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“You’re right on time.” She smiles radiantly up at him as she pulls open the door and ushers him in.

“I brought wine.” He gestures with the paper bag and the bottles clink together. “You look amazing.” He says reverently as he steps inside, admiring the way her perfect silhouette is emphasized by her evening dress. The dusty beige compliments her glowing skin, and shows plenty of it. With its deep sinking neckline and the shoulder straps that cross between her shoulder blades, leaving the majority of her back exposed to her waist, where the fabric clings to the swell of her hips and ass, a fold even forming between her cheeks. It hugs those curves before continuing down to sway around her ankles.

“Thank you. You look very handsome yourself. When did you get a suit?” Her hand trails across his chest.

“I may or may not have acquired this at some point this week to possibly or possibly not impress someone who said I should look fancy.” He smiles ruefully and makes a show of looking at the ceiling. Her head falls back, letting her long, unbound hair sway as she laughs. She grabs his tie and pulls him to her then plants a light and savoury kiss on his lips. His free hand roams down her side to settle on her hip and pull her close. She hums against his lips.

“What?” He grins at her as they slowly come apart.

“Nothing. You’re cute.” She smiles and turns away, leading him by his tie.

“No, you just said I’m handsome.” He makes a show of squaring his shoulders and dropping his voice to a low, husky gravel.

“You’re both.” She decides almost whimsically. He shakes his head and lets himself be towed along, admiring the way the dress hugs the shape of her ass and then sashays with her every step, her hips rolling in the most enticing way.

“You’re stunning.”

“I know.” She smiles as she leads him to the dining table. “Everything is ready, we just need to dish up. It’s been keeping warm while I was getting dressed and you actually knocked just as I finished touching up, so like I said, perfect timing.”

“It smells amazing.” He says, catching the aroma of alfredo.

“Light the candles and pour the wine and I’ll grab dinner.” She kisses his cheek and sways her way to the stove. His eyes only linger for a moment. Just a moment. Looking around he notices she already has a lighter and bottle opener set between their places. He lights the candles and is just pouring the second glass of wine when she returns with a plate of chicken and mushroom fettuccini alfredo for each of them and sets them at their places.

“Wait! There’s salad and garlic bread too!” He doesn’t notice that easy roll of her hips as she walks back to the kitchen. He does not. She returns with two small bowls of Caesar and a plate of garlic bread.

“This looks even better than it smells.” He murmurs in her ear. Pulling back her chair for her, she sits and groans. “What was that all about?” He chuckles.

“Just happy and excited.” Her voice slightly breathy.

“Oh really?” an excited edge creeps into his own.

“Yes.” She sounds almost stately. He grins and shakes his head as he makes his way to his seat.

The meal tastes even better than it looks, and the wine they use to wash it down stains their cheeks lightly. The sky grows grey through the bay window facing east and the candle light flickers across their features casting shadows and highlights that make her even more exotic in his eyes. Her lips seem fuller and even more kissable. He wants to reach out and trace his thumb across those lips, to cup her cheek, to trail fingers down the sleek arch of her neck and then continue down. Her eyes burn almost as hot as the flames, perhaps with similar thoughts. He loosens his tie and takes another sip of liquid crimson. Her eyes smolder over the brim of her own glass.

Setting her glass aside she stands with a slight moan and comes around beside his chair. He gazes up at her curiously but before he can open his mouth she sinks to her knees and begins to pull at his belt. Turning in his chair and spreading his legs to either side of her he leans back and lets her pull the belt free, pop the button and ease the zipper down. Already erect and ready he has to help shift the pants a little lower on his hips so that she can pull him free of the confines of his cloth prison.

His swollen cock is dark in her little hand. It twitches in time with his heartbeat, a milky pearl leaking from his slit. She leans in and laps the bead of precum from his tip, drawing her tongue along and around his head. She kisses and licks along his swollen head, down the length of his ridged shaft until his pants get in her way and she makes her way back up. Her lips and tongue trail every inch of him, teasing him. He waits with growing impatience, his hands gripping the chair seat.

