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Henry stood in the back of the crowd able to see over the top of the other family and friends attending the dance practice. Having been watching for the last 30 minutes up on the overlook balcony he was growing to appreciate the talents of all the dancers in the class, his daughter included, as well as the choreography.

The dancers in the class were working to a song called “Rock yo hips,” by Crime Mob with choreography that really meshed with the sexual nature of the song as well as the change in tempo. In so doing, Henry noticed the bodies of the teenage girls dancing just below him and couldn’t look away. His eyes were glued to the floor and a handful of girls in particular. The way the girls rocked their bodies, moved with the music and gyrated their hips had Henry growing with arousal.

Henry could easily pick out his daughter from amidst the 25 or so member class. The tallest nor the heaviest she was not, regardless the figure she cut was unmistakable. On top of that, Henry was well familiar with the nuance in the way she moved as a father should be. As he stood there watching his daughter Ashton practice the choreography, he couldn’t help but to reminisce over the years he has watched her grow from his baby girl to the beautiful woman now before him.

She learned to ride a bike from his patient teaching when she was four. Henry was instrumental in developing Ashton’s love for sports as he made sure she came to all of her older brother’s baseball games. They sat on the couch together watching the White Sox every night. He and his wife put Ashton in gymnastics at 4, then dance started a year later and soccer the year after that. Henry went to as many of her events as he could while also attending those of his three sons.

Ashton was definitely a daddy’s girl. It probably resulted that way because of the overwhelming love Henry showed his only girl. He always wanted one in addition to his boys so when April gave birth to Ashton he was overjoyed. April was of course equally enthralled with having a daughter to raise as her husband, but there was that little extra energy that Henry brought to his relationship with Ashton from the time of her birth through her formative years.

His joy was always prevalent on his face when he took care of Ashton. Whether it was just a quick hold before putting her to bed in her crib or it was the “airplane” rides he gave her, putting her on top of his shoulders or being her “horsey” as he took her around the house, Henry always brought a smile to his daughter’s face.

So it was that after every game Henry attended of Ashton’s, he would drive her home and talk her through her performance. Ashton relished her dad’s wisdom when it came to sports. He saw the game in a way that she aspired to grow to as a green soccer star. And though she never advanced in baseball further than those elementary years playing co-ed, Ashton loved the sport and loved attending games with her father and brothers.

Ashton was a pretty child essentially from birth. Once the symmetry of her features began to take shape including her almond-shaped blue eyes, full lips and high cheek bones, the fact that Ashton would always be a “looker” was determined. But it went to another level around the age of 11 when Ashton’s work in dance and gymnastics began to show in the development of her arms, legs and torso. By 14 with puberty in the rear-view mirror, Ashton’s beauty was readily apparent.

It made it more important to be protective of her at that point for Henry than anything else. His love for his daughter was obviously beyond her looks – he would have loved her if she was hideous – for it was the unconditional love a parent has for their own flesh and blood. On top of that, they had developed a beautiful father and daughter bond. Ashton’s personality reminded Henry of his own with a generous sprinkling of his wife’s, and it was that more than anything else that Henry really cherished about his daughter.

Ashton and her fellow classmates were now divided into groups of four as they performed the dance. The groups performed the roughly 90 second routine a few times each and then the class ended. Henry made his way to the lobby of the facility as carefully as he could, his raging hard on making him take care to tuck it away in his slacks as best he could (he was able to untuck his dress shirt so that it covered his crotch and tuck his cock up against his belly with the belt keeping it in place).

Ashton was talking with her good friend Lacy along with a male dancer that Henry was not familiar with when he reached the bottom of the stairs and looked around the room. Ashton didn’t immediately realize his presence, she was expecting to return home the way she came, that being courtesy of Lacy and her small Honda.

But as Henry took a few steps through the pairs of family members, Ashton glimpsed the familiar sight of her father’s frame and charming smile and lit up in her surprise. It was just the look that Henry was hoping to receive. He wasn’t disappointed.

“Daddy!” ataşehir escort Ashton blurted out with equal amounts of shock and joy. She hurriedly covered the 15 feet between them and hugged her dad tight. “Why are you here?”

“To watch my daughter do her thing of course, why else?” Henry said with a light chuckle. Ashton was gazing up at her father with her eyes wide and a beautiful joy about her visage.

