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Jake was sitting at his laptop one night, scrolling through hotels, looking through photos to find just the perfect one. This weekend was his milestone anniversary to his wife of 10 years. Emily was his college sweetheart, and they had built a great life together.

They had been trying to conceive for nine months now with no luck. Sex had become more of a chore lately than a lustful pleasure. Before trying to get pregnant, they had an incredibly wild sex life, and had even dabbled in swapping. Jake actually got very turned on at watching his wife getting fucked by another man, like he was watching live porn with his wife as the star of the show. The thought of it made him hard as he clicked through endless hotel room photos.

Jake was planning a surprise for her. He had thought about it for several weeks and decided that their anniversary was the perfect time to bring back some of the lustful adventures that trying to conceive had taken away from them.

A few weeks ago, he was browsing a website that connected people together for swinger hookups. He sent a message to a man named Eric whose photo caught his eye…he looked exactly like Emily’s type. Tall, nice looking, clean cut, dark hair, average build, glasses…she liked the intellectual, professional type. Eric was a corporate exec who traveled a lot, and enjoyed different sexual encounters as he moved around the country. He was married, but he and his wife shared an open relationship, which they agreed on since his job gave them such little time together. Jake told Eric of his plan for Emily’s anniversary surprise, and he was due to meet a potential client for drinks in Atlantic City that weekend, which would work out perfectly. Jake and Emily lived within a few hours out of Atlantic City, so the idea of meeting there would make for a perfect getaway. Eric usually preferred solo encounters, but the thought of something new intrigued him as Jake explained his request. Eric was very open sexually, and was willing to try pretty much anything, once. Jake explained to him that the meeting would revolve around Eric and Emily and that he would have limited involvement with them, and only with Emily. The only other limitations were that he had to treat Emily with respect, and he could not cum in her vaginally, since they were trying to conceive. Eric agreed.

They finalized the details and Jake planned on reserving the perfect hotel room for their rendezvous. His eyes widened as he clicked the mouse to enlarge a photo. “This is perfect!” he thought. He chose the room options from the drop-down menus with a growing level of excitement. After clicking “Submit Reservation”, he sat back in his office chair, admiring the confirmation message as if it were a job well done.

After a few minutes he shut down his computer and headed upstairs, where Emily was reading in bed. She looked up from her pages and asked, “Did you finish up your work honey?”

“Yes, its all taken care of”, he replied with a sly smile.

“Good, now come to bed with me…It’s a good night to try.” She sounded tired and Jake knew she was…tired of the monthly disappointment of seeing her period arrive, after getting her hopes up that it could be their lucky month. He was tired too. Sex becomes a new challenge when there’s such an intent purpose behind it. Especially when that constant challenge results in what was starting to feel like failure. After a few months of that under your belt, sex takes on a new undertone.

Emily may have been tired, but her natural beauty hid it well. Her long, light brown hair fell around her shoulders, curling into spirals at the ends. Her fair skin always had a rosy glow about it. She was wearing a tight white tank top with skinny spaghetti straps, and plaid pajama pants. She had already retired her contacts for the evening and was wearing her brown glasses which framed her green eyes. Jake loved her in that tank top because the fabric was stretched so thin over her breasts that it couldn’t disguise the pinkness of her nipples showing through. He approached Emily’s side of the bed and wrapped his arms around her.

“Are you okay?” she asked, “Is something wrong?”

“No Baby, things are fine. But I know you’re tired, and we’ve had a rough go at this. We have a special anniversary this weekend, and I’ve got a big surprise planned for you.”

Her eyes grew wide in wonder, “What? You do? What is it?”

“You did hear me say the word ‘surprise’, didn’t you?” he playfully scolded.

Emily giggled and wasn’t sure if she was more excited about what the surprise was or the fact that Jake cared enough to make a special plan for her, all on his own. He released his embrace and started to undress for bed. She hugged the comforter with both arms tightly against her chest, grinning like a little girl as her mind raced through possible options on what the big surprise could be.

A few days later, Jake packed their bags into the car and they headed for the city.

He still wouldn’t give any diyarbakır escort hints to Emily, and it was about an hour into the drive before she realized what lie down the road ahead of them.

