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My wife, Teresa, and I have always been very sexual with each other and had built up a trust in each other that allowed us to talk openly about our fantasies. Although we had never involved anyone else up until this point, we had many times explored our voyeuristic side and even talked about inviting one of her old flames to join us for a weekend.

I changed jobs about a year and a half ago and found a new friend. He happened to be my boss and was the same age as my wife and me. Being from out of town and single with a lot of disposable income, he liked to go out and drink after work and on the weekends. My wife and I were regulars at a local bar and we enjoyed his company. Other than being flirtatious with him, it never went anywhere even after many nights of drunken stupor.

About 6 months into my new job, I got a disturbing call one Saturday morning from a stranger. He asked the question, “Do you know a Greg?” I said yes, but couldn’t understand why I was being asked this question. He said, “Well he is lying in my yard and has wrecked his motorcycle”. “The ambulance is here and they are about to take him to the hospital”. I asked the stranger exactly where he was and figured out which hospital Greg was going to.

My wife and I went down to the hospital and finally found out that he was okay, but he was pretty bruised and scrapped up. I was relieved to hear that he was okay and we ended up taking him to his home after filling some prescriptions. Once he was settled in, my wife and I went home and chilled out.

The next week, Greg stayed at home and nursed his wounds and I filled in for him at work. The weekend finally came and after doing two jobs, his and mine, I was ready to go out and party a little bit. Since Greg was banged up, I didn’t think to invite him with us.

We ate in and drank a bottle of wine with dinner. After dinner, I took my wife into the bathroom, which I have done in the past when we are going out for a good time, and shaved her pussy. She has the best looking pussy when it is shaved.

She then got dressed in a short skirt she has worn many times before along with a shirt that requires no bra. No panties were a must and she had a good tan because of the summer sun. She was so hot, I rubbed and licked on that pussy while she just stood there and got ready. And that is when it came, the telephone call from Greg. He asked us what we were doing and we told him we were just getting ready to go out. He then asked if he could come over so Teresa could change out his bandages on his back. We were feeling pretty good and still had lots of liquor around the house, so I said it was okay to come over.

He only lived about 5 minutes away and was there in no time. He obviously had been lounging around that week and was dressed in nothing more than a t shirt and sweat pants. When he arrived we did a couple of shots of Jaeger Meister more or less to keep my and my wife’s buzz going and to help ease Greg’s pain since he was about to have his bandages changed . My wife put a soft blanket down on the floor in the living room and he took his shirt off and lay down on his stomach. She grabbed a bowl of warm water, along with a soft sponge. I sat on the couch and watched them and the TV. It didn’t take long to realize that the bandages he was wearing on his back were not going to come off easy. Even with the warm water she was using, they were pulling at his skin and the scrapes. He was in obvious pain, so we did another round of shots.

While I was pouring the shots, my wife suggested that he soak in the tub in the spare bathroom. This kind of made sense to me and she went into the bathroom with him to run the water. He stripped down and she stayed in the bathroom and talked to him while his bandages were soaking. I stayed in the living room and watched TV. About 15 to 30 minutes later they came out of the bathroom and she had been able to remove the bandages without too much further damage. He was wearing a pair of shorts that I had gotten him from my room. We did another shot and he lay back down on the floor with me on the couch.

She knelt back down beside him still dressed in her little mini. This time she did not hide her clean shaven pussy. She arranged herself so that when she was putting on his bandages, I could see her pussy glisten. I couldn’t help but to comment on that beautiful pussy I was seeing. He couldn’t resist but to look and since Teresa and I were feeling pretty escort izmit good and had plenty of experience with showing it off in the past, she was all but too eager to show him and I was glad to have him admire it like I was.

She took a few more minutes to put on his bandages after showing herself to him and then sat down next to him after she was done. While they sat down on the floor together, we all talked about this or that and I couldn’t help but to get the subject back to that beautiful pussy. After we talked dirty a little more Greg started to tickle Teresa. She obviously was starting to get more and more aroused and suggested that I go get her Robo Rabbit. I couldn’t get out of my seat fast enough and Greg was clueless as to what she was asking for.

When I brought it into the living room, Greg had the biggest smile on his face. He continued to tickle her and tease her as I handed her the toy and then sat back down on the couch. For those that do not know what this is, it is God’s gift to women and for men who enjoy nothing more than to see their wives in pure ecstasy. It is shaped as a large penis with a head on it and is about 5 inches around and a couple of inches thick. At the base of it is the batteries and the controls, but just above that about 6 inches from the head is a beaded section that has a rotating device inside, but the most important part of this toy is the clitoral stimulator that extends from the base out just far enough to vibrate against the clit. Even though the controls are adjustable I have found that there really is only one setting, fast.

