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Bruna charged to the left-hand side of the court, stretching every sinew of her body to reach the ball just after it bounced. She felt the ball ping against her racket in her left hand – good contact, she thought – and was relieved to see it drop over the net, just inside the tram line. Her opponent, Rosana, was quick and Bruna watched her get to the ball to play a delicate drop shot that just cleared the net. Bruna set off again, her eyes transfixed on the ball as she hurried towards the net. Reaching out her racket a fraction of a second before the second bounce, her relief at making the shot quickly turned to despair as she watched the ball brush tamely against the net.

‘Yes!’ shrieked Rosana from the other side of the court, ’40-30 – that’s match point for me.’ Bruna turned on her heels, kicking the ground in frustration. She couldn’t believe she was going to lose this match. She had been a set up, and 4-1 up in the second, before a horror run of shots saw her lose the set 6-4 and she had been unable to wrestle back the momentum since then. It was the heat, she thought – the stifling, intrusive heat that smothered the court as the sun beat down on the two young women.

She took her position on the left of the court, ready to receive Rosana’s serve. Her thick black hair tied tightly in a ponytail, she could feel strands of it matted to her face and neck as she wiped beads of sweat from her brow and fidgeted with her shirt until she was comfortable.

‘Ready?’ yelled Rosana from her service position. Bruna could detect the glee in her voice even from just one word and responded through gritted teeth,

‘Go for it.’

One shot, she told herself, just hit one good shot and it’s deuce. Anything can happen at deuce, the match isn’t over yet. Rosana bounced the ball a few times as Bruna tried to read her body language, which way would she go? She had targeted Bruna’s forehand a lot from her serve, but would she double bluff this time?

Bruna’s eyes stared intently at the ball as Rosana tossed it high in the air. Her right arm came over her shoulder and her racket connected with the ball with a resounding ‘thwack’ – a perfect connection. Bruna tried to be proactive, tried to get into position for the forehand with a little half step to her left but Rosana had out-witted her. She stood helplessly as the ball whizzed past her down the middle of the court, clipping the service box line on the bounce before harmlessly rolling into the fence at the back of the court.

Bruna slumped to her knees and let her racket drop to the floor with a resigned clang. She was exhausted, and she had been beaten. She was vaguely aware of Rosana’s victorious whooping from the other side of the net, but she couldn’t face that at the moment. Right now, she needed a few seconds to herself to regain composure and build her energy back up.

Eventually, Bruna gathered herself up onto her feet and picked up her racket. She could feel the lactic acid building up in her legs and the dull ache in her left wrist was becoming more pronounced. She looked up to Rosana waiting at the net, fiddling absent-mindedly with the high ponytail she had tied her dark blonde hair into. Bruna could see her opponent’s olive skin glinting as the beads of sweat on her body reflected the pounding sun. A wide, triumphant grin emanated from her pretty face as she said to Bruna, cheerfully,

‘Good game, Bruninha, you had me worried for a bit there! Come here and let’s hug it out.’ Bruna had never beaten Rosana at tennis ever since they started playing against each other as kids. She had been getting closer and closer and today felt like it would be the day until her meltdown in the second set. Rosana’s magnanimous words were of little consolation at this time, but nonetheless she strode to the middle of the court and embraced her friend across the net.

Bruna’s rested her head against Rosana’s collarbone for she was several inches shorter than her long-legged opponent. She felt Rosana’s arms wrap around her shoulders before she was patted on the head, half patronising, half sympathetic,

‘There, there. Always next time, eh?’ said Rosana, her grin growing even wider. Bruna looked up and smiled wryly,

‘I know I’ll beat you eventually.’ Rosana chuckled out a response,

‘You keep telling yourself that, babe.’

The two competitors broke their embrace and headed off to the side of the court to gather their belongings. Bruna took several sips of water and sat on one of the chairs underneath the umbrella while Rosana packed up her racket and slung her bag over her shoulder.

‘Ready to go then, loser?’ asked Rosana, mischievously. Bruna made a face Bayan Escort Gaziantep at her friend, but stood up and walked across the court towards the clubhouse changing rooms. The heat once again engulfed her as she stepped out of the shade and she was looking forward to her shower, or at least the clubhouse’s air conditioning.

‘It was too hot for me today, Rosie,’ said Bruna as they crossed the car park.

‘Yea, I guess that’s the downside of playing in the middle of the day here. I like the courts and the clubhouse being empty though,’ Rosana replied. Bruna shrugged by way of a response,

‘Suppose so, swings and roundabouts.’ Rosana nodded in agreement as they entered the clubhouse, each of them half-heartedly acknowledging the receptionist with a little nod before heading towards the changing rooms and showers.

Rosana had a point about this time of day, thought Bruna, as the changing room was totally deserted. She lay back on one of the benches, welcoming in the air conditioning as the sweat on her body cooled and her clothes gradually became less sticky. Sitting up, she could see Rosana pulling the scrunchy out of her hair and shaking her head a few times as it fell loose. Bruna did the same with her ponytail, rubbing the back of her neck as her hair fell against her shoulders.

The two women then undressed on opposite sides of the changing room: Rosana lifted her yellow and blue Aerodry sports top up over her head, a black sports bra now the only thing covering her generously proportioned 34C breasts. She slid her skirt and underwear along her long, tanned legs before finally unclipping her bra, her full breasts popping free as she took a deep breath and exhaled heavily.

