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It’s late in the afternoon on Friday and I’m stuck in that hell hole somebody calls a job. Ack I think it’s me. I’m typing to you about something fairly mild, but I’m rereading back emails. GOOD emails. mmmm So independent of the emails, I send you a txt “I’m so fucking wet and horny, I want you so much”

Nothing, couple minutes…. an hour…. end of day. FINE whatever I can fix it myself.

I drop my daughter off, and have the house to myself. All day long I’ve reread your words and remembered good things and just can’t wait to get your cock in my pussy. I strip and lay down in bed, reach for my vibe. Fuck my pussy in and out tease my ass back to my pussy…mmm when its covered I start to fuck my ass with it, but it’s not enough. it’s not your cock.

I smile and remember my other vibe, the one you convinced me I needed, and start it in my pussy. mmmm so good…so full… I rock back against the vibe in my ass and rub my clit and the vibe in my pussy with my hand…. so good in… out… MORE I start to fuck myself with the one in my ass, harder faster my eyes are closed and I can nearly feel your cock in my ass…deeper…fuck me oh yea! oh! Now! oh my ooo

So close but not as good as you. I remove my vibe’s and place them away and go hit the shower. Long day I’m beat. Shower’s good, water’s hot shampoo in hair.


what the fuck was that!?! Hair in towel robe on, get to the back door. It’s you.

“What are YOU doing here?”

You Cebeci Escort look at me; take in the towel and the robe and big smile. “Where’s your daughter” says you?

“Gone” says I. “What are you doing here?”

“I got a text” says you.

“HOURS ago” says a grumpy me as I shut the door.

“So sorry” says you I look up from shutting the door and realize you’ve got shoes and coat off and are reaching for your shirt.

“Excuse me? what are you doing?”

“Assisting” says you as you reach for the tie on my robe.

I bat at your hands; “I’ve still got shampoo in my hair! assist later!”

You get to the tie and my robe is off and your hands and mouth are everywhere at once, kissing me biting on my neck licking at my ear. fingers tugging and teasing nipples fingers playing with my wet slit.

Your pushing me back towards the shower before I realize it, shower’s still on waiting for me. “You have too many clothes, I’ll assist” says I. nekkid and into the shower I go, want the shampoo out, have other things I HAVE to do to you with you on you. You get in behind me, wait for the shampoo to stop and grab my hands.

“Hands on the wall” says you.

“This is cops?” says I

You bite my shoulder and I squirm against your cock, “Hands on the wall” says you.

Fine, hands on wall. as soon as my hands are where you want them your hands go to my tits Kolej Escort and your cock pushes into my pussy.

I gasp and my head falls back, I didn’t expect you so fast. your chin holds my shoulder down and with your hands on my tits you hold me steady as you start to fuck me. Hard thrusts so I can feel your cock slide all the way out and all the way back in. You’ve angled the shower so it hits down my back nearly at my ass, and I can feel the water drench my asshole, feel your cock wet from me and wet from the water letting you fuck me even faster.

I move one hand thinking to rub my clit and you bite my shoulder again.

“Hands on the wall” you growl, but one of your hands moves down and starts to play with my clit as your cock still fucks me from behind. I can’t do anything but moan it’s so good, so hard your hands squeeze my clit and my nipple at the same time you push all the way into me and I nearly scream as I cum on your cock.

I feel you smile against my neck as you pull out of my sopping pussy and start to play with my asshole. I bend forward so you have access to everything and you pinch my nipple so I turn to look at you.

“Like that do you?” says you.

“I dream of your cock in my ass”, says I although I’m nearly whispering I’m so breathless from before.

“Wish granted” says you and you push your cock deep into my ass mmmmm

That hand that had been playing Rus Escort with my clit encourages one leg up on side of the tub, and now begins to finger fuck my pussy while your cock fills my ass.

Your tongue traces my neck and up my ear and you start whispering in my ear how many more times tonight you’re going to fuck me, and how terrible your day was at work since I sent you that text and you couldn’t do anything about your hard on. I smile and whimper at the same time, so good so horny so wet for you.

I start to ride your fingers on the up and slide back to take your cock in my ass on the down, I’m so full of you feels SO good, up down in out faster mmmm please! oh oh yes baby fuck my ass, god that’s so good. OH I’m cumming again…

Your hand leaves my pussy and I whimper, so tired but I hear Hands on the wall again from you so my hands go back on the wall and you grab my hips and lean me forward and just start to really fuck my ass. mmmm SO good so hard, I can feel your balls slap my pussy so wet so hard, I can feel your cock pounding into my ass hear your breathing change as your cock hardens, I push back hard against you at the same time you push in and I can feel you cum in my ass. Your hands tighten on my hips and from feeling you cum, I cum again.

“I’m so glad the wall is holding us up” says I.

“Water’s cold”, says you.

We shut the water off, and dry each other off and fall into my bed. just before I think I’m going to fall asleep you lean over and whisper 20 minutes in my ear…. Wha? I crack an eyelid and tell you if you think you’re going to do that in 20 minutes think again, and you laugh and tell me the hot water won’t recover by than but you’ll think of something else. I fall asleep thinking what else could there be to do?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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