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Marie Emerson clutched her drink, a pink liquid that looked harmless, but she was half done with it and she was already feeling lightheaded. She sat at booth in the back of the bar…Chico’s. It wasn’t a hot club, just a place to hang out and drink. The lighting was muted and the music was generic,up tempo elevator music. A Bon Jovi song was currently playing. She hadn’t really come out that night to have fun. She just wanted a drink outside of her apartment. She was sick of sipping light beer with her cat in front of the television. She needed a change.

Marie had always been a loner. She didn’t quite fit in anywhere. She was an overweight kid who was picked on her whole life. By the time she lost the weight in high school, the kids who had picked on her still refused to accept her. She grew up looking different from every one around her. The small, Southern California, town was full of thin blondes, who had given birth to daughters even thinner and blonder. Marie’s mother was Greek. She met her dad while he was stationed in Italy. He was the thin only blonde in their family.

Marie had dark brown hair and her mother’s olive complexion. She envied all those girls with the peaches and cream complexion her father had. Her eyes were brown, but dark…almost black. She was far from thin, even as an adult. She wasn’t fat anymore, but she was soft and slightly plump. Her hips were broad and her thighs were thick. It wasn’t until she went to college in upstate New York that she realized there was nothing wrong with her looks. At Adam’s college, people from all walks of life were her friends. They were fat and thin, or somewhere in between like her. They were all colors and they all accepted her.

Now, she was out of college and on her own. She had yet to find a job, living off her savings for the past four months. She had only been half-looking though. She hadn’t met anyone to hang out with so she decided to go to Chico’s alone.

The bar was only three blocks south of her apartment building, but the streets were so dark, she couldn’t help being afraid. She thought she heard footsteps behind her, but she never saw anyone when she glanced over her shoulder. She studied the shadows cast by the tall buildings for movement, but all was still. She had been relieved to step into the small brick building that housed the hole-in-the wall bar.

Marie swallowed the rest of her drink and waved the waitress over to order another.

“Here,” the petite blonde woman said sliding a full glass onto the table. “This one’s from over there.”

“Some guy bought me a drink?” Marie asked hesitantly.

“Not a guy,” the woman said leaning closer. Marie could see her plump breast coming out of the top of her black v-neck shirt. “Right there.”

Marie followed the woman’s pointed finger and saw a drop-dead gorgeous woman standing at the bar. Her black hair was long and straight, it hung down her back. She was curvy. Her face was narrow, with slanted blue eyes and high cheekbones. Her lips were plump under her narrow nose. Her lips were bright red against her pale skin, which she was showing off shamelessly. Her shirt was a green halter top that stopped at least five inches above her perfect belly button. She wore a short leather mini that showed off most of her creamy thighs as she leaned on the bar. The woman smiled and waved at Marie before she whispered to a blonde woman perched on a barstool. The other woman turned around and smiled. She was beautiful too. Her blonde hair was just as long as her friend’s silivri escort but fell in large, loose curls. Her eyes were the same color blue as the raven haired beauty, but her face and body was more like the Barbies Marie had grown up with in California. The blonde smiled and licked her lips with a quick dart of her pink tongue.

Marie looked away quickly. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have much experience with men, but she was sure that she wasn’t a lesbian. Would they think she was if she accepted the drink? “Thanks,” she muttered to the waitress as she walked away. She didn’t touch the abandoned glass.

Marie was startled when the dark haired woman slid into the dark booth beside her. “Hi, there,” she said smiling.

“Uh…hi.” Marie thought about sliding out the other side of the booth, but decided against it. There was nothing wrong with talking.

“I’m Eva,” the woman said warmly. “What’s your name?”


“That’s a great name,” Eva said leaning her elbow on the table.

Marie was getting flushed. Her cheeks were getting redder by the minute. “Listen, thanks for the drink but…”

Eva giggled as she watched Marie squirm. “You think I’m a lesbian, don’t you?”


Eva leaned closer to Marie, bringing their faces within inches. Marie could smell Eva’s soap, perfume, and shampoo. She smelled flowery and sweet.

“I guess I’m technically bisexual (the word poured slowly from her ruby red lips like wine), but don’t worry. If you drink that, I won’t expect you to go to bed with me.”