“Atlantic City? Is that where you’re taking me?” she asked with anticipation in her voice.

“You’ll see in a couple of hours,” Jake teased. Emily scrunched her nose in a pout and sighed.

When the city came into view on the horizon, Emily said, “It IS the city! What are we going to do?”

“Well,” Jake explained, “We’re going to check in to the hotel, then explore the city a bit, do some shopping, maybe a little gambling, then have a nice dinner. I thought we needed a bit of a refresher with a fun weekend away.”

Emily was thrilled. She watched in anticipation as the city skyline got closer. Jake wasn’t ready to reveal the highlight of the trip yet.

They arrived at his chosen hotel and checked in. Jake had big expectations of the room as he put the key card in the door on the 12th floor and turned the handle. Emily’s jaw dropped as he swung open the door. They entered the living area, which was furnished in ultra-modern decor, and the view called them to the wall of windows along the other side. They stood there at the glass, looking out above Atlantic City in awe. It looked just like the online photo. Emily turned, grabbed Jake into an embrace.

“This is incredible, thank you! This is going to be the best anniversary ever!”

Jake wrapped his arms around her, returning the hug as he let a sly grin escape across his face and said, “I’m making sure of that Baby.” They settled their bags, Emily freshened her hair and makeup before they set out to explore the city.

The couple shared a fun afternoon together and headed back to the hotel to change for dinner. They had passed an intimate French restaurant on the strip and decided to return for a romantic evening meal. Jake was ready first and relaxed in the living room, watching night fall on the city through the window wall as Emily got ready.

He was fantasizing about how the night would play out when Emily made a grand entrance. She walked in like a supermodel on the runway: she was breathtaking. She wore a midnight blue floor length evening dress covered in silver metallic beaded bursts that looked like fireworks with matching silver heels. The dress offered a slit up the side all the way to the bottom of her hip; the fabric hugged her curves flawlessly from top to bottom. The back was open and dipped down to reveal her bare skin to the top of her ass. Her hair was put up in a messy bun with just enough wispy strands hanging down to frame her face in the sexiest way. She wore silver dangling earrings and carried a matching silver clutch purse in her hand.

Jake felt the rising in his slacks at the sight of her. He tried to make words but all that left his lips was, “Wow!” She approached him on the couch, threw her purse down beside him and parted the slit in her dress, revealing her legs as if she were about to straddle him for a lap dance. “Hell yeah!” he managed to say as he opened his arms to welcome her arrival.

She leaned down to kiss him, putting her hands on his shoulders, “Sorry, but you can’t have dessert until AFTER dinner!”

“How am I supposed to wait with you looking like THAT?” he asked with a hint of disappointment in his voice. She giggled, picking up her purse, then led Jake to the door and the couple left for the restaurant.

As they looked over the menu, Jake ordered a bottle of champagne. “Ten years is definitely worth celebrating with something special,” he said to Emily. They toasted to a long and happy life together and enjoyed a lovely dinner. As they took the first bites of dessert, Jake decided to reveal the weekend’s biggest surprise.

“I know our love life has taken on a bit of a different meaning since we’ve been trying for a baby…And I know it’s been a long road of ups and downs,” Emily nodded as she prepared her fork with another bite. Jake continued, “I don’t want sex to be a chore, a routine, or a planned expectation based on the calendar. I miss our spontaneous and passionate sex life. We use to do some crazy, amazing things and I want that back. I think you do too.”

Emily looked up from her plate, “I do, and I’ve missed it too, and have been thinking about this myself. Why don’t we take a break from trying for a couple of months and just reconnect with each other in the bedroom. No pressure or expectations, just fun.”

Jake was a bit surprised by her words but realized it was exactly what they both needed. “That’s a great idea and I want to start tonight,” Emily smiled in relief at his approval as Jake continued to explain, “I’ve arranged for another anniversary surprise, but this is a gift to both of us.”

Emily wondered what he was up to now, thinking that the trip itself was surprise enough. “What is it?”

“We haven’t had this kind of fun in a while…but his name is Eric, and he’s coming to our edirne escort room at 10.”

Emily was shocked for a moment and then said, teasingly, “Oh, you got me another man?” She laughed at her own wit.

