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Spring weather in Melbourne Australia is notoriously unpredictable. Cold wind was humming through the taut string lines as a young couple stood side by side on the lawn and gazed at the building site.

The girl stepped forward and bent to playfully twang on one of the florescent-pink strings. The rugged-looking man covertly studied the way her jeans moulded her nicely rounded backside. He smiled to himself, tapped her with a folded plan then shoved it into one of the many pockets of his work pants.

He waved his hands about. “Okay Cathie, what do you think?”

The girl straightened up and pulled her knitted beanie cap closer about her pale face and over her ears.

She looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Chris, you may think I’m clever because I managed to squeak into Uni, but the reality is I’m just a dumb eighteen-year-old kid. You’re my big brother. You’re the carpenter. Please explain.”

She waited, staring at the place where her flat was going to be attached to the back of their parents’ home. Try as she may, to her the strings remained a cat’s-cradle-puzzle, but she knew Chris was already visualising the finished project.

“We are standing in your kitchen,” he enthused. “Bedroom over there with the en-suite in between. I’ll do every bit of the work myself to make certain it’s perfect.”

“I feel like a bit of a charity case.” Cathie muttered. “You’re donating your labour and Mum and Dad are donating the money for the materials plus half their back yard.”

“No need to think like that.” Chris went over the reasoning behind the project. “Your health scare has made us all realise how much we need to keep each other near. You’ll have security and privacy here as long as you want and the flat will add a lot of value to the property. Everyone wins.”

“I definitely like the idea.” Cathie agreed. “I can’t live with our parents forever and when I move in here I’ll be more or less independent but still close.”

Chris chuckled. “You or I would never be able to afford to rent a flat here in the inner suburbs, much less buy one. Mum and Dad will be millionaires one day when they sell up. As soon as I finish this, you do know I intend to build a big garage there in the driveway with a flat above it for myself…and my girlfriend?”

Cathie laughed at that. “What girlfriend?”

“She’s out there somewhere.” He grinned. “Like your boyfriend.”

Suddenly serious he gestured at the string lines. “Now getting back to this stuff here, just imagine how nice it will look.”

Cathie couldn’t imagine it. She believed him, but simply couldn’t picture it.

Chris held out his hand, “Come on over here into your bedroom.”

She allowed herself to be lead over the strings into the ‘bedroom’.

Chris put his arms around her and pulled her close. “We’re all alone in your bedroom,” he whispered and kissed her cheek.

Cathie pushed him away. “I know you just feel sorry for me and think you’re helping by pretending I’m some hot chick you’re hitting on, but you don’t mean it. Nor should you. Have you forgotten I’m your sister?”

“No of course I haven’t.” Chris blustered, becoming somewhat annoyed. “I do feel sorry for you, but I…aah, forget it.”

Cathie was becoming angry too, because she actually enjoyed her brother’s flirting and knew she shouldn’t. “You’re acting all weird,”

“If you say so.” He snapped as she scurried away into the main house.

Moments later he heard her bedroom door slam.

The weekend was filled with his furious hammering and sawing and the frame of the building project was completed by Sunday evening.

Mid-afternoon Monday, Chris arrived home from work and found Cathie studying with books and laptop occupying the entire kitchen table.

“Hello Sis, I’m gonna do some measuring on the framework out there,” he greeted, hoping they were on good terms again, “but first I’ll make us a cuppa if you move some of that crap out of the way,” he added, intending it as a joke.

Cathie looked up, her lip trembling, eyes full of tears.

“Jesus Sis,” he hurried across the room to hug her, “I’m sorry. I was just fooling about. Didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It wasn’t you,” she shook her head.

“What then?”

“I don’t want to go into it with you Chris,” Cathie sniffled, “and I haven’t got anyone to talk to. Mum won’t be home for ages and she’s too busy anyway.”

“So…” With his arms around his sister Chris patted her back, hoping the contact was comforting for her, because it was doing something else entirely for him.

“Look,” he continued, “obviously I’m no expert, but they reckon talking about problems helps. I’ll listen. You talk. Maybe that’ll help.”

A tiny smile lightened her sad face for a moment. “I don’t know…’

Chris’s erection began to make it’s presence known to him as he enjoyed the off-limits intimacy of the hugging and back patting. “Try telling me. I won’t judge you or anything.”

Cathie drew a ragged breath and looked away again to hide the tears that threatened Antep Escort Bayan to overflow. “The hospital said I’m almost back to normal and the probability of a full recovery is around 90%. It’s the 10% who don’t make it that frightens me,”

“Well of course it does Sweetheart.” Chris performed a little shoulder massage. “I know the odds are in your favour but I worry too. We all do, but I’m sure you’ll be alright.”

