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Big Dicks


Weddings are sexy affairs, the whole thing is sexual and women in particular always seem to get turned on by the occasion, I think it is because everyone knows that the couple being wed are going to be bonking their bones to death in the very near future.

In June we attended a friend’s wedding, my eldest daughter who had recently had her 10th birthday, was a bridesmaid. The couple that were marrying (Sadie was a work colleague of mine, both were on their second marriage, l guess in their mid-40’s, maybe a little older) had asked me to give a lift to a friend of theirs who lived near to us, l agreed, even though l had never met the guy before.

The guy we picked up, Steven was in his late 40’s, he was a tall chap about 6ft 2″ and of slim build. On the way he’d sat in the front with me and I’d found out that He was recently divorced (I’d been told that his wife ran off), he was broke because of the marriage break up, hence no car. He’d been a senior NCO in the Army for 22 years until about 2 years earlier. He wasn’t overly friendly on the way there; He talked, but really only on prompting. During the Church service He stayed with us and as we went to get into the car to drive to the recep¬tion, Steven held open the rear door for Lisa.

I must admit that my wife, Lisa, was looking decidedly sexy that day, for she wore a cream two piece suit, the skirt of which was a short wrap over type, brown and cream high heeled court shoes with 5″ stilettos, seamed tan stockings, lacy beige suspen¬der belt, a beige silk blouse. She wasn’t wearing any knickers or a Bra. This was because we had played a game the night before and she’d lost those items for that day. It could have been worse, instead of this totally sheer transparent blouse; she might even had had to go without a blouse at all. Today, If she were to take off her jacket, people would see her nipples quite prominently against the sheer silk. It was only on the way out of the house that morning that I ‘remembered’ to tell her we were giving a lift to somebody, so it was too late for her to slip on some underwear, not that she was allowed to, as much as she now wanted to.

At this time Lisa was not that experienced in going around in a knickerless state, but she could have easily got into the car modestly, had not her attention been caught elsewhere, in fact she was looking around for Annie who was travelling with the wedding party, just making sure that she was okay. So what oc¬curred was the classic reason for any woman going out in public knickerless, Lisa gave him a very full view of her cunt, totally unaware of what she was doing. She had one leg inside the car the other out, in that position the ‘wrap over’ part of her skirt parted to the waist, revealing herself.

I had been standing beside him and I saw as well, l heard him suck in breath at Lisa’s flash and so did she, Lisa blushed furiously, as she always does when it is a true accident, Her cover up was more deliberate, with a slight “Ooops” as an excla¬mation, she slid into the car, But her exposure lasted about 5 to 6 seconds, not just a pubic flash either, but vaginal lips, clearly in view and partially open. She was shaving herself around her vagina in those days, leaving just a heart shaped pubic patch just above her cunt with the heart tip pointing right at her clitoris.

As I drove to the reception, my heart was pounding, Lisa’s flash was just what I’d dreamed about her doing, this was really far more exciting than the ‘flashes’ I’d dared her to do, or the few true accidental ones, done in an instant and over before the beholder could believe his eyes. For me there were several fac¬tors which made it so exciting, firstly that Lisa had done it totally accidentally, secondly that she actually showed so much and that she was exposed for so many seconds and thirdly it was seen by a man who was almost a complete stranger. I looked in the driving mirror and our eyes met, I could see that although Lisa was flushed with excitement, her eyes told me that this man was not the sort that she would have flashed at deliberately. If only she knew what lay ahead of her in the next few hours.

During the meal etc., the seating was all pre arranged and Steve sat on the Bride and Groom’s table, so apart from one dance with Lisa, we had no contact with him. We had started the meal at 5 O’clock. At 9pm The Bride and Groom left for the Air¬port, so we’d decided that we’d make a move, it had become rather a boring reception, the majority of the guests being well over 40 and in reality we were only there because Sadie had wanted Annie as a bridesmaid. My ex-wife had already collected Annie just after the bride and groom left.

Being mid-summer it was still light when we left after making our goodbyes. Steve and Lisa were certainly very merry from drinking the champagne, so it was as well, that l had already agreed to drive and I’m sure that from all three of us view point, had Lisa been sober and driving the events would not have unfolded as they did.

Coming out of the air conditioned hotel, the residual heat of the day and humidity hit us; we all removed our jackets before getting in the car. As l helped Lisa with her jacket, l noticed that her blouse had two of the four buttons undone at the top and that the very deep valley between her breasts was on show, her dark nipples were very prominent against the light coloured silk, in fact they were out like organ stops.

