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As Lainie and Brian dried off after their shower, she watched him with loving eyes, and her mind drifted. He had been her sweetheart in high school, and he still was the love of her life, but there had been a space of nine years that they hadn’t spoken to, or seen each other. Both had married other people and were living relatively happy, if not fulfilling, lives. Three years ago, that all changed.

On Lainie’s computer one day was an e-mail from Brian. She hadn’t thought of him in forever, but seeing his name in print, the subject a simple ‘Hi, how are you?’ made her heartbeat increase to double-time and her hands shake over the keyboard. She inhaled deeply and opened her mail.

It was an innocent enough correspondence. ‘This web site popped up telling me I could check out the people from my high school, so I did, I saw your name and here I am. How are you doing these days?’

Pretty simple, pretty generic. It turned out to be pretty damned interesting and exciting in the end.

Lainie thought back to the months of e-mail correspondence, then to the night they agreed to meet at a tavern that was equidistant between them. That night changed their lives. Chatting on the computer had gotten them both thinking that maybe the old sparks were still there. Seeing each other in person only served to confirm it. The electricity was strong, and the sexual tension palpable. By the end of the evening, they were both certain that they belonged together.

The ensuing year was hell on both of them. They carried on a secret affair for five months, meeting when they could, e-mailing and long conversations on the phone when they couldn’t. Finally, unable to take the lying and deception any longer, they told their respective spouses about the affair. Brian’s wife took the news a little better than Lainie’s husband, but neither took it well. In the end, they were both divorced and starting over- together.

“Lainie? Hello? What are you thinking about, you’re a million miles away?” Brian touched her arm gently, caressing her dewy soft skin.

Shaking her head Lainie looked up at Brian, and a brilliant smile spread across her full sexy lips, “Only three years away, my love, only three years.” She wrapped her arms around his waist and tilted her head up, asking to be kissed. Brian obliged happily and lowered his head to devour her waiting mouth. “Mmmm”, she purred as they broke away, ” I will never get tired of kissing you.”

“I would certainly hope not.” Brian laughed as he padded barefoot and naked into their bedroom. “Now come to bed.”


The following three days went by quickly and Saturday morning Brian awoke to the sounds of Lainie singing slightly off key from the bathroom. Laughing at her lack of singing ability, he nudged open the door between the rooms and watched her apply mascara to her beautifully long lashes. Leaning against the door jam, he started to sing along with her.

Startled, Lainie jumped and then laughed, embarrassed. “You shouldn’t sneak up on people.”

“And you shouldn’t sing when people can hear you.” Brian laughed. Her inability to carry a tune was an old joke between them. “Are you ready to be pampered all day today? That new spa sounds like it has everything you could ask for.”

“Yes, I’m ready. Michelle is picking up Sarah at ten, and then coming to get me. What time should I be ready and ‘dressed to kill’, anyway?” Lainie still had no idea what Brian’s plans were for her birthday, and she was very curious.

“I’ll pick you up at six o’clock in the lobby. Be sure to wear whatever makes you feel special and sexy. Its your day.” With that Brian ducked back into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He knew if he stayed, she would try to get more information out of him, and he didn’t want to be tempted.

Lainie thought about what he had said. Wear what makes her feel sexy. She could do that, she thought to herself. As she finished applying her mascara she heard the faint click of the bedroom door closing. Brian had gone down stairs to make coffee and grab the daily paper. She slipped out of her robe and padded into the bedroom. She knew just what she was going to wear tonight, and she set about getting it together and packing it in her carry-all. Looking at her watch she hurriedly finished getting dressed and ran down stairs.

Brian handed her a cup of coffee as she placed her bag by the door. As they drank their coffee, Brian pretended to read the morning paper. He was actually thinking about Lainie’s birthday surprise and how much she would enjoy it. Luckily for him, it was a gift they both would enjoy.

Just thinking about the details gave him a massive hard on that he had to cover with the Sports section. He silently wished Michelle would hurry up and get here, he had a lot of work to do before this evening.

A horn blasting in the calm morning silence granted Brian his wish. Lainie jumped up and rinsed out her coffee cup. Kissing istanbul escorts Brian on the cheek, she coyly whispered in his ear, “I will see you tonight, my prince. I will be waiting and ready for you, feeling sexy and very curious!!” She blew softly in his ear and left before he could reply.