“And I’m tired of being thought of as sick,” Chloe continued. “People don’t see me any more, don’t think of me as a real woman, I’m just a…an illness.”

“You’re not that to me,” he reassured her. “I absolutely see you as a woman.”

Chloe hid a tiny smile, thinking ‘I guess he actually does, judging by that bulge in his pants,’ but saying, “I’ll make that tea for us. You go do whatever you were going to do. I’ll bring yours out to you and you can tell me more about the flat. I’ve got to think positive haven’t I? Be happy. Look to the future.”

“That’s my girl.”

The next day was wet and windy so at mid-day the builder Chris worked for called it quits for the day and sent his crew home early. Entering the family home Chris was concerned to hear Cathie crying in her bedroom and knocked on her door. “Hey! What’s up now? Are you alright?”

Her voice sounded raw. “Go away Christopher! Leave me alone!”

“I don’t think so! I’m coming in!”

“No! Don’t!”

He dropped his back-pack and went in anyway. He guessed she had been moping about all morning as she was still dressed, or should it be undressed, for bed. She lay on top of her tangled bedding with her face buried in her pillow, wearing an old tee-shirt and panties. He grinned at the sight of her bare shapely legs, and despite the fact that she was so obviously upset, he took a long moment to drink in the view.

Cathie’s night-shirt was hiked up at the back and the panties were tiny old ones she must have had for years, because they so clearly belonged to a much smaller, younger Cathie. They were threadbare, a faded pink colour, with a picture of a teddy bear on the back and they were way too small, exposing the lower half of her smooth well-rounded bottom cheeks and the top of her butt crease. His balls tingled.

Chris almost managed to suppress his partially-formed evil thoughts. Almost. “Cathie, come on. What’s the matter? Can I help?”

He sat on her bed next to her and put a hand on her back. Because of her history he initially feared for her health, but she didn’t feel hot, so he guessed she wasn’t sick. His next thought was: ‘No bra. Yeah, yeah, a sinful thought, but I’m a horny young male, so I can’t help thinking dirty.’

Cathie’s teen-angst reply was muffled by the pillow. “No one can help! It’s not fair! I’ve got no friends. All the girls are nasty and all the boys think I’m an ugly freak!”

“Oh Cathie, it isn’t that bad.”

She kicked her feet then raised her head and turned her teary face to him and wailed. “It is, it’s worse!”

He started rubbing her back and waited. He’d heard that just letting the silence draw out was a good technique to get someone to talk. It worked.

Cathie unloaded some of her concerns. “Girls at the Uni, they know about my cancer. I’ve explained over and over that I didn’t have my breast off, just a bit of surgery then the chemotherapy, but this morning on Facebook they’re saying ‘Cathie’s got one tit,’ and other stuff like that.”

“Who?” Chris snapped, his anger rising. “I’ll slap those bitches silly.”

“Don’t be silly.” she sighed, then continued. “That won’t help will it? It’s not just what people say, it’s how they look at me. Like I told you yesterday, it’s how I feel, so unattractive. Ugly. Not at all, um, not sexy, if you must know! No boy would want to come near me.” She finished with an odd mixture of hopelessness and defiance as if daring him to contradict her.

“What? Now who’s being silly? Chris said. “You’re really pretty, a very sexy girl.”

“Maybe I was once, but not now.” Cathie’s lip quivered. “The surgery and chemo have messed me up.”

Chris shook his head. “Well, even though you think it’s weird of me to say so, I find you very attractive. Hot, I believe I’d call it.”

“Easy for you to say!” Cathie raised her voice. “You can’t possibly imagine how I feel!” Then she finished despairingly. “And I’ve got a big ugly scar on my, um, my tit!”

“Yeah, well I knew you had surgery, so I suppose you would have a scar. Just how ugly is it?” He made a funny lecherous face. “Show me. I’d sure as Hell like to see it.”

She managed a sad little smile. “Not in this life you dirty boy, and that’s not the worst of it. I feel such a freak. Look at me.” She tugged her knitted beanie cap off. “I’ve got no hair. Anywhere.”

“Well it was obvious your head is bald, but no hair anywhere?” He laughed. “Now you’re talkin’, I’d really like to see that too!”

She responded with an actual grin and a feeble little slap at his arm. “Stop it.”

