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Calle hung up the phone and sighed contentedly.

Trevor was on his way over to pick her up for dinner.

It was their four-year anniversary. Trevor was the perfect boyfriend for her: he loved dance music and loud clubs, he spoiled her rotten and cooked for her when he had the time.

Tonight’s celebration would prove to her that he was husband material. She’d been preparing him to be a loyal and loving husband, and tonight she would make her move and propose.

Calle ran into her room and yanked her closet doors open. The large walk-in closet held four years worth of clothing treasures Trevor had found for her. She slid the clothes on the racks aside, one-by-one, looking for the dress. She knew it was in the closet somewhere.

“Hello? Dress, where are you?” Calle asked aloud in a singsong voice as she turned to the third rack, realizing that the dress wasn’t there.

“Hey Calle! What the hell are you doing in there?” Heather’s voice called down the hallway.

“The dress I was wearing the night I met Trevor, have you seen it?” Calle replied and went out to the living room where Heather, her roommate, was watching television. Heather was a shorter girl, about five foot two, but she probably weighed close to a hundred and sixty pounds. She was very well endowed, but it was all proportionate. Her long brown hair hung loosely past her shoulders and she had deep set brown eyes that Calle often noticed were skittish. Her pouty mouth was always done up in deep red lipstick, although that was usually the only makeup she wore. Her nails were always bit down as far as they could go without being painful.

Calle wondered what it was that she’d seen in Heather to invite her as a roommate in the first place, but she’d kept up her part of the bargain for a good three years now, and was pretty much Calle’s best friend. Not a best friend who she shared intimate secrets with, that privelege was reserved for her older sister Louise. But Calle enjoyed the time she and Heather spent together in the apartment, playing board games, watching movies, gossiping about celebrities. Not an active friendship, as Heather had college classes and was usually out with boyfriends, but a comfortable friendship that Calle found stable.

“Have I been here that long?” Heather asked sarcastically and turned to face Calle, “God, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, I just haven’t seen the dress. What’s wrong? Calle, you look like you’re going to cry!” Heather jumped to her feet and went to her friend.

“I can’t find the dress! I need to find it for tonight Heather. Come and help me look, you’re good at finding lost shoes, maybe you’ll excel in the dress industry.”

Calle grabbed Heather’s arm and pulled her down the hall to her room. She stood Heather in front of her closet.

“I’ve already searched it, but maybe you’ll find it.” Calle turned to her twelve-drawer dresser and began to go through the drawers.

“What does this dress look like?” Heather asked from deep inside the closet.

“It’s purple velvet, short, with long sleeves and it laces up at the back, you’ll know it when you see it.”

“Okay, if you say so. So, are you really going to do it tonight? Propose?”

“Yeah, it’s been three years since he proposed to me, but we’d only known each other a year and a half. Now we’ve known each other four and a half years, and we’ve had a great relationship so far. I think I’m ready to take it to the next level now.”

“You’ve actually kept your virginity this long?”

“Yeah, why so shocked? I don’t believe that it’s safe out there to be doing it with everyone. But now I think that I’d like to finally go all the way with him. I mean I am twenty-three now. I think it’s time, don’t you?”

“I thought it was time six years ago when you were going out with that Jason guy. I saw pictures, he was cute, what was the problem with you two anyway?”

“He slept with some other girl when we were together because I wouldn’t give in and sleep with him. So I dumped his ass. I felt I deserved better than him.”

“And Trevor is definitely better, God, he’s an angel, wherever did you manage to find him anyway?”

“He walked into the ladies’ room at a club one night, and I directed him to the men’s room. Then he came to thank me later when I was dancing with some guy that was getting too friendly, and Trevor took him out. Just punched his face in, without even hesitating. I just fell for him right there, he was, I don’t know, it was almost like love at first sight.”

“How did he react when you told him you didn’t want to sleep with him? Did he freak or what?”

“Actually, we were making out one night and he went for the zipper on my jeans, so I stopped him and told him. He agreed that it was probably a good idea, a safe one for sure, and he was cool with it. I thought that he’d pressure me at some point along the line, but he’s been so supportive of my decision.”

“Wow, he’s such a doll. Oh! Calle! The dress! I found it!” Heather exclaimed and almanbahis adresi handed the purple dress to Calle.

“You are the best, thank you so much. Now get out, I’ve gotta get changed.”

