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Welcome to the latest installment of the exciting Adventures of Chase Cooder – Bush Pilot! In this episode Chase and Box learn secrets about the dig, learn about crimes being committed, and more! So climb aboard, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

* * * * *

Ruane lay on top of Chase. They had just finished making love and were about to begin round two when the phone rang.

“Let the machine get it, baby. I want you in my ass.”

They were kissing when the answering machine came on and they heard Box’s voice.

“Anna’s missing! Call as soon as you get this!”

“Who’s Anna?” Ruane asked.

“Box’s new squeeze.”


“Damn it. I need to call him.” Chase pecked Ruane and squirmed out from under her. He padded across the room to Ruane’s desk, punched the speakerphone button, and called Box.


“Box, Chase. You’re on speakerphone. Ruane’s here. What’s up?”

“Anna’s missing. So are two of those guys that were in front of the fire. Remember them?”

“Yes. How long?”

“Long enough to know something’s wrong.”

“Check around? Make some calls?”

“Not even going to answer that,” Box snorted.

“I know, I know. Never assume and all that, though. So what do you know?”

“I know she’s been gone less than twelve hours, but she’s missed two meals. She never misses work. Two of those guys went gone about the last time Anna was seen. Also, Maureen and Parker aren’t around, but I don’t know if that’s connected or not.”

“Why would it be?”

“Don’t know, Chase. But I noticed Maureen and one of those guys exchanging glances.”

“Well, that would be par for the course with Maureen.” Chase smiled inwardly.

“Maybe, but there was something about it. Wasn’t flirting.”

“What else?”

“May not mean anything, but there’s a dig up the mountain. Some type of archeological find being excavated.”

“A dig? Didn’t Parker say he was an archeologist?”

“I thought he said symbologist.”

“That’s right. He said he did archeology early in his career then retrained.”

“It’s thin. Anyway, I want to find Anna and I have a feeling I’m gonna need help,” Box admitted.

“On my way, Box. See what else you can find out and you can fill me in when I get there.”

Chase hung up and looked at Ruane, who was lying naked on the couch.

“So I guess that means round two is delayed.”

“Sorry, Ru. I promised Box.”

“I’m going with you.”

“No. You should stay here and run the business. I’ll be back before you can say ‘do my ass’.”

Ruane got up and approached Chase. She grabbed his cock and pressed against him. “I don’t want to wait days before you fuck my ass, baby. I can help and you know it. I’m going with you and that’s that. Business is light for the next few days, so I’ll make some calls and shuffle some pilots. Call forwarding, my laptop and I’m set.”

She put her hand on Chase’s cheek and said, “I love Box too, baby.”

Chase and Ruane grabbed their clothes, took a quick shower and made some calls to cover their contracts. They grabbed their war bags, refueled, changed the fuel filter and took off for Snapper Lake Lodge.

* * *

Miles from Snapper Lake Lodge, on Knob Mountain, Maureen was enraged at the grey-eyed, hawk-nosed mercenary.

“What the fuck did you bring her for!” Maureen spit out, her breasts heaving. Even angry, her sexuality shone through.

“Stand down, Maureen. It has nothing to do with you,” Dirk replied with menace in his eyes.

“The fuck it doesn’t! She wasn’t part of the plan. I’m supposed to get Parker to the lodge. Hauling him and Anna up here puts us in danger.”

“I said shut up. Haven’t you ever heard of a subplot? Don’t worry, Maureen, I did my homework. It’s all mapped out.”

“Ah, shit! You’re a fucking fool,” she said, grabbed her hair with both hands and turned a full circle. “Do you know who she’s with?”

“What do you mean?”

“Anna’s tight with that huge mountain man back at the lodge. He’s going to notice she’s missing real quick and come looking for her. And sooner than you think, you idiot. All you did is get them looking for us.”

“We can handle it. Chopper will be here early tomorrow morning.”

“You fucking better,” Maureen spit out, surprising herself that in her anger she had lost her fear of the man, at least temporarily. She turned and walked over to where Parker and Anna were seated, their hands bound in front and their legs hobbled by a short rope secured around their ankles.

“I’m sorry, Anna. I had no idea these clowns planned this. I was just supposed to get Parker here.”

“Why?” Parker asked with some steel in his voice that surprised Maureen.

“Oh, Parker, I don’t know the details. I was told they wanted to talk with you at the lodge and that they have something they want you to look at.”