Laughing as she closed the door behind her, he removed the Sports section from his lap and rubbed the tent in his shorts thoughtfully. He briefly thought about taking care of the bulge in his hand, but decided that he needed to get a jump on the final preparations instead. “Save this for tonight”, he thought as he stood and stretched his long muscular body and began to plan his day.

Brian had a few places to go before he picked Lainie up at the spa, and one of them was the adult gift shop. He wanted everything to be perfect, tonight would be a first for Lainie. He knew it was one of her wildest fantasies, and he also knew that it was one she never would expect to come true.

As he browsed the isles of the store for the few items he needed, he mentally patted himself on the back for thinking of it. After all, they hadn’t even discussed this subject since their illicit rendezvous on the computer, so long ago. “She will be surprised”, he thought to himself as he spotted what he was searching for. “Perfect, velvet.” He picked up the item and went in search of something in silk.

Lainie, her best girlfriend Sarah, and Michelle her other closest friend and also Brian’s secretary, arrived at the spa right on time. As they were ushered into the lobby by a very handsome doorman they giggled like schoolgirls.

“This place is wonderful”, Sarah exclaimed as she looked around. The girls checked in at the desk and were escorted to their changing room by another attractive, muscular attendant. Soon Lainie lost herself in the mudbaths and seaweed wraps, the deep relaxing massage and the hot steaming sauna. All too soon it was five o’clock and time to get ready for Brian and their date.

“God, I feel so good.” Michelle sighed as they shrugged off their robes and began to get dressed. All three girls had known each other since high school and weren’t at all shy about being naked in front of one another. “All my muscles feel like Jell-O!” She laughed, pulling on a fresh pair of panties.

Sarah glanced over at Lainie as she was unpacking her carry-all. “Wow, aren’t we dressing to impress tonight?” as she spotted a black lace thong and a sexy matching bra emerging from the bag. Sarah knew a little about Lainie’s surprise, but not much.

“Brian is taking me somewhere for my birthday, I don’t know where but he told me to dress provocatively. So, I am.” Lainie smiled coyly. “I love the suspense, but I wish I had some idea what he had planned.” She slipped on the bra and panties and unzipped the garment bag that held her dress. Pulling it out she asked, “Do you think this will turn his head?”

“Not that you need assistance doing that, but yes, I’d say that would do the trick.” Michelle smiled at her friend and winked. She knew some of what was in store for Lainie tonight, she had helped Brian set it all up.

There were interesting perks to being both Lainie’s best friend and also Brian’s secretary. Michelle grew up with both of them, and knew every detail of their lives. Michelle loved both of them dearly, and was their greatest supporter during the rough first year of their reunion. She enjoyed helping Brian set up Lainie’s surprise- Michelle knew the secret desires Lainie harbored, although she was sure Lainie had forgotten that Brian also knew.

Soon, Sarah was helping Lainie fasten the diamond necklace that Brian had gotten her for her last birthday, and Michelle was packing up the last of their bags.

“You look wonderful, Lainie. Brian won’t be able to get out of the car to open the door for you, he’ll have such a hard on!!” Sarah laughed as the girls walked into the lobby. “Speak of the devil! There’s tall, dark, and handsome pulling up right now!”

“Well girls, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Thank you for a spectacular day, I loved it!!” With that Lainie swept through the door and into the arms of her lover.

“They are so right for each other, isn’t it amazing that they found one another again? I mean, what are the odds of it all working out this perfect- a million to one?” Sarah sighed as they loaded Michelle’s car. “I need to find a love like that.”

“I’d just settle for getting laid like that once in a while.” Michelle giggled and hopped into the front seat. “C’mon, lets get going. Maybe we can find a hitchhiker on the way home and seduce him!!” The two friends laughed and drove away.


As Brian drove them into the city, Lainie tried to get a little more information out of Brian. “Please, at least tell me where we are going.” She pouted, puffing out her bottom lip and batting her lashes at him.