“You always say I should come and that I don’t watch you enough.”

“Aww, daddy!” Ashton laid her sweaty head against her father’s chest again and hugged him. After separating again, she looked up at her father and asked him how much he was able to take in.

“I think I got here at 7:15, so I missed just a little I think,” Henry said. “Are you ready to go?”

“Uh yeah, let me just go tell Lace that I’m riding with you,” Ashton replied. She handed her backpack to her father and went back over to her friend to confirm the change of plans which didn’t take rocket science for Lacy to pick up on.

Henry and Ashton walked out to the parking lot with their arms around each other before separating to enter the big truck Henry drove.

“You were good, darling,” Henry said in anticipation of his daughter’s question. She was looking at him, thoughts clearly rolling through her mind. “I liked that choreography. A little risque maybe, but definitely appealing.”

“Dad,” Ashton said incredulously, drawing the word out. “That’s hip hop dance in 2019.”

“Maybe,” he replied. “I guess I’m a little out of touch with the dance world.”

Ashton laughed and gave her father a playful shove in his shoulder. She was turned in her seat, facing her dad, taking him in.

“What do you think of my outfit, dad?”

They were coming to a stop light and Henry slid up behind the nearest car in front, applied the brake and looked over at his daughter. She was wearing a pair of tight black leggings with a few small tears in them across the thigh. Of course they amplified her toned legs, beautiful ass (though not noticeable here in the car) and even to Henry’s dismay, formed his daughter’s groin perfectly to the point of showing an irresistible camel toe. On top, Ashton was wearing a cropped t-shirt over a black sports bra. The t-shirt barely covered the bra so that you could clearly see her entire mid drift which showcased a solid six pack, yet when she lifted her arms up the t-shirt rode up and teased the viewer with a glimpse of Ashton’s ample set of tits.

“I was going to reprimand you later for it. Far too sexy, sweetheart,” Henry said. “You’re showing your mid drift and it’s too racy for those guys in your class.”

Ashton rolled her eyes. “Give me a break, dad. It’s fine and you know it. Anything more and I’m going to get too hot. I’m already wet as it is.”

With that Ashton removed her seat belt and reached towards the back seat where her backpack was. She grabbed a towel, fell back into her seat and toweled her face and upper body off a little more than she had after class. She set the towel down and pawed at her father again.

“So daddy, what did you really think of my dancing?” she asked with a seductive tone. As she spoke she reached for her dad’s shirt and lifted the hem up over his waist, revealing the top half of his cock still rock hard and pressed against his stomach by the waistband and belt of his slacks.

“Honey, don’t. I’m driving,” Henry admonished her.

“I knew it!” Ashton screamed in excitement. She peeled back her father’s shirt and saw his erection pinned against his chest. She grabbed it softly and gave it a couple strokes.

“I thought I noticed it tucked up when your shirt moved slightly as we walked to the car. Did I do this to you, daddy?”

Henry’s eyes were on the road. They were about five minutes from the house now but he needed release. He couldn’t very well stroll into the house to greet his wife and son sporting a tucked up boner after being at his daughter’s dance class. That would be unsightly. April would not be pleased. As he assessed his options, he knew there were few. Pull over and let Ashton suck him off in the car? He could find a private spot now that it was well after 8 p.m. and dark easily enough he supposed. Or, he thought, they could pull over and fuck either inside the car (tight squeeze but doable) or out if he found a hidden spot. Mulling the three scenarios quickly, he opted for the latter.

“You and your classmate. That routine you did at the end to “Rock Yo Hips,'” Henry’s voice trailed off, leaving the sentence unfinished.

“Oh, you’re probably talking about Taylor. The blonde girl?” Ashton inquired curiously. She was attempting to free her dad’s cock by undoing his belt. “Fuck, I need this dick right now,” she muttered under her breath.

Henry turned off the road and into a strip mall parking lot. A few of the shops were long since shuttered up, out of business with no new tenants. The tenants that were there were near closing hours on this Monday night. The customer traffic – as avcılar escort detailed by the sparse parking lot – was light. Instead of parking though, Henry pulled around the width of the building and found a hidden corner where the service trucks dropped off their loads. There was a semi truck parked off to the side that looked deserted with just enough room beside it for his truck. He pulled in beside it. On his right was a cement wall that went up a good ten feet with dirt and shrubbery on top before giving way to a steel barricade and sidewalk. They were shielded on both sides.