Parker didn’t reply.

“You know Box will be looking for me,” Anna said. She was concerned, but not panicked. Kidnapping had always been a almanbahis possibility in her family and she was well trained in martial arts and survival techniques. She even had a GPS implant under the skin of her right underarm. Not that it would do a lot of good in the short run since Box didn’t know about it.

“I know. And I want to assure you both that nobody wants to hurt either of you.” She noticed Dirk talking on his cell phone.

Dirk walked over to the trio and said, “Maureen, we’re going. Watch them closely. Don’t untie them. We’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

Maureen watched the two mercenaries ride off on four wheelers that were eerily quiet.

* * *

Flying in the right seat of the restored 1967 DeHavilland Beaver, Ruane looked over maps of the area surrounding Snapper Lake Lodge. Chase saw her puff some air up, blowing some stray hairs out of her face. Moments later he watched her tuck that gorgeous red hair behind her left ear. He smiled. He loved watching Ruane in the small moments. She tilted her head, caught him looking, and gave him a wink and a smile.

Once back on the ground Chase, Ruane and Box sat at the table in the private dining room. “So, what have you got?” Chase asked.

“We’re missing a Land Rover and two four wheelers. So that suggests three drivers. We got five people unaccounted for; Anna, Maureen, Parker, and two of the three guys. Assume the two guys are drivers. That leaves Maureen and Parker.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Box, but…Anna?” Chase asked in a soft, gentle voice.

“I thought of that. No. Doesn’t fit the Anna I know.”


“There’s a dig up Knob Mountain. Rumors of a major find. They found a temple and some mysterious instrument they’re keeping under wraps,” Box continued.

“Who’s dig is it?”

“International group. French woman is leading it.”

“Any word on the nature of the mysterious instrument?” Ruane asked.

“Nobody’s talking much about it. Some kind of object with weird symbols and shapes all over it and it’s supposed to have special properties.”

“That could be the Parker Dill link. You think those guys are after it and want him to evaluate it?” Chase directed toward Box.

“Maybe, but why take Anna then?”

“Could be a different issue altogether,” Ruane offered. “Do you know who she is, Box?”

“Yeah. She’s Anna.”

“Butthead. No, I mean her background. I googled her. She comes from a wealthy family. Her father owns a media company; paper, magazines, some television stations and internet sites. They’re loaded with a capital L.”

“No. That I didn’t know. She was sort of vague about her background. I figured she was running from something and didn’t want to talk about it. So now we have kidnapping as a possibility.”

“Seems to be the only thing that makes sense as far as Anna is concerned,” Chase said.

And with that the three made plans. It was late afternoon when Chase and Box loaded their gear on the four wheelers.

“What do you think, Chase? Soft or hard.”

“HKs soft. Pistols hard.”

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.”

Chase and Box began loading their modified Heckler & Koch MP5s, the weapon of choice around the world for elite soldiers. They hoped for a nonviolent rescue, but long experience in Delta Force had taught them to prepare for the worst. Finished loading his weapon, 31 rounds including one in the chamber, Chase attached it to the quick release clip on the four wheeler’s handlebars.

“Those things are really quiet. What are they, electric?” Ruane asked.

“Yeah. They’re great. No fuel needed. The battery is constantly recharged as it moves along. There’s also a small, but effective photoelectric cell for a trickle charge if it sits for days. Of course, in the motor pool it’s plugged into an electrical outlet.”

“Cool. Maybe we can adapt if for the planes, Chase. I’ll have to think it through.”

Chase took Ruane into his arms and she laid her head against his chest. “Be careful,” she reminded him.

“I will. We will. We’ll be in constant touch. Let us know if Anna calls or anything unusual happens.”

“You got it, flyboy. You guys bring Anna back safe.”

With a look back over his shoulder and a small wave, Chase and Box jumped on the four wheelers and silently putted away from the lodge.

“Not exactly a manly departure, Box.”

“I know what you mean.”

“These things are kind of creepy quiet. Powerful though.”

“Wish we’d had them back in Delta, eh?”

The two old friends traveled a couple of hours, winding their way over the mountain trails. At some points they had to hack through the growth that threatened to block the infrequently used trails.

Box kept them on target with a portable GPS device. They continued up Knob Mountain, reaching the dig site in the early evening, several hours after their departure from Snapper Lake Lodge.