Jake chuckled and replied, “I guess I did!”

Emily reached over the table and placed her hand on his, giving it a squeeze. “It has definitely been awhile since we had THAT kind of fun. Who is he? Where did he come from? Will his lady be joining us?”

Jake told her all he knew about Eric and the couple shared a growing anticipation of their rekindled sex life. He explained to Emily that Eric would be coming alone to their room, as this was a surprise for HER, and he would be just as satisfied watching her enjoy some well-deserved pleasure. The thought of something new and thrilling was already making her moist.

They finished up dessert and walked back to the hotel, enjoying the night air. When they re-entered their room, they were immediately drawn to the window wall again. The city lights caught their attention, sparkling like a sea of gemstones below. They stood a few minutes beside one another, each with both hands on the glass like two children at Christmas, marveling over the beauty of the moment, when a knock on the door snapped them out of their trance. Jake opened the door to allow a man with a room service cart to enter. After he tipped him and saw him out, Emily approached the table covered in white linen for a look. There was another bottle of champagne and she rolled her eyes at Jake, almost insulted that he would assume she would need another drink in order to calm her nerves enough for their guest’s arrival. There was also a silver dome over a platter, and upon lifting it, Emily discovered that it held a pile of plump red strawberries.

She looked up at Jake, “Well, you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?”

Jake smiled, proud of himself, as he lifted a berry to her mouth. She seductively took a bite from his fingers, while giving a sexy moan in the most innocent of ways. He kissed her as she chewed, tasting the strawberry on her lips. Emily, lost in the moment, suddenly looked at the clock and reality set in when she saw the time.

“He should be here soon… what should I wear?” she asked.

“This dress is a jaw-dropper…Just keep it on for now,” Jake answered, as he slid his hand up into the slit at her hipline, reaching inside to cup the soft cheek of her ass. She leaned into him from the comfort of his touch, wrapping her arms around him as she realized just how much they both needed an evening of the passion that their sex had been missing for almost a year. Her hands wandered down to his ass, which she thought felt incredibly tight in those dress slacks. Feeling each other’s body had become such a utilitarian duty, that it was like they were enjoying each other’s caress for the first time all over again. Another knock on the door brought them out of their embrace. They looked at one another.

Jake asked, “Are you ready?” Emily nodded and he approached the door.

He opened it to reveal Eric, and Emily’s eyes widened. He stood before them like the definition of a sexy professor. He wasn’t overly muscular but well-toned with dark hair that had a bit of a wave to it. He was showing off a slight bulge of anticipation through his skin-tight jeans. His shirt was solid black, buttoned down with the front left untucked, and the cuffs were rolled up half-way to his elbows. Emily tried not to show her arousal but she honestly thought Eric looked like he was returning from teaching a seminar on “Fifty ways to please your lover”. She giggled nervously at the thought of her own playful visualization, wondering what she was in for.

Jake extended his hand and met Eric’s in a proper shake, before introducing Emily. “Would you like some champagne?” she asked.

“No thank you, I’m good,” Eric replied.

Emily picked up a glass, “Well I definitely need one!” she said to herself as she felt a burning desire that she hadn’t remembered feeling for a while.

Jake suggested they all sit down. They exchanged small talk for a bit with Eric sitting on the couch beside Emily and Jake in a chair on the other side of the coffee table. They discussed their mutual involvement with the swinging community and how Eric usually met other couples with his wife but after speaking with Jake, he thought an evening in their hotel room at a husband’s request sounded very risqué and exciting. Eric loved to try new things sexually and he didn’t mind if Jake wanted to watch. Emily asked if his wife would be okay with him being there and he assured her they shared an open relationship and had a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy when he traveled for work. Emily, relieved at hearing this, got up to pour herself another glass of champagne, laughing under her breath for teasing Jake about ordering it to begin with. He knew her well.

When she returned to the couch with her second full glass, Eric watched as she moved in that elazığ escort blue gown back towards him, “You were definitely right about your wife Jake, she is one gorgeous lady.”

