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As we neared Lake Tahoe Marie pretended to wake up. She was her usual bright and perky self, and she didn’t mention the little interruption in our drive at all. We stopped for dinner at a little restaurant near the hotel, and then went over and checked in. We had a luxurious suite which had a nice sitting room and a smaller bedroom off to the side where Marie could sleep. We were all a little tired from the drive (well, and other things, too), so we just went straight to bed.

Marie and I cheered Kevin on from the gallery the next day. Of course, my mind was more on what to do about my daughter’s newfound knowledge. I was reminded of what it was like when I’d seen Dad and Rita all those years ago. I was sharing a secret, but only I knew about it. Marie had seen her parents making love and enjoyed it, so she was sharing a secret too.

She knew that I knew she had watched us, but she didn’t bring it up. Obviously we were going to keep it between ourselves. What Marie didn’t know was that I had recognized the look in her eye when she’d seen us – pure, unadulterated teenage lust. There was no doubt in my mind that my daughter was entertaining thoughts of sleeping with her father.

She had my sympathy because I knew just how hard all of this was hitting her. The longing, the unfulfilled lust, the desire to make love to daddy were all potent inducements which some teenage girls couldn’t resist. I knew this for a fact.

So the big question was, did I want to allow this? Should I encourage it? I mean, sleeping with my father hadn’t ruined me any, at least, not that I could tell. I enjoyed sex a little more than most of my friends, but I was still able to form a long-lasting loving relationship with a man. So what’s the harm?

After the 11th hole, which Kevin birdied, I glanced over at Marie as we were clapping. She was enthusiastically cheering, and to most of the fans she was just a proud daughter. But I knew her better than that. I could see it in the back of her eye and the corners of her smile – Marie’s feelings as a daughter were tinged with lover’s lust. Her eyes were soft and dreamy whenever Kevin was in sight, and she was even walking a little funny, as if she was kind of sore. I could guess what she’d been doing in her bed last night.

I tried to imagine if I would feel jealous. Would Kevin still love me if he was sleeping with Marie? I knew from my own experience that you could still love your spouse while you were sleeping with your daughter. In spite of our long-lived love affair, Dad still loved Rita more than anything. Somehow the two women in his life complemented each other, feeding Dad’s needs. But he’d never even hinted that he wanted me instead of Rita. I decided that if Marie and I each contributed in different ways to Kevin’s happiness, then there wouldn’t be anything for me to be jealous about.

I concluded that my real concern wasn’t whether or not Marie was sleeping with Kevin. It was whether or not I knew she was sleeping with Kevin. Would it be better for Marie if her first lover was some young kid whom I didn’t know, or her father? After much soul searching while we wandered the links I finally arrived at a decision.

I would give them the opportunity to be alone and have sex and see if she took it. Preferably soon, while the visions of her daddy’s manhood were still fresh in her mind and her slit was crying out for filling. If she passed up a chance to take her daddy tonight, then the feelings inside of her probably weren’t so strong that she wouldn’t pass them up for the rest of her life. If she couldn’t resist, then at least I would know, and my daughter’s first lover would be the man I loved.

Kevin did extremely well in the first round, placing in the top five. Marie and I met him back at the hotel. Kevin didn’t like to spend too much time on the course in the middle of a tournament, because he found all of the fans distracting. He’d make up for it when it was all over, spending hours shaking hands and giving autographs.

So we sat at a table, relaxing with our drinks. Well, Marie had a pop. Occasionally fans who knew where the golfers stayed would come up to congratulate him, but there weren’t as many as there would have been at the golf course. I noticed that most of the men were more interested in the shy teenager by Kevin’s side. Of course he couldn’t see it, and even she didn’t know it. But she was definitely sending out feminine ‘take me now’ signals.

Only Marie and I knew whom the signals were actually for.

After lunch we went back to our rooms. Kevin wanted to lay down for a little bit, and Marie was going to watch TV. The sign I’d seen advertising a meeting in the Carnation Room suddenly popped into my head, and my half-hearted plan began to gel. As we entered our suite I decided that now was my opportunity to leave my husband and daughter together to see if anything happened.