They arrived at the perimeter of the dig site. Box stopped and Chase pulled alongside. The camp was in almanbahis yeni giriş a large meadow at the base of a wide vertical cliff rising several hundred yards. Four bodies lay on the ground to the right of what appeared to be a semi-circular doorway cut into the cliff. The bodies were lined up and covered by a tarp. Eight or so men and women were shouting and moving around gathering equipment that had been strewn about.

Chase scanned the camp. Box nudged him and he looked in the direction Box nodded. The face of the cliff was covered with dense and intricate carvings of geometric shapes and symbols. The symbols formed an arch that echoed the shape of the entrance and appeared to end about three hundred feet above the doorway and one hundred and fifty feet to each side.

They were finally spotted. All activity stopped as the dig crew stared at Chase and Box. A short, wiry middle-aged woman with sun darkened skin cautiously approached them and asked, “Who are you?” Her accent was thick and French.

“We’re looking for a friend we think was kidnapped. What happened here?” Chase inquired.

“We were attacked by two men on buggies just like yours. They killed four of us and stole several artifacts.”

“Is anybody injured?”


“May I see? Maybe I can help,” Chase offered.

The woman’s gaze lingered on Chase, finding his handsome features appealing. Taking a deep breath, she led them to a tent where two men and a woman lay on cots. One man had a broken arm and other two had been shot, one in the arm, and the other in one shoulder.

Chase efficiently tended to them while Box told the woman, “Don’t worry. He was a doctor, a surgeon actually, before deciding he wanted to be a lawyer. And that was before he decided to play bush pilot. Go figure.”

The woman pulled her eyes from Chase. With a crisp motion she stuck out her hand and said, “I’m Zizi. I’m the dig supervisor.”

He shook her hand. “Call me Box. Like I said, we’re looking for a friend. Were the guys that attacked you alone?”

“As far as I could tell. They wore balaclavas. They rode in fast, from different sides of the camp, and demanded the artifacts. They tore the place up. We resisted. Some of us tried to fight them and were shot.”

“I’m sorry, Zizi. Which way did they leave?”

“The same way they came in. Different directions. There and there.” She pointed at opposite sides of the camp.

Chase returned to them and said, “I’ve done what I can. A bullet passed though the woman’s arm, but it looks like it’s still in the other’s shoulder. I set the broken arm as best I could under the conditions. They’re in no serious danger, but should get to a hospital as soon as possible.”

She put her hand on Chase’s arm. “Thank you,” she said and maintained physical contact with him. Zizi felt grateful and relieved to have such apparently capable men in camp.

Chase looked at the carvings on the wall of the cliff. “What is this place?”

“We’re not sure. Come.” Zizi hooked her arm through Chase’s and led the two men into the arched doorway and down a long passage. The passage was arched like the entrance and the walls and ceiling were covered with the same dense patterns. Powered by generators, banks of lights on stands lit the corridor. After about fifty strides the three emerged into a large chamber that had been cut out of the mountain interior, and had to walk around a huge stone to see the full room.

They were standing in a brightly lit room shaped like a pyramid. Each wall base was a little over three hundred feet long, the sides tapering up to a pointed ceiling, a little over three hundred feet above the center of the room.

At the center of each wall there was a single colossal stone. They appeared to be large heads and all had the same basic features: flattened nose, wide lips, and capping headpiece. At the center, much smaller stone heads faced the corners of the room and a large slab sat atop them. Stone stairs, three steps, had been built for each side. A slender upright rectangular block sat at the center of the slab.

Chase looked around. Over the passage entrance was a large, colorful image of a galaxy. Turning to his right he saw a large picture of a solar system, on the wall opposite the entrance was an image of a planet. On the last wall was a picture of what appeared to be an altar.

“We’re still mystified. We have no explanation yet for those drawings. The stone heads are similar to the Olmec heads found along the south coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The heads along the walls are five meters tall. Much larger than the Rancho La Corbata head. Also, the rock is not indigenous to this area and, as you can see, much larger than the entrance. Behind the heads are passages to antechambers.”

“What are Olmecs?” asked Chase.

Touching Chase as she talked, Zizi said, “Not what, who. The Olmec civilization was one of the first civilizations in the Americas. They probably thrived between 1200 to 400 BC, but carbon dating puts them as almanbahis giriş early as 1500 BC. Like I said, they lived along the Gulf of Mexico, largely along the coastal plain of southern Veracruz and Tabasco. They were one of the first civilizations to build pyramids, by the way; even though the Egyptian pyramids at Gizeh are thought to have been built around 2600 – 2500 BC. So as you can see, this is out of place. Doesn’t fit with what we know.”