Even at this stage my ideas were only to give Steve another good flash of Lisa’s parts. Mainly because of his stand-offish attitude so far, I hadn’t even considered him and Lisa having sex. Steve and Lisa got in the back, Steve once again holding open the door for Lisa and getting another flash, this time slower, not though deliberation, but due to inebriation. The Man must have wondered where to look first, because as she slid across the seat, another button on the blouse came undone and a whole breast with its puckered hard nipple was on view for at least 5 sec-onds. L had taken my seat and sat watching their antics from the front seat of the car, which was then a Mark 2 Granada, nice and spacious, particularly in the back.

As l drove out of the Hotel grounds, l was aware of Lisa exclaiming that she’d drunk and eaten too much, she was fumbling with the belt on her skirt, as l looked in the rear view mirror. After a moment or so, Steve reached across and she let him undo the leather belt, Her skirt was still held at that stage by three large buttons over her thigh, where the split started, l watched him tentatively undo the first one, then the second, he paused, there was no reaction from Lisa, He looked forward to me, our eyes met in the rear view mirror, l nodded my head a fraction, it was enough. He undid the third and final button; the skirt fell away from her thighs, leaving her uncovered from the waist down. By now l was now driving in the midst of Guildford Town centre.

I was more delighted than surprised when Lisa allowed him to pull her skirt from under her bum and thighs, an action which required her co-operation in lifting up her bum from the seat. The skirt, He then carefully folded it and placed it on the rear shelf. Next, He reached over and undid the final button of her silk blouse, Lisa had a big grin on her face, as He flipped open her blouse, baring her breasts and again she made no resistance, even leaning forward a touch, when He totally removed that and placed on top of her skirt, leaving her wearing only her suspen¬ders, stocking and heels. It was still light enough for anyone glancing into the car to see her state of undress, l was still in the town centre, where following his instructions, l drove slowly around the main shopping centre twice, passing slowly in front of the Cinema queues, where several people could not have failed to see what was happening on the back seat, Then down the hill to the bus and train stations, for a repeat showing, before heading out towards the Hog’s back.

The real cruncher of the situation that was developing was that Lisa, although turned on by all this, believed that Steve and l had actually premeditated this situation; therefore she was more or less ‘going along’ with developments. For my part I was excited by what was happening and was slightly disbelieving that Lisa was being so lewd with a guy who was after all a complete stranger to us both, it was really out of character for her to behave this way, perhaps the drink had helped loosen her inhibi¬tions. I hoped and prayed that she wouldn’t suddenly regain her senses and refuse to go further with him, now l desperately wanted to see the two of them have sex. Since the ‘Rocky Horror Party’ nearly a year ago, outside of two couples, with whom we’d swapped, but in separate houses; Lisa had enjoyed sex with five different lovers, however so far she was not prepared to allow me to watch or join in. Other men friends of mine, who were more than willing, she had rejected. More recently she had declared that she’d allow a threesome with another male, provided both us males were willing to indulge in oral sex on each other. I had agreed, but we hadn’t found a willing male, which was why the next ten minutes convinced Lisa this was a total set-up with full prior consultation between Steve and myself.

Approaching the top of the ‘Hog’s Back’ Steve leaving Lisa alone momentarily leant forward between the seats he then asked me if l was hard, l told him l was. He told me pull over to the lay-by coming up, there were about 6 cars and a couple of vans parked there. I choose a slot away from the others; unfortunately the nearest car was still only some 30 yards away. When I had pulled to a stop Steve told me to free my cock from my trousers.

Unzipping myself, l did so without question. I was rampant with lust. In fact l had an erection that was huge. Steve got out of the back seat of the car and came to my door, opening it and kneeling beside me; he reached over and ran his hand up on my penis for a few moments, till a drop of dew appeared on its head. Then he had me undo the belt on my trousers and open up the front of my trousers completely, as I wore no underpants that day, my cock and balls were fully on view, especially to Annie.

He then needlessly asked if I realised he was going to fuck my wife, I told him yes, As he stroked my cock and balls gently, He made me tell him the things I’d like to see them do together. Lisa was leaning forward watching his actions on me and listening to my words. Without izmit rus escort any warning He bent over and took my cock into his mouth. He sucked on me for some 2 or 3 minutes, during which time I had to struggle to hold onto my climax.

