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Have you ever been nervous? I have…

My husband had finally given me a weekend where I could do whatever I wanted and he would not ask any questions. The only rule was no men! I knew right away what I wanted to do. I waited anxiously for her handle to show up on my yahoo messenger and nearly jumped out of my seat when it did. As fast as I could type I told of the rule and the plan. We set it up for us to meet in Vegas liked we had talked about before. I knew at the time that the next two weeks would be hell. Already I yearned to touch her. I spent those two weeks day-dreaming, my hands often caressing my body seemingly of their own will. My husband caught me many times staring off into nowhere, biting my lip.

He would then touch me softly and tell me, “You’ll have her in your arms soon. Until then let’s see what we can do to distract you.”

I’d smile and switch my attention to focus fully on him. He did well at keeping my attention, trying new things I had always dreamed of but that’s another story.

Finally the time was up and he was dropping me off at the airport. I was jittery with nerves and excitement. I couldn’t sit still as I chattered on endlessly with him. Placing his hands on each side of my face he forced my attention on him, “You better come home to me. I don’t want to chase you all over the place.” He said it with a smile but I saw the worry in his eyes. I gave him a knee-weakening kiss then smiled brightly.

“I love you, and you know it. I’ll be home in two days and I’m thinking you will be getting mind shattering sex at that point.” Finishing our good-byes I turned and walked away. Already my mind was in another world, focused fully on her….

I got to the hotel early still in a daze and kept thinking “this can’t be real.” Smiling at the clerk I knew she could see the excitement on my face. My hands shook as I handed her my credit card and wondered if she could even image that I was thinking about another woman’s glistening pussy so close to my lips. As I walked away my blush spread over my face.

After getting settled in I took a long hot shower trying to ease some tension, it didn’t help. Dressing slowly I took care as I put on the baby blue dress I’d been instructed to wear for our first meeting. I looked at the clock so many times that I had the small crack in the face memorized. As I got ready to step out the door I stopped to look in the mirror, gazing intently at myself making sure she wouldn’t be disappointed. The dress stopped just above my knees, was low cut, clingy material, and had thin straps. Underneath I had on a white bra and matching thong, and the strappy “come fuck me” heels. My make-up was light, and hair down curling softly around my face. I stepped out the door knowing I was ready to do this and that there was no turning back.

We’d agreed to meet at the bar. It was a relatively quite place with low lighting and soft music. I looked around, my heart in my throat. At the end of the long counter I spotted her. In that second, my mouth went dry, my breathing shallow and I began to shake. I took a step and it calmed my nerves a little so I took another and another. Each step made it easier to breath and bringing me closer to the object of my obsession for the last two weeks. As if sensing me she turned. I stopped dead in my tracks. Her beauty made it hard to breath let alone move. She’d done everything as I had instructed, the black dress was ankle length, slit on the sides nearly to the top of her thigh with no back. The front was lower cut with thin straps, and underneath she wore no bra or panties. Her outfit was topped off with black 4 inch strappy heels, dark make-up and her long blonde hair was down. I was instantly wet as I drank her in. I knew then that I would want this weekend to last. I took a deep breath and slowly moved towards her, towards mind-altering pleasure.

Her smile nearly made my knees give out. Searching her face as I came with in touching distance I took in the sensual look she was giving me. Her lips were moist, inviting and I resisted kissing her for a moment. With a predatory smile on my face, I caressed her cheek. Heat built in my lower abdomen at the feel of that soft flesh.

Sliding my hand through her silky smooth hair to the back of her head I took that final step. Our bodies nearly touched and the rest of the world vanished. My heart beat went crazy and I had to focus to keep my breathing even. I watched her eyelids droop even as I closed my eyes. Her hand touched my waist softly and a low moan escaped me as our lips finally touched, so soft, so inviting. She leaned into me, pressing her body tight against mine. With her soft moan I pressed my lips harder to hers. My tongue slipped out to taste her strawberry lip gloss and beg entrance to her mouth. My arm wrapping around her waist as hers snaked around my shoulders. I thought I was going to die in those seconds that it took her to open her mouth. Finally her tongue brushed against mine and for Çankaya Escort the second time in as many minutes I stopped breathing. The “ehem” of the bartender snapped us out of our world. We both looked at him a little shyly but more with irritation.

