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Janet was in her mid thirties, her dark brown hair cut in a short sassy style Jim found very fetching. She was slim and well proportioned with trim legs, and a flat stomach. He had seen her in short skirts, or shorts and a shirt tied at the waist most times he was in her apartment. He helped move her in, and returned several times to fix or change things over the past few months. They talked quite a bit during the time they spent together and became good friends rather quickly. More than once he left with a hard-on.

One evening while installing new fixtures in the kitchen and bath, she invited him for supper. Being tired of his own cooking, and open for any excuse to spend more time with her, he readily accepted. As he finished with the sink in the bathroom, he could smell the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen making him hungrier by the minute. It was a good meal, and they talked throughout.

Retiring on the couch for a mixed drink, they chatted with easy listening music on her stereo. After a while she excused herself for the ‘ladies’ room. When she returned, she knelt in front of him, placed her hands on his knees pushing them apart enough to move between them, and reached immediately for his belt. He was stunned to say the least, and couldn’t speak. When he did, she had his belt undone and zipper down, and all he could say was ‘gosh’.

She just giggled as her fingers curled around the edge of his pants and shorts tugging them down over his hips. He lifted his ass enough for her to slide them down his legs to his ankles. She went straight for his rising cock lifting it gently in her right hand stroking the head with her thumb, then ran her tongue along the underside to the tip. Electrical shocks shot through him making his dick snap to attention. He noticed she had dispensed with her bra in the bathroom, her nipples straining at the thin fabric of her blouse.

Reaching the tip with her tongue, she slid over the head pinching it between her lips sending waves of pleasure through his loins. A few nibbles more and she slid her warm mouth over his stiff rod to the base. He could feel the back of her throat as she engulfed him. Sliding up and down she paused on occasion to pinch the head with her lips curled over her teeth, then engulfed him again. Within moments she had him on the verge of coming, released him with a pop, then grinned up at him like a cat with a mouse.

Sitting back on her heals she untied his shoes pulling them and his socks off, then his pants and shorts followed. Slowly undoing the buttons of her blouse she exposed her firm round breast and shed the material to join his pants on the floor. Rising to her knees, she ran her hands up his inner thighs to his stomach grasping the tail of his shirt.

Undoing the buttons she stood to take it from him, and once istanbul escort he was naked he reached forward sliding two fingers inside her shorts releasing the snap with his thumb and lowered the zipper. Placing his hands to either side of her waist he lowered her shorts sliding them over her smooth thighs and down her legs letting them fall to the floor leaving her in red bikini panties. His favorite color. The crotch was wet, and the slightly sweet sent of her arousal drifted to his nostrils. Stepping from her shorts as he held her hips, a bit of the material tucked into the folds between her pussy lips.

As though it had a mind of its own, his tongue pulled his head forward and licked at the damp material drawing an audible sigh from deep within her. His hands felt a slight quaking in her buttocks as his tongue probed her cunt against the resistance of the fabric holding it prisoner. Placing his thumbs under the waistband, he licked at her honey twice more before leaning back and pulling the blue fabric down her thighs. Once free of them, she spread her feet standing before him completely to his will.

Moving forward he placed his tongue flat against her clit. Waves of pleasure shook her as he curled his tongue to probe her depths as far as he could manage. Shivering with pleasure she bent her knees slightly allowing him freer access to her center. Taking her bud between his lips he pinched it lightly drawing it in and suckled it, then ran his tongue the full length of her moist flesh.

Stepping back she took him by the hand and led him almost running to the bedroom. Turning to face him at the foot of the bed, she wrapped her arms around his neck drawing him close locking her lips passionately against his. Their lips parted and their tongues intertwined in a deep embrace. He could feel her hardening nipples pressing against his chest, his dick pressing firmly against her belly.

Breaking the embrace she sat on the edge of the bed holding his hands and lay back pulling him toward her. Placing his hands on either side of her chest, he suckled first one breast, then the other, and repeated the treatment nibbling gently on her nipples. Moving up from her tits he kissed her again as she reached between them guiding his member toward its target. When the head of his enraged cock touched the soft warmth of her cunt, she slid it up and down along her slit before centering it on her opening.

Straightening his back he placed his hands at her hips as she spread and lifted her legs high and wide giving him easy access to her cunt below the neat triangle of dark pubic curls. His heart beat rapidly as he watched his cock slide inside an inch, withdraw to the tip, then slide in deeper. Twice more and he was buried to the hilt within her heat.

“Fuck me.’ kadıköy escort She panted. ‘I want you to fuck me so bad. Fuck me hard.” He withdrew nearly all the way, then slid to her depths, withdrew, and slid home again. Picking up the pace and pressure, he pistoned in and out to her squeals of joy.