Steve released me and told me that he now needed me to show Lisa just how much I wanted her to have sex with him. Standing up, he indicated his rampant cock bulging against the fabric of his trousers, without the slightest hesitation, I unzipped him and freed his cock; no other thoughts were in my mind at that moment. His cock was absolutely rigid; veins standing prominent against the skin, a thick muscle bound piece of manhood, pulsating with lust. I took his penis fully into my mouth, aware of Lisa’s gasp of pleasure. I sucked and licked upon his erection, aware of some cum dribbles.

All this was done virtually in plain sight of anyone looking our way, he allowed me to continue sucking and licking on his manhood for a further five or so minutes. Lisa was sitting back with finger thrust into her fanny and tweaking her nipples. It was Steve’s eyes that gave it away, when he winked.

When Steve eventually pulled himself free of my mouth, he told me leave my trousers as they were, around my knees and to drive on, but to stay at 30 mph all the way, this meant that nearly every car on the road was passing us. Returning to Lisa, he now started to kiss my wife, who further aroused by the brief Homo display, welcomed his tongue into her mouth as his hands squeezed her breasts, her own hand eagerly worked over his cock and balls. His mouth moved down to suck her already hardened nipples, whilst his fingers probed first her cunt then her arse¬hole, pulling them out for her to suck from time to time. He had her moaning and sighing with his fingers. Every so often I heard her say, rather, a deep throaty moan, ‘yes’ to him as he played with her eager body. As she responded to his administrations he chewed her nipples harder and probed deeper, bringing her to a small climax. Next he took to licking and sucking Lisa’s cunt, which meant that she was very visible from the roadside and passing cars. He brought Lisa to her second climax with his mouth and tongue.

He lay back and told me that my wife was going to suck him. He just said come on and Lisa with no objection coming from me, started to pull his trousers and underpants down to his knees, now fully revealing to her a well meaty cock, quite erect. I almost shot my load as she put her mouth onto his penis. She took her time, enjoying her task, she sucked him for ages, before he grunted hips bucking and l perceived her greedily swallowing his Jism, some spunk dribbles escaping from the corner of her lips, She continued sucking his till he was limp, although still long.

I had been circling with three miles of his house by then, but he told me to drive to our home. On our way he explained that he was going to fuck the arse of Lisa that night, l could watch if l wanted…. I wanted.

When we got back home, it was almost dark. Our house at that time was a semi detached, with garage attached to our neigh¬bour’s. There was a 20ft driveway, which normally I parked on, that night I parked in the garage. Steve had Lisa leave the car as she was, now clad only in her high heels, stockings and suspender belt she had to first open the gate and then garage, and she made not the slightest protest at his request and only the faintest hesitation. Ours was not the bus¬iest of roads, which it fact lent itself to nosy neighbours looking out of their windows at the sound of my car, But Lisa didn’t even look around to see if she was safe from other eyes, she didn’t hesitate in getting out of the car. It was entirely her own inspired idea to open the garage, thus increasing her length of time exposed and she knew full well that as she walked to the door the security light would come on, illuminating her nakedness in a spot light for all to see. Her actions of opening the driveway gate, letting me drive in, closing the gate, then opening the garage doors, again wait¬ing till I was in before closing them, could not have taken less than three minutes, during which time she had no protection, nor sought any in the shadows cast by the spot light, from any person looking out or passing by.

On the driveway, whilst the garage door came up, Steve who’d readjusted his own clothing, told me to keep my hands on the wheel and park the car and he followed Lisa into our home. I did as asked, reflecting that I had previously dared my wife to do exactly what she had just done, at his request, on more than half a dozen occasions in the past year and at a later hour than this. The first time I asked her, she’d refused outright, the last time – 2 months earlier we’d been to the cinema, her wearing just a coat and knee high boots; I’d tied again, after some hesitation she’d got out the car without her coat on, but she held onto it, when she was fully out of the car she pulled the coat around her shoulders, opened the gate and went straight into the house. It had been about 1am.

Inside, while Lisa opened a bottle of red wine; Steve slipped away for a pee, we had a loo downstairs, but he must have missed it and unknown to Lisa or me for a few weeks, he went upstairs.

Whilst Steve was upstairs, Lisa and I had briefly exchanged confirmation that we both wanted this to happen, my wife had said something like ‘If you tell him to leave now, I’m going with him’ I assured her that stopping things in the full flow, was not my intention. We had kissed and fondled till Steve came back down. He and I took our drink into the lounge. Lisa said needed to go herself.