Cathie was unaware he wasn’t joking. For years he’d thought about what it would be like to do sexy, erotic things with her. Wild things you’re not supposed to do with your sister. His feelings hadn’t changed because she’d been ill. He’d lusted for his beloved sister for so long that he no longer felt guilty that he fantasised about her when he masturbated.

He leaned over her and kissed her shiny smooth skull. “You’ve got a lovely shaped head. With hair you were pretty enough. Without hair you are amazing. Exotic!”

“Says who?”

“I dunno.” He mumbled, embarrassed by his soppy talk. “Says me!”

“Chris, you’re my brother. It doesn’t count, but thanks anyway.”

He explored her back some more. “Of course it counts. I really like you, a lot. You turn me on sometimes. And not just sometimes, I’m turned on right now.” He cringed, mentally cursing himself for over-sharing again.

Cathie rolled onto her back and looked up at him, smiling broadly. Her rollover caused her brother’s hand to slide off her back and onto her soft, rather large breast, the very one that had been operated on. Naturally, he left his hand where it was, but after a long moment she took hold of it and moved it to her stomach and held it firmly.

She was positively grinning then. Laughing at him, but secretly seeking confirmation. “You’re turned on? No way. We’re brother and sister!”

“Yeah, I know we are, but I’m a boy and you’re a girl, in case you haven’t noticed.” Chris wanted to build her confidence, so he said, “a hot girl, who’s turned me on!” Then in his over-sharing mode he got carried away once more and added, “and I just touched your…”

“Chris!” She shrieked, laughing and blushing.

“Well I did! And I liked it.” He was feeling a multitude of emotions. Embarrassment at the things he’d owned up to and shame because he’d admitted to his sister that he desired her. And love, or at that moment, it was pure lust. “I liked it a lot. I hope you liked it too?” He made it a question.

She looked down, red-faced and nodding, mortified, but excited to admit it, .

“I hope you did.” He said, and moved his hand back onto her breast. “What’s not to like?” She drew in her breath quickly and looked inquiringly into his eyes, but although her hand was still on top of his she made no move to stop him.

As mentioned earlier Cathie was bra-less under the tired old tee-shirt. Chris was ecstatic that his sister was actually permitting such incredible familiarity. He caressed her softness very, very gently, thinking she might still be tender from the surgery, and was rewarded by the feel of her nipple rising stiffly against his palm. Speaking of stiff things, you can guess which part of him sprang to total stiffness.

“Chris! We…you shouldn’t be doing that. If Mum, if anyone ever found out…” Cathie began.

He gently placed a finger of his free hand on her full lips. “Shush. It’s okay. No one could ever possibly know.”

She pouted and kissed his finger, breathing heavily, “Mm, I guess not and I have to admit it feels really good.”

“Oh Cathie, it sure does. I love touching you like this.”

“And I’ve never been touched like this.” She grinned.

“Cathie,” He whispered, “I really meant it before. “I do want to see the scar. Will you show me? Only so I’ll know how bad it is.”

“Alright, I suppose so,”

Then she got all pink-cheeked and flustered while pulling her tee-shirt up to just below her breasts. She spent minutes fiddling about arranging the shirt so that just a bit of the side of her breast was exposed.

“There,” she said at last. “I’m not sure if you’re being supportive or just being a pervert.”

He was totally enchanted by the sight of her partly bare tit. The scar itself wasn’t too bad at all, a pinky-finger sized red mark, running vertically and fairly close to her nipple, so close he could see the edge of her areola.

His heart was racing, partly because he had been afraid the scar might be hideous, but mainly because he was seeing Cathie’s tit. He wasn’t at all repelled by the scar and to be honest, he only had eyes for the swell of her breast.

The little he could see of it was beautiful. “The scar’s not bad at all Sis. You should wear it with pride. I’m proud of you.”

“You really don’t think it’s repulsive?”

“Not a bit.” Chris attempted to reassure her. “If I were your boyfriend, or your lover, I’d kiss it whenever I could.”

Having made such a bold statement he decided he had to back his words with actions. He took a deep breath and prayed he wouldn’t freak her out, then quickly leaned in and kissed the scar, once, twice, three times, tracing it’s length.

Cathie gave a little squeak, let go her shirt and placed a hand either side of his head. Chris wasn’t sure if she was stopping or encouraging him, but in that moment he saw that the shirt had moved up and her gorgeously erect nipple was there for the kissing, so of course he kissed it too. Or maybe it was more of a swift little suck. That’s what did. Broke down the barrier that prevents close family members from becoming lovers.

