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Chapter 1

Jimmy was a smart kid. Average height, but he was skinny. Well, he wasn’t a kid, he was legally an adult. He was a 19 year old virgin. He had a GPA of 4.0, at Middlesex Community College, in Boston. He was in the debating club and built model airplanes. He was also enrolled in film making. But like a lot of kids his age, he masturbated 4-5 times a day. If you add up the time Jimmy masturbated every day, he could have learned to play the piano. And become a concert pianist.

He spent a lot of time at the school library. He had a laptop at home. He didn’t need to go to the library. Jimmy was in love with the reference librarian. The pretty blond at the reference desk had huge boobs. And she always wore cashmere sweaters. She may as well have put a sign on her chest that reads “I have huge boobs. Take a look…” It was like being a guy with a 12-inch cock, walking round wearing nothing but Speedo swim trunks. Would women stop and stare? Would they want to touch it, suck it? Of course they would…

Jimmy did a lot of reading. He didn’t read trashy books by Charles Dickens or Ernest Hemingway. He read the classics like Naked Hot Wife, Mom Gets It On, and Horny Young Housewife – books that teach you about real life and women.

Every time he looked at a woman, in his mind she was just waiting to be fucked. Or had just come from being fucked. To Jimmy a woman was just a big pussy hole with arms and legs attached. He became a voyeur. He loved watching women – at the gym, in the supermarket, at church.

He believed that with the right approach he could have any woman he wanted. Just that thought alone would cause him to whack off almost constantly, masturbating his 10-inch cock to point where he got blisters on his cock. He did this first every morning in his bedroom. Jimmy was too clueless to have a box of Kleenex available. Every day, he’d shoot his gooey load into his bed sheets. He didn’t bother to clean it up.

Breakfast at Jimmy’s house consisted of his mom, his dad, and his younger sister. His sister called Jimmy a ‘dork’. His mom, very attractive and very curvy, was not always very tactful. She usually spoke her mind.

The first words she spoke aloud every morning were, “I found another load in your sheets today…” To which, Jimmy’s dad would roll his eyes, and say “Leave it alone…” Jimmy would just lower his head and stare into his oatmeal.

Like all teenagers, he wondered about sex. When does his parents have sex? His mom was an attractive woman, only in her early 40’s. It must have been in the morning before his dad went to work. At night he was just too tired. Maybe weekends. Jimmy was going to take a chance and hide in his parent’s bedroom. Maybe if he were lucky, he could catch them fucking. It was a Sunday morning, before church, that it happened. He had assumed his usual position in their bedroom closet.

He stiffened when he heard the click of the bedroom door. Jimmy hoped neither of them would notice the closet door standing open just the slightest crack. First his mother walked into the bedroom, moving with that tantalizing swaying of her hips that made all men stare when she walked.

He caught his breath when he saw that the front of her pale blue robe was already hanging open, her smooth, creamy thighs moving, whispering against each other. Jimmy could see the quick snapshots of her dark pubic hair. His mouth was dry as he stared. His mother moved quietly to the bed, where she gracefully dropped the robe from her shoulders. She fingered her nipples, causing them to stiffen. She laid back on the bed, and spread her legs. Her cunt was wet, her labia already open and waiting. She flexed her knees slightly, indicating she was primed. Jimmy stared at her heavy breasts, the nipples pointing at the ceiling. Her belly was nicely rounded, with almost no stretch marks. Her plump buttocks were cushioning her broad hips. And there was the rounded Antep Bayan Escort mound of her inviting pussy, with its thick forest of brown curls that cloaked the shaping of her most private part. Her hardly visible clit knob was pulsing, and stiff. She was anticipating being plugged by her husband’s thick cock. She used two fingers to lubricate her cunt. But she was already wet.

Entranced, hardly daring to breathe, Jimmy gazed hungrily at his mom’s genitals. It looked like the cunt of the women on the playing cards kids passed around at school.

His dad had come into the bedroom. He was wearing only a white dress shirt. His hairy balls were exposed, his thick cock half erect. They didn’t have to speak. She looked at his balls and licked her lips. His cock began to thicken and rise. Jimmy had never seen his dad’s cock before.

His dad initially moved on top of his mother. She said something to him, which caused him to slide down to put his mouth into her pubic bush. He began to lick at her open labia. As he licked, she began to squirm, softly moaning, “Ohhhhhhhhh…that’s so good. Don’t stop what you’re doing…”

Her hips began a hunching action, her hands holding his dad’s head close to her hungry cunt. This was new to Jimmy. He had never seen a guy stick his face into a woman’s pussy. He wondered what it taste like. It must have tasted good, his father seemed to like it.

