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Some of you have probably read the story about my experience with my hot cousin Lindsay, who was living with me at the time, and her panties. If not, to sum it up, she caught me admiring one of her thongs I found as a result of exploring her bedroom dresser. It turned out that we were both extremely horny and, at her suggestion, we had a mutual masturbation session that, despite some agreed upon rules about not touching one another, ended with me sliding two fingers inside her pussy, her hand around my cock, and me shooting cum on her stomach. A week or so after that incident, Lindsay moved into her new apartment. Even though we’ve seen each other numerous times since our fun, neither of us have mentioned it and nothing more has happened. That is until a month or so ago when the family gathered for our annual Memorial Day picnic. These events are usually quite a bit of fun for all ages and have traditionally involved the consumption of quite a bit of alcohol. This year’s version proved no exception.

I first saw Lindsay about an hour after arriving at the picnic site, which was my Uncle Bruce’s sprawling farm. I was standing on the diving-board of the pool preparing to execute a can opener, when I heard her familiar voice calling me. I looked up and my heart skipped a beat. I had always thought she was hot, but my God, this was over the top. She wore a hot pink bikini and sandals, her long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. Her long legs were just as toned and tanned as I remembered from our masturbation session. I flashed back to that day, recalling the thrill of seeing her lying naked on the bed, her legs spread wide open as she fingered her shaved pussy and moaned with pleasure. I caught my breath, and returned my gaze to the pool, hoping I hadn’t stared too long or that somebody in the family hadn’t noticed the way I was looking at her. I waved, and then executed my jump. I emerged from the pool to find her and my beautiful bride Lissy exchanging greetings, both hotties sipping Margaritas or some other tropical drink my uncle had whipped up. Now that was a threesome I’d love to be part of!

“Hey,” she said smiling, “nice dive.”

“Gee, thanks,” I replied, “I’m practicing for the next Olympics,” I quipped. I leaned in and gave Lissy a kiss, gently running my tongue over the inside of her lips, tasting the salt and tequila.

“What, no love for me?” Lindsay asked, pretending to pout. “You see her all the time and I haven’t seen you for at least a couple months,” she wind, gesturing towards Lissy.

“I’d give you a hug, but I don’t want to get you wet.” I replied.

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time,” Lindsay replied matter of factly, her blue eyes sparkling. “And I hope it won’t be the last, it sure is hot out here!” She raised her glass to her lips and finished off her drink, the ice cubes tinkling against the glass. “I’m ready for another one,” she declared. “What about you Lissy?”

“Lead the way honey, I’m right behind you.” As she turned to go, Lissy gave me another kiss and headed off to find a drink.

I thought about the verbal exchange that had just occurred and wondered escort exactly what Lindsay had meant about me getting her wet. I hadn’t really thought about the potential double meaning of that phrase until just now. I just wasn’t sure what her thought process was, though I have to admit, that look in her eyes was definitely filled with mischief.

My thoughts were interrupted by a hard whack on my shoulder, courtesy of my brother. “What’s up man, you look like you’re contemplating life or something,” he inquired as he handed me an ice cold beer.

“Nah, just enjoying the scenery,” I replied lamely.

“Well, let’s go over to the volleyball court. They’re picking teams for the tournament.”

We ambled over to the sand court and were soon engaged in the twelfth annual summer volleyball tournament. Several games and more than a couple beers later, it turned out that my team made it to the finals. Our opponents happened to be a rather veteran squad consisting of several of my uncles, my dad, and, thrown in for good measure, Lindsay and her younger sister. Wow, I thought, this is going to be tough. How am I expected to concentrate on this game with that gorgeous chick standing across the way from me. As the best of three series progressed, I actually surprised myself by maintaining my focus. I, and I think a few of my teammates, did discover, however, that if you hit the ball high and right at Lindsay, she would jump for it, which was an amazing view. Her ponytail and perky tits would bounce and her amazing legs rippled as she strained to reach the ball.

As the final game drew to a close, my dad hit a blistering shot right at me, which I reflexively smashed back over the net, my speed surprising everyone, even me, considering the number of beers I had drank. Unfortunately, Lindsay wasn’t so fast and the ball struck her on the left cheek. The crowd and players gasped audibly, but she remained on her feet. I ran over and apologized to her, offering to get her some ice for her cheek.

“No, I’m fine,” she replied, gingerly rubbing the red splotch on her face. She leaned on my shoulder for support and softly whispered, “trust me, that’s not the first time I’ve been hit in the face with balls. The ones I’m used to are a lot softer though.”

I didn’t know how to react to that comment, but it was becoming clearer to me that my cousin was either extremely horny and/or getting rather tipsy. I still wasn’t sure if that horniness involved me, and if it did, how I would react to something like that. She was hot for sure, and I had definitely fantasized about fucking her every way imaginable, but it was a big leap to go from daydreaming about her to actually screwing my cousin. I even thought perhaps she was interested in Lissy, the two had been hanging out all day and drinking quite a bit.

After our volleyball victory, we ate supper and settled down for the rest of the evening. Several poker games started, the kids enjoyed the pool, and other adults talked, listened to music and drank. As the sun went down, I headed into the house to use the bathroom. I had just zipped up and was turning to wash my hands when izmit escort bayan I heard a knock at the door.

“Just a minute, I’ll be right out,” I called.