“We are going to spend the evening relaxing and being waited on. That istanbul eskort is all I’m going to tell you, so stop begging.” Brian laughed at her attempts to cajole him. “I have the whole evening planned.” As he said this they pulled up in front of a hotel.

“Are we here?” Lainie asked. She had been dying to go to the restaurant that had opened recently in the hotel, but she’d heard that the waiting list was booked for months in advance. “How long have you been planning this, anyway?”

” I cashed in on a couple of favors, and here we are.” He handed the keys to the valet and escorted Lainie inside where he wined and dined her.

“Dinner was wonderful,” Lainie exclaimed as they finished their coffee. “Thank you so much. I love it when you spoil me.”

“The nights not over yet. We also have a room here. I am going to spend the evening feeding you strawberries and champagne, and making love to you over and over again.” Brian told her, watching her eyes light up like a child. “I’m not done spoiling you yet.”

“Mmmm, that sounds wonderful. Can we start now?” Lainie giggled.

“We can do just that. Let me settle up here, and you go up to our room. Here is the key, I will meet you there in just a minute. I want to make sure that they bring the right champagne and fresh strawberries.” Brian handed Lainie the key card as he walked her to the elevator. “Room 407.” He kissed her as the doors opened and she stepped in to the elevator. “I’ll be right up.”

Lainie rode the elevator to the fourth floor and found the room. She was daydreaming about the night ahead, and smiling at Brian’s thoughtfulness. She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her until it was too late. As she placed the key card in the slot, a gloved hand reached across her face, stifling the scream on her lips. Strong arms lifted her and carried her into the pitch black room, shutting the door behind them.

Lainie couldn’t think straight. All she could do was flail her arms wildly, striking out, trying to connect with something. The person holding her threw her down on the bed and she tried to squirm across it to the other side, but he caught hold of her foot and dragged her back to the center of the bed. She could hear her captor panting for breath, a little exhausted from the fight she had tried to put up. Realizing her mouth was no longer covered, Lainie screamed.

“Shut up, or I will give you something to really scream about.” This unseen man growled as he bound the foot he was holding to the post of the bed with a strip of cloth. Lainie screamed again and the man placed another piece of cloth in her mouth, tying it behind her head, muffling her terrified cries. He continued to bind her limbs to the other three sides of the canopy covered four poster bed.

Lainie’s eyes were becoming accustomed to the dark and she could make out slight shadows around the room. She could make out the towering rails the held the gauzy material over her head and also held her firmly in place. She could see the large shadow of a man as he circled back around the foot of the bed and bent over her. Lainie could feel his hot, labored breath wash over her as he whispered in her ear.

“So beautiful you are. I am going to enjoy this evening very much. But I think it will have to wait just a moment. I have something I need to take care of first.” The man stood and walked to the door. “Don’t go any where, pretty one.” He laughed as he exited the room leaving Lainie sprawled on the bed, tied and gagged, struggling in vain to loosen her restraints.

As she fought to free herself from her bindings, Lainie’s mind raced. ‘Brian will be here soon. He will rescue me.’ she told herself. ‘He was coming right up behind me. He will be here any second.’

Suddenly the door opened and Lainie could make out a dark silhouette against the harsh light of the hall way. She couldn’t see his face, and she couldn’t tell by the build if it was Brian or her captor, returning to do God knows what to her. She prayed that it was Brian, but when the figure closed the door and began to walk towards her without turning on a light or saying a word, she knew her prayers weren’t being answered. Lainie had never been so frightened in her life.

Thoughts were racing through her head a mile a minute. ‘What is he going to do to me? Is he going to kill me, rape me, cut me? Oh my god, what is happening? Why is this happening? Where is Brian?’ Lainie could feel her heart hammering in her chest, and heard the short gasps coming form her throat as she tried to breathe. Those frantic questions in her mind were making her dizzy with fear.

Suddenly, the man was beside her, kneeling so that he was eye level with her as she lay sprawled and helpless on the bed. He reached out one gloved hand and caressed her cheek, almost lovingly. She dared hope for a second that this man had changed his mind about hurting her, the touch was so gentle.

He traced the curve of her neck with his leather glove, eskort istanbul his hand barely whispering across her skin. Down her shoulder to her breast, circling her areola, the thin fabric of her dress failing to hide the deceit as Lainie’s sensitive nipple betrayed her and began to grow under this man’s touch. Lainie began to think maybe she would be okay, maybe he wasn’t going to harm her after all.

