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She looked so sexy on her elbows and her knees with her big round ass sticking out for my enjoyment. I kneeled behind her then took her big cheeks in my hands to spread her apart further. Her anus now exposed was puckered and red yet still so inviting. I put my lips to her rosebud and kissed gently, I heard her sigh and ever so softly push back against me. I began to violate her with my tongue as I pushed past the tightly closed ring. I fucked her with my tongue until it ached and when I stopped, she whimpered in disappointment.

I picked up the lube and poured it into the crack of her ass. I massaged the scented oil into her back and her cheeks but most of all in the crack between them. First, I reached under her and stuck my oily fingers into her cunt as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her cunt was so slippery I put my fist inside her with ease and as I fist fucked her she reached between her legs and began to play with her engorged clit. I pulled my hand out leaving her cunt opened as I sled a finger up her ass. I pushed at her sphincter gently until she accepted it to one digit. I massaged her ass with my other hand Eryaman Escort as I wiggled that finger inside her. I poured more lube in the crack of her ass and as it ran down, I pulled my finger out to catch some of it. Without warning, I buried that one finger inside her; she winced but more in shock than pain.

I finger fucked her ass in time with her diddling of her clit. I could tell she was close, she began to rock back and forth, as she pushed against my finger. As soon as she orgasmed, I put another finger inside her rectum. The timing was just right and she never felt the further invasion of her tight canal. With two fingers in her ass, I had the freedom to spread them apart opening her up even more.

I instructed her to hand me the smaller of the two plugs we bought for this very purpose. The thought of this frightened her and her sphincter shut tight around my fingers.

“Grace believe me you’re ready for this. Can you feel my two fingers in your ass feel them wiggle? Just try to relax, I’m stretching you right now, god you look so sexy.”

“OK Sincan Escort baby, just please be gentle, I really want you to have me, but please don’t hurt me.”

I told her if she were just able to take the plug, she would be able to take my cock easy. I knew all I had to do was to get that knob part past her tight ring everything else would be easy. I greased the anal plug so much I could barely hold on to it and once again, I lubed her back door. I noticed she accepted my finger now easily and soon would take my cock the same way.

I eased the plug in her ass up to the big end of the knob, and then I just twisted it inside her. Round and round and when I felt that muscle relax I plunged the plug past the knob deep inside. She screamed in pain but like a good girl stayed in her position. She started breathing as women do when they give birth and before long she began to relax again. I began to fuck her with the plug pulling out to the knob and then back in again. She told me this felt good and I went faster and farther pulling more of the knob out of her Etlik Escort before I pushed it back in. Finally she was so turned on she didn’t notice I was now pulling the big knob out of her ass and then plunging it back in.

Then without a word, I pulled the plug all of the way out and replaced it with my cock. It slipped right in but I frightened her so I stayed still balls deep inside her ass for the first time. She said it hurt but said no when I asked her if she wanted me to stop. She told me she felt so full she could feel my pulse throbbing in my cock. I began to squeeze my muscles as you do when you cum and this felt so good to her that she shivered.

I told her to make the first move when she felt comfortable. I held myself against her, slowly at first, she began to move, and then when she picked up-tempo I began as well. With her now relaxed sphincter totally accepting me I began to fuck her with abandon. When I came, I held her hips tight against me and I ejaculated deep inside her rectum. I held on still inside her not wanting it to end but as I softened, she squeezed me out with a plop and a stream of cum following me.

I lay down beside her both of us messy but too spent to even get up and clean off. She reached over and kissed me then whispered,

“Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you.”

I kissed her back and as we lie with our arms around each other, I wondered to myself what she was going to want for her birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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