Jimmy clamped hard on his swollen cock as he watched his dad lapping away at his mother’s hole. It sounded like footsteps walking in mud. Slosh, slosh, slosh. Jimmy began to jerk his cock slowly, not wanting to shoot too soon and miss the action on the bed. His mother’s breathing was shallow, she was gasping for air, and then she came. She sounded like a wounded animal, crying. He heard his dad sucking her pink lump, extending her climax. It seemed a long time, but it was only a few minutes.

We understand that Jimmy’s family, speaking of mom and dad, and sometimes all four, went to church on Sunday. They were not terribly religious, not evangelicals, but just your ordinary run-of-the-mill Christians. Luke warm Christians. At this point in our narrative, mom and dad was having sex. There are so many sex positions that if dad had any imagination, they would be fucking well into the afternoon and miss church altogether. But dad was a deacon, so he tried to be in church every Sunday.

He let mom sit on top of him, corkscrewing her big rump, until she had two orgasms. Then Dad rolled over and put her on her knees; he fucked her doggie style. That produced two more orgasms for mom, during which she yelled “I’m commmmmming…”

Jimmy forget to bring his notepad, so he had to memorize what dad was doing. Dad was perspiring heavily, and Jimmy was becoming concerned. Was Dad going to have a heart atttack? He was close to 50. Finally Dad yanked his cock out, and mumbled, “This is it…” or something like that. Maybe he said, “Shit” but whatever he said, he squirted onto Mom’s ass. The show was over, and Dad had to shower fast, so he could make church on time. Mom took great delight in going to church ‘as she was’. She knew the Lord didn’t mind.

Chapter 2

Jimmy didn’t have a car. His mother said he didn’t need a car, and his dad to avoid an argument, said nothing. Jimmy walked a lot – to school, to the library, to church.

Walking these days is dangerous – drivers are texting, talking on their cell, putting on lipstick. Jimmy stared at his phone when he walked. While crossing the street, on his way to the library, he finally got hit by a car. It was a matter of time. He didn’t even see the car. A woman driver was talking on the phone while she was applying lipstick. She heard the thud. She didn’t see him. Where did he come from?

Let’s meet Lacey. Very attractive woman, curvy if you like big boobs. Lacey was an executive type, always in a rush to get somewhere. But never arriving on time. She was a real estate agent. Her motto was ABC — always be closing. Look professional, be assertive, and keep your customers hungry. In a few words she was a tease. She drove a Mazda MX-5 Miata, a fast cute car. She had bought the car only two weeks ago.

Although she looked very professional in her business suit, deep down she was a whore. Women need a whore’s mentality to compete today with most men. Being whorish gives a woman a feeling of power. Men prefer to think women are easy – waiting to get laid. What’s the point of getting dressed and putting on makeup, if you’re not looking to get fucked? You may as well look like a bag lady. And live in a dumpster.

Jimmy was lying on the ground, clutching his knee. He wasn’t hurt that bad, but bad enough to make the woman leap out of her Miata.

“Oh, my God!!” She screamed. She could imagine her insurance premiums tripling.

“Are you OK? Are you hurt??” she was frantic.

Jimmy, wanting to appear macho, looked up at her, “It’s OK. I heal fast. It’s only a superficial broken knee cap,” he groaned. Superficial?

Fractured knee caps usually require surgery. Unless you plan on hobbling around on crutches for the rest of your life. In agony.

She helped him to his feet. “Let me drive you to ER…”

“No, no, no. I don’t want to go to the hospital. I’ll be sitting around for hours…”

“OK, have it your way. Let me take you home with me, and I’ll fix you a drink. Something to dull the pain… Do you like tequila? “

Jimmy wasn’t surprised. He knew she really wanted to fuck him. Like all women want to fuck him. But he was scared shitless. Remember, he is a virgin.


Lacey was fixated on cocks. For some reason, known only to her therapist, Lacey thought about cocks constantly. Hard cocks, circumcised cocks, uncut cocks. Straight cocks, curved cocks, especially uncut cocks with lots of foreskin. Images of huge cocks would come into her mind at the most inappropriate times, often embarrassing her. She would be shopping in the supermarket, and an unusually shaped cucumber would suddenly resemble a thick, long cock. She found herself looking for things that resembled a cock, blushing furiously when she realized what she was doing. Even mundane objects like a telephone pole made her think of cock. She’d be talking to a client, even a woman, and suddenly a massive 14-inch cock would pop into her head.

She could climax just from the thought of being impaled by a huge cock. Any blunt oblong item would become a phallic symbol. Last week, at a Red Sox game, the guy in the on-deck circle was swinging a giant cock.