While Greg continued to sit next to her, she laid back and pulled up her skirt and inserted Robo into her already wet pussy. I couldn’t tell if Greg was more shocked at what he was seeing my wife doing or if he was amazed that we were so comfortable with him being there, but he definitely was enjoying what he was seeing as much as I was. It didn’t take long for Teresa to get into her toy and she was gyrating her hips with the motion of the toy.

She was really getting wet down there as Greg and I watched and he asked if I minded if he pulled her shirt up so he could play with her nipples. Did I mind? Hell no I didn’t mind, I was as hard as a rock and was doing all I could to stay on the couch and not help him with her shirt off. As he pulled her shirt up, she adjusted herself to pull it completely off so he had full access to her beautiful nipples, she also took her skirt off. Teresa has the most beautiful small nipples I have ever seen. They get so hard when she is turned on and every touch to them sends her closer to the edge.

While Greg was playing with her nipples, I continued to watch from the couch. She was really enjoying the attention of this new man in her erotic world. She just continued to lay back and work Robo into her sweet pussy and he was really getting into her. He then asked her if the toy is what made her gush, and she said, “yes”, in the most erotic tone I think I had ever heard out of her. I hesitated a second when he said that, not remember telling him that she was a gusher, but just figured that it must have come up during one of the previous nights out drinking.

I must have been getting uncomfortable remaining on the couch because Greg then stopped playing with her nipples and asked if I wanted to take over. I was so horny by this point, there was no way I was going to say no. So I jumped up off the couch and went over to her. By the time I got over to her, Greg had backed away and was now sitting in the recliner next to her watching us as we began to play.

I have always had that special touch with Teresa and have made her gush many times before, but she had never gushed in front of anyone else but me before and I wondered if she would start to feel pressured to cum. I started to kiss her and continued to give her my full attention and took control of Robo. She relaxed and then the juices started to flow. They were slow at first just trickling down the crack of her ass and then as I left Robo in, they started to get stronger. She went into a full gush and was screaming as I continued to press Robo against her clit.

Greg remained in the chair next to us and just watched in amazement as I took my wife over the edge. As she started to come down from her climax, she needed dick, any dick and I was as hard as a rock. Greg was very encouraging at this point and said, “Fuck her man!” I jumped up and undressed and izmit escort slid right inside of her. She was soaked and loose, just the way I like it.

I was slamming into her hard and fast with her legs up in the air. She was screaming out in pleasure as I felt her pussy pulsate around me. Greg was sitting back in the recliner rubbing his dick through the shorts. He was obviously aroused as he watched me pound my wife in front of him and he was grinning from ear to ear. Then I turned Teresa over so I could do her doggy style. Once she was facing away from me, I continued the rhythm of fucking her; I could tell that she was willing to do anything at this point.

We were positioned in front of Greg sideways. She was on all fours and I was on my knees behind her with my hands on her hips controlling the pace as well as where I wanted her. She was continuing to scream out in pleasure. I looked at Greg and said, “Do you like what you see, man?” He replied, “Hell yeah!” So I pulled on her left hip and turned her while staying inside of her so she was facing Greg.

He was a little surprised at this move, but he liked it. His legs were already spread, so she fit right in between them. I asked him, “Would you like a blow job, Greg?” He grabbed her head with both of his hands and looked her in her eyes and asked her, “Do you want to give me one, Teresa?” All she could do was bite her bottom lip and nod yes.

While I was still in her, I had stopped stroking her. Greg started to kiss her very passionately as she tugged the shorts off of his dick. They didn’t slide down very far, but far enough to release his large shaft. She grabbed it as she continued to kiss him and stroked it with her hand. It was as if they were in their own little world, and I was pleased that they liked each other this much. While I was enjoying watching them, I swear I became even harder.

I started slowly stroking her again as I didn’t want to bang her so hard while she was kissing Greg. The pleasure in her pussy though had her drop her head and she put Greg’s dick in her mouth. She was holding his balls gently in her hand and put her other hand around his hip. She started sucking it slow and hard at first, as I could her sucking noises coming from her mouth. I looked up at Greg and he was intensely watching her. I said to her, “Suck it good, baby”, which only encouraged her. She picked up the pace a little as did I.

Greg put his hand on her head as she continued to work his dick in and out of her mouth. I was slamming her hard now and was about to cum inside of her. He noticed that I was really enjoying the show as much as he was earlier. He pulled her hair back so I could get a good look of her sucking his dick since my angle was partly blocked. As I watched his dick go in and out of her mouth, I was sent over the edge and exploded in her pussy. I let out a loud moan and Greg said, “Yeahhhhh…”

I sat there for a minute, while still inside of her and she slowed her pace back down. She had been thoroughly fucked. I was panting like a dog and tried to catch my breath. Greg leaned back and let his dick pop out of her mouth and I came out of her pussy at the same time. I asked Teresa if she enjoyed that and she just nodded as she did before.