Alone briefly, Steve asked me about the developing situa¬tion. I explained that only in the last 10 months had Lisa agreed to play extra games and that, Lisa and I had swapped with two other couples, which had been repeated with one couple twice and the other thrice. We had enjoyed three some with two males and one female friend, on a few occasions. I kept his interest telling him of Lisa’s ac¬tions at a recent party where as a forfeit she’d had her bum and breasts lightly whipped, that piqued his interest. I added that on her own she had a brief affair with her driving instructor and that I suspected her of having a couple of casual ‘bonks’, as well as a few confessed ones. What I didn’t know at the time was my wife had already had three ‘dates’ with the guy who had lightly whipped her at the party, together with his wife had cajoled her into trying it again, but a bit harder. This had been repeated at the next ‘dates’ each time taking it a bit harder.

I asked him about himself and was told that in his years in the Army ‘l had sex more often with other men’s wives than with my own wife,’ and he continued ‘More often than not in front of the husband or with him as well’. ‘ I can tell you that it was regarded as fairly normal in regiments for wives to be shared, especially on overseas posting, but Officers they ‘re the ones, a pretty wife, like yours, could secure you quick promotion, if she’s willing to fuck with Colonels etc., if she’d do kinky stuff as well, then you were made.’ He told me that some of it was put on video, and via a contact he now owned several home videos of regimental sex parties, some quite strong stuff, he offered to show them to me or us sometime (another tale).

We three retired to the main bedroom, which was at the front of the house. It had large French windows, which were from the ceiling to floor and about 6 foot wide, with small false balcony, to step onto with a white ornamental railing just big enough, to step onto with a white ornamental railing. When Steve saw this layout he had me hook the net curtains to one side and leave the other curtains fully drawn back, the lights on and the bed moved a bit towards the windows, anyone looking was about to be given quite a show. In that house we were overlooked by 2 blocks of flats 6 stories high with about 4 flats to each story, the distance was about 50 yards, so they’d not even need to get a telescope to really see, more importantly it was only just after 10pm by then, and so people across the way would be soon going to bed themselves.

Steve and Lisa lay down on our bed, whilst l watched them sat on my armchair. We were all naked by then, except that Steve had insisted that Lisa keep on her stockings, suspenders and high heels. For many minutes, I watched as they kissed and caressed each other, to my surprise Lisa did not seem at all inhibited by the open window and the chance of someone watching her in action and later admitted that it had indeed added to the eroticism of what she was doing. He teased Lisa about how wet her cunt was, soon he entered her cunt with his erect penis, with her legs wrapped around his neck to get maximum penetration of her cunt by his quite large cock. He started to fuck my wife, soon she was moaning in the early throes of an orgasm. He teased Lisa, pulling his cock from her cunt and only thrusting it back in till she cried out for “Please fuck me hard” and he plunged in again.

The next time he teased her, he pulled his cock out and using his hand to guide it he ran it along the lips of her cunt and down into the crack of her arse, all the time she was plead¬ing “please, please”, I had moved very close now, looking at her inflamed cunt and the head of his penis, Lisa’s hips were thrusting at him trying to get hold of his erection.

I watched fascinated as he aimed his cock, now glistening with her love juices, at her puckered arsehole, he drove in, a slow plunge, right to the hilt. Lisa gasped at the painful intru¬sion and cried out, not so much in pain, more in frustration that he’d gone in there instead of her cunt. I now leant forward and thrust two fingers, then quickly three into her boiling cunt and put my mouth onto her clitoris and started sucking upon it, whilst my fingers twirled and moved around her cunt. All the time, my eyes were glued to the cock lunging in and out of my wife’s tight anus. She shuddered and cried out, begging him to ‘cum in her arse’; my fingers could feel his cock through the thin wall inside her. Then she bucked and her orgasm arrived, she cried out and my fingers and tongue continued, as I watched Steve pull his still erect, but now dirtied cock from her arse¬hole, he motioned me out of the way and again changing position he now sat astride Lisa’s breasts, with the tip of his shitty cock pointing at her lovely mouth and red lips.

Only once before in a similar sexual frenzy, had Lisa izmit escort sucked my dirtied cock straight from her arsehole and subsequ-ently she’d done only a few times, mostly when inebriated and when she was very turned on. Steve’s cock was now well greased and smeared along its length, far more so than any time she done it for me, a thick ring of her foul brown shit had built up around the base of its head and the once purple head was only just visible under¬neath another smearing of disgusting brown excreta. When he pulled out of her arse and changed his position, Lisa knew exactly what was coming next, so she had several seconds to make her mind up. What he longed for her to do, what I longed to see her do, that is take that dirtied cock fully into her sweet mouth and suck it clean, didn’t happen.