She sat closer to him this time. As they continued to break the ice with further conversation, Emily sank more and more into Eric. He put his arm around her, mindlessly fondling the strap of her dress as he talked, adding in an occasional flirty stroke of her bare shoulder with his fingertips.

The new touch of another man was making Emily very flushed and the champagne wasn’t helping either. Eric was growing hard and decided to make his move. He slid his hand from her shoulder down into her dress through the neckline, his fingers softly finding her nipple which he rolled in his fingertips as they continued to talk. Jake grew even more excited when he saw Emily’s face as Eric played with her nipple. He was trying to keep his part of the conversation going but it was growing increasingly difficult. The nipple-play alone was enough to make him cum right there but his mind was busy racing with what might happen next.

Emily was really enjoying Eric’s touch, and the champagne was also helping her loosen up. She wanted more from him, so she swung her legs across his lap, crossing her feet at the ankles. The slit in her dress fell open across his lap, and her smooth bare legs invited him in. This was enough to make Eric lose his place in the conversation, becoming silent as he suddenly forgot that he was just talking to the husband of this seductress a few moments ago.

He leaned in to her and placed his lips on hers, placing a hand on her leg for a squeeze. Emily fell into his kiss and they exchanged tongues as Eric’s hand made its way up her leg and into what little dress was left covering her panties. He used one finger to tease her pussy through the soaked black satin. She arched her back and lifted her ass off his lap, begging his hand for more. Jake was rock hard, sitting in the chair across from them as he tried to calm the tent in his pants.

Eric took Emily’s hint and slipped his fingers inside her panties, parting her lips as he sought her clit. Her pussy was dripping wet, and he knew he was in for an amazing night. At first he was nervous that Jake might back out of the deal and punch him when he came to his senses about another man fucking his wife. But he glanced over at Jake, who was hungrily taking in the scene, and relaxed when Jake gave him a nod of approval. He was actually enjoying the new sensation of taking another man’s wife as he looked on. The air in the room was now thick with sexual anticipation and the smell of arousal.

Eric had trouble staying on Emily’s slippery clit so he plunged two fingers into her tight hole and gave her a preview of what was soon to come.

Emily cried out in pleasure, “oh God yes!”

Eric continued to finger-fuck her, until she started clumsily feeling around under her ass for his belt. He lifted her legs to ease her over so he could unbuckle his belt for her. She swung her heels back down to the floor and they both fumbled with his button and zipper. The pair looked over at Jake with surprise when he spoke, almost forgetting he was there.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” he suggested.

The trio entered the bedroom and Jake resumed his viewing position in a fuzzy white chair in the corner, opposite the bed. Emily sat on the edge of the bed and removed her silver heels. Eric pulled his shoes off and let his pants fall to the floor. He now stood there in only his black shirt and blue boxer briefs. Emily rose and Eric stepped up against her, plunging his tongue back into her mouth. As they continued a passionate kiss, he placed his hands on her shoulders, gliding them along to push the straps of her dress off. He broke their kiss, allowing Emily to wiggle the tight dress over her hips, taking her panties with it on the way down, until the slinky garments fell into a pool of fabric on the floor below. She glanced over at Jake in the chair, as if to check in, making sure this was still okay with him.

He blew her a kiss, “Enjoy yourself.”

She smiled innocently and sat on the edge of the bed in front of Eric. She grabbed the sides of his boxers and pulled them down, revealing his erection and the precum that was oozing from the tip. Emily was a gifted dick sucker and she loved doing it. She leaned towards him, noticing his surprising girth, and as he unbuttoned and removed his shirt; she lowered her mouth gradually down his stiff shaft. He sank into her mouth, feeling her soft wetness around him, and let out a gentle moan. She slowly bobbed up and down along the length of his shaft, only pausing to circle the head of his fully enlarged cock with her tongue. Jake loved watching his wife suck a dick…she was so good at it and he knew the familiar pleasure on the lucky receiver’s face as he watched them tense up into their release.

Emily closed her mouth around Eric’s dick even tighter, and sped up her pace. Eric wrapped his hands around the back of Emily’s head and gently pulled her into him as he exploded into her mouth. The force was more powerful than she was use to and her reflex made her jump back, as his cum shot out in bursts and ran down her chin then onto her chest.

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