“We don’t have much time, sweetheart,” said Henry as he turned his truck off and hopped out. Ashton didn’t answer, she was already leaving her side and coming around to the driver’s side to meet her father. Henry unzipped his fly and unbuckled his belt by the time she reached him, his pants now down around his ankles.

Ashton stood on her tip toes and kissed her father a few times square on the mouth and then grasped the cock that she so badly needed.

“I’ve needed this dick all day, dad,” she said. “Are you going to give it me?”

“I think it’s time we had another lesson, sweetheart,” Henry answered her. By now Ashton had taken it upon herself to squat on her haunches and slip her father’s dick in her mouth. She was slopping it up nice and good. covering the leading five inches with a fair amount of her saliva when her father lifted her chin and forced her up.

“Turn around, baby,” Henry told his daughter.

Ashton stood up and turned towards the semi. She placed her hands on the side of the truck and shifted her feet shoulder width apart, ready for her father to take her. Within seconds she felt her leggings being slipped down past her ass, coming to a rest just above her knee. Her red thong covered her slit alluringly.

Pausing for a beat, Henry admired the way his daughter’s slit poked out from her ass, even still covered by her thong. “Fuck me,” he thought. “This is how a woman should look. This is prime tail right here.”

“What are you waiting for, dad?”

“Nothing, sweetheart. Just admiring the view.”

“Oh, you like my thong, daddy?” Ashton purred sweetly, swaying her ass ever so slightly side to side, waiting for her father’s touch.

Henry reached out with both hands and slid her thong down to meet her leggings revealing his daughter’s voluptuous bubble butt. Without hesitation Henry buried his face right into his daughter’s crack. Ashton responded by wiggling her butt side to side while Henry licked.

He settled her ass with his hands, placing one on each cheek, then began licking at the perfect peach that was his daughter’s outer pussy folds staring back at him. For a good minute, Henry remained there, squatting on his haunches with his tongue buried in his daughter’s desperately wet pussy tasting her delicious nectar and prepping her for his thick, steel-firm erection.

It was no wonder Ashton came home so charged up after dance Henry realized now after a dive into his daughter’s cunt. The sexual nature of the choreography coupled with the sweaty, youthful bodies – it would be hard for any teenager not to feel their hormones charged.

They had little time. His wife April was awaiting their return for a late dinner he knew so he stood up and inserted his cock without any further hesitation. Ashton moaned at the prying of her outer lips by her father’s thick head.

“Is this the dick you’ve been desperate for, sweetheart?” teased Henry.

More moaning was the response Henry received from his daughter. “Mmmm fuck me, daddy! Ughhh, give me all of that cock!”

Henry was pulsing in and out of his daughter slowly with just the first 4-5 inches until then, but at his daughter’s request he bottomed out now, drilling deep for his daughter’s “oil.” Ashton had her legs spread wide with her ass thrust out and they were well into spasm now.

“Fuck! Daddy, I can’t stand. My legs are shaking!” Ashton nearly cried.

“Here, I have an idea,” said Henry and he went to the backseat of the truck where he found his daughter’s towel and double-folded it before setting it on the ground. It was just long enough to give his ass and back protection from the cement and tiny pebbles littering the parking lot.

Henry pulled Ashton down with him gently. She was straddling his torso and as he sat down on the towel, she positioned her vagina just over his cock. She reached down for it and split her fold with the head, finding her hole. Facing her father, she rode him for all she was worth for the next five minutes, reaching orgasm twice.

They were pushing the edge of the 10 minutes Henry thought they had before needing to get home yet he still hadn’t found his release. Just as he was about to implore his daughter to speed up, she pulled her legs tight to his side and sat up straight with her ass still poked out. Ashton proceeded to grind on her father’s 8-inch pole with her pussy hoping this would finally get her dad to expel his seed into her womb.

Henry ataşehir escort bayan groaned, he was getting close now and his daughter looked so beautiful in this position. He reached out and cupped his daughter’s ass supporting her weight, now he could control her movement and he sped up her rhythmic slide to his liking.

Ashton had her right hand on her father’s jaw, she leaned in now and her mouth found his. They kissed passionately while Ashton bottomed out over and over again with her father’s assistance.