To my surprise, the door flung open and Lindsay burst in, staggering just a bit from the margaritas.

“Hey, what’s going on,” I said. She stepped in, closing the door softly behind her and putting a finger over her lips to silence me.

“Listen to me,” she hissed, “you are going to fuck me right here in this bathroom right now.”

“Uh, what?” I stammered.

“You heard me. I’ve been waiting all day to get you alone. I’m so horny and all I can think of is our little tryst a couple years ago.”

“Lindsay, I’m not going to lie, I’ve thought about it quite a bit too, especially how I’d love to sleep with you, but are you sure this is something you really want to do? I know you’re a bit, well, drunk, and I don’t want you to do something you’ll regret.”

“Are you telling me you don’t want to feel this pussy wrapped around that cock of yours?” she asked. Sometime after the volleyball game she had traded her bikini for an equally hot yellow sun dress. As she spoke those words, she lifted the dress, revealing the pair of crochless panties I had also discovered in her drawer when she was living at my house.

I swallowed hard, I guess the moment of truth was here. Before I knew it I heard myself speaking. “No, that’s not what I said, I just want to make sure that …” she cut me off pushing me away from the sink and towards the toilet.

“Take off those shorts, close the lid on the toilet, and sit down. I can’t tell you how badly I want your cock buried in my twat.”

I did as I was told, my cock instantly springing to life and tingling with excitement. She lifted the dress, slid off the panties, and straddled me. She leaned her head forward slightly and her hot breath brushed my left ear, turning me on even more. Then, with her right hand, she maneuvered the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She took a deep breath and then lowered herself on my aching prick. The feeling was tremendous. Sooo warm, wet, and tight! God she was good, and she hadn’t even started moving!

She moved her right hand up a bit and gently began to massage her clit. “Oh yeah, that’s it,” she moaned with pleasure. As she rubbed that pretty pink clit I had countless times dreamed of sucking, she began to slide up and down on my cock, using those muscular legs to propel herself. Occasionally she wiggled her hips, driving me crazy.

“Oh, yeah girl, that feels amazing!” I breathed.

She continued to ride my cock and rub her clit and I could feel her orgasm building. She draped her left arm over my right shoulder and buried her face in my other shoulder.

“Whatever you do,” she said, “don’t cum inside me.”

“How do you expect me not to cum inside you?” I asked, a little annoyed. By this point, I figured I had come this far with my slutty cousin and I damned well intended to finish the job.

“That’s not my fucking problem,” she said through clenched teeth as her own orgasm continued izmit sınırsız escort to build. “Just don’t do it or there will be big problems.”

I didn’t know what to say, but figured I’d just hang on for the ride and see what happened. Faster and faster she rubbed her clit, bucking her hips up and down as she rode me. She dug her fingernails into my back as she held on for support.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum! Yes! Yes!” As the orgasm washed over her, she buried her face in my shoulder and bit me. Extremely hard I might add. Lissy has been known to bite and scratch on occasion, but nothing like this! I didn’t know how to react, briefly considering throwing her on the floor and leaving or maybe even just screaming in pain. What was with this girl? She wouldn’t let me cum and was beating me up.

She rested for a minute, her breath slowing, then got off me and stood up. She turned away from me to retrieve the panties from the floor. I leaned forward a bit, my face inches from that delicious ass, and breathed in her intoxicating scent. She stood there for a moment, fumbling with the panties, and before I realized what I was doing, I reached out and gave that ass a solid smack, the collision of the bare flesh of my hand with her naked ass resounding like a shot. I raised my hand to smack her ass again, but she wheeled around, catching my wrist.

“What was that for?” she demanded.

“For a lot of things. First, for biting and scratching me like some kind of wild animal. Second, for teasing me all night and not letting me cum after I was nice enough to get you off. And, third, for being a bad, slutty, bitch.”

She smiled, “thanks, I take all those as compliments. Now stand up.”

As I stood, she got down on her knees in front of me and in one fluid motion took my still aching cock deep in her mouth. I wasn’t sure what to expect next, all I could think of was the throbbing bite mark on my shoulder. What ensued, however, was not a painful bite, but a fabulous blowjob.

“Yummy,” she said, “I love to taste my pussy juice mixed with a guy’s precum.”

She went back to sucking, slurping and bobbing her head up and down, gently caressing from my balls to my asshole with her fingertips. Suddenly, just as I was nearing my climax, there was a knock at the door. We both panicked, but Lindsay recovered first.

“Hello,” she called.

“Oh, sorry,” came my brother’s voice. “Didn’t know anybody was in there.”

“No problem,” she said, “just give me a minute or so and I’ll be right out.”

She listened for a minute. Apparently satisfied that he had gone, she resumed her sucking and caressing. A minute passed by and I told her I was going to cum. She didn’t say anything, just continued her rhythmic bobbing. She looked into my eyes as I grabbed a handful of her long blond hair and thrust my cock deeper in her mouth. Probably a bit too deep because she gagged and I was a little concerned she wasn’t going to finish. She recovered nicely, though, and a couple seconds later I shot my sticky load into the back of her throat. She drank it down like a good little slut should, licking her lips with satisfaction.

“See,” she said, “good things come to those who wait. I’d never let you suffer like that.”

“You’re pretty amazing,” I said, “thanks for the fun.”

“No problem,” she replied, “we’ll have to do it again some time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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