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It was nearly eleven in the morning when Roxanne Barry went out to the kitchen to wash her breakfast dishes, which consisted of a coffee cup and a plate, along with a knife and a spoon. The one benefit of living alone was the lack of dishes to do. Since it would take a week to fill the dishwasher at this rate, she seldom used it.

It was going to be another scorcher today, with temperatures heading back up into the 90’s once again, and Roxanne worried about some of the more delicate flowers in her garden, as some of them showed signs of not liking the unseasonable heat that had been around for the last week.

From behind the corner of the house, a large black man appeared, and Roxanne’s heart skipped a beat, even though she was expecting him at 11. A look at the clock showed that he was right on time, and Roxanne was very impressed at his puncuality.

The young man had a rake in his hand, and as he passed by the back kitchen window, he happened to look back toward the house, and Roxanne’s eyes met his. The gardener had arrived.

The youth nodded toward Roxanne, and Roxanne returned the wave timidly as he pulled off his shirt and set it on the rock ledge that circled the fountain, before beginning to rake.

Roxanne’s initial thought was that the fellow looked like the Incredible Hulk with a mahogany skin tone, as his muscles rippled as he moved. Arms bulging and his chest threatening to make the flimsy tank top he was wearing explode off of him at any moment, he was an impressive sight.

“Has to be a weightlifter,” Roxanne said to herself while she watched the gardener work, and just as she realized that she was talking to herself, it also occured to her that she was pressing against the knob on the kitchen cabinet. A knob that happened to be perfectly aligned with her womanhood.

Roxanne shook her head as if to attempt to regain her composure, while watching the man work. Bad enough talking to yourself, Roxanne mused. Being a lonely 54 year old woman, widowed for several years, gave her excuse for acting a little odd from time to time, at least in her own mind.

This other feeling though; the warm feeling between her legs as she watched the muscular adonis in the yard, now that was a tougher one to explain. Hot flash! That must be it! What else could explain what she was feeling?

Certainly there could be no other reason, Roxanne concluded. Why, she was old enough to be the boy’s mother – maybe even grandmother or close to it. No harm in looking though. Besides, these services were expensive, and she had every right and reason to keep an eye on the help.

There he was again looking back to the window, and now he was reaching down and pulling the tank top off and setting it next to the other garment. His pectoral muscles were as prominent as every other muscle in his body, and they all seemed to ripple whenever he so much as flinched. He was now only wearing sneakers and long black shorts, and his calf muscles were bulging as he walked over to the hose.

He turned on the faucet and sprayed the hose all over his upper body, making that rich cocoa skin glisten in the sunlight, and as he let the mist fall over him, Roxanne noticed that he was looking at her observing him, and likely had been all the while.

“This young man probably thinks I’m staring at him,” Roxanne muttered as she put away the coffee cup, shaking her head since she had been washing it for about five minutes. “Has to be clean by now.”

After putting the silverware away, Roxanne looked back out the kitchen window. The gardener was nowhere to be seen, and Roxanne leaned over and tried to look around the side of the deck to see if he was over by the rose bushes.

“Here I am,” a deep voice spoke from the doorway that led to the deck from the side of the kitchen.


Delmar had watched the woman for a few minutes as she craned her neck all around in an attempt to find him in the yard. Not bad looking, Delmar noted as he watched the woman lean over the sink, her ass plump but firm looking, with decent enough legs for a woman her age.

Seemed to be in her mid 40’s, Delmar figured this woman – Roxanne Barry, according to the work order he had been given. Short reddish brown hair – nice pair of tits on her too. Typical middle aged white housewife home alone all day, everyday. Bored, and probably ignored most of the time too.

Curious? Hell yes, Delmar knew. Almost all of them were curious. What was it like? Delmar knew just what they were thinking, and he liked their train of thought. Their thinking that way had paid his tuition for the next year already this summer.

How would this one be – this Roxanne? How would she be? Besides easy, that is.


“OH!” Roxanne yelped in surprise, spinning to the side and seeing the hulking figure in the doorway. “I’m sorry, you frightened me. I was looking around out there for you.”

“I noticed,” Delmar’s bass voice resoanted yalova escort in the cavernous kitchen. “I saw you doing a lot of looking.”

“Um… ah… yes,” Roxanne stammered. “I wanted to ask you to do me a favor.”

“I figured you did.”