“I think I’m going to go to the Golfer’s Wives meeting today,” I said. This was a loose coalition of professional golf wives who lent our names to worthy diyarbakır escort causes. After every major tournament we’d organize a benefit for a local charity. Usually our meetings were held by phone and email, but every once in a while there was an actual meeting. There was one scheduled for this afternoon to discuss our agenda for next year.

“I thought you guys were all set for this year,” Kevin said. “You sure you don’t want to stay with me?”

“Well, I thought you were going to take a nap. Besides, it’ll be fun to talk with them. Julia Morrison’s going to be there, and I haven’t seen her in ages.”

Kevin brushed his lips against mine, and I could feel my body start to warm.

“I was hoping you’d stay here,” he whispered as he nuzzled my neck. For the millionth time I wondered how he did that. I felt like a high school girl on her first date, not like an experienced wife in her husband’s arms.

“Oh no you don’t,” I said, pushing him away. “If we get started with that then I’ll never get to the meeting. Besides, you need your nap. You have another round to play tomorrow.”

Kevin took my hand and pulled me towards our bedroom. “Ok, but at least lay down with me until you have to go.”

I raised my voice and spoke to Marie, who was pretending to be more interested in the TV than in her parents. “Honey, we’re going to lay down for a little bit before I have to leave.” That was our family code for ‘leave us alone while we make out.’ Normally it worked pretty well. But this time I knew she’d be trying to watch.

There was a connecting door between our room and Marie’s, and as Kevin led me to the bed I glanced over and made sure it was open a little.

Kevin lay down with a sigh of satisfaction. It was a huge bed with a down comforter and lots of pretty pillows. I cuddled up next to him as he put his arm around me. I did love to snuggle with him so. Of course, usually it led to other stuff. But I was determined. My game plan was twofold – I wanted to get Kevin warmed up and give Marie a show. Then I would leave and see which course nature wanted to take.

I brought my mouth to his slowly, teasingly. I barely touched his lips with mine – a caress so light that it almost couldn’t be felt. I tantalized his libido, letting him inside my personal space without giving him the satisfaction of a full kiss. My hair fell over us forming a cocoon inside which we shared our breaths, our hearts and ourselves.

I put my head down on his shoulder and cuddled under his arm. Kevin tangled his fingers in my hair, gently caressing me as I snuggled into him. I enjoyed my husband’s ministrations for a couple of minutes while I made lazy circles on his chest with my fingertips. Then I lifted my head and pretended to toss my hair out of his way so that I could steal a glance at the door to Marie’s room. I wasn’t positive because the crack in the doorway was so small and the light in her room was off, but I thought I could see her peering at us from the dark safety of her room.

Keeping myself on the far side of my husband so that Marie could have an unobstructed view, I moved my hand down Kevin’s slacks and let it rest on his mound. I began gently kneading him through his pants, and it was only a few moments before his sex responded by lengthening and growing. I cupped my hand over his pole and slid my fingers up and down, caressing his entire length. Kevin pushed himself against my palm.

“I thought you were leaving,” he said. “Not that I mind. Are you sure you’re not going to stay?” he whispered a little breathlessly as he pushed himself hard against my hand.

“Nope,” I giggled. “But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun when I get back.” I kept rubbing his sex as I tried to ignore the beginnings of my own needs, which were beginning to assert themselves in no uncertain terms.

Kevin tried to slip his hand into my shorts, but I wiggled away. He said, “And what will happen then?”

“Well, that depends on whether you’re good while I’m gone,” I said teasingly.

Kevin gave me a pretend hurt look, and I had to remember my resolve to leave him hot and bothered and not sated and empty. It was hard, because my husband was always able to make me weak in the knees with the right look at the right time. And I ached as I always did to give him whatever he wanted.

Instead I giggled at him, cuddled even closer and pretended to be shy. “And what would you like to have when I get back?” I whispered, drawing little circles on his chest with my finger.

“If I’m a good boy…..” He paused and put his finger on his lip like he was giving it some serious thought. “Then would you sit on my face?” he said with a smile.

I laughed. I adored sitting on Kevin’s face. He could always make me cum really hard that way, and I loved the feeling of letting gravity help my nectar drool into his mouth. I was about to dismiss him with a laugh, but then I had an idea. I could tease him a little and maybe give Marie an idea at the same time. “Hey, I can do that edirne escort now.”