Marie nodded and wrapped her fingers around the sweating glass to draw it closer. They sat in silence as Marie took a few sips of the drink.

“So,” Marie said finally, “Why are you here all alone?”

“I just wanted to get out of the house,” Marie said with a shrug.

“You still shouldn’t be alone,” Eva said softly. Her voice was light and smooth like a gentle breeze. “You’re such a pretty thing, you shouldn’t ever be alone.”

Marie blushed again. No one had ever called her pretty. “I don’t live that far from here.”

Eva’s blue eyes studied Marie. She covertly glanced at the cleavage her simple, scoop-neck blue dress couldn’t hide. Eva ran a finger along Marie’s exposed upper arm, smiling at the slight flinch under her touch.

“Are you afraid of me?” Eva asked sliding closer to Marie on the seat.

Marie shook her head, but she was trying to keep her heart from beating out of her chest. Eva was beautiful, she was also incredibly sexy, and Marie couldn’t stand it. The striking stranger was close, her hand caressed the exposed skin on Marie’s arm and her lips were almost touching her cheek as she whispered in her ear. Marie was nervous as hell. “N..No.” It sounded more like a question than an answer.

“Good,” Eva whispered letting her lips brush Marie’s ear, then running her tongue along her earlobe. Marie gasped and sat up straight, obviously uncomfortable. “Relax,” Eva cooed, blowing on Marie’s damp ear. “I’m just having a little fun.”

Marie wanted to get the hell out of that booth and go home. She wasn’t comfortable with some strange woman fawning over her, but she couldn’t move. Her mind willed her to go, but her body wouldn’t obey. She moaned lightly when Eva’s other hand touched her thigh. Marie’s own hands seemed stuck to the table, she couldn’t protest as her skirt inched up, her thighs even opened for Eva’s roaming hand.

“Oh,” Marie said when Eva bakırköy escort cupped her pussy, her hand over her damp panties.

“Mmmm,” Eva moaned in her ear. “You’re wet.”

Marie’s head was swimming. She’d made it through college without the clichéd lesbian experience, now one was unfolding in the middle of a bar. She saw a few guys watching her with interest.

“I have to go,” she whispered fiercely.

Eva nodded. “Would you like me to walk home with you?”

“Yes,” Marie answered before she could think of a polite refusal. Eva beamed at her and began scooting out of the booth. Seemingly in a daze, Marie led them from the darkness of the bar into the darker street. Eva grabbed her hand as they walked in warm May night. The dark goddess laced her slim fingers in Marie’s and squeezed.

Marie’s stomach clenched. She could barely believe that she was letting this complete stranger follow her home. It wasn’t the smartest thing in the world, but Marie felt helpless to stop herself as she made her way across the street, deserted at 2 am. Neither woman spoke as they walked. Marie noticed that Eva was a couple inches taller than her, even though they both wore heels.

Marie stopped at her apartment building; a gray stone building with a grungy brick porch. “Do you want to come in?” she asked quietly after a few minutes under Eva’s expectant gaze.

“Of course,” Eva said with a smile.

Their hands remained entwined as they rode the dilapidated elevator up to the third floor. Marie fished her keys out of her small black purse an opened the door. The heavy wood creaked open, but neither woman moved to go inside.

Marie wasn’t sure she wanted Eva to come in. She had already cast a spell over her and she was afraid of what would happen when the door shut with both of them in her studio apartment. I’m not a lesbian, she thought to herself.

“Are we going inside?” Eva asked politely.

“Uh…yes,” Marie stammered. “Please come in.” Eva followed her inside the apartment.

Marie stood at the door unsure of what to do next. What would she do if it had been a man she’d taken home she asked herself. That question posed no help since Marie wasn’t the kind of girl to invite a man back to her place. “Do you want some beer or something?”

Eva smiled coyly. “No thank you. I’m not interested in drinking. I’m interested in you.” Eva tucked a lock of Marie’s brown hair behind her ear, the same one she’d nibbled in the bar. “You’re so pretty,” she said letting her hand ease downward. She ran her fingers along Marie’s throat and rested them on the top button of the blue dress, right between her breasts.