“Faster! Harder! Yes! Yes! Fuck meee!” she squealed.

The mussels of her cunt began twitching and convulsing like tiny fingers with each stroke. The walls closing in holding him in a firm grip lit every nerve from his knees to his gut. His heart racing, breath coming short, sweat beading up on his skin, he seamed to float as he fucked her with every fiber of his being. Then placing a thumb at her clit, he rubbed it gently sending shivers through her body.

Her back arched and her head pressed into the mattress as wave after wave of orgasm washed over and through her. He too was on the verge of coming, but was determined to hold out as long as he could. She reached out grabbing his sides pulling him into her rocking her hips up to meet his thrusts. Then, as another orgasm struck her, he could hold out no longer and erupted into her depths, filling her with a flood of hot cum.

He collapsed on top of her, just as out of breath as she was, and just as sweaty. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist holding him in, her arms about his chest not letting him go. Not that he wanted to, or could. They lay in each others arms for some time catching their breath allowing their hearts to stop pounding at light speed.

Eventually he found the strength as his dick shrank and withdrew from her heat to kiss her tenderly on her neck, then trailed tiny kisses down her chest between her breasts, along her stomach, and finally her quim sucking the bud of her clit between his lips. His hands roamed across her stomach feeling the mussels twitch as he placed his mouth fully over her cunt and probed her depths with his tongue drinking in the heady aroma, and lapping up their mixed juices. Another orgasm raced through her, and once it subsided, he rose trailing kisses up her quivering body to lay quietly beside her, his left hand tenderly massaging her right breast.

“God that was great.’ She whispered. ‘I haven’t been fucked like that for some time. Thank you. I loved it!”

“It was my pleasure as well. Fuckin you, is fuckin perfection. I can’t wait to do it again. Well, actually I can, I’m too exhausted to do it again now. That is, if you want to.”

“Rite now,’ she said sitting up slowly, ‘I need a shower. Come on.”

Adjusting the water, she led him into the shower and they were soon lathering each other from head to foot. Having gone over each other for the second time being sure not to have missed a spot, they began kissing under the warm sprinkle of kağıthane escort water from the large showerhead. Before he fully realized it, he was growing hard again. Leaning against the wall she set one foot atop the narrow ledge and guided his stiffening dick between her legs to rub along her moistening slit. Bending his knees slightly he slipped in easily and began a slow repetition as they kissed and fondled each other. They soon found a rhythm and were fucking with a steady beat under the spray of water.

They were at it for only a few moments before they both came in unison. His jizz pumping into her in spurts, the mussels of her cunt squeezing every drop from his dick. When their convulsions subsided, he took the shower wand, set it to gentle massage aiming it directly at her swollen cunt. She squealed wrapping her arms tightly about his neck, her legs buckling, her head swimming in ecstasy.

Setting the shower wand back on its stand and turning off the water, he helped her from the stall and wrapped a large towel around them both. They shared a few kisses, toweled each other off, and walked back to the bedroom. Within moments they were sound asleep in each other’s arms.

He woke to find her warm body pressed snugly against him spoon fashion, her hand holding his cupping her breast. He lay there happily wrapped in the warmth he felt from her and the soft sheets, the light scent of the herbal shampoo filling his nostrils. His dick lying limp between them began to swell and press against her butt. Then he felt her stir slightly, and his dick twitched pressing between the cheeks of her ass.

“Good morning.” She quietly greeted, pressing her ass harder against him.

“Great morning.” He replied.

Then he felt her leg lift, her hand snake in between them and grasp his now erect cock guiding it where it most wanted to go.

“It will be.” She giggled.

Rocking his hips he found her wet and hot, and slid in effortlessly. She bent farther forward drawing her legs tightly against her stomach as he began thrusting into that sweet pussy again. Slowly this time, and using full strokes making it last as long as possible. He could feel her hand pressing on her clit, the pressure making her cunt an even tighter fit around his dick. She quickly came, relaxed, came again, then his pressure built to release and shot streams of hot cum into her depths. As he held buried deep inside her, he could feel their mingled juices seep from her slit onto his balls.

Rolling over pulling free from him, she gave him a quick kiss, then rushed for the bathroom. He slowly rose, walked into the living room, found his cloths and dressed. Then he gathered her cloths and neatly laid them on the arm of the couch. She emerged from the bathroom wearing a mid-thy length robe, partly open down the front exposing the swell of her breasts, the belt tied tightly about her waist. Her nipples poking through the thin flower print. A hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, a kiss and a hug, and he went about his normal Saturday chores.

(For parts two and three, look under ‘group sex’. Thank you.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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