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I pull you in the house by your belt. Lock the door, lead you to the living room. Where I unbutton your shirt, as I get on my knees. I unhook your belt, I unbutton and unzip your pants. I wanted you in my mouth.

Pull your cock out. And kiss the tip of it, then lick around the head of it. Then I would take all of it in. As I’m sucking and licking, I slid my hand up my short skirt. And I start rubbing my clit I would get so wet I would slide my finger in and out if my pussy while I’m sucking your dick.

Then I would stop and pull your pant down around your Ankles. And I would turn around put my ass up on the air and tell you to fuck me hard and fast. I wanted it, I wanted so bad. You get down on your knees. You move your hips so you’re rubbing the head of your penis over my wet and waiting opening.

You slide it in slowly. To my surprise you were bigger then what I thought. But it feels so good, you go all the way in and pulled almost all the way out till the head is the only thing inside. Then you pushed in faster till you’re all the way inside. You pumping in and out of me, till you find a Escort bayan rhythm. You’re hitting that sweet spot inside of me. I start making moaning noise. I’m enjoy this.

Then you stop and tell me to help you take the rest of your close off. I turn around and help get his shoe off. While I’m at it your cock is dripping form my juices. I look up at you as I take it into my mouth again and start sucking and licking all of it. I finally get your feet out of your pant and I stand up. And start rubbing your chest under the shirt.

I rub your shoulders while I take your shirt off. Then you start moving your hand up and down my back, then they moved under my shirt up to my bra. You unhook it and move your hands to the front, where my breast ache to be touched. You kneed at them and flicked the nipples. Then you took my shirt off, you lean down and put one of my nipple into your mouth.

You suck on it and run your tongue over it, that send shivers down my spine. As you take the other nipple in your mouth you slide your hand down my side to the inside of my skirt and slide it down my hip Bayan Escort till it falls. You grab my hand and walk me down the hall to the bedroom.

You get the scarf out of the bed side table and hand them to me as you lay down on the bed. You hold out your arm to the head bored and tell me to tie you to them. I straddle your chest, but you told me to move up that you wanted my pussy. I do as I am told, you run your tongue all over my sensitive area. You made it harder for me to concentrate, as I finish, I put my fingers throw your hair. You make sure the there are tight enough. Then you tell me to slide down, as I do I play with your chest with my hands, lips and tongue. I keep going down because you haven’t told me to stop. I make it all the way to your cock. I kiss the top of it, then I dart my tongue, liking the head of it. Over and over.

You tell me that enough to ride you. So I scoot up till my pussy is over your cock. I slowly impale myself on you. And start rocking, I rub my hands all over your chest and arms. Then I hold on to your shoulder, my breast in your face. As my hip raise Escort and fall, cause your dick to move in and out of me. As I’m doing that, you start thrusting up at me. Meeting me. I move my hip in circles as I’m moving. Then I would start to rock again as I move my upper body up, and move my hands behind me to hold on to your legs. Still rocking with my hips.

You start taking over the thrusting, bouncing me. Oh god, it feel so good. I’m getting close and you start moving faster and faster, till my orgasm hit me. And you slow down to a stop. You tell me to untie you, I slid off to the side of you and crawl up to the top of the bed to untie you. I got the scarf undone and you tell me to lay down and put my hand where his were. I did as I am told and he ties my hand to the head bored and reach over and grabs a vibrator.

You tell me to spread my legs, and you crawl between them. You turn on the toy and touch my clit with it and rub it round it. As your doing that you slide your cock into me and start pumping slowly. The feeling of both is amazing. You put the toy down and grab my ankles and pull them up, to your shoulders, then you start pounding into me faster, I feel your hands dig into my hips as you get close, the slapping of our bodies are rhythmic. Until you slam into me two, three more times, then slip out of me, and lay down beside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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