“As much as I’m enjoying this, I’m going to have to ask you to refrain from continuing.” Glancing down we both noticed the bulge in his pants.

Deciding that we both needed to eat a little something we moved into the dinning area and had the bell man take her bag up-stairs (I later learned that she had gotten ready in the bathroom, which I wasn’t happy about). We were seated in a half circle booth in a dimmer part of the restaurant. Already wet I tried to keep my mind from straying to the possibilities of the location. I don’t remember what either of us had for dinner, nor what we drank. I remember her soft laugher as we talked and the touches we couldn’t resist. I remember our waiter stuttering as he walked in on our second soft and sensual kiss, again stopping us before we could go farther. I remember the feel of her leg, hip and shoulder pressed to mine. The feeling of her hand sliding quickly up my thigh only to stop at my dress line had me whimpering. I teased her leg where the dress split, longing to caress more of her soft flesh but not daring yet. Through dinner we chatted about things that were not really of any meaning. Before we stood to leave I leaned in and with a smirk on my face whispered, “I’m very pleased with you my pet. It will be a good night.”

With a fire in her eyes and a smirk on her face she touched the tip of her tongue to my ear and whispered in turn, “And I am pleased with you my pet. It will be a very good weekend.”

As we walked out of the dinning area hand in hand I noticed more than one person staring at us, many of them in jealousy.

I felt like we would never get to the room! All I could focus on was how badly I wanted taste all of her, to lick her from head to toe. As we walked to the elevator lightly caressing every few seconds I heard one woman start yelling at her husband about staring and saw another man walk into a wall. As we stepped into the elevator both giggling we waved to the poor man. The second the doors were closed I pressed her up against the wall and breathed in her smell. It was intoxicating and I barely registered that she was doing the same to me.

I slid my hands around her waist to pull her close to me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “I want to devour you,” it came out nearly as a growl as I pressed my lips to hers.

She parted her lips instantly and drew me into the delicacy that is her mouth. The elevator stopped and another couple entered as I pulled back slightly. Seeing the outraged look on the woman’s face I pressed into her again and turned so that her back faced them. Tilting my head I began licking and nibbling along her neck. Slowly I traced my hands up her outer thigh causing the slits there to widen. Knowing what I was doing she moaned and squirmed under my hands making her dress slide up a little. Shamelessly I moved my hands over her ass, exposing a good portion of it in the process. I groaned as she pressed even closer to me.

Looking back over her shoulder she smiled at that woman and in a sultry voice I have come to crave stated, “She’s going to take good care of me. You should try it sometime.” As the lady’s face turned red I giggled, “You are bad I may have to punish you for that.”

The elevator doors opened and the woman had to drag her husband out while muttering something about calling the front desk.

Laughing I let her dress fall but keep her close. “You really are bad and I may have to really punish you.”

Nipping my neck lightly she teases my legs, “You are just as bad, do I get to punish you too?”

I groan at the thought as the door opens on to our floor. Entwining my fingers and hers I pull her to our room. She presses me against the door to ravage my mouth as I try to get the key card in the door. I’m fumbling and the door won’t open, “Hurry I want to taste you.”

Groaning I push her away from me long enough to look at the card and get it facing the right way. As I twist the handle and we tumble into the room. Stopping for a moment she looks around and notices that I’ve set it up for us. Low lighting and to her delight plenty of toys and such on the dresser. Laughing I ask, “I wonder what the bell boy thought when he brought your stuff in.”

Walking up behind her I kiss along her exposed back and shoulders. “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Again wrapping my arm around her waist I tease the under side of her breasts with the back of my hands. Slowly I caress her shoulders and slide the straps off of them. Her dress drops to expose her from her hips up. I walk around her taking in her plump breasts and firm nipples. Bending I take one then the other into my mouth. I kiss up her sternum to her neck, jaw then finally Keçiören Escort her lips. “I choose this dress so that I could get you out of it quickly.”

Kissing her deeply I push the dress down over her hips and it pools at her feet

Stepping back I take in her wonderful body, long legs, trim waist, full breasts. I bite my lip trying to refrain from laying her on the ground and fucking her senseless. I slowly trail my fingertips over her body. She feels the slight tremble in my body. “You want it that bad?” she questioned as she shivers.