“Nice, thanks and get out, gee, what a friend.” Heather laughed and left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Hmm, I hope I still fit into this thing, it’s been so long since I wore it.” Calle held the dress up in front of her and stood facing her mirror. The dress looked to be a little on the small side. Calle had filled out in the chest and hip areas a little more than she’d expected.

“Well, I guess the only way to find out is to try it on.” Calle stripped out of her jeans and T-shirt. She paused to look at her body in the mirror and just stared at her reflection for a moment.

She stood five feet, eight inches tall, and her frame was very slender. She had the right curves in the right places, but she only weighed a hundred and thirty five pounds. She sported an ample B-cup and had one of those asses that look amazing in a pair of tight jeans. Her hair was long, about halfway down her back, and it was bottle blond, pale blond. She had light blue eyes that glittered in the sunlight. They darkened with her mood too. People used to call her a chameleon when she was younger and she’d always liked that. Her nose was small on her oval face, with a little upturn at the end of it, and her lips were full and luscious.

A red and green tattoo of a rose covered a five-inch length of her thigh; the flower itself was on her bikini line, the stem trailing down her thigh a few inches. She had gotten the tattoo just before she’d met Trevor, thinking she wanted to do something outrageous that no one would know about. Then she met Trevor a week later, but he hadn’t seen the tattoo until they’d gone swimming three months after that. He’d thought it was very dangerously close to her private parts, but hadn’t made any other comments.

Calle shook herself from her thoughts and began to rummage through her dresser for a pair of black tights, her miracle bra and matching panties.

She pulled the dress on and found that it fit snugly. Almost too snug.

“Heather! Help me!” Calle cried as she stood looking at her reflection in horror. She didn’t dare move, afraid that the dress might tear a seam.

“What’s wrong?” Heather burst into the room. She looked Calle over and shrugged her shoulders, repeating her question.

“It’s too tight isn’t it? I’m afraid to move. Heather! I have to fit in this tonight, I just have to!” Calle whined and turned slowly to let Heather see the back of the dress.

“It’s not that bad, you just have to loosen the ties at the back here, it’s going to be fine, don’t worry, here, how’s that?” Heather stepped back and looked at Calle again.

“It does feel looser, maybe I just filled out the chest better this time around. Yeah, I can move now. Oh Heather, what would I do without you?” Calle reached over and pulled her friend into a quick hug.

“Hey, what’re friends for?” Heather hugged Calle back.

“Ooh, that couldn’t be him already! He’s early! Heather, stall him for me, I’ve still gotta do my hair and makeup.” Calle pushed Heather towards the door as the doorbell rang a second time.

Heather headed out to stall Trevor. Calle quickly applied pale purple eye shadow, black eyeliner, purple mascara, and sparkly purple lip-gloss. She brushed her pale blond hair back into a fancy clip that Trevor had given her. The clip was a silver, diamond-encrusted barrette.

She double-checked her makeup job, patted her hair down and then grabbed her shoes and purse before heading out to see Trevor. Her footsteps were inaudible as she walked down the carpeted hallway, but the sight before her in the living room made her gasp.

She jumped back, out of sight of Heather and Trevor immediately and ran back into her room.

She closed the door quietly behind her and leaned against it, her heart pounding in her chest.

“That bitch. I can’t believe she’d do that to me!” Calle seethed and clenched both her hands into fists.

She turned and composed herself in the mirror before opening her door again.

“I’ll be out in a second!” she called loudly, and waited a minute or so to give the other two time to compose themselves as well.

She picked her purse and shoes up off the floor where she’d dropped them and walked casually back out to the living room. Heather was lounging on the couch like she’d been when Calle had recruited her for dress-finding duty, and Trevor was seated on the love seat, with a bouquet of red roses beside him.

His sandy brown hair was a little on the shaggy side, and his sideburns met his jawline. He had a bit of scruff on his chin, looking a bit devilish to Calle. He had dark blue eyes that pierced you if you weren’t prepared to look intently into them. He had a straight nose, and thick eyebrows. Trevor had the kind of lips you wish you had if you were a girl, because they didn’t need lipstick almanbahis adres or lipliner to keep their colour. They were always dark, even though his skin was creamy white. No tan for him, he kept indoors away from the hot sun. Trevor was taller than Calle, she had him figured for about six foot one when he wore dress shoes. His shoulders were broad but he was not overly muscular. He was fit, although occasionally Calle teased him about spaghetti arms.