Finally, with agonizing slowness, she parts her lips and draws him over her tongue slowly sinking deeper and deeper onto him. His muscles tense, his body tightens hard Eryaman Escort as a coiled spring as she eases him deeper. As his engorged head presses lightly at the back of her throat he groans and the tight muscles of his legs go slack, the chair creaks as his weight settles back into it and his arms go limp at his sides. However his hips roll forward and his thighs turn out, thrusting his cock up, offering her every inch and pressing hard into her throat. She eases herself back and gazes up at him. Her mouth may be too full to smile but the twinkle in her eyes says she loves what she does to him. Returning her focus to his stiff prick she pulls back and begins an easy pace, guiding his length to the back of her throat and then drawing back until everything but his head is exposed and then diving down on him again. He groans softly above her.

With hands that remember this rhythm intimately, he deftly catches her chestnut locks and draws them all over to cascade in a dark curtain down one side of her face. His hand brushes her cheek as she takes him down again and his fingers trace the line of her jaw as he sits back to watch his cock disappear between her soft lips.

His body tenses with excitement when she sits back on her heels to spit generously on his shining shaft and then grips him firmly and pulls from root to tip, coating him. With her hand gripping low on his shaft she takes the rest of him into her mouth and sucks hard. She draws back, hand twisting around as it follows her lips toward the tip, her grip tight, her lips pulling hard until they reach his crown and then following her hand back down. Lips never leave fingers as she pulls on him, hard, her grip twisting as she pulls and presses on him. Faster than he’d care to admit, his orgasm begins to build.

Knowing he can’t last no matter how he tries, she eases her free hand into his pants and cups his tightening balls. He jumps and his body grows ever tighter as he climbs rapidly to his orgasm. Her hand holds his balls firmly, lightly rolling them. Her other hand chases and leads her lips back and forth along his engorged prick and his breathing grows ragged.

“Shit… Shit… Fuck…!” His breath catches and then he groans as pulse after pulse of hot cum shoots into the back of her throat. Wrapping her lips tightly around his crown she continues to jerk him off quickly in the space between her lips and his pelvis and she gently squeezes and presses his balls. She struggles to swallow fast enough as she pulls and milks every drop out of him that she can. Over and over his cock flexes as it shoots spurt after thick spurt of hot jizz into her mouth and she coaxes every one to be as violent as the last. After what seems too long for an orgasm he slumps in his chair, cock still flexing and twitching lazily. She massages his balls a moment more, pulls on his length a few more times, and then releases her lips and swallows a couple times. Immediately he begins to soften in her hand, though not quickly. She leans in close and laps another bead from his slit.

“Holy fuck. I’ll say it again: you’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever known.” He leans back in his chair with a goofy, content smile on his face.

She rolls her eyes dramatically but absolutely beams as she stands up slowly. “Thank you.” She smiles at him and then leans in, her hands resting on his thighs. “I’ve got a treat for you.” She smiles at his raised eyebrows and kisses him.

“That wasn’t a treat?” He says once she pulls back.

“Nope. This is.” She turns away from him and rolls her hips back and forth, undulating in front of him. The skirts of her dress sway beneath her ass and he admires the curve of her naked back and the way her luscious hair ripples across it as she dances to the sultry soundtrack in her head. She looks back over her shoulder and smiles at him, smoky and mysterious. He leans back in his chair feigning cavalier, and her smile grows. Easing back, she brushes her ass along his crotch and his cock decides it no longer needs to be shrinking. She hums low and sultry as she undulates on his lap, rolling her hips and grinding on him. He can’t help but hum his own appreciation, his cock slowly stretching toward the heat of her sex as his hands settle on her hips for the ride.

Lifting her skirts to her knees allows more freedom of movement and it’s not long before he’s hard enough to feel her hot, moist slit along his length through the thin fabric of her dress. The pair of them moan with growing need. Standing up she sashays her hips from side to side and slowly inches her dress up her legs. Higher. Higher. As the hem brushes her ass she draws it up the slightest bit higher and then slowly bends at the waist. His legs tense and he fights the urge to reach out and lift it higher. Once she’s bent parallel with the floor she flips the last of the dress’s length up onto her back and he stares.

“How long have you had that in?” His voice climbs Sincan Escort a bit in surprise as he leans in and presses on the large, clear plug base nestled between her cheeks. She moans and has to catch herself on his knees before she can answer.