“Th-Thank you,’ Marie stuttered finding it hard to catch her breath.

Eva’s pouty lips turned up in a mischievous smile. “Why don’t you show me your bed, my sweet?”

Marie nodded and walked toward the back of the apartment, beside the kitchen door was a sheer black curtain that separated her queen sized bed from the rest of the room. Eva kicked off her black stilettos and climbed onto the bed. She sat on her heels and crooked a finger beckoning Marie to join her. Marie pulled off her own shoes and sat on the blue and white comforter. Eva leaned against her and began working the buttons on her dress open. One by one, she separated each button from its hole, exposing Marie inch by inch.

“Ooh,” Eva purred when the blue material separated enough to show Marie’s breasts straining against a simple black bra. Marie’s halkalı escort 36C chest heaved with labored breathing. Eva pinched the clasp between her breasts and released them. “So pretty,” Eva cooed just before she took one dark pink nipple into her mouth.

Marie groaned and closed her eyes. Eva’s hot mouth on her sensitive nipple was making her so wet, she couldn’t feel the fabric of her panties anymore. She tingled all over and found herself pressing herself further toward Eva. She wanted more teasing and sucking. Eva closed her eyes and moved her hand to pinch the other semi-hard nipple, making it stand at attention before she lavished it with the same wet attention.

Marie mewled and cooed at the strokes from Eva’s lithe tongue and the short quick sucks that left her nipples rigid and made her pussy leak. She closed her eyes and felt herself lifting her hips as Eva slid her black lace panties off. She wasted no time delving into Marie’s wetness, never taking her mouth away from the engorged nipples. Eva’s fingers invaded her private space and Marie parted her heavy thighs to allow them further access.

Marie was lost in the pleasure Eva’s mouth and hands were giving her when there was a knock on her apartment door. She didn’t move, she didn’t want to leave Eva, but then the woman’s hand and mouth left her. Marie opened her eyes and saw that Eva was climbing off the bed.

“Let’s go answer the door, my sweet.” Eva held out her hand and Marie took it, automatically using the other to pull her dress back together. “No, no,” Eva said quickly when Marie was standing beside her. “You won’t need this.”

Marie, confused, allowed her companion to slip the dress from her shoulders, then the bra. She followed Eva, who was still fully clothed, back through the apartment to the front door. Eva gazed at her, waiting for Marie to open the door.

After an emphatic nod from Eva, Marie pulled open the door, stark naked.

The man standing in the hall was tall, at least six foot four. He smiled an odd, half-smile, when Marie revealed herself to him. His thin lips curled up, but his pale face didn’t line with the gesture. He was dressed in dark, tattered jeans that frayed at the heel of his black Doc Martins, a black overcoat that was completely buttoned and allowed only a peek at the white t-shirt underneath. Marie thought his outfit odd, considering how warm it had been outside. His coal black eyes traveled up and down her nakedness repeatedly, but Marie didn’t feel the need to cover herself. She just stood there, waiting, for what she didn’t know.

“Did you pierce her?” he asked. He was still staring at Marie, but she knew he wasn’t talking to her. She remained quiet as Eva answered behind her.

“Just a little, right under her nipple,” Eva’s voice was cool and even as if in a business meeting.

Marie looked down and noticed the small trickle of blood running from her left breast. She hadn’t felt the trail until then. She started to touch her wound but the man’s voice stopped her.

“I asked you not to do that, Eva.” He sounded so stern, like a parent lecturing a child.

“It was just a little, my love. I’m sorry.” Eva stepped forward and touched the bleeding wound herself. She cupped Marie’s heavy breast allowing the blood to trickle onto her fingers. Her other hand returned to Marie’s pussy and began teasing her clit again. Marie watched the strange man’s face cloud with lust and desire.

“You’re being unruly, Eva. That’s completely unfair.” It sounded like a warning.

“Marie,” Eva whispered, pressing her breasts against Marie’s back. “This is Donovan. Why don’t you ask him in for a drink or something? I’m sure you’ll like him very much.”

Marie felt herself nod. “Please come in, Donovan,” she said slowly allowing Eva to move her aside so he could enter her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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