Instead, my wife, a mischievous grin on her face, first kissed the side of his cock, and then slowly licked her way along each side, being careful not to go near the more disgusting penis head, but licking and sucking his cock sides clean of the thin shit smearing. Steve had made no attempt to thrust his cock into my wife’s mouth so far, but the temptation must have been appal¬ling. When Lisa took hold of his cock with one hand around the base and the other gripping the organ itself, she skinned his foreskin back as far as it would move, revealing the true extent of the shit ring that had built up just under the penis crown. Very slowly Lisa’s tongue flicked around the head of his penis, licking off the smear that was there, then with great delibera¬tion, when the tip of her tongue reached the shit ring she care¬fully lifted the shit off. The ring broke in two, but she caught both pieces of the foul ring on the end of her tongue, it with¬drew back into her mouth and she closed her lips and it was gone. When she opened her mouth again, a large brown spot was on her tongue, but that was all, and now her mouth closed over his cock fully, sucking it right in and her head started bobbing.

I had almost ejaculated at my wife’s lewd act with the shitty cock; I was as much amazed as surprised by her actions. Steve was in no need of a real good sucking and his spunk came pumping out. He pulled his cock from Lisa’s mouth, to visually excite me. Lisa desperately tried to catch his spraying spunk, but missed some globules which splattered her lovely face, one catch¬ing her right in her open left eye, another shooting up her left nostril. He wiped his cock against her cheek as Lisa held it there kissing and licking the shrinking organ.

Moving off of her he ordered me to fuck my wife. I did so, entering Lisa’s cunt wasn’t like it normally was, She was so wet and slippery, which helped me, had she been tighter, I’d have shot off too soon. So as I fucked her we kissed, Steve lying alongside of us, following his orders again I proceeded to lick off his spunk from Lisa’s face, tasting it and swallowing it down. Her climax rose to mine and I pumped, what had been building up for two hours into her pussy.

We three fell back temporarily exhausted. After that first climax, we three lay back on the bed, hardly speaking, catching our breath and thoughts, if she had any doubts or regrets about what she’d just done, Lisa certainly didn’t show it nor seek reassurance from me. After some ten minutes, Lisa declared herself in need of piss, as did Steve immediately. I think all three of us knew what was about to happen even though Lisa had never done it before, she had seen Caroline do it several times.

So off we went to the bathroom. Steve invited Lisa to go first and he climbed into the bath and lay down whilst Lisa crou¬ched over his lower region, feet either side of his hips. For my part, I sat on the loo seat to watch the exciting proceedings. Her piss erupted from her cunt splashing itself all over his stomach and hips cock and balls, wetting her own thighs and legs as well. His penis immediately began to rise again, becoming semi erect, by the time her stream was dying off.

As he stood up, Lisa sat, her bum resting in a thin pool of her own hot urine. His cock passed an inch or so from her face, and he thrust it at her. Lisa immediately opened her mouth, tasting her own urine on his cock as she briefly took it into her mouth, before moving down to lick over his sodden testicles. He pulled away from her exclaiming that if she continued, he wouldn’t be able to go. Lisa settled herself down on the bath bottom, legs out straight in front of herself, and leaning back¬wards on her arms, presenting her whole body to him.

Steve stood with legs either side of Lisa’s hips, his hands on hips, when his semi erect cock started spraying forth its piss, splashing against Lisa’s breasts, he guided his warm salty spray by the movement of her hips. He admitted to me later that he wasn’t at all sure just how far to take this at this point, he knew what he really wanted to do and I was also dying to see it as well and it then transpired that all three of us wanted the same thing, for he had been peeing less than 6 or 7 seconds when my wife took hold of the base of his cock and then directed his yellow stream of urine directly into her own mouth.

As his hot piss filled her mouth Lisa looked across at me, for my reaction, which was totally involuntary on my part. At the sight of this longed for action, performed by her on another man, my cock erupted a splurge of spunk across the room. Lisa took a big gulp of his piss down her throat and aimed the spray momen¬tarily over her face, drenching her eyes, which I noticed she kept open as she did this, nose and hair with his urine, Because of her position, the surplus pee ran down her chin and onto her breasts, forming rivets down to her hardened nipples, where it then dripped off, and continued it journey, across her flat stomach, before disappearing down between her thighs and across the lips of her cunt.

