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Tim and I were having a drink on the deck out back and Jen and Betty were putting the finishing touches on dinner. Betty had just decided there was a lot of food when there was a knock at the door. Jen yelled out asking me to get the door. Tim and I went to the door together. When I opened the door, Tim brushed right past me to say hello to Marvin. “Marvin what in the hell are you doing here?” Tim asked. “Coming for dinner if you’ll let us in.” Marvin responded grinning.

Betty coming out of the kitchen said, “Well that explains all the food. Hello, Marvin.”

Marvin gave Betty a hug and then reminded Tim and Betty who Bridgett was. Betty said she remembered Bridgett from school. Tim said he remembered her from school too, but didn’t remember her being so beautiful or Marvin being so lucky. We were all laughing as Jen came out of the kitchen to greet our guests. Jen said dinner was almost ready and asked me to get Marvin and Bridgett drinks. As I headed to the kitchen, Marvin gave Jen a kiss and thanked her for inviting them.

While I got drinks, Tim, Marvin, Betty, and Bridgett caught up on things since they had last seen each other. I brought the drinks and sat down to listen in. Jen got up a short time later and went to check on dinner. Bridgett offered to help and followed Jen into the kitchen. A moment later, Jen and Bridgett called us to the table.

We enjoyed a very good meal and as we were finishing dinner, I made fresh drinks for everyone. Together we cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. Finishing up, the guys were the first to surrender the kitchen. We were sitting in the living room drinking and talking. It seemed the girls were taking a long time considering we were almost done. I looked up to see the three of them walk out of the kitchen naked as newborns. Jen was carrying the spare comforter for our bed.

Betty said, “We could talk all night but some people have to work tomorrow.”

Bridgett announced that there would be a little floor show and Jen suggested we might want to get a little more comfortable. The guys all looked at one another but didn’t take long to decide. We all stood up and started stripping off our clothes. By the time we were as naked as the girls, they were laying on the comforter denizli escort they had spread out on the floor. Bridgett looked up and said, “Please remain seated for the entire performance.”

We sat back down. Our wives huddled in the center of the comforter and began kissing. It was hard to tell who was kissing who and at some point I was sure all three mouths were connected. They were hugging as well and hands started to wander. Breasts were kneaded and nipples exhorted. Slowly a pattern formed. Bridgett slid her mouth down to Jen’s pussy. Jen slid her mouth down to Betty’s and Betty completed the circle by fastening her mouth to Bridgett’s beautiful cunt. All three husbands unconsciously stroked their growing erections. The slurping moans from the stretched out comforter were echoing in my ears. My eyes traveled from joining to joining.

What a sight. Jen with her face in Betty’s red haired pussy. Betty with her red head between Bridgett’s dark thighs, her red tongue separating dark puffy lips to find a pink moist opening. Bridgett’s light brown beautiful face buried in Jen’s pale white pussy. It wasn’t long before the sounds of female orgasm filled the room. A lovely sound indeed.

As slowly as they had joined they separated. Each wife chose a target and stalked their prey. Bridgett crawled across the carpet to kneel between my thighs. Jen crawled over to her brother and Betty knelt before Marvin’s massive erect penis. As though on silent que, they each began to suck the erection before them. Betty had experience with Tim’s large cock, so she wasn’t doing to bad with Marvin’s monster. Bridgett had me totally down her throat. She was apparently enjoying the freedom a smaller cock gave her, I know I was. She had maneuvered me a little sideways so she could watch Jen sucking her brother’s foot long cock. Marvin was also watching this and apparently enjoying it.

Practice was helping Jen. She had managed to get Tim’s entire length into her throat and was still able to breathe. It was like watching a sword swallower in the circus. It was simply amazing. What was having the most effect on me however was an incredibly talented mouth and tongue. I grabbed the back of Bridgett’s head diyarbakır escort and slammed my hips into her lips. I pumped my seed into her swallowing mouth. Marvin looked up from Tim and Jen to see me filling his wife’s throat and went into spasm himself. His cock must have spewed a hell of a load. Betty was doing her best to swallow it all, but some leaked from the corner of her mouth to dribble down her chin and fall to her chest. Tim watching Marvin’s cum run down his wife’s chin slammed hard into Jen’s throat and you could see her muscles working as she swallowed load after load.