“Yes,” Roxanne said flustered. “The lilies, the ones toward the back on the east side of the property. They seem to be not thriving, and I wanted you so see if there was anything you could do for them.”

“Fuck them lilies,” Delmar said bluntly, his hands up on the doorjam as he stood doing his best Rocky Balboa impression, letting her get an eyeful of his physique.

“Excuse me?” Roxanne said, recoiling in shock.

“You heard me.”

“Well, I’ll have you know that I’m not used to be being spoken to in that manner!” Roxanne said indignantly.

“Then I think you best get used to it,” Delmar said. “Cut the shit lady. You weren’t looking at me to talk flowers. You were looking at me to check me out, just like you’ve been doing since I got here, so I thought I’d come in so you could get a better view.”


“Lady, you were undressing me faster with my eyes than I was with my hands,” Delamr sneered. “Don’t come off all prim and proper with me, ’cause I know better! What were you doing while I was out there? Playin’ with yourself?”

“Of course not, and I think you better leave before I call your company!”

“Go ahead, we’ll play it your way then,” Delmar said. “You white broads are all the same. Want to think that you were forced into it. Oh the Negro made me do it!” Delmar said in a falsetto voice, and then cackled at his own joke.

“What do you mean?” Roxanne said.

“You want it,” Delmar said. “You know it, and I sure as hell know it. Damn woman, you got fuck me oozing out of every pore. What’s the matter? Husband not giving you any? Or he one of these guys that likes to watch the brother do his bitch, and then have you tell him all about it later while he jerks off?”

“I’m a widow,” Roxanne said softly.

“Sorry lady,” Delmar said as he recoiled for a second before regaining his composure. “Meant no disrespect, but you gotta be honest with both of us.”

“Alright,” Roxanne said in a whisper.

“What you really want to do is to come over here and pull down my shorts.”

Roxanne made a step toward the young man and then caught herself and stopped. Her lips moved but no words came out, and she stood in the middle of the kitchen, frozen in emotions that she could not explain.

“Shy one huh?” Delmar said. “Here… I’ll help you. Tell me when to stop.”

Delmar’s hands came down and took the elastic waistband in his hands, slowly inching them down his hips with a smile as he watched the woman staring as if in a trance.

“Want me to stop?” Delmar said as the top of the shorts rested at the base of his cock.


The room was starting to spin around Roxanne as she became a little unsteady on her feet, lurching a bit to the side. Her eyes were glued to the dark giant standing a half dozen steps away from her. Her mouth went dry and her throat tightened, making speech impossible.

The shorts came down a little bit, exposing the base of the shaft of his cock to Roxanne. Down they came, further and further, just an inch at a time, exposing more and more of the wrinkled brown shaft that seemed to have no end.

“Still want me to leave, lady?”

Roxanne was trembling with a mixture of fear, lust and indecision and said nothing.

“I guess that means I stay,” Delmar said dryly, and with a flick of the wrists sent his shorts falling to his ankles.

Roxanne made a choking, gasping sound as the young man’s shorts came down, a result of Roxanne having been holding her breath for a long time. Her eyes had trouble comprehending the sight of this herculian figure, mahogany skin still moist, sparkling and thickly muscled from neck to toe.

The most breathtaking part of him was his manhood which was hanging flaccidly between his legs, the tip of which reached absurdly about halfway to his knees. Long and wrinkled, with a thick vein rippling down the center of his penis, it was capped with a mushroom shaped crown that had a burgundy tint to it, in sharp contrast to the darker tone of the shaft. The man shifted his weight from one foot to the other, and as he did that gigantic member lazily swung from side to side much like the trunk of an elephant.

Roxanne took a lurching step forward and then stepped over to the sink, filling a glass with water and trying to bring it up to her mouth with a hand that was shaking violently.


The water felt good as it raced down Roxanne’s throat, and most of it made it down there, except for the trickles that ran down the sides of her mouth and down her neck. The sun was shining brightly in the back yard, and the fountain’s spray twinkled in the brilliance of the day.

The gardener – he was not gardening. He was still inside, and had come up beside her as she edirne escort stood in front of the sink looking out. Roxanne sensed him rather than saw him; feeling the heat of his body as he moved next to her, inhaling the aroma of what smelled like an almond oil of some kind, rich and soothing.