I swung around and got up on my knees, my crotch right over Kevin’s face. I lowered myself towards his waiting lips, and I hoped that he wasn’t going to leave too big a wet spot on my shorts.

“I meant with your pants off,” Kevin said, pretending to whine.

“Hush. This is what you’re getting now, and if you don’t want it, then you can just wait,” I said.

A muffled moan came from my husband’s lips as he greedily began gnawing at my pussy through the material. A pleasurable shock went through me as if I’d never been in this position before.

I spread my knees a little wider so that he could have better access, and he responded by wetly kissing the inside of my bare thighs below my shorts. Delicious shudders ran through me, and it was only by a great effort of will that I remembered my determination.

I leaned forward so that I could reach his swollen sex. I unsnapped his slacks, unzipped them and began stroking him through his shorts as he nibbled my slit through mine. Marie was watching us, I was sure of it. But I refrained from looking at the door and concentrated on sensing just how far I could take Kevin and still leave without finishing him or succumbing to the calling of my slit. My husband’s mouth was separated from my pussy by both my panties and my shorts as he gently kneaded my slit through the material. The sensation was delightful, and I ground myself into him slowly. We both kept it up for several minutes, that slow buildup that would inevitably lead us to another sensual coupling.

Kevin moaned softly, inhaling my scent through my shorts. His sex was hard in my hand, and I knew that any second now those clear drops of pre-cum would start to ooze from the end. It was time to stop, or we’d get to the point of no return. And this one was supposed to be for Marie. Besides, the meeting of the Golfer’s Wives was about to start.

I swung my leg off of my husband’s face and stood up next to the bed. I pushed my hair back behind my ears and tried to make my breathing return to normal. Kevin grabbed for the waistband of my shorts, but I danced backwards laughing and shook my finger at him.

“No, no, no! You’re taking a nap and I’m going to the charity meeting.”

Kevin gave a little disappointed moan but he closed his eyes and relaxed into the bed. His round of golf and his teasing wife had tired him out, poor baby. I went over to the dressing table to touch up my makeup and brush my hair. I glanced at Kevin to make sure he wasn’t looking at me, and then I spread my legs so that I could look at the wet spot on my shorts. It wasn’t too bad, and I figured that if I could keep my legs reasonably closed during the meeting, then nobody would notice.

I walked to the door, keeping out of range of the bed and my husband’s arms. I blew Kevin a cheerful kiss and said, “If you’re a good boy, I’ll give you what you wanted when I get back.” My husband nodded gently, halfway gone to his nap already.

Marie must have hurried back to the sitting room when she saw me get off of her daddy’s face. I found her there room watching TV, pretending that she hadn’t just been watching me sitting on her father. I said, “I’m going to the Golfer’s Wives meeting now. It’ll only be a couple of hours. Are you sure you don’t want to go? It’ll be a lot of fun.”

I could almost see the light bulb go off over her head. Nobody can read a girl like her mother. She’d just realized that she was going to be alone with her daddy, that he was erect and horny and that this might be her opportunity to have her cherry taken. Marie pretended to think about it, her long dark hair waving as she shook her head. “No thanks Mom. I’m kind of tired too. I’ll probably just lay here and watch some tube.” I had to suppress a smirk at her expected answer.

“Are you sure, baby? It’ll be a lot of fun.”

“Nope. But you give ‘em what for.” Marie turned back to the TV, watching a rerun of some Olson twins show that she’d been watching since she was little. It made me think of just how much my little baby had grown up.

“Ok honey. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” I don’t know just what came over me then. Remember that old-time comedian? Flip something-or-other. All I can plead is his catch-phrase – “the devil made me do it.” As I shut the door behind me, I said, “Make sure you take care of Daddy. He’s all yours while I’m gone!”

I left our suite and went to the elevators. I had to at least make an appearance at the meeting just in case Kevin asked about it later. But I had no intention of staying when I thought there was a pretty good chance that my daughter was about to lose her virginity to my husband.

I met the girls in the Carnation room. We always had fun when we did this, and this time was no exception. But to tell the truth though, I don’t remember what we discussed. I do remember keeping my legs together and hoping that my cum wasn’t drooling down my leg. I was pretty sure that my elazığ escort daughter was upstairs in my room about to sleep with my husband, and that was all I could think about. Finally after about fifteen minutes I figured that I’d put in enough of an appearance that everybody would remember me. As the meeting went on, I sidled towards the door and let myself out.

