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“Hi Sarah, how are you?”

“Oh I’m fine baby, in fact I’m better than fine, I’m absolutely bubbling”

I left her to it and went to the bar for two more drinks, what mum had just told me had shocked me, stunned me even but I had to admit it was a pleasant shock!

The thought of her and her identical twin making love to each other was mind blowing, every man’s fantasy (never mind a horny eighteen year old!) and I could hardly wait until she got here!

“Well?” I asked as I returned with our drinks, she’d just put her phone away and was sitting there smiling secretively to herself.

“She can’t come” she said and watched as my face fell.

“Until tomorrow night”

“Aw mum” I laughed and leaned over to kiss her, “Really mum, is she really coming tomorrow night?”

“Well actually she said she was coming as I told her about us two” she laughed,

“She wanted me to tell her all the dirty bits while she played with herself!”

The only other couple on the balcony drained their glasses and left with a polite nod in our direction, mum looked round and grinned at me as she stood up.

“Look out for anyone coming” she said and walked across to the far corner of the balcony, out of sight of the bar.

Puzzled, I did as she asked and I got even more puzzled as she leaned back against the wall and smiled at me,

“What’re you up to mum?” and then I saw it, the little rivulet running down the inside of one thigh, then the same down the other one,

“Oh my God mum!” I gasped, “You’re doing it”

She giggled and raised her dress letting me see the warm, golden urine gushing out through her tight little panties and splashing on the tiles between her feet.

“God I love this” she said softly, “It makes me feel so fucking horny!”

“What do you think it’s doing to me?” I laughed, “Jesus mum, that’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”

I saw a couple heading our way from the bar, so we drained our glasses and left, laughing at the thought of what they’d make of the little puddle she’d left behind!

I was as horny as hell when we got back to the villa and mum reaped the benefit as I pushed her back against the door and dropped to my knees.

“Jamie” she gasped as I clamped my mouth onto the wet nylon of her panties,

“No Jamie I’m………Oh God yes Jamie I’m cumming, Jamie, JAMIE”

I sucked the wetness from the sodden panties, my nose pressed against the prominent bud of her clitoris as she thrust her hips into my face,

“Jamie” she gasped again and shook as the waves of pleasure washed over her before she sank to the floor, a smile of sheer pleasure on her beautiful face.

“I don’t believe that” she laughed, “You didn’t actually touch me, only through my panties and I orgasmed, ooh baby that was so fucking good, wow I’m still shaking”

I kissed her on the lips and she moaned again as she tasted herself,

“Jamie go down to the store and buy some lager, I’ll have a surprise for you when you get back”

I watched as she scampered upstairs, her sexy little bottom peeking out from beneath the short skirt and I felt a surge of love for her, yes it was definitely love, not just love, Jesus I was falling in love with my own mother!

“Where are you mum?” I shouted when I got back with two dozen cans of cold lager,

“Give me two minutes darling, pour us both out a drink and make yourself comfortable in the garden” there was that deliciously sexy giggle again as she added,

“I hope you’re ready for this!”

I was more than ready for it, my semi erect cock was telling me that much, that little episode at the bar had left me wanting more of the same.

“Well what do you think?”

Her breasts bulged out invitingly, almost over the top of the lacy white bra, white seamed stockings were held up by a matching white suspender belt and apart from white high-heeled shoes, her only other garment was a tiny white g-string pulled up so tightly into her pussy urfa escort slit that the beautiful hairless labia bulged out from either side of the narrow strip of lace!

I was practically speechless, she was without doubt the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my life!

“Oh mum” I said throatily, “You’re beautiful, absolutely gorgeous”

She blushed as she kissed me and I wrapped her in my arms,

“You really do know exactly the right things to say”

“I’m saying what I think mum, honestly I don’t want to touch you, you’re far too gorgeous”

She giggled and ground herself into my growing erection,

“You’d better do more than just touch me buster”

Her tongue snaked into my mouth again as she unfastened my shorts,

“I’m hot and as horny as hell and I need you to make me scream tonight, if I’m sharing you for the next month, I’m making the best of it tonight”

“Hey mum, I’d rather just have you than let there be any sort of conflict honestly”

But she just giggled,

“Believe me darling there won’t be any sort of conflict at all, don’t forget that Sarah and I are twins, we’re on the same wavelength, we always have been, do you realise that when I went into labour with you Sarah had labour pains as well?”

She shimmied my shorts down and took my cock into her mouth, bringing it quickly to it’s full length.

“Now sit down again while we get pleasantly pissed and I’ll tell you a few things about me and your aunt Sarah!