Tonight Trevor was dressed in dark dress pants and a crisp yellow shirt. On top of that he wore a pinstriped blue and yellow vest. He didn’t wear a tie, and his top button was undone.

“Hey you,” Calle said cheerfully and walked over to Trevor who stood to greet her. He pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her bare throat. He pulled back and kissed her full on the mouth, probing with his tongue for access inside Calle’s mouth. She parted her lips, allowing him entrance and kissed him back passionately.

“You look real good baby, I love that dress. Where have I seen it before?” Trevor asked once Calle ended the kiss and pulled away from the hug too.

“I was wearing it the night we met, remember?”

“Oh, right! You looked beautiful that night, like an angel.”

“And she looks beautiful tonight too!” Heather put in, turning on her side to face the two.

“Yeah, does she ever,” Trevor agreed and reached for the roses, “For you, a dozen red roses to remind you how much I love you.” Trevor handed the bouquet to Calle.

“Thanks, they’re gorgeous.” She brought them to her face and inhaled deeply. “And they smell divine, thanks honey.” Calle stood up on tiptoe to kiss Trevor’s forehead and then headed into the kitchen for a vase.

Trevor followed her and slid his arms around her waist from behind. He pulled her to him tightly, planting soft kisses across her bare neck.

“Hey, down boy,” Calle teased and leaned her head back to push Trevor away.

“I just can’t help myself, you’re just so beautiful tonight.” Trevor turned her in his arms and kissed her hungrily.

Calle pulled away instantly, putting the vase of roses between them.

“I thought I told you to behave?” Calle reminded him sternly and slipped away from him, going back into the living room. She placed the vase on the coffee table and then turned to Heather. “I’m not sure what time I’ll be home tonight, but don’t lock me out, I can’t find my keys. You’ll have to buzz me in too.”

“Okay, I’ve got some friends coming over anyway, so we’ll probably be up pretty late. Have fun.” Heather turned back to the television.

“See ya.” Calle slipped her shoes on and then reached for her jacket in the closet. Trevor was right there, taking the jacket from her and helping her into it like always.

“Here you go my sweet,” Trevor said with a laugh and then reached for the door. “Bye Heather!”

“Bye!” Heather replied without looking away from her t.v. show.

“Try not to wreck the joint while I’m out, I know you know it’s my turn to clean tomorrow,” Calle teased Heather, but Heather didn’t respond.

Calle and Trevor left the apartment and headed for the stairs. They went down the one flight to the ground floor and stopped as Calle remembered where her keys were.

“I’ll get the car warmed up and meet you right outside the front doors, you go get your keys.” Trevor kissed Calle’s cheek and she headed back upstairs to retrieve her keys off the refrigerator.

“…yeah, like three years now. I know, he’s so good too, I can’t believe he’s staying with Calle though, I mean she’s such a prude and all,” Heather said into the phone as Calle noiselessly entered the apartment.

Heather kept right on talking, not noticing that Calle had walked in. Calle silently grabbed her keys off the fridge and then stood back at the door a moment longer to listen to Heather.

“No way! He said I’ve been the only one, he wouldn’t lie to me like that! . . . Well, that’s true, he has been lying to Calle all this time. Maybe he did screw that chick too, I dunno, I don’t care really, he’s just someone to screw as far as I’m concerned. I just feel sorry for Calle, that she doesn’t know.”

“I do now!” Calle blurted, startling Heather into dropping the phone.

“Calle! Oh my God, um-,” Heather sputtered.

“Shut up, I don’t want to hear it. I want you out of here before I come back tonight, and trust me, I’m not going to be late.” Calle grabbed a bottle of pills out of the cabinet in the kitchen and threw them in her purse. She stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her, leaving a stunned Heather on the couch.

“Hey, got the car nice and warm for ya baby.” Trevor had waited outside the car to open Calle’s door when she arrived.

“Thanks,” Calle murmured and sat in the passenger seat, thinking about what she had planned to do that night, and what she now had to do. She hurt all over and just wanted to scream at the top of her lungs and cry, but she knew she couldn’t. Not yet anyway. She almanbahis adres still had to deal with Trevor and his cheating ways.

“So, are you ready for a romantic night on the town?” Trevor asked as he drove out onto the street.