Jen recovered quickly from her impalement and looking over to Betty saw Marvin’s seed running down her face and chest. Bridgett left me and joined Jen as they cleaned Betty’s face and chest of Marvin’s residue. With that task completed, it was the husband’s turn to sit the wives down and kneel before them. Tim knelt between Jen’s thighs and began to eat her pussy. Marvin stuck his face into Betty’s red haired cunt. I got busy eating the most beautiful black cunt I had ever seen. Bridgett was the only black girl I had ever seen naked except in movies, but she definitely had a beautiful pussy. It tasted as good as it looked.

My work was soon rewarded with Bridgett clamping her legs around my neck and calling out her passion. Betty and Jen both came shortly after Bridgett. Tim, Marvin, and I looked at each other and without saying a word moved to a new wife. Marvin went to Jen, Tim went to Bridgett, and I went to Betty. We ate anew. As the wives were showing their approval we switched again. We ended up with our own wives, but this time we inserted our cocks and began to fuck them.

A couple minutes later we switched again and were now fucking where we had started eating. Finally we switched once more, I was fucking Betty. Marvin fucked Jen with his huge tool and Tim was pounding his foot long cock into Bridgett. One by one our couplings proved fruitful. A wonderful orgasm filled the room. We rested and talked for a while. As we began to recover, Jen began to suck Marvin’s cock back to life. Bridgett and Betty joined her and did the same for Tim and I. When we were all standing proud, Jen asked me to get the antalya escort K-Y. I did. (you know my passion)

When I returned I handed Jen the tube and she spread some of the substance on Bridgett’s ass. Tim wasted no time in sticking his dick into her butt. Bridgett then took the tube and put some on her fingers, which she inserted into Betty’s ass. Once she removed her fingers I plowed into Betty’s butt. Bridgett handed to tube to Betty. Betty took the lube and spread some on Marvin’s cock and then put some in Jen’s ass. Then we all watched as Jen took Marvin’s monster penis into her rectum. He went very slow and by the time he had a foot into her, we were all pounding toward another wonderful finish. I added my own brand of lube to Betty’s sweet butt, a wonderful place to be. Tim fed the whole foot and some cum as well into Bridgett’s back door. Marvin reached bottom in Jen’s butt and sprayed enough of his goop that it ran out past his dick and down her thighs.

We all cleaned up and said goodnight. Marvin and Bridgett were invited to the birthday party on the weekend and said they would try to make it. Tim and Betty made plans to have dinner with them the next week. Jen and I told everyone we loved them and went to bed.

Thursday morning we got up, went to work, had a good day, and came home to a quiet evening. Matt and Lisa called to invite us over for a drink and a final swim before they closed the pool. We went over and went skinny dipping. Jen and I made love in the water and so did Matt and Lisa. Lisa and Jen traded husbands for a nice blowjob. They accomplished the magic feat of inflating our erections and we accomplished another one by burying our members in their backsides. While we had another drink we cleaned the pool and helped Matt and Lisa put things away. As we left, we reminded them of the birthday party tomorrow and told them to plan on staying late.

Friday dawned beautifully and only got better. Jen woke me with a wonderful blowjob. When I had finished rewarding her with praise, she said she knew Tuesday had been my birthday but tomorrow I would get presents. She punctuated her comment by making me breakfast before we left for work. Friday night some family from out of town arrived for the party. We got together and went out for dinner. Curt and Shannon came from Tennessee and Penny had flown in from the easy coast. The whole family came, except Penny’s husband Dane who couldn’t take time off work. (He owns his own company and is on his way to a million dollars by age 40.) We had a few drinks and laughed and told stories all through dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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