her blouse. Her boobs were fairly large and swung back and forth as she wiped the table clean.

“I bet she gets the big tips.” Carrie said laughing.

I turned my head back around to look at Carrie, who was still staring at the waitress. “You know.” I said. “A girl your age should be checking out the hot guys, not the chicks. How bout that cute boy over there.”

I was nodding my head toward a young man standing with his family, waiting to be seated.

“He’s alright.” Carrie said, looking in the direction of my nod. “Oooh! but look at his sister, she’s pretty.”

“Carrie, that little girl can’t be more than thirteen.” I said, trying to fight my urge to undress the young girl with my eyes.

“Ya, so what?” Carrie said. “She’s still hot.”

I had to ask, the urge was killing me. “Carrie, are you telling me that you ……uh…are attracted to girls and not boys.”

She looked me dead in the face, serious as could be. “I like guys and girls.” She said, “Girls just make me hornier than guys do.”

I was stunned with her honesty and also excited. Visions of her and Shelly in a 69 position entered my mind. I wasn’t sure what to say, but it didn’t matter, she caught on to my reaction.

“Come on Aunt Sandy.” She said, “Don’t act so surprised. I’m not a virgin. I’ve been with guys and girls and I just get hotter when I’m with a girl. Don’t you think I’m mature enough to know what I like.”

I was speechless. For her age, I didn’t think that she would be that mature, but she did grow up different than I did, and she was quickly proving to be more sexually experienced also.

“Carrie, I……I don’t think you should talk like that around too many people.” I said. “It makes you sound,…..well,”

“Slutty?” She said.

“That isn’t what I was going to say.” I replied quickly.

“Aunt Sandy.” She said, “Just because I like sex and get horny a lot, doesn’t mean I’m a slut. I don’t just spread my legs for anyone like my mother.”

Once again, I was shocked and speechless. I managed a small apology for suggesting that she was a slut, then quickly changed the subject, but I couldn’t get my mind off of all that she had revealed to me.

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