Placing kisses on her shoulders and breasts I hum. “Yes I want it that bad. I am denying myself for a moment. And I’m a little nervous. You are my first.”

I tease the lips of her already wet pussy with my finger tips. She has to take a deep breath and pause. “You will do just fine.”

“mmmhmmm. Leave your heels on and go sit on the edge of the bed.”

She obeys like I knew she would. Sitting down she spreads her legs so that I may gaze unhindered at her. Walking to her I kneel in front of her and kiss each leg from knee to just before her lips. I can smell her and it makes my mouth water, but still I deny myself. “You want it that bad?” I repeat her question.

“Yes” I spread her lips with my fingers and first I devour with my eyes, watching as she trembles.

I tentatively touch the tip of my tongue to her clit and am rewarded with hearing her moan louder. With a sigh I suck that most sensitive bit of flesh into my mouth. I feel her hands fist in my hair and hold me to her. I move slowly, exploring all of her and learning each and every sensitive spot. I lick from her clit down to her sensitive ass-hole. As I lick my way back up I slide my tongue deep into her slit so that I may taste her arousal. Moving back to take her clit into my mouth I slide two fingers deep into her and begin to lightly tap her g-spot. Biting down on her clit I flick my tongue back and forth over it. Hearing her responding moans I begin moving faster. I let go of her clit long enough to say, “That’s it cum for me pet.”

Already her body is tightening. I push a third finger into her and pump in and out of her hard. Teasing her clit with my tongue, lips and teeth I barely hear her say, “Now.”

My hand and mouth are flooded with her cum. Becoming aware of my body again I realize my panties and soaked. “You taste like heaven.” I deliberately lick each finger in turn, making sure that she sees.

I stand and admire the heated look of her skin and the fact that her eyes are nearly closed. “You are so very beautiful my pet. But now it’s my turn.”

Helping her stand I hold her close letting the cool fabric of my dress rub over her sensitive skin. “You are going to undress me now. I give you permission to taste where you want but not touch… and take your heels off.”

I sigh as she steps away and bends over to take the heels off. I walk behind her and surprise her with a resounding “smack” to her ass. I grin at the hand print I have left. Moving a little way over I smack the other cheek leaving a very similar hand print. She moans as she stands, “Thank you Mistress.”

I smile hearing that, I’ve been waiting a long time to hear it. She is tender as she begins striping me of my dress kissing lightly and flicking her tongue over my skin. I moan as she kisses my neck. Un-snapping my bra she takes the top half of my body in. Her gaze lingers on my ample breasts and slowly moves down my curvy abdomen and hips. I blush at her close inspection hoping that she approves of the Mistress she has chosen. I sigh and fist my hands in her hair as she slowly strips me of my panties, planting kisses along my outer lips and down my legs. I use her to balance as I shakily step out of the pretty white thong. “Take the heels off too.”

After she is done I crawl up onto the bed and lay down. I make her stand at the end of the bed and watch as I slowly touch my body. She begins to crawl on to the bed and I stop touching, “I didn’t tell you to join me. Stand at the end of the bed and watch.”

Gazing at her body I begin rubbing slow circles around my clit. Imagining what is coming this weekend my fingers move faster, expertly strumming my clit. I begin to tense and I see the desire in her eyes grow. “Stay… where… you… are…”

My body tightens and my back arches slightly as I make myself cum this first time. As I begin to relax I hear her whimpering slightly. “You were so good, come and lick your Mistress clean. If you do a good job maybe I’ll let you continue.”

I shiver as she crawls onto the bed. I’m excited and nervous all at once. I nearly jump off the bed as her warm tongue touches my clit then slowly moves down between my lips licking up my cum. As she moves over me she doesn’t stay in one place to long, not wanting to be punished just yet. After running her tongue over the whole of my slick pussy she sits up slightly and asks, “please Mistress may I Etimesgut Escort continue. I want to make you cum.”