Cathie made a throaty sound and pulled his head back down. Definitely encouraging then, not fending him off. He licked and suckled noisily, relishing the experience.

Cathie was loving it too. “Now this one,” she panted, pushing her shirt up and guiding his head across to her other breast.

He sucked and slobbered enthusiastically, all the while running his hands over her upper body, with particular attention to her saliva-slick nipples. He lightly kissed her mouth, then sucked her fat lower lip and held it gently between his teeth. He let it go and sucked each hard peak again, then kissed a pathway down her belly, over her tiny threadbare old panties and planted a long, strong kiss there.

“Oh my God!” She gasped, instinctively parting her thighs.

He snuffled there, breathing in the feral, feminine musk of her arousal. He opened his mouth wide, feeling with lips and tongue for the shape of her vagina through her flimsy panties, then very gently huffed his hot breath onto her crotch.

“Oh my God.” Cathie moaned. “Christopher…” then she became momentarily incoherent. “Uunnhh. Ooohh. No! No more! We have to stop, before we…”

Chris plucked at the waist-elastic of her too-small panties and began to slowly draw them down.

“Stop it Chris. Stop! Now!” There was no ambiguity in her voice. No room for him to pretend he thought she didn’t mean it, so reluctantly, he stopped.

“Sorry Cathie,” Chris mumbled, “I got a bit carried away. I’m so sorry. Don’t hate me please. Don’t let this come between us.”

Cathie shakily rearranged her clothing. “It’s alright. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I shouldn’t have let things go so far.”

Chris made a hasty retreat to his own room and busied himself with his computer while Cathie did likewise, thus avoiding each other entirely for the rest of the day.

The following afternoon Cathie found herself looking out for her brother’s return from work, only to be told by their Mum that he had phoned to say that he’d be very late. Cathie felt a stab of disappointment at the news.

The next few days passed in much the same fashion. Chris left for work very early and returned home very late at night. It seemed obvious to Cathie that her brother was avoiding her because of the ‘moment’ they had shared on that rainy afternoon.

Finally the weekend rolled around and early Saturday morning Cathie was pleased to have her lie-in disturbed by the sound of hammering. A peek out her window confirmed her hopes. Chris was hard at work fitting a window into the framework. The new bedroom perhaps? Or was it the kitchen? Did she dare go out and ask him? Might as well she decided, have to face him sooner or later.

She spent an overly long time teeth-cleaning and dressing, partly to delay facing her brother and partly to ensure she looked as nice as possible.

Giving one last look in the mirror, Cathie asked her reflection: “What the hell are you doing, you shameless thing?”

She answered herself: “Damned if I know.”

Moments later Chris looked around as his sister called, “Hey Bro, how’s it all going? Is that the bedroom window?”

His answer was flat and emotionless. “Yes.”

“Mind if I sit and watch?” She asked, trying to strike a carefree note.

“Don’t get in the way.”

As both the morning and the building progressed, Chris thawed somewhat under the pressure of his sister’s relentless cheerfulness. Soon the chatted amiably as together they began cladding the walls of the framework with red-enamelled corrugated sheet steel roofing material, a trendy salute to early Australian building practice.

“You chose wisely Chris.” Cathie praised him. “This colour, Heritage Red isn’t it? It blends perfectly with the red brick on the main house.”

“I’m not just a pretty face.” He joked. “And thanks for the help. It goes much faster with someone to hold the sheet while I screw.”

“Odd choice of words there Mate.” Cathie quipped.

“Ha! Very funny Sis.”

The work did indeed progress rapidly. They had a short, companionable lunch break and were able to finish all the cladding before dusk. On entering the house via the back door, they found their parents dressed for a dinner-date with friends.

“Don’t wait up for us!” Dad grinned as they departed.

Ever protective Mum called. “You’ll have to get your own dinner!”

“Don’t worry Mum.” Cathie replied. “I’ll be happy to do it.” Adding so only Chris could hear. “Order pizza that is.”

As the parents departed Cathie said. “I will order pizza, then I’m for a shower. I’m feeling grubby and tired after all that work.”

Drying herself after her shower Cathie re-opened that conversation she’d been having with her mirror-image earlier.

“What was it Chris called the way I look without hair? Exotic. Yes that was it. Hmm.” She dropped her towel and struck a nude pose. “Wonder what he’d say if he could see me like this? God what a tart I am.”

She applied a dab of perfume the put on a pair of lacy panties, then quirkily hid them with a thigh length Mickey Mouse tee-shirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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