But she wasn’t wasting much time and time again she aimed his cock at her mouth and gulped down his piss, like a person who just crossed the desert, gulping down cool clear water, only her drink was hot, salty and slightly yellow. As his piss stream died away, His cock visibly erected and soon my wife was sucking upon it again. My own cock had barely drooped after its ejaculation, so arouse was I by her acts.

Calling me over Steve asked if I needed piss, I certainly did. Taking up his previous position, but with Steve squatting behind me, it took me a moment or two to get going, but when my flow started, Lisa was aiming it straight into her mouth, She gulped down my hot piss, spilling lots out of the side of her mouth, suddenly taking us by surprise, Steve thrust his head around my side and taking my spraying cock, directed my piss stream into his own mouth for a few seconds till it was filled and he gulped it down before re aiming it at Lisa’s mouth. Over the following 30 40 seconds, my wife and our new found lover took brief turns in sampling my urine. Steve took the last drib¬bles and my cock into his mouth; soon he was actually sucking my cock. Our positions moved around and soon, I had Steve sucking on my cock, whilst Lisa sucked upon his.

We were all too recently climaxed to achieve anything at that point and after some ten minutes of sucking, we broke off. While Steve and I were able to quickly wash down, Lisa with urine in her hair needed longer, so we men cleaned up quickly and back in the bedroom, I organised some drinks. Steve and I continued our earlier conversation, this time, he was amazed when I told him that, this was the first time Lisa had drunk piss, and he pointed out the obvious that she seemed to have really enjoyed it and that so had I.

He asked if I would like to watch her being taken by multiple guys, sex all round her body, then some pissing over her or her drinking it from them, or they could get really dirty with her, if she was willing. I asked him what He meant by really dirty, his reply was that he’d show me some videos first and I could make my own mind up. He asked me how I felt about his actions with me in the bath, I admitted that I had enjoyed them and that I’d had some homosexual experiences as a teenager.

When Lisa re-joined us freshly scrubbed, all three of us were still in a randy mood and it wasn’t yet midnight. We had some more drinks sitting around the bed, and he told us of some of his other adventures in sex with couples, keeping the sexual mood alive. Lisa blushing profusely admitted that she was extremely aroused at Steve’s tales and with some prompting from him agreed she liked the piss part earlier and yes she wanted to drink from us both again and she’d like her drunk. He also asked her how many times I’d eaten a creampie from her pussy from other men and had it been her idea or mine. She admitted it was probably about 40 times by now and it had been my choice initially, but she loved it when I did.

For the next move, Steve lay on his back, with Lisa in a ‘69’ position and for a few minutes they orally aroused each other physically and me visually. I watched my wife suck upon his cock again and bring it quickly to full erection. Following Steve’s instruction I moved in behind Lisa and with knees either side of his head I entered my cock up Lisa’s cunt. It was tighter this time but becoming wet, I was very conscious of his tongue licking and sucking on her clitoral bud. This was to be a slow more relaxed fuck. I moved my cock in and out of Lisa’s cunt with slow strong thrusts, whilst watching her mouth play along the length of Steve’s erection, occasionally dropping to lick across his balls, but always returning to her prize.

I wasn’t too surprised when I felt Steve’s mouth move along Lisa’s cunt and he briefly took my penis into his mouth, before he guided my cock into Lisa’s anus, as he did so his mouth moved onto my balls, in the same way that Lisa was sucking his, he now sucked mine. We continued that way for a few moments, and then Steve pulled me out of Lisa’s arsehole, Lisa who had been able to watch his previous administrations on me, shuddered in delight as she saw him take into his mouth, my cock, now smeared with her shit. Her exclamation was soft and in awe.

With my cock cleaned he pushed it back up her cunt, already Lisa was considerably wetter and I fucked her a little more earn¬estly, Their oral pattern was repeated, when my cock moved from her cunt to her anus, it was given a brief suck, to taste her love juices, then it was in her arsehole and his mouth was on my balls. Only this time, his mouth after some minutes tonguing my balls, moved into my kocaeli escort arse valley, as l felt him move, I reached down and pulled his legs back thus exposing his hairy bum crack in front of Lisa’s face. There wasn’t a slightest trace of hesita-tion on her part, Her mouth with tongue flashing moved from his balls right into his crack region, I saw her hands clasp his bum cheeks and pull them apart, exposing to herself and me his anal hole, No sooner had she done so than her mouth was over it. As I saw that happen, I felt Steve’s mouth replicates her action and so it began. I watched my wife eat out his arse hole, whilst he eat mine, every action of his was mirrored for me by her, I felt his tongue working it’s way into my anus, l could see her doing likewise.