“I put it in just a few minutes before you got here.” She pushes back and groans, her knees going weak as he presses on the base again.

“You’ve been sitting on that all through dinner and were spit roasting yourself while sucking me off?!” He still seems to be having trouble controlling the surprise in his voice. He pulls on the plug slightly and then presses it back into place. She moans and her arms and legs tremble.

“Yes.” She whispers. “You didn’t look like you were going to take the first step and I had to show you that I have been practicing.” A moan cuts off whatever else she might have said as he grabs the plug base and slowly pulls. His free arm wraps around her thighs, turning her slightly and bracing her hip against his chest, squeezing her tight as he slowly pulls on the plug. She steadies herself on one of his knees as her little star stretches around the bulb of the toy. She gives a low groan as it stretches and stretches and suddenly passes the widest point and it begins to slide out. Holding her tight he eases it in and out a few times before slowly pulling the rest free and admiring it.

“This thing is huge! It’s the second biggest one you had! It might be wider than me!” She looks back over her shoulder and smiles at him as he shakes the more than generous, clear plug.

“I can use the big one sometimes too. It’s not easy, but I knew if I could get to where I could use it, I could handle you. I told you; I can do this for you now.” He stares at her for a moment, then lightly kisses her ass and lines the toy up.

She hums as her little ring is pushed open and slowly, oh so slowly, stretched wider as he gently guides the toy deeper. He kisses her cheek and squeezes her thighs as he eases it further, marveling as he watches her stretch readily around the toy. He watches her closely, waiting for her to clench, waiting for her shoulders to hunch, waiting for her back to tighten or her nails to bite him. He watches carefully for any sign that she might be in pain, but it never comes.

“Oohh…” She purrs as the toy passes its widest part and her ass readily sucks the last of it in.

“Oh wow.” He kisses her ass again and rubs the other cheek.

“Come on.” She says breathlessly, taking his hand and letting her dress fall as she leads him to the bedroom. He needs no further encouraging. Holding up his pants with his free hand and stepping lightly he almost chases her to the bedroom and standing before the bed he pulls her back against him. Gripping her hips he grinds himself against her ass. She arches her back, offering up the sweet swells of that ass, and leans into him. His pants slide down his legs as he grinds against her, his hands roam up her sides and stomach. One hand cups a breast, the other continues on to trail his fingers along her neck, one of her hands holding the one on her breast and the other raised behind her to touch his face and get lost in his hair. They pant as they grind, pressing hard against each other.

In a mass of frantic limbs they tear at their clothes, desperate to be out of them but loath to lose any contact between them. Her dress drops to the floor unceremoniously and as easily as that, she’s naked to his ravenous touch. He flails and kicks and finally loses his pants but desperate for more skin she turns in his grasp and hurriedly helps fumble him out of the imprisoning shirt and tie. He reaches down quickly to pull off his socks and then the two of them attack each other. Their lips find each other, find more skin, find each other. Their hands roam, touch, grasp. Remembering and discovering they cling to each other. Their bodies writhe against each other, his hot and swollen cock trapped between them, now trapped between her thighs, then back. Her glistening sex dripping on his thigh, then his cock, his fingers. Nails bite into backs, fingers grab handfuls of ass. The toy is repeatedly tormented and played with, eliciting moans and gasps and hurried breath. Nipples are kissed, licked and caressed. The pair are a desperate mess of carnal need.

Without warning he wraps her in his arms and tumbles them to the bed. Their kissing and roaming continue until he rolls her on her stomach and crushes her beneath him, grinding his pelvis against her ass, kissing the nape of her neck. She moans as each thrust presses the plug deeper. His wild fire slowly tames and his frantic movements calm. His hips slow to an easy roll that firmly presses the plug. His kisses on her shoulders and nape become tender once more and one hand slowly strokes through her hair.

Rolling onto his side beside her, he kisses her shoulder and trails his hand down her back to massage her ass, first one cheek, Etlik Escort then the other. His hand slips between the cleft of her cheeks and rocks the plug up and down. She hums lightly.

