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“Getting old is a bitch!” The words were spoken softly and with proper venom. I had just entered the bathroom after noticing the illuminated dial on the bedroom clock. “2:18am”

I didn’t turn the bathroom or bedroom light on because I wanted to let my wife sleep. We had a good evening, shared dinner with friends, joked and laughed. Then those friends went home and we went to bed.

I’ve watched my wife get undressed for years and it always is more than watching someone get undressed. It is always sexual. She doesn’t look like she did when she was eighteen. Neither do I. In her case when she gets undressed I still get turned on. Every time. Tonight was one of those gift-from-God nights where she was feeling playful. It isn’t about physicality when she gets turned on, it’s about something else. Whatever it is, I am grateful.

We progressed from kisses and light touching to me helping her undress and her undressing me. There is a bit more droop when her bra releases her breasts now than was there the first time I released them, years ago. There are a few more stretch marks around her middle too. A c-section scar. I don’t see those as distractions, just as indicators that she has lived a full life.

Ten years ago when she undressed me there was a light dusting of gray in the hair of my chest. There was a bit more girth than the first time she pulled my shirt off that night before I left for Bycasino Vietnam. But no scars. Now there were plenty. Ten surgeries in ten years had left me looking wounded. She doesn’t seem to care. She does care about my health and hers. She watches what we eat, and how much we exercise, how much we drink and how often we do things that might not be good for us.

Sitting on the can at two in the morning is a hell of a time to be thinking. I’d rather be sleeping. I’m here anyway. The thoughts seem to go to the past more often than to the future. Maybe that’s because there is more in my past than in my future.

I remember back when we had sex almost every night and most days. I remember that time when we were moving and had everything we owned in a U-Haul truck. We drove all day and it was getting dark. We stopped at a diner and ate and saw some people with sleeping bags headed into a campground. On a whim I pulled in and rented a camp space. My wife wanted to know what I was doing.

I wanted an adventure. While she went for a walk around the campground I set up camp. I opened the back of the truck and unloaded our four-poster bed and mattress. I set it up just like we were in our new home with sheets and a quilt. When Barb returned from her walk she laughed and said at least we’d get a good night’s sleep in our own bed.

When it was time for bed Barb went off to the camp bathroom and came Bycasino giriş back in a short, see-thru nightie. I skinned down to my shorts and we went to bed.

I remember how great it was being in bed together that night, holding each other, watching the stars. We kissed a hundred or maybe a thousand times. Then Barb sat up and pulled the nightie over her head and hung it on the bed post. I hung my shorts on my bed post and we resumed kissing.

Thirty feet away was a tent with a couple in it. We could hear them breathe. A little farther away there were lots of other tents and a motorhome or two.

We didn’t care. I uncovered Barb to the waist and kissed and caressed every exposed inch of her. All these years later I can still remember how she tasted and how her skin felt to me. I went under the covers and found my way between her legs. I kissed her and licked her while she watched the stars above her head.

I felt her labia swell and tasted her nectar as she got closer and closer to cumming. Her legs gripped me and when her hands grabbed my hair pulling my face into her pussy I knew it was time. I sucked on her clit and she thrashed about on the bed until we were uncovered and gasping for breath.

I remembered how she drew me up and kissed my drenched mouth and face. I remembered how it felt to slip into her. It was our bed. We had fucked in that bed many many times but Bycasino güncel giriş this time stayed in my memory. The moonlight showed me the look on her face and showed me her body. We attempted to be quiet but we weren’t. When I came I made some primal noise that may have awakened folks in the nearest town.

We did eventually cover up and go to sleep. When we woke up in the morning there were some families looking at us as they sat around nearby tables having breakfast. Barb’s nightie and my shorts hanging on the bed posts let everyone know we were nude.

I remember how proud of Barb I was when she got out of bed, put on the nightie and her sandals and walked off to the bathroom. As she walked I was not the only one watching her bare ass. I got up and pulled my shorts on, and followed her. I remember some giggles as my shorts were stretched by my morning erection. Had I known then how much I would someday miss those erections I would have enjoyed them more.

When I went back to bed Barb was awake. She pulled the covers back and I got in. I kissed her and pulled the covers back enough that I could see and have access to her breasts. As I nibbled on her and she welcomed me no words were spoken. When I moved down and it became obvious that I was headed for her pussy she opened to me.

As always she smelled like a woman and I love that smell, that odor, that heavenly fragrance. At the first touch of my tongue I heard her whisper, “Nick, what’s going on?”

I answered her with a question, “Can you see the stars?”

She giggled and answered, “Aren’t memories grand?”

Without them getting old really would be a bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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