For many minutes this continued, till I couldn’t take it any longer and had to stop for a moment. They also stopped for a moment as well and I extracted my cock from my wife’s rectum with a loud plop, followed by a squelching fart. I look down at my erection and gasped, when Lisa had been fucked by Steve the first time, his cock had come out smeared, then I had taken her there and he’d sucked me clean and the smearing was definitely heavier, now I must have penetrated some real soft stuff for the head of my cock was coated in light brown shit, in a manor similar to soft chocolate ice cream. Steve had seen the state of my cock and he looked at Lisa and said, “I believe it’s your turn”, She looked at the two of us, said “you bastards” in a humorous way and just leant forward and took my whole cock fully into her mouth.

The only reason that I didn’t shoot off at that was the fact that I had already ‘cum’ twice that evening, but it was close and I had to hold on. Lisa’s tongue and mouth felt bloody fantastic on my cock. Steve then shifted Lisa body so that she was kneeling on the bed as she sucked upon me, he then positioned his head under her bum and I saw her eyes widen as He started to lick her cunt and bum holes, her eyes widened because, our fucking of her bum had loosen her sphincter muscles and she felt his whole tongue inside her anus, she said it was a wonderful sensation. But as she continued she knew that he was literally licking the shit out of her bum. Neither Lisa or I could actually see what he was doing, but she could feel it and it was driving her wild, knowing now exactly what He was doing Lisa relaxed fully, pausing briefly on her task with me to exclaim to him that it felt marvellous.

Once my cock was clean, she sat up, now literally almost sitting on his face, Lisa indicated to me his penis, which was jutting out and giving little twitches. I still had no real idea of what was going between the two of them. Lisa mouthed “suck him” to me. Knowing that it would turn her on and as He had done more than just suck my cock, I lay down beside him and took his penis into my mouth.

I have sucked a few cocks in my life, I quite enjoy it, especially if a woman is watching and getting off on it. I was therefore surprised, but not alarmed when Steve started pumping his cock in my mouth and seconds later I tasted his sperm froth¬ing forth onto my tongue. What caused that sudden occurrence was no feat on my part, for when Lisa took up her new position over his head; she knew exactly what Steve had been asking of her for the past ten minutes or so. Having been briefly exposed to this concept by my former wife, she was responsive to the signals. Lisa had squeezed her loosened rectal muscles and managed to pass into Steve’s mouth several lumps of her shit, she’d felt them go and wished that she’d been fuller. She admitted this to me 24hrs later, it brought her a sexual spur, but to Steve it brought his third climax of the day. I continued sucking him till his cock was quite soft again. At the same time Steve was continuing to lick and suck on Lisa’s arsehole.

As I let his cock slip from my mouth, l got off the bed and reached for a drink. Steve and Lisa sat up, as well, l was aware that he was whispering something in her ear; She giggled and blushed quite red.

She turned and kissed him. Their kiss lasted ages and I commented upon that fact later when we talked, Lisa explained that he had just before their marathon kiss, very carefully opened his mouth to show her that he still held a large piece of her shit, about the size of a large cocktail sausage on his tongue, then he asked for a kiss, which was when she giggled and blushed.

Far from repelling her, the glimpse had inflamed her again and she melted her lips against his, her mouth opening wide, her tongue eagerly seeking his, as they kiss he passed the lump into her mouth, she let it swim around in her mouth, the rancid taste flowing over her tongue’s taste buds as her saliva melted the lump. Maybe they both wanted me to see what was happening as they kissed open mouthed, passing the diminishing lump, so I could see. Then his tongue sought it back. They passed it back and forth, till it was virtually all dissolved and the oily shit had seeped down their own throats. When the lump was the size of a broad bean, it was Lisa who finally swallowed it down.

When they finally broke their clinch. I was still sporting a full erection and I was once again, ‘ordered’ to fuck my own wife, by Steve. This was a much slower fuck; Lisa was still quite sexually high, so I was able to bring her off on several orgasms.

