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I answered the personal ad in the Saturday newspaper.

“Companion Wanted.
Generous compensation.”

I was sort of disappointed when a man’s voice answered.

“I am calling about you ad.” I said uncertainly.

“Can you come see me for an interview?” the voice asked.

“Can you tell me more about the position?” I asked.

“Everything will be explained during our interview.”

Normally I would have disregarded the job offer but I was desperate. A month behind in my rent and no prospects on the horizon I needed t generate some income quickly. I noted the time and address for my interview.

Century 21 was a 42 floor apartment/office complex in the middle of downtown. I buzzed the security code I had been given and the lobby door clicked allowing me in.

The elevator whisked me quickly up to the 20th floor. I knocked on the door with the brass numbers 2005 gleaming on it.

The door was opened and I was surprised to see a man of about thirty in a wheelchair greet me.

“Hello. I’m George, come in please.” He invited.

He had said nothing about being disabled on the phone. As a matter of fact he had told me very little about anything at all.

I followed the chair into the living room as the motor whirred softly.

“Have a seat.” Gesturing towards an overstuffed wing back chair.

I sat down and crossed my legs pressing down my short flannel skirt as much a possible.

“As you see I am handicapped as the result of a motor vehicle accident several years ago. I am paralyzed from the waist down.” George begins.

“Thanks to a large insurance settlement I am financially quit well taken care of.” he continued.

He went on to explain he was about to take a two-week trip to the Dominican Republic. He told me he had been there before at a resort that catered to his needs.

Hence the need for a travel companion. George did not want to travel alone and was willing to pay all a companion’s expenses plus five thousand dollars for someone to spend the two weeks accompanying him.

After asking me a few brief questions and studying my personality and appearance he offered me the position if I choose to accept.

Two weeks in he glorious sun all expenses paid! And after all he was paralyzed so what could I fear?

I quickly accepted his offer and rushed home to pack.

Less than a year out of school and I had rushed out to get my own apartment. Just when I thought I had everything under control I lost my job when Wal-Mart opened a new store just outside of town and took away Al’s business. Al hated to let me go but he had no choice.

I figured I was going to have to go waiting tables or maybe get a job slinging beer in the Cecil House. I had just turned nineteen and was not bad looking so I should do o.k. on tips.

I didn’t really like the idea of the animals in the Cecil grabbing my ass and George’s offer would give me more time.

I stood five foot two and weighed one hundred and eight pounds, soaking wet. Long black hair down to my ass with cute chocolate brown buttons for nipples on my 34B breasts. My skin was pasty white from lack of sun and I had a Cindy Crawford mole on my right cheek. I looked like a life size Barbie doll.

It was a week later when we boarded the white 737 Lufthansa jet at Pearson International bound for Santo Domingo.

Because izmir escort of George’s handicap we were permitted to preboard and settled in the first class cabin. Soon we were climbing into the blue shy heading for paradise.

I had agreed to have sex with George during our adventure.

Having had bad reactions to birth control pills after trying several brands I had decided to forgo their use. I was not very sexually active anyway and did not see the need to suffer the discomfort for the rare occasions I may need them. My womb lay fallow inviting some drifting seed a fertile place to grow.

After arriving at our resort we were assigned to our cabana and took the opportunity to freshen up after a long and tiring trip.

I showered and entered the room naked displaying to George what he was about to enjoy for the next fortnight.

George managed himself onto the bed naked and I lay atop of him in the sixty-nine position.

For the first time I took his cock into my mouth. He was rigid and of a decent size and felt very good filling my mouth.

It had been too long since I had had the opportunity to enjoy a cock without fear of commitment or emotion. For the next two weeks I planned to enjoy George’s cock openly.

I felt George’s tongue exploring he wetness between my legs as I begin sucking on his shaft.

We enjoyed each other familiarizing each other with our needs. No need to hurry, we had two weeks of bliss before us.

After about ten minutes of sucking and licking I needed George in me. Nimbly I rotated my body atop of him until my hungry pussy was over the head of his erection. I guided him into me as I lowered myself onto his cock.

George slid into my silky smooth pussy like he had been there a hundred times before. Inch after inch slid into me until my weight rested on his groin.

George’s body did not move and it was like I was riding a very realistic dildo. Shamelessly I gyrated my pussy on s cock rotating the pressure of his member on my vagina wall.

George had clasped his hands over my little breasts rolling my nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. I leaned forward and kissed him with the head of his cock buried deep within my womanhood.

It was the first of many times George inseminated me.

Fucking George was a unique experience. I was always in total control as he was unable to move his hips. His only contribution was a load of his creamy thick cum when I brought him to a climax.

George had told me there was very little possibility of him making me pregnant. Doctors had told him he had a mobility problem with his sperm and even though he ejaculated in me it was unlikely his spermatozoa would find its way to my eggs. I could ride his bare cock with impunity.

Day after glorious day went by. Each day I would ride George’s cock until it drained into me. I savored the feeling on him filling me yet not subjecting my pussy to a cock pounding. Often after reaching my orgasm I would remain on his spent cock enjoying being connected as if his cock was some sort of an umbilical cord.

It was our last day when George dropped the bombshell.

“I want you to do something for me tonight.” He asked in his most pathetic voice.

“Anything.” I smiled.

“I want to watch you with two black mersin escort men.” George asked.

It was totally unexpected. The man I had freely given myself to wants to watch me perform with not one but two blacks.