I groaned when she took her mouth away, but she ran her hand between my legs and prodded a finger gently against my anus,

“Sarah and I are going to show you things you’ve never even dreamt of” she said softly, “We’re going to make your toes curl!”

We sat down together on the double swing and I put an arm around her shoulder as we drank thirstily from our bottles. Gently I eased a breast out from it’s lacy cup and ran a thumb across the pert little rose coloured nipple.

“Mum you’re gonna have so much spunk over the next few weeks, you’ll still be dripping when we get home!”

She sighed happily and squirmed round to sit on my lap like she’d done earlier, with her legs wide open and straggling mine,

“That’s where you’re wrong my sexy big stud, because that kinky sister of mine will lick every last drop out of me to make room for more!”

She lifted her breast up to my mouth and lowered her head so that her tongue duelled with mine around her nipple,

“Wow” I laughed, “Really?”

“Really” she confirmed and rubbed her scantily clad pussy over my erection.

“Is there anything you haven’t done?” I asked and my cock twitched as she giggled and her answer began trickling through her g-string.

“I’ve never peed on my son before” she said softly and stood up to let me see as the trickle became a flood.

Reaching behind her, I slipped a hand between her legs and caressed her tiny little anus.

“Push it into me” she sighed as she continued to pee onto my lap,

“Mmm nice darling, but have you got anything a bit bigger?”

She sat down again and moaned as another finger joined the first one,

“Yes” her mouth formed an “O” as I replaced my fingers with my penis and nudged it gently against the tiny hole.

“Do it Jamie, oh yes baby do it, fuck mummy’s arse”

Our mouths locked together as she sank down on me and slowly the swollen head of my cock eased into her tiny hole.

“Mum” I gasped into her mouth, “Christ almighty mum, I’m doing it, I’m fucking your arsehole!”

Gripping my head with both hands, she lifted both feet up onto the swing, my cock slid all the way in and she moaned with pleasure,

“Oh Jesus Jamie” she deliberately allowed a long string of saliva to dribble into my mouth, “This is so fucking sexy, so, so………….”

“Dirty?” I suggested and she squealed in ecstasy,

“Fuck yes, that’s it, dirty, it’s so fucking dirty”

Another balıkesir escort flood of urine spurted out through her g-string as she started to come, writhing with pleasure, clinging to me, milking me!

“Come for me Jamie” she hissed, “Fill me, fill my fucking arse baby”

Suddenly I came, my cock erupted and I rammed her down savagely onto it, my lips curled into a snarl I was beyond pleasure, the giving of it anyway, she screamed and seemed to be trying to pull away, but I held her as her own climax overtook her and my cock jetted spurt after spurt of hot creamy spunk into her bowels, again and again she screamed, she bit my tongue, my lips, her nails raked my back, she jerked uncontrollably, her eyes rolled back into her head, until suddenly she collapsed on top of me, like a little rag doll!

It was late when I woke up alone in the huge emperor size bed and followed my nose down to the kitchen where mum was taking some croissants from the oven.

She wore one of my shirts, far too big for her and I thought how small and vulnerable she looked, how utterly fucking gorgeous too!

She giggled as I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her breasts through the shirt,

“Breakfast, you horny boy” she laughed then squealed as I lifted her up onto the worktop,

“The coffee will get cold darling” she protested, but not too convincingly and I halted her protests by snaking my tongue in between her lips,

“You taste of pussy” she moaned and returned my kiss hungrily,

“A beautiful wet pussy” I said and opened the shirt, teasing her nipples into hard little nubs of desire as she sucked eagerly at my tongue,

“This is what I want for breakfast” and I dropped to my knees between her legs,

“Jamie no” she tried to pull me back up to my feet, “No darling, I’m all sweaty and horrible”

“Sweaty yes” I chuckled, “Horrible never” and kissed the slightly stubbly mound above her sex,

“Jamie, oh God you’re insatiable” she giggled as my tongue parted the folds of her cunt. Her fragrance filled my nostrils like an aphrodisiac, inflaming me, arousing me, as if I needed any arousing, slowly I licked from her clitoris right through the aromatic, sticky wetness of her cunt and down to her darling little anus which I teased open gently with my tongue.

“Oh God darling, don’t ever stop doing this to me” she gasped and lifted her legs up over my shoulders, “You’re incredible, absolutely fucking incredible!”

I used my tongue like a miniature penis, gently fucking her as she moaned with pleasure and undulated her hips against my face.