“You all right lady?” the rich voice said softly into her ear, and Roxanne nodded while keeping her eyes fixed outside at the fountain.

“You want me to leave?” the man whispered into her ear, and the hair on the back of Roxanne’s neck stood on end as his minty breath landed on her.

Roxanne tried to catch her breath as her heart raced wildly, and when she realized she still could not speak she shook her head slowly from side to side before pouring another drink.

“I’m glad,” the man said as he put his hand on Roxanne’s neck, slowly and firmly massaging the pale skin. “My name’s Delmar. Yours is Roxanne, right?”

“Yes,” Roxanne finally croaked.

“You’re a fine looking woman,” Delmar said as his hand moved down to Roxanne’s shoulder. “What are you, about 40?”

“Fifty,” Roxanne lied, and shivered as Delmar’s hand slid down her back and rubbed her buttocks.

“Mmmmm… nice!” Delmar said in surprise. “You look incredible Roxanne. Nice ass, and them tits look nice too. I can think of a lot of things I wanna do to a fine lookin’ lady like you. You’re shy, but I can fix that. Here.”

Delmar’s meaty paw took Roxanne’s hand and brought it down between her legs, pushing it on to his flaccid cock.

Roxanne gasped as her hand wrapped around the limp penis, pulling on it shyly and feeling the rubbery texture as she gave it a tentative tug.

“That’s it baby,” Delmar said. “It’s all for you darlin’.”

“It’s been so long… six years,” Roxanne said.

“Way too long for a beautiful woman to do without,” Delmar said as he squeezed Roxanne’s buttocks through the shorts she was wearing. “We can do this one of two ways. I can be all suave and sophisticated, and give you the Sidney Poitier gentlemanly moves. Or, I can be a little rougher, and treat you like the horny slut you know you are deep inside. Treat you like my bitch.”

“Rough,” Roxanne heard herself saying, and then Delmar’s hand came up from her ass and slid back up to her neck again. This time the hand did not caress, but instead grabbed a fist full of her hair and clenched it tightly.

“Best you stop talking and cut with the drama then, and give me what I need,” Delmar said bruskly.

As Delmar grabbed her by the shoulders, Roxanne found herself being pushed firmly but carefully down to her knees in front of Delmar. Inches from her face hung the object of her attention, the likes of which she had never seen before in her life.


Delmar looked down at the creamy white hand that reached out ever so slowly and grabbed his tool by the shaft. Roxanne raised the cock upwards as her face tentatively leaned forward toward him.

“Gonna need both hands baby,” Delmar remarked as his cock flopped around her face like a snake, and her other hand came up and steadied the instrument enough for her to take the head in her mouth.

“Ahhhhhh… yeah! That’s it baby,” Delmar chirped as Roxanne began letting her mouth slide up and down the end of his cock. “Just like riding a bike – once you learn you never forget. That right baby?”

The woman looked up briefly as her lips began to slide further down the shaft, the going made easier by the fact that Delmar’s cock was getting hard, and getting hard fast.

“That’s nice – look up at me while you suck that thing. Damn, you white babes sure can suck cock,” Delmar exclaimed as he reached down and ran his hands through the woman’s short black cherry colored hair. “Mmmm… keep it up baby, because the sap is beginning to rise.”


Roxanne’s knees were sore from kneeling on the floor, a situation that she wasn’t helping by rubbing her thighs together in a desperate attempt to make herself orgasm.

Her mouth was open as wide as she could manage as she went further and further down the ebony shaft, which seemed to get thicker and thicker as it went down to the base. Her hand gripped him around the bottom, fingers not coming close to meeting, and Roxanne churned her hand as she went down on him, while her other hand reached down between the gardener’s legs and grabbed his balls.

Roxanne squeezed his sack roughly, the huge orbs rolling in her palm, and the groan that he let out made her even more excited. Her eyes strayed to the half of his cock that she could not get into her mouth despite her best efforts. It seemed that his penis had not grown any longer as it became erect, and that was likely a good thing. How badly she wanted to take all of him into her mouth – down her throat, even though it was impossible.

His hand was running through her hair, and then squeezing her neck. Gently, he moved her head forward, trying to coax her to take more of him, while his hips were rocking forward erzurum escort as well.

Roxanne heard him say something about him going to come, and then she felt his legs buckle a little. His hand held her neck tightly as he let out a guttural groan, and then Roxanne felt the first blast of his seed squirt into the back of her mouth.