My daughter’s room was next to ours, and it had its own entrance to the hallway. I thought that maybe I’d have to go to the front desk and make up some story about needing the key, but Marie had left it unlocked. I figured that she’d either still be watching TV in the sitting room or in my room with my husband. It never even occurred to me that she might have gone back to her own room. I guess I just got lucky because she wasn’t there. I made sure that the lights were off and the curtains drawn. Then I padded quietly over to the door that opened into my bedroom and peered through the crack.

As wet as I was, I think I was a little disappointed that Marie wasn’t in my room with Kevin. My husband was asleep, still laying on his back with his pants open and his sex hiding under his shorts, a little swollen and awaiting my return. I stood by the crack in the door, watching him nap as I wondered about my daughter. Could I have been so wrong? Maybe it wasn’t jealousy I’d seen in her eye at all. Maybe she wasn’t her mother’s daughter, lusting after her father just because she’d seen his turgid rod spewing out white-hot seed.

I was trying to decide just how long I should stand there waiting before I went in and took him myself when the door to my bedroom opened and Marie stuck her head in. She looked around for a second, and then came in, shutting the door quietly behind her. I stepped back a little from the door to be sure that she wouldn’t see me. My daughter sure was cute. I remember wondering if I’d been that good looking when I was her age. Marie had on a peasant shirt which showed off her shoulders, baggy jeans and some of her costume jewelry – bracelets and a few necklaces.

Marie stood by the bed looking down at her father. Her back was to me so I couldn’t see the look in her eye, but I did see her push her hair back and lean over him. Slowly and hesitantly she put her hand on his sex as if she was unsure of what would happen. When he didn’t jump up screaming her confidence rose a little. Marie dragged her fingertips along his length, watching him intently as she did it. Even from the other room I could see his manhood stretch out in his underwear to its full length. Kevin moaned in his sleep, and she immediately let go. But the damage was done. My daughter had just learned how powerful her touch was to a man. Her delicate fingers had caused his shaft to become hard and insistent under his shorts, and it was entirely because of her.

Marie stood up straight and looked down at her waist and unsnapped her jeans. There was no hesitation in her at all now. She unzipped her pants and slid them off, one leg at a time. Her legs were long and lean, and they looked particularly enticing with nothing on them but her socks. I was a little surprised when she stopped stripping long enough to put her hand between her legs and massage herself through her panties. But then she quickly stripped them off, too, a smile on her face as she thought about what she was going to do.

I was right about the feelings that I’d suspected were running through my daughter’s head. There was no doubt about it – Marie was going to get herself laid. And my lucky husband was going to be her first lover.

Marie put her hands between her legs again, her delicate fingers dipping inside herself just enough to get them wet and then moving up to draw little circles around her clit. With a ghost of a smile on her face she leaned over Kevin and touched her wet fingers to his lips.

“I’m back, honey,” she whispered in a voice so low that there was no way that Kevin could tell that it wasn’t me. “Keep your eyes closed and I’ll give you what you wanted.” Kevin nodded and licked his lips clean of her juice, savoring as he always did the taste of a girl in heat. He was awake enough for some love but not awake enough to notice the difference between the touch he was receiving and the touch of his wife.

Marie climbed up on the bed in the same position I’d been in before, her legs spread wide over Kevin’s face. I couldn’t help myself. As she lowered her naked slit to my husband’s lips I quickly unzipped my shorts and plunged my hand down inside them so that I could cup my aching snatch in my palm. I’d had no idea that I was so wet down there – my panties were sopping. My slit was so grateful for the touch that I practically gasped out loud in pleasure.

As Marie had planned Kevin simply thought I had returned. His lips rose to meet the wet pussy being lowered to him, and he bestowed a long slow lick on her from her clit to her hole. Then he slipped his tongue inside her. Marie jerked like she’d been jolted by an electric shock. I suppose that in a way she had. The first time a lover caresses your secret place with his tongue is one of the most delicious moments in a girl’s life. Marie threw her head back, closed her eyes and whimpered as the first orgasm of her life that she didn’t give herself began to course through her.

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