“Bugger me Jamie” she said quietly, almost shyly, “Watch it going into me baby, watch your cock in my bum hole”

Before I could pull away to stand up, she giggled and a little trickle of urine ran onto my tongue,

“Fuck yes mum” I lapped at it eagerly, “More of that please”

“I can’t baby, I went when I got up” she smiled again as I stood up and nudged my cock against her tiny hole, “But there’ll be plenty more later, I promise you”

I slipped easily into her anus, helped by the saliva I’d left there and she leaned back against the wall,

“Can you see it Jamie? Can you see your cock in my ass hole?”

“Oh God yes mum” I gasped, “Fuck, that looks so fucking sexy”

“Deeper darling, do it harder, fuck me, shag me, bugger my slutty little arse hole”

“I’m not gonna last mum” I hissed as I rammed myself into her tight, clutching hole,

“Me neither darling, cum with me, give it to me, shoot your spunk into me”

Her hands gripped my hips and her nails dug into my flesh as she fought to split herself in two on my cock!

“I’m cumming” I gasped and she screamed as her own orgasm threatened to overwhelm her in it’s intensity. She felt my spunk splatter against the walls of her rectum, I felt her sphincter muscles gripping me, her nails dug deeper into my flash and we surrendered ourselves to our lust, trabzon escort no longer just mother and son, but lovers too, joined in the most ancient taboo of all!

The market was bustling, bright and cheerful stores offering everything that a holiday maker could possibly need as well as a lot that nobody actually needed, but brought anyway!

Mum wore a white tee shirt, proudly and deliberately displaying the buds of her nipples through the thin material and a very short denim mini skirt that clung seductively to the curves of her sexy little bottom.

Amongst sun bronzed teenage beauties who openly flaunted their firm young bodies, she still stood out, men (and more than a few women) looked at her, then looked again, she was self assured now, cheerful and with a wickedly sexy gleam in her eye!

“That’s it” I said suddenly as we sat at a table drinking coffee outside a café, “I’ve got it”

“Got what?” she said in surprise as I sat back smiling triumphantly,

“I’ve been trying to figure out what’s different about you, what’s changed you”

“Go on I’m intrigued now” she laughed and crossed her legs rather carelessly,

“It’s your sexuality mum” I said, trying unsuccessfully to drag my eyes away from between her legs, “You’re wearing it like a badge”

“I’m what?” she spluttered and nearly choked on her coffee,

“You’re happy mum” I informed her grandly, “Since you found out about dad screwing around, you’ve been down in the dumps, but that’s all changed now, for a month anyway”

“Well you’re right about being happy, that bit’s true, but I’m not sure about the rest of it”

“I’m sure mum, just look at yourself, look at the way you’re dressed, how often have you gone out without any underwear at all?”

She giggled and that familiar shiver ran down my spine again,


“That’s exactly what I mean, you’re a new woman, confident and sexy, boy are you ever bloody sexy?”

“Well that bit’s down to you Jamie” she said softly, she was beginning to blush and I felt a lump in my throat.

“No mum, it’s not, probably the sex bit is down to me, but not the rest of it, I didn’t ask you to go out last night in a see through dress and a g-string, I didn’t tell you to sit here in a short mini skirt without any panties on and your pussy showing, you did those things mum, like I said, you’re wearing your sexuality like a badge and people can see it, they can sense it too, just sit up and take notice, look how many people are looking at you and I don’t mean just glancing, I mean really looking, I’m right mum, you’ll see I’m right!”

She looked at me in astonishment and sat back uncrossing her legs,

“Wow” she shook her head and smiled, “That was quite a speech darling”

A young couple smiled at her as they walked past,

“Coincidence” she giggled as we got up and continued our meanderings,

A middle aged man, about to cross the road looked at her, then looked again as he stepped off the pavement and nearly got himself killed by a passing bus!

“All right, all right” she laughed as I sniggered cheekily, “So some people can’t look out to see where they’re going, so what?”

She slipped an arm through mine and smiled up at me as she said softly, almost wistfully,

“You’re good for me Jamie, I can’t deny it, but the trouble is it’s only for a month”

Stopping to kiss her cheek, I told her she was gorgeous,

“We’ll see mum, we’ll see”

“Oh look Jamie” she said excitedly, changing the subject expertly and dragged me towards a stall selling what must have been the world’s smallest bikinis!

It took at least half an hour to buy twelve ridiculously tiny scraps of material that wouldn’t cover a postage stamp, during which time several men and two women bumped into stalls or each other as she held each garment up to her groin!

“I’m beginning to believe what you said Jamie” she laughed as we walked on in search of yet more essential bargains, “And do you know something?”


Reaching up on her tip toes, she whispered,

“It’s making me wet just thinking about it”

I laughed and hugged her, God she was so bloody sexy, even when she didn’t intend to be!

“In fact” she reached up again and put her lips to my ear,

“My cunt’s fucking soaking”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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