On my wobbly legs, I got up and got us a towel to clean ourselves up. When I came back, both Greg and she had lit cigarettes and she was sitting in the couch as he remained in the recliner. She did not bother to put any clothes on and looked so sexy sitting there smoking her cigarette. I handed her a towel and she placed her cigarette in her mouth and wiped her pussy clean. I went to the bedroom and grabbed a pair of shorts so he and I were both covered. We didn’t really say anything, they just enjoyed their cigarettes and I grabbed another ice cold beer.

After they finished their cigarettes, Greg said to us, “Sorry I interrupted your evening; I know you guys were still planning on going out”. I assured him that we had a good time. Teresa said, “That is okay, I am okay with staying home tonight”. She got up and went to the bedroom to put on her navy blue teddy. She looked awesome as she came back out of the bedroom. She has the prettiest long legs that came out of the bottom of the teddy. If Greg and I were talking, we weren’t now. She had our complete attention as she came and sat down next to me.

I said to her, “you look very pretty”. She just looked izmit kendi evi olan escort at me and smiled. I asked her if she enjoyed herself, and she said, “Very much”. I asked her what was the best part, and she replied, “All of it”. Then she asked me what my favorite part was, and I said, “when I was behind you and you were sucking on Greg’s dick”. With that she went over to Greg, who was still sitting in the recliner and from the side leaned over and kissed him.

I could tell that she really wanted to fuck him. She was whispering into his ear and he was whispering back. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but I am sure that it was about him fucking her in front of me. Her ass was facing me as her teddy rode up on her hips. She was leaned over far enough that I cold see her pussy between her legs. She started to rub his dick again trying to get him hard. He reached up between her legs to touch her pussy.

While I sat on the couch watching them, I got hard again immediately. As I watched, she spread her legs further allowing him easier access to her pussy. I could hear and tell that she was already wet again. Although I don’t think she ever got totally dry. As he stuck a couple of fingers into her she leaned further over him. She had her arms over her head with her elbows on the arm rest on the far side of Greg and was enjoying every minute of it. With her head in his lap, he continued to stroke her clit with his fingers. She was moaning now, as I watched and hoped that she was playing with his dick with her mouth.

He was biting the bottom of his lip, as he worked her pussy expertly with his hand. She was dripping down her leg she was so excited. He had found that spot that she loves to be rubbed and she began to come on his fingers. She was ready for him now and wanted him badly, but he wasn’t ready to fuck her yet. I was wanting so bad to watch her with him, I couldn’t help myself. He saw me over on the couch, really enjoying the show and motioned for me to come over and take her from behind.

Her legs were spread far apart as I came up from behind her. I reached down with my hand and felt how wet she was as Greg continued to finger her pussy. I stuck a finger in and felt his finger next to mine. Teresa was very loose and very wet. While he continued to finger her, I then put my dick in her wet awaiting pussy. It felt just as good as the first time we ever fucked and slid right in.

He continued to stroke her clit while I pounded her from behind. She moaned even louder in his lap as we continued to bring her over the edge again. She climaxed on his hand and I could feel the juices run down my leg. Greg was encouraging her, “Yeah Teresa, that is how you like it, isn’t it?” All she could do was scream, “YES!” This did nothing but turn me on further and I picked up the pace and drove my dick in as far as it would go. My balls were bouncing off of her clit that Greg was still rubbing. She continued to cum for both of us until I finally unloaded into her pussy.

Greg saw that we both had come and she started to collapse in his lap as I pulled out. He stuck a finger in her and stroked her a couple of more times when she got up. She kissed him on his lips as if to say “thank you”. She was in pure ecstasy. I went back and sat on the couch. He lit her cigarette and handed it to her and then lit one up for himself. I took the towel from earlier and wiped myself off from all the juices that were flowing and then got up and handed it to him, while she sucked on her cigarette with a passion. He wiped off his hands and then handed her the towel. She obviously still wanted to fuck him badly, but was pretty satisfied with how well she had been fucked and how well he had worked her clit.

When Teresa was done wiping her self off again, she came back to the couch and sat down next to me. She was pretty worn out, as was I. After we caught our breath again Greg decided to leave. He had a lot of fun with us that night, but as far as I could tell he never got a chance to cum. I am sure his nuts were throbbing as he was obviously very turned on and probably went home and rubbed a few off. I think he just couldn’t relax enough to get comfortable in front of me. He had never experienced all this before and shared a girl with another guy. To be truthful, neither had I, but I had fantasized about it enough that when it happened, I was ready.

Teresa and I went to bed that night together. Even as exhausted as she was, she was still very excited about the idea of fucking Greg. We talked about that maybe happening in the future and then made love one more time before falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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