I did not have any racial prejudice but I considered how virile the sperm from two black men might be in my unprotected womb.

“Can I just give them oral sex?” I wishfully asked.

“No, I want to see them use your every opening.” George smiled.

George revealed he had already made the arrangements and the two bulls would be dropping in on us later in the evening.

A million thoughts rushed through my head. Had he really arranged for two savages to rape me? Who were they? How big would they be?

George had me prepare for my humiliation. He watched as I bathed and sat before the dressing table arranging my hair and applying my makeup. He selected the transparent short nighty I would wear.

By nine o’clock I had consumed enough rum to numb my anxiety and was ready to please my benefactor. From the bedroom I heard George answering the door and inviting them in. One last look in the mirror and I walked out to join them.

Most black Dominicans being of Haitian ancestry are diminutive stature. These two specimens were gargantuan.

George sat in his chair smiling as they looked at me and me at them. The short gown I was wearing hid nothing; every detail of m naked body beneath was clearly on display.

They could have been brothers, each with shaven heads and bodies bulky with well-developed muscle. They towered over me standing well over six foot tall glistening with sheen of perspiration. Their deep ebony color was a stark contrast to my Lily-white skin. George had chosen well.

George handed each of them fifty dollars American with instructions what he wanted them to do with me. It was a small fortune I this poverty stricken country and ensure George a good show.

My two breeders slipped off their kaki shorts while George and I watched in expectancy. “Oh my God!” They revealed two of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. Between them they had well over two feet of thick blacksnake that was about to be all mine.

Naked one stood on each side of me and like a feather lifted me and carried me over to the waiting bed. My gown flew up around my waist as the flung me across the bed.

The two naked bucks stood over me holding their cocks in their hands deciding who was going to stretch which hole first. As the first on dropped between my legs I spread them open as far as I was able preparing for the assault on my pussy.

I felt the huge bulbous head nuzzle between my labia seeking the entry to my wet opening. It was like trying to fit a bus into the family car garage. Slowly my vagina yielded to the intrusion and the cock started entering me.

The intruder had placed my ankles up on his shoulders and I was being skewered like a pig on a barbeque.

I clenched my teeth so as not to cry out as George watched my torment.

Mercifully the walls of my vagina give in and allowed the monstrosity to slid into me. Inch after inch after inch my fuck hole was stretched to unheard of limits to accommodate the giant’s cock.

Just as I thought my problems were over I felt the smooth head of the second cock press against my sakarya escort lips. I opened my eyes and saw the preposterous size cock wanting to enter my mouth. With my mind made up my jaw dropped open as far as possible to allow my mouth to be filled.

It was like trying to take the large end of a baseball bat between my lips. My teeth raked over the skin of the giant cock as it stuffed my wide-open mouth. I gagged but pressed the cock to one side with my tongue allowing me to breathe again. I wanted to cry out for pity but only unintelligent gurgling noises came out.

The best I could do was to take the head and maybe an inch or two of the thick cock into my mouth. My lips sealed around the thick black shaft as I sucked in a deep breath.

Thankfully my pussy was beginning to adjust to the oversize intruder. My vagina walls were still pulled mercilessly by the strokes of the cock sliding in and out of me. Slowly I begin to lubricate.

George had chosen well, these two leviathans were notorious for cum producing, which I was about to find out.

With my mouth full of cock and little room for anything else hot creamy sperm begin to gush into my mouth. Desperately I tied to swallow it but it was hopeless, it was coming to fast and too much to go down my throat and for me to continue to breathe.

Cum escaped from the corners of my mouth like a pot boiling over. Profuse amounts of the salty brine run down my chin and dripped to my bare breasts.

I was gagging on cum when I felt the cock in my pussy begin to blast sperm into my other end. By now the huge black cock was well into my love canal and spilling seed into my fertile nest.

I couldn’t stop my orgasm, while George watched I cum receiving my black baby jism.

The amount of cum from only one climax each was incredible. There was a pungent odor of cum reeking from my body as I wallowed in their man juice.

I was still in lala land as they changed positions. The cock came out of my cunt and was stuffed into my mouth. The second cock slipped into my stretched fuck hole much easier that its predecessor.

I could taste myself as my lips squeegee the coating of crud off the cock fresh out of my pussy. My pussy was now well lubricated with excess cum.

George watched contemplating how much abuse I could tolerate. I saw him give the nod to the bull in my pussy. Effortlessly I was flipped over unto my hands and knees to have my ass invaded.

“Oh no!” I cried as I felt the monster at my anus.

The gigantic cock entered my ass by brute force. Gripping my hips firmly he began his journey to the center of my world. My asshole stretched to meet his demands.

“Ooooooohhhhhh!” I whimpered as I was sodomized.

My ass had been virgin and to have my bowels feel so full was an unfamiliar sensation. It was like I was taking the granddaddy of all craps.

Remarkably my dirt chute stretched to accommodate the huge cock easier than my pussy had. In a few strokes I was getting my ass and my face fucked at the same time.

I rocked back and forth between the two cocks trying to synchronize my movement with their plunges. Occasionally they would thrust together driving the cock into my throat.

Yet another deluge of Dominican cum flowed into my body. I begin to envy the Dominican women enjoying these black cocks daily. I knew I would have memories to take home with me that would last a lifetime.

George was fully satisfied by my performance that night. The following day it was me who needed assistance boarding the plane back home.

I still visit George occasionally and he gets out the photo album with the pictures of our Caribbean fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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