Fighting to keep from choking, she let the spunk roll down her throat while bringing her other hand up, milking the shaft with both hands as another blast hit the roof of her mouth. Roxanne pulled her mouth back off of it as far as she could while her hands twisted and jerked him.

After a few seconds, the gardener groaned again, and a new series of ejaculations began. Her tongue tried to block the relentless staccato of semen that spurted out of him for an ungodly length of time, but only after she felt his body relax did her mouth and hands finally slow down.

Roxanne’s lips slowly slid back up the cock until it fell harmlessly out of her mouth, and she looked up when the gardener put his hand under her chin. The warm seed that had escaped Roxannne’s mouth was now dribbling down her neck as she looked up at the gardener through glazed eyes.

“C’mon baby,” he said as he reached down and helped her to her feet, steadying her as she rose unsteadily. “Now that you helped take the edge off for me, why don’t you take me where we can get comfortable so we can really have some fun.”


Roxanne led the young man down the hall to her bedroom after getting him a bottle of water as he requested. She turned left down at the end of the hall to her bedroom, and for some reason felt embarrassed because she hadn’t made the bed. The gardener paid no mind, and simply fell onto the bed and looked back at Roxanne, who was closing the door behind her.

“Expecting more company Roxanne?” Delmar asked, and Roxanne gave a little shrug of her shoulders when she realized what she had done, before going back and opening it back up.

Looking around, Roxanne went over to the window and started to close the blinds but the gardener’s voice stopped her.

“Leave them blinds open,” he said. “I want to see what we’re doing here. Open them up – all the way. That’s it. Let them neighbors get a peek at what you’re doing today.”

The neighbors were way out of sight, hidden by the row of trees that surrounded the property, but Roxanne did as she was instructed and then stood at the bedside, unsure about what she was to do next. Pulling the sheets up over her after jumping in the bed and then undressing was the first choice, but as Roxanne learned, she was not the one running the show.

“Let’s see your goodies now baby,” Delmar proclaimed, and looked over onto Roxanne’s nightstand, rummaging through the drawer until he pulled out a bottle of lotion.

“Here?” Roxanne asked. “Can’t I…”

“Get your clothes off baby,” Delmar said. “Don’t take forever about it either, or else I’ll rip the stuff off you. Make it a nice show for me. Do it right and I’ll be hard again by the time you get naked.”

“How do you want me to – do this?”

“Take them shorts off first,” Delmar said. “You wearing panties underneath?”


“Then pull those blue shorts down real slow – that’s it nice and easy. Turn around for me. Mmmmm… you got a nice ass on you there baby. You should wear panties that show it off instead of those big old things. That butt would look nice in a thong. Nice legs too. See what you’re doing to me?”

Roxanne looked at the gardener propped up on the pillows, his hand slowly stroking his cock after dowsing it with lotion, the shining weapon getting longer and thicker again as she watched. How could he get aroused again so fast, Roxanne wondered as she watched. Ceratinly not from looking at her, or could that be?

“Now take that blouse off for me.”

Roxanne’s fingers wrestled with the buttons, making a simple process take far longer than necessary, but she finally got the last button undone and pulled it off, setting the blouse on the dresser.

The light streaming in through the blinds made the room so bright, and revealed every one of her flaws, at least as she saw them; every one of the signs of the 54 years she had lived. Her stomach was a bit soft, her arms becoming ever-so-slightly fleshy, and only the sturdy long line bra she was wearing masked how her breasts had begun to sag.

“You lookin’ better every minute there Roxanne,” Delmar noted. “Now I want you to take those panties down really slow. Turn around so I can see that sweet ass. Oh man, that’s right. Damn!”

Roxanne had the panties down and was bent over getting them from around her ankles, as the gardener encouraged her. How Roxanne wished she could turn back the clock 15 or 20 years. Back to when her butt was more firm than full, and everything about her was more appealing to look at.

To the gardener, nothing like that seemed to matter. He kept roaring his approval at her as he told her to turn around so he could look at her front. Roxanne rotated around, her hands going down protectively to shield her private parts from the gardener’s eyes, although she knew that would not stand.

“Take them hands away from that pussy Roxanne!” Delmar commanded, and she complied, albeit slowly and reluctantly as she prayed for the sun to go down so she felt less exposed.

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