Taking a moment to gather my thoughts a little I manage a nod. First she drives two fingers into my eager pussy. I cry out and clench my hands in the sheets. Her mouth goes to my clit mimicking what I had done to her earlier. Already I want her to finish me off. I marvel at how gentle her tongue is and how she knows just where to touch. Her hair falls and brushes across my thighs, I arch into her loving the sensations of her softness.

She brought me to orgasm fast after that. The scream she tore from my lips had to have been heard by our neighbors. As I lay there trying to catch my breath, she crawled up and kissed me with our arms and legs entwined. The taste of me on her lips was wonderful. Again I couldn’t believe this was happening. The rest of the night is a blur of desire and fulfillment. We didn’t use any toys that first night. We wanted to feel all of each other. The last thing I remember from that night is falling asleep in her arms. I was amazed at her softness the way her body molded to mine. I could have stayed like that forever.

Day 2 – Role Reversal

I awake with you licking my nipples while you massage my clit. A low moan escapes my lips, “You little devil you. I didn’t say you could do that. Remember today is my day.”

“Yes Mistress,” you respond with a meek look on your face.

Your lips pout at the disappointment. I instruct you to get dressed in shorts, a red silk top, no panties or bra, and tennis shoes. Then you are to lay out an outfit for me and dress me. You dress me in a white cotton top with blue shorts, and no bra or panties.

We head out of our room hand in hand for some noon breakfast. The elevator opens with four college age boys inside. As we ride down I lean over and grab your ass. Lowering my head I press my mouth to yours opening it up with my tongue. One of the boys yells out, “DAMN!” and I look over your shoulder to glare at him.

We hop the monorail to Planet Hollywood and grab a quick bite. You keep asking me what we are going to do today but I just answer your questions with a devilish smile. After our breakfast, we ride the escalator up to the second floor overlooking the casino and walk towards the Elemis Spa. Entering the spa I whisper into your ear, “Here is our first adventure of the day dear.”

The woman at the counter forms a little smile as we wait for her to take us back to the locker room. She shows us to our lockers and tells us to be in the waiting room 15 minutes before our massage. “Now my pet, lets shower.”

We undress and slip into robes, then head for the showers. You grab us some towels as I head for the large handicap shower and turn it on. You wash my hair and bathe me with the gentle touch I have come to expect from you. I sit you down on the bench and gently massage your scale. As we are toweling off the attendant comes over and tells us that the massage therapist is looking for us. Giggling we head for the waiting room and apologize for being late.

“So you have a ceremony of love package,” the therapist says to us. “I’m Michelle and this is Sarah. We will be your therapist for your treatment today.”

They lead us to a room decorated in Mediterranean style. “Now your ceremony starts with a 30 minute oil bath, followed by a 50 minute massage. Do you have any Questions?.. Ok, we are going to leave you to the bath. After the 30 minutes we will ring some chimes to indicate that the time is up. If you can towel off and lay face down on the table, and then cover yourself with the sheet we can begin the massage.” We smile at each other as they leave the room.

We disrobe and enter the bath. After you get in I smile and turn on the jets for the tub. I sit on the edge of the tub and spread my legs wide. “Now pet, come here and please me.”

You slide over and kiss up and down my thighs, teasing me. I grab your head and push it into my pussy, “I said please me pet.”

You suck my clit ever so gently, pressing two fingers into me you start pushing them in and out quite rapidly. I can feel my body tense as my orgasm approaches. Not wanting to orgasm yet I push you away and slide into the bath with you. Your lips pout again as I smile at your frustration. “Come here my pet.”

I wrap my arms around you and begin to run your clit. Your head turns to the side and we passionately kiss while I rub your clit a little harder. I pull away from our kiss and whisper into your ear, “When the chimes go off I want you to cum for me, but not before then. Understand?”

You nod your head yes and lean in to kiss me again. After a few minutes I can begin to feel your body tense and I begin to rub your clit harder. I pull away, “not yet dear.”

I kiss your neck as I feel you fighting your impending orgasm. Just then the chimes go off and you cry out from your orgasm. “Lovely my pet. Now towel me off and let’s enjoy this massage.”

Our bodies are glistening with the oils from our massage as we walk back to the locker rooms. You lean in and whisper to me, “That was wonderful Mistress.” I smile and hand you a towel.

“Put this on and follow me,” as I disrobe and wrap a towel around my waist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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