“Come on, you.” He kisses her shoulder and sits up on his knees. Pulling tantalizingly on the plug, he coaxes her onto hands and knees and then straddles one of her legs. Grabbing the toy, he pulls on it steadily, forcing her little bud to slowly part around the dramatic flair of the plug. She groans and lets her arms down, lying her face on the bed and leaving her ass up in the air for him to play with. Which he does. Spreading her cheeks, raining kisses on them and rubbing them along with the small of her back, he eases the toy back and forth along its growing length. Slow at first, assuring himself that she is okay with it, then with growing speed before she’s panting and crying into the covers as he thrusts the toy almost completely in and then takes it nearly completely out. She moans as he finally presses the plug deep enough that her ring of muscle clamps around the largest part and draws the last delicious bit in.

He leans over and whispers in her ear. “I believe you. I think you can handle me.” She shivers excitedly and climbs back up onto her hands. He grabs the toy again and slowly pulls it free. All the way out. Slowly, he parts her star and penetrates her with the toy again. Easing it past the bulb until her ring circles it again, then all the way out again. Twice more he presses the toy as deep as he can and draws it out before he reaches to place it on the night stand and goes for the drawer. Suddenly his cock is wet and he feels his head press hard against the back of her throat. Taken by surprise he looks down and watches her drive him to the back of her throat again.

“Don’t grab the lube.” She says pulling back, a trail of spit between his crown and her lip. “Our first time back at this, I want to show you we don’t need it.” He hesitates only a moment before nodding with a smile and closing the drawer. She returns to all fours and he readily takes his place behind her, his legs bracketing hers. Some spit in his hand quickly rubbed along her naughty place and they come together.

Slowly, ever so slowly, they press toward each other and her soft little star parts around his swollen prick. They hum in unison as her entrance closes around the ridge of his head. Slowly, he eases himself forward. Gently, she presses back. Inch after inch of ridged, hard, naked cock presses forward into her tight little ass and their breathing becomes strained.

As he approaches the length of the toy he asks, “You good?”

“So good.” She moans. “The toy might be as wide as you, but not for its full length. And… Oh gawd… It’s not as long as you.” Her head slumps languidly as she focuses on all that length inside her and thinks about the rest to come. He grins and gripping her hips, eases himself back.

“No don’t do that!” She cries. He laughs and then pulls on her hips, pressing himself deeper. Deeper still.

“Yes. Much better. Don’t stop. Ohh fuuuck. Deeper… Ohhh.” She groans as he presses deeper into her tight little passage. “Oohh fuuck. Stay there a minute. Stay there. Ohhh… Umhmm… Umhmm… Okay. Yeah, yeah. I’m ready. Fuck. More. More…. Oooohhhhh…” He presses down on her hips, having her sit back on him slightly, hollowing her back. With a final small thrust of his hips and a pull on hers he buries the last of his length up her ass.

“Oohhh fuck! Oh fuck I forgot how big you are! Ohhh….” He holds very still as she becomes used to him sitting here again. So deep. So thick. So full. “Baby, I want you to cum here, okay? Please? I want you to cum as deep in my ass as you can tonight. I want you deep tonight.”

Bending over, he scoops his arms around her and lays his hands against her chest, lifting her up to sit on his cock and lean against him. Settling his legs wider he sinks lower and has her sit on his hard rod. She groans at the new angle, the way he stirs inside her and sinks a fraction deeper. She groans and leans heavily against him. His arms encircle her and hold her close. He kisses her shoulder and her hands reach behind her to hold his back.

“I’ll stay deep, baby.” His voice is a lusty growl in her ear. He flexes his hips, pressing them up, forcing his girth a fraction deeper again. Her grunt turns to a groan as his hips roll back and then forward again. Kneeling together like this, he can’t thrust far, but that just means that he stays deep. His steady hip rhythm barely pulls him back, most of the motion is forcing her cheeks to part and press and take him deeper. They groan together. Their hands roam her body, tracing her naval, cupping her breasts, stroking her throat. He eases his legs slightly wider and she sinks a little deeper. They groan. She parts her knees enough for them to take turns playing with her sweet, wet, little pussy changing the angle and offering new delicious places for him to press inside her.

His rhythm increases. She rolls her hips on him, stirring his cock inside her and coaxing him deeper. Her nails bite the back of his hand as he starts to do quick circles on her slippery clit. His finger delves beneath her hood and she trembles on his lap, her pussy and ass clenching. He groans against her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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