“Yeah, where are you taking me?”

“To a nice little restaurant that I like to call home,” Trevor answered.

“We’re going to your parents’ restaurant? I thought it hadn’t opened yet.”

“Actually, it hasn’t. But I got the cooks to come tonight to prepare a lovely meal for us, and one of the waitresses to serve. It took a little begging and pleading on my part, but when I told them how much you meant to me, they agreed.”

“That was nice of them.”

“Yeah, and the fact that I offered them double their pay for their time tonight.”

“Yeah, that sounds about right, you throwing your money around like it’s water.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Trevor demanded, coming to a stop at a red light. He turned to face Calle and repeated his question.

“Nothing, it’s just a comment. What?” Calle asked as she cringed away from Trevor’s icy glare.

“What’s your problem? I work damn hard for my money and I can spend it anyway I want to. I just happen to want to spend a lot of it on you, is there a problem with that?”

“No, God, I didn’t mean to piss you off, I was just teasing, back off.” Calle turned to look out her window.

Trevor kept quiet the rest of the way to the restaurant, glancing at Calle every couple minutes.

“Wow, it’s so nice!” Calle exclaimed as they pulled up in front of the restaurant. There were strings of little white Christmas lights hung in the window, positioned to read: Happy Anniversary.

“Thanks, I did it myself.” Trevor opened Calle’s door for her and held his hand out expectantly. Calle put her hand in his and let him pull her to her feet. He pulled her right into his arms and hugged her tightly.

“I’m sorry about blowing up, I’ve just worked so hard to make sure everything would be perfect for tonight. I just want you to be happy.”

“I know you worked hard. And it looks like you did a great job.” Calle kissed him quickly on the lips and then nodded towards the girl standing at the door of the restaurant, waiting for them.

“Oh, Calle, this is Monica.” Trevor introduced the waitress and then led Calle to a table that had been set up for them.

“Dinner will be served in just a few minutes, the wine has been chilled to your liking I hope?” Monica poured some wine into the goblets and waited for Trevor’s approval before filling the goblets to the top.

Calle drank the entire glass of wine in one gulp, poured herself a second and finished it off immediately. She poured a third glass and then paused to look across the table at Trevor who was watching her curiously.

“Know what?”

“What?” Trevor replied, and watched as she drained the third glass and poured a fourth.

“I think I want to do it tonight.”

“Excuse me? I thought you weren’t going to do it until you got married.”

“Well, I changed my mind. People are allowed to do that aren’t they? I mean you must’ve changed your mind about something big like this in your life haven’t you?”

“Well, I guess so, but Calle, are you sure you want to?” Trevor missed the hint, but Calle didn’t care, she just kept on with her plan.

“I did say I wasn’t going to do it until I was married right? Well, how about I ask you to marry me?”

“Are you proposing to me?”

“Yeah, will you marry me?”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Good, now we’re engaged, and that’s just as good as marriage, so send the staff home, because I want to do it right now.” Calle drained the wineglass and reached for the bottle again. Trevor grabbed it first, and poured her another glass. He then stood up and headed towards the kitchen to dismiss the staff for the night.

Calle sat at the table, already starting to feel the wine affecting her judgment. She had a high tolerance for alchohol, and usually was able to out drink Trevor most nights. She wondered, was the wine homemade? And if so, was it Trevor’s parents house wine, because it would definitely be higher in alchohol content than the wines she was used to gulping down.

“Oh God, please let me be able to pull this off and not screw up,” she thought aloud, and looked at Trevor’s half-empty wineglass in front of her.

She reached into her purse for the sleeping pills and dropped two into Trevor’s glass. She swished them around with her finger, dissolving them faster as she listened for Trevor’s return. She inspected his wine for any signs of the pills, found none and then drank down her own.

As Trevor returned to the table, Calle had just finished pouring herself another glass and was topping up his glass.

“Whoa, hey baby, how much of that stuff can you handle? I don’t want you passing out on me now.” Trevor sat down and drank half of his wine.

“Don’t you worry about me, I’ll be fine,” Calle slurred her words slightly and knew it was time to act. “Come on, drink up, and let’s do this, I wanna do it twice to work up an appetite for that meal waiting for us. Here, drink up.” Calle pushed Trevor’s glass closer to him and he drank the rest of his wine in one gulp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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