She looked up at chase. She found Chase extremely attractive and was increasingly aroused in his presence.

“What did the killers take?”

“An orb.”

“An orb?” Chase questioned, enjoying the feel of her touch.

Zizi sighed, like she had made a decision and crossed her arms. “Yes. An orb. About the size of a coconut. Densely covered with those same shapes and pictures as the entrance and passage way.”

“Why would they be interested in an orb like that?”

Zizi turned to the passage and barked, “Stella!”

Turning back to the men she explained, “We found it on the upright stone block on the slab. The orb has unusual properties.”

Again turning to the entrance, she yelled, “Stellaaaa!” Chase looked up at Box with a raised eyebrow. Box grinned.

“It’s made of an alloy we can’t identify.” Zizi continued. “It’s extraordinarily dense. Based on its density it should weigh over three tons. Three point one four, to be exact. But it’s no heavier than a cell phone.”

A tall, slender woman entered the chamber. She had short, dark hair, was attractive with somewhat angular features. “Stella. Please show them.”

Stella raised her shirt. Low on the right side of her back was a small red spot, like skin healing from a burn. Low on the right side of her front was a larger red area, more ragged in shape.

“What?” Box asked.

“Tell them.”

“I tried to protect the orb,” Stella said in an Aussie accent. “I grabbed it and ran. I didn’t get far before they shot me. Here.” She touched the red area on her back.

“Are you saying the orb healed you?” Chase asked.

“I’m saying I was holding the orb when I got shot. They grabbed it from me and took off. Within five minutes, this.” She pointed to the red splotch on her stomach.

“I don’t have arthritis in my hands anymore. It disappeared after I handled the orb. Others here have had similar experiences simply by being within its proximity,” Zizi added.

“Fascinating.” Chase looked at Box. “The symbols are the Parker connection. Probably got Anna for ransom.”

“Makes sense,” Box agreed.

“It’s dark. Nobody’s going anywhere tonight. Let’s turn in and get an early start.”

The group turned and retreated back through the passage. As they exited, Zizi said to Chase, “May I have a word, privately?”

“Go ahead, Chase. I’ll set us up.”

Zizi took Chase by the hand and led him to her tent, isolated across the camp from the other personnel. Once inside, Zizi closed the flaps, walked across the tent and punched the play button on her CD player. Music filled the large nylon taffeta enclosure.

“Who is this?” he asked.

Zizi turned to face Chase and said, “Slang. ‘The Bellweather Project’.” She began disrobing. “I hope you don’t mind. You seem the type not to.” She was very short, slender, with smallish breasts. Pulling off her shirt she gestured with a hand for Chase to take his clothes off. He shrugged and started unbuttoning his shirt and quickly undressed.

She approached him, dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. Zizi felt his cock stiffen as she swirled her tongue around the crown. She took his cock deep into her small mouth and back out. Chase watched her hair flick back and forth as she gave him pleasure. She mouthed his balls while sliding one small hand over him.

She looked up at Chase. “Fuck my face,” she demanded. “As hard as you can.” She guided his hands to her head and again closed her lips around his cock. Zizi took him into her throat, her nose pressing against Chase’s stomach. He ran his fingers through her short hair and thrust into her mouth, backed almost out, all the way in, his balls slapping against her chin.

Zizi pulled away. She looked at up Chase, her eyes gleaming, watering at the corners. “Yes. Harder.”

Chase complied and fucked her mouth. Zizi made wet noises and spittle drooled down her chin. While holding her head still, his cock fucked her mouth deep and hard. He stopped thrusting and whipped her head down and back on his cock. She gagged and moaned and roughly rubbed her pussy. After several minutes, she pulled away, lay on her back and improbably tucked her legs behind her shoulders, folding her body in two.

“Fuck me. Hard as you can.”

Chase kneeled over Zizi and drove into her. He used his size and weight and strength and fucked her hard, driving her against the ground. With each thrust he moved her closer to the side of the tent. Her head finally pressed against the nylon wall, but Chase kept at it. Zizi’s head bent sideways and she moaned, enjoying the unnatural angle and discomfort.

He spun her away from the wall, wrapped his arms under her body and grasped her shoulders and drove inside as hard and fast as he could. Zizi grunted harshly with each thrust.

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