“OhmyGod! Ahhh fuck me, daddy! Right there, give it to me!” Ashton cried after pulling away from her dad’s lips.

Henry grunted again trying to pick up the pace as he felt his orgasm on the doorstep.

“I’m close, baby,” Henry said.

“Yes, daddy, give me that cum. Cum for your little girl. Pump that gooey seed into my wet cunt!” Ashton purred.

Her naughty words were all it took for Henry. He was so hard for her, his mind racing into places that no proper father’s mind should. Then he came hard, pumping rope after rope of cum into Ashton.

“Fuck yes, there you go sweetheart!” Henry moaned as the last of his ropes shot from his cock.

“Daddy, I’m cumming with you. It’s so warm!” Ashton said with a beautiful smile. They kissed and then she sat up and pulled on her thong and leggings, Henry doing up his pants quickly and gaining the driver’s door. Ashton picked up her towel which was soaked with sweat and a mix of their fluids that had evidently leaked out of her pussy as she disengaged from her dad’s cock.

“I’ll have to wash this myself,” she thought with a smile before running around to the passenger side door and getting in.

Henry pulled the truck out of the back lot and found the highway again as Ashton fixed her clothes and hair while looking in the small, flip down mirror. Putting the mirror back up she looked over at her dad.

“I’m glad you came, dad,” Ashton said with a smile at her double entendre. “I like when you watch me dance.”

“Well, I like watching you, Ash. You’ve become a terrific dancer and it makes your mother and I so proud. You know I come as often as work and your brother’s baseball schedule lets me.”

“And thanks for fucking me. I feel so much better,” Ashton said.

They pulled into their neighborhood, Henry dropping the speed of the truck down to 10 miles per hour. He looked over at Ashton and pat his daughter’s thigh.

“You’ve been a perfect daughter lately, Ash. If you continue to make your mother and I happy, I’ll be more than willing to give you this dick whenever you want it,” Henry said flatly.

Ashton had a questioning look on her face as Henry turned the corner and they neared their driveway.

“I’m serious,” Henry said. “Ashton, your father still has the sexual appetite of a teenager and you’re…” he stopped himself short.

“What dad?” Ashton asked, curious now. The truck pulled into the garage and settled in park.

“You’re excellent. You’re tight and you’re as sexy as a girl gets. Any guy would be lucky to have sex with you and I’m not going to deny that I enjoy it,” Henry told her. Their eyes held each other’s for a long moment and he touched Ashton’s cheek before opening the door and hopping out of the truck.

They stepped into the house, Ashton set her bag down, then lifted up on her tip toes and kissed her father on the cheek, telling him, “Thank you.”

April stood just in front of the open kitchen. She heard the garage door open and anticipated their entry. Everything she prepared for dinner was ready for her daughter to eat. She must be so very hungry, she thought.

“Hey honey! How was class,” April asked as Ashton came around foyer to greet her mother. Ashton hugged her mother and replied with an easy, one-word response, “Great.”

“I made chicken stir-fry, Ashton. You must be starving. You’re so sweaty,” April observed as they separated and Ashton grabbed a seat at the kitchen island and sat down to eat.

Ashton was starving. Sex had only acted as a stimulant for her appetite. During the drive home, she was so focused on putting her clothes back on, she hadn’t realized she was glowing with sweat on her forehead and cheeks.

“Oh, well dad had the heat on in the car,” Ashton answered, her first bite poised just in front of her mouth.

April accepted her daughter’s reply with minor consideration before turning to her husband and embracing with a hug and kiss.

Ashton polished off her dinner while her mother and father made small talk which covered their days’ events and Ashton’s dance class. April shared some interesting neighborhood gossip that her friend Kathy was getting a divorce. Apparently her husband Jack was caught cheating with their babysitter. Quite the scandal. Ashton laughed at her mom’s delivery of the news.

Back down in the basement, Ashton greeted her brother Anthony who was stretched out on the couch playing Call of Duty on their XBox.

“I’ll join you in a sec,” Ashton said. “I have to take a shower.”

Thirty minutes later, Ashton walked her beautiful self into the basement living area fully showered and skin glowing with a layer of lotion freshly applied. Her hair, still a little damp, was combed back away from her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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