Just then, he stood. Towering over her he seemed so huge, larger than life, almost unreal. But the terror she felt was very real. Reaching down he grabbed the delicate fabric that lay in folds across her chest and ripped it from her body. The light fabric tore easily, baring her body completely for him. Lainie lay there in her lacy, sexy bra and barely-there panties shaking uncontrollably.

Mad with fear she whipped her body from side to side pulling the restraints that bound her wrists and ankles tighter, cutting into her flesh. Her attempts at screaming came out muffled and barely audible though the gag in her mouth. Tears were streaking down her face.

The man tossed the tattered remains of her dress to the floor, and stepped around the end of the huge bed. He looked at Lainie, spread open like a beautiful sacrifice, waiting to be slain to please the gods. Removing his gloves, he ran his hands slowly up her legs, feeling her trembling beneath his touch. As he neared the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh, he could feel the heat radiating from her body in waves. He massaged her thighs gently, kneading the muscles into submission.

As he caressed and manipulated her, one hand brushed, almost accidentally, the gusset of her panties. Looking up at her face he smiled, although he could not see her, because she was wet and excited despite her fear.

He continued his massage, continued to brush a thumb or finger across her sex, watching her body tense up every time. She was whimpering in fear, but at his touch he could hear a soft moan escape from her throat.

The man reached higher and began to remove the lacy black panties from Lainie’s body. She fought this as best she could, but it was futile as she was bound to the bed. He lowered them below her hips and with a quick jerk tore them from her body, the material biting into the soft flesh on the back of Lainie’s legs. She shrieked in pain as her torso bucked upward in protest and came back to the softness of the bed with a gentle thud.

Smiling to himself, he lowered his body onto hers. Lainie could feel his skin in contact with her own, feel his hot breath on her stomach as he kissed her belly. She tried to think clearly, but she couldn’t.

‘When had he removed his clothes and mask? What is he going to do to me? Why am I so turned on when I am so unbelievably scared??!!’ These thoughts ran circles in her head as he rained kisses on her tender flesh and she became more and more aroused, in spite of her fear.

She silently cursed her body for betraying her. Lainie could feel herself getting wetter, her juices seeping out and soaking the delicate folds of her pussy, her sensitive nipples erect and aching to be touched. She tried in vain to stifle the gasp that escaped her lips when he parted the soft folds of her pussy and glided his finger along them to her swollen, aching clit.

The man was paying very close attention to Lainie’s clit, rolling it between his fingers, the slickness of her juices enticing him to increase the pace. He brought her close to orgasm several times. Each time he would stop suddenly, feeling the reluctant tension of Lainie’s muscles relax in disappointment.

He inhaled her musky sweet aroma deeply. He could feel her squirming against his hand, not wanting to succumb to the sensation but having no choice. He slid a single finger inside her cunt just then, and she gave in. He could hear the muted sigh of pained acceptance from above him, and he smiled.

Lainie could feel her captor adjust his position, and suddenly one of her legs was freed, then the other. Before she could react he began sliding something large and firm into her cunt. His free hand found her clit again and she momentarily lost all thought of resisting. Suddenly, Lainie’s whole body shook as the vibrator began to hum and dance inside her. His ministrations to her clit intensified as she bucked her hips against his hand, forcing the vibrator deeper within her.

Her mind tried to control the unacceptable reaction of her disloyal body, but it was no use. She was ashamed for allowing herself to feel this pleasure. She knew it was wrong, she knew she should be fighting, but the feeling of complete helplessness was part of the excitement, she reluctantly admitted to herself.

Her final thought as she gave up trying to gain control was ‘Oh my God, this can’t be real’, as she arched her back and screamed through the gag in her mouth while the most intense waves of ecstasy rushed through her. Jolt after jolt rippled through Lainie’s body, the walls of her pussy gripping the vibrator tightly, her hips thrusting into her captor’s hand as he manipulated her throbbing, aching clit. He continued to fuck her with the vibrator and finger her through her orgasm, causing cascading spasms throughout her body.

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