Driving Jimmy to her apartment made her head spin. She knew this skinny kid had to have a big cock. At least bigger than her 6-inch vibrator. When they arrived at her apartment, Jimmy was limping, but not as bad as before. She poured him tequila straight from the bottle. Jimmy was a kid, and didn’t hang out at bars. Only the library. He took the glass, sniffed it, and gulped it down. He felt his stomach burning, and could feel nothing below the waist. His legs were numb and the pain was gone.

“Jeeeezus…”he cried. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Feeling better? She chirped. “I knew it would help…”

“Why don’t you lie down?” she said. “Take the weight off your leg…” She led him into her bedroom. He was thinking with his foggy brain, ‘what a nice lady’.

She really wanted to see his cock. She put him onto her king size bed.

“Have you ever made love to a woman?” she purred.

Jimmy heard the words, but thought it was his imagination. Was she really propositioning him?

The tequila was finally reaching his balls. His balls were numb, but he was getting hard. Lacey watched the snake in his pants extend itself. She was fascinated as it grew and grew.

She asked herself, “What the hell is that?” It finally came to rest – a long, thick dream come true.

It suddenly dawned on her that she was still wearing her business suit. It was hardly suitable for a seduction.

“Hold on, Jimmy, let me change into something more comfortable…”

Jimmy was mumbling to himself, something about going to the library.

She came back, wearing a flimsy robe. She was telling Jimmy how lucky he was that she ran into him. It could have been some asshole who would just leave him in the street. A hit-and-run drunk.

She sat on the edge of the bed. As she spoke her legs slid apart, almost by the purest accident. The robe loosely slipped open, and Jimmy gasped. He found himself staring directly at her cunt mound, her legs just far enough apart to give him a glimpse of her bush, its dark curls entwining between her thighs to cover her gash.

“How’s your knee now?” she asked, a little concerned.

With difficulty, he said, “Better… the pain is almost gone.”

His furtive leering made Lacey’s pussy ache. She had to smile at the ominous bulge filling the crotch of his pants. He was blushing, an embarrassing crimson; with a gleam in her eye, Lacey shifted her hips, letting her robe gape open even more. Jimmy’s cock took a leap, and his eyes bulged. He couldn’t tear his gaze away if he wanted to.

Since he’d seen his mother’s pussy, he had become a cunt lover. Maybe worshipper would be a better word. Her wanted Lacey’s cunt so bad he could taste her.

Jimmy moved into action. He moved his arms onto her thighs and pulled them apart. He plunged his mouth down onto her hairy cunt and immediately discovered the standing bud of her clit.

“Oh, God!” she said.

He pressed the flat of his tongue against the outer lips of her labia. The excitement of having an almost complete stranger with his mouth on her open cunt made her shiver. She was completely overcome by the buzzing sensations produced by his lapping.

“Lick it!” she hissed. “Lick my pussy!”

She felt as if she had a fire in her cunt. She bucked up her hips and mashed her wet hole against his face. She could hear the slurping noises made by his saliva mixed with her own flowing cunt juices.

She desperately reached for the zipper in Jimmy’s pants and yanked it down. His long cock leaped out at her, as if it were going to attack her. While he was eating her, she began jerking him off. She couldn’t believe how such a skinny kid could have such a big cock.

“Stick your thumb up my ass!!” she pleaded.

Jimmy paused for a moment. Up her ass? Did he hear what he just heard?

“Do it,” she hissed. “I’m close…”

He’d never stuck his thumb up anyone’s ass. Jimmy moved her hips to get better access to her ass cheeks. She had a beautiful ass. He found her pucker and jammed his thumb into her. He was surprised at how easily it went in.

She whined, “Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

She squirted without warning him, and his face got sprayed. He hadn’t had time to duck.

The only word that came to mind was “Christ…”

“Jimmy, stop gawking, and give me your cock!” She was trying to stick his pole into her pussy.

He fucked her like he was born to fuck. Was that the name of a song?

No whispering of endearments. He was jackhammering her. He had a load ready that she’d remember for the rest of her life. He came and came, the result of years of jacking off, being in training, ready for the big moment. She could feel it filling her, spurting again and again. She was absorbing the creamy cum until it ran down her thighs and onto the bed. Until he was drained. The girls at the office would never believe this.

He grinned at her. Now he was a man. His first time with a woman. His mind was alive with the sound of music… er, fucking.


Later she drove him back to the library. That’s where he was headed before she run into him.

Watch for more of Jimmy’s adventures. Remember Miss Big Boobs at the library? And Lacey wonders if Jimmy can service two women at a time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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