With me still hard on Steve’s announcement that his bladder was again, we retired back to the bathroom. I took Lisa ‘doggie’ style, on her knees, and Steve sat on the end of the bath. As he emptied his bladder into her mouth, more slowly than the first time and she drank virtually every drop down. As his stream petered out she sucked upon his cock some more, then my wife moved her lips around to his balls. For ease, Lisa now moved onto her back whilst I re-entered her so very wet pussy. Seeing her do that and fucking her at the same time was enough to make me shoot again.

We cleaned up again and must have all fallen asleep about 2 o’clock, but I was awakening by the sounds of Steve and Lisa engaged in an enthusiastic fuck. It was not quite 6am. On a Sunday morn¬ing. Tired as I was I was soon aroused fully awake and erect, by his fuck on Lisa and her equally responsive groans and moans of lust, begging him to ‘go on’; ‘come on’; ‘harder’; ‘Oh, Yes’ etc.,

Then he grabbed us both by the arms and back to the bathroom we went. This time he was in the ‘doggie’ position and I was sitting on the edge of the bath with Lisa’s mouth working on my cock. However Steve was making no motion. It appeared that his cock was just resting inside Lisa’s pussy, She wriggled her hips in order to prompt him into some action (her mouth being full), and he just said hold on a moment. Then Lisa jerked her head up her eyes popping in surprise, an exclamation of “Oooo, Jesuuuuuus, wooooow!” was explained by Lisa looking at me again and saying, “He’s pissing in my cunt”,

Leaving my cock for a moment Lisa was in ecstasy ” Ohhhh wooow that’s fantastic” Her hands gripping my thighs, Her finger¬nails indenting my flesh as her orgasm built as it shook her body, I finished off what her mouth had started with my hand and for the first time ever, I sprayed my wife’s face with my spunk, globules of it splashed all over, She opened her mouth and some went it, but not all. As soon as my ‘cum’ had subsided I took a leaf out of Steve’s book and I started my pee. This morning my stream was a dark golden yellow. My first drops went right into Lisa’s mouth and after a bare instant of surprise; she clasped my cock and directed my stream to her lips and mouth. Steve his own piss finishing off, now rammed into my wife with heavy thrust of his hips, this fuck was entirely for his own pleasure, Lisa al¬ready having had a multi climax orgasm, As I finished my piss, with every drop going down her throat, I visually saw on his face that he’d spent his spunk deep inside her pussy, Lisa’s gasp and smile confirmed it all.

As we sat back gasping our breath Lisa declared that She was going to pee into our mouths for a change and Steve went first, She gave him a good long blast of piss, that was as golden as mine had been, l calculated that inside her bladder, was a piss from me, with another on it’s way down, two from Steve, plus all she’d drunk. I took over from him drinking her pee, it was lovely and hot, really nice and salty, as her stream finished l tongued her cunt, tasting Steve’s spunk up inside her and a big globule of his spunk slid back down into my throat to swallow.

It was gone 7am by then so I cleaned up and shaved and dressed, Steve and Lisa returned to bed. I walked to the newsagent to buy the Sunday papers and think about what had unfolded over the previous evening and night. That, the three of us had enjoyed the proceedings there was no doubt, There was no way that Lisa was not 101% a willing participant and I was glad about that, the whole thing could not have been devised better as far as I was con¬cerned. For 2 years I had been torn between going along the lines that I had done with my first wife Caroline, in terms of sex and swapping and orgies and her having men in 3 some and 4 some or keeping Lisa on the straight and narrow, the proper little housewife. Two years ago she would have accepted the latter with relish and I wondered how long I would have been happy with that, now it seemed she was accepting the former with relish.

I reflected on what Caroline, would have done last night, well she would have been more outright and dominant, determining who was doing what, to whom and when, certainly all the acts that we’d done would have been included and one or two more.

When I got home, upstairs Lisa and Steve were snoozing; both lying flaked out on the bed, no covers over their bodies, door wide open. Closing the door, I left them to it. He made love to Lisa again, whilst l was making breakfast, I could hear the bed going and Lisa moaning in the sexual frenzy that he’d worked her into, which gave me a huge erection all over again,

Later that morning l had to drive Steve home. We admitted to each other that the evening and night had been a tremendous success, he gave me his telephone number saying if we wanted a repeat, we’d have to call him, he was not going to call us.

We did phone Steve, well Lisa was very willing; so within two months we three had several repeat sessions. It was no where near as sexy as our first encounter and Lisa didn’t get nearly so sexually carried away, but that is not to say that it wasn’t a load of fun. It took for ages for Lisa to accept that the first encounter was not rigged up beforehand.


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