‘Phew! That feels a bit better,’ she said, stretching her arms above her head before rubbing the underside of her breasts where her bra had been rubbing. ‘I’m going to hit the shower, see you in a bit Bruninha.’

‘OK, I’ll be there in a bit. I just need to put some cream on my ankle,’ replied Bruna. She had twisted her ankle a few weeks previously and was still in some pain – another excuse for losing, she thought ruefully.

Rosana picked up her towel and shower gel and headed off to the shower area while Bruna undressed. She struggled to get out of her sweaty shirt and removed her bra, skirt and underwear, enjoying the lack of prying eyes in the empty changing room. She sat on the bench and rotated her injured left ankle a few times, feeling a little pang of pain with each turn. It’s on the mend, she thought as she rubbed her cream that was supposed to dull the pain into her size 3 foot.

With that done, Bruna took her towel and shower gel and strode into the shower area, the sound of running water getting louder as she approached the six shower cubicles. She could see Rosana’s towel flung over the rail of the cubicle furthest to her right and opened the door to the neighbouring cubicle; hanging up her towel in the same manner.

Bruna switched on the shower and closed her eyes as a cool stream of water tumbled down from the shower head onto her face. Turning round so that she was facing the door, she ran her fingers through her hair as her body became soaked through. She took a dollop of shower gel in her hands and began to cover her breasts with it, rotating her hands around and feeling her nipples flick between her fingers as she revelled in the freedom and comfort that had come from removing her bra.

Another dollop of shower gel in her hands, Bruna began to wash her hair; her hands massaging her scalp as she felt the sweat give way to shampoo and clean water. She moaned contentedly before something on the floor to her left caught her eye.

Beneath the wall partition that separated the shower cubicles, Bruna could see no more than a tanned right foot, tensed up tightly, the toes curling against the hard tiled floor.

‘You OK, Rosie?’ Bruna asked.

No answer, instead just the sound of the water cascading from the two adjacent shower heads. Puzzled, Bruna tapped on the partition to try and elicit a response, but none was forthcoming.

There was a narrow gap between the partition and the back wall that Bruna was able to peer through into Rosana’s cubicle. She exhaled sharply at what she saw, her hand rushing to her mouth involuntarily.

Rosana was leaning back against the back wall, strands of her dark blonde hair strewn across her face, neck and breasts as her right hand was wrapped tightly around a fat, black, double-ended dildo that she was slowly easing in and out of her shaved pussy. The water flowed down her long, toned legs that were tensed so tightly that Bruna thought they looked as though they might burst. Her left hand was cupping one of her large round breasts, her fingers tugging and squeezing at the nipple intermittently.

Her eyes were locked tightly shut until she heard Bruna’s little gasp. Turning her head to her right and looking at her friend through the gap, she smiled, totally unfazed at being caught in the act of self pleasure.

‘Hey,’ she whispered, her grin widening across her wet face.

‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ hissed Bruna, though she was unable to mask a smile of her own through her mock-outrage. Rosana giggled at the confused expression on her friend’s face gestured to the door of the cubicle,

‘Why don’t you come in here and see for yourself? This toy has two ends for a reason, you know?’ she winked as she asked the question and Bruna suddenly felt overcome with erotic desire.

She had never been with a woman before – certainly not one she felt so close a friendship with as Rosana – but there was no denying the beauty of what she could see in the neighbouring cubicle and Rosana wanted her to join her! How could she turn down an opportunity like this? A chance to explore the kind of experience that she had fantasised about, but never had the courage to act upon and all that with someone she already knew that she trusted and loved – albeit in a different way!

Bruna took a deep breath and decided this was definitely what she wanted to do. She whispered through the gap,

‘OK babe, one sec.’ She turned off the shower in her cubicle but was stopped short by Rosana’s voice,

‘No, leave yours on so if anyone comes, they’ll think we’re in separate showers still.’ Bruna laughed,

‘OK, can tell you’ve thought of everything!’ and turned her shower back on before slipping out and opening the door to Rosana’s cubicle.

Rosana looked even more beautiful from the front, thought Bruna as her eyes once again were filled with the sight of the wet, long-legged beauty opening herself up with her daunting toy. Bruna shuffled nervously towards Rosana, droplets of water flicking off the bodies of the two women as they embraced once again – this time as lovers, rather than opponents.

Bruna could feel Rosana’s dildo press against her stomach as her arms slid around her back and she softly kissed her neck.

‘Are you sure you want this, Bruninha?’ Rosana whispered as she ran her hands down Bruna’s back and squeezed her firm, round ass.

‘More than anything else in the world, carinho,’ replied Bruna, as she stood on her tiptoes to meet Rosana’s lips with her own. The two lovers’ tongues swirled around one another, occasionally grazing against teeth as the water continued to fall from the shower head and soak them through.

Bruna returned to her heels and kissed Rosana’s neck again, pecking her way down past her collarbone until she reached her beautifully formed breasts. Taking a chocolate coloured nipple into her mouth, Bruna sucked until it became hard in her mouth, her eager tongue rotating around Rosana’s sizeable areola while her hand tugged at the other nipple, squeezing and massaging until it became equally hard.

Rosana let out a silent moan, wary of any potential intruders to their session of passion. As Bruna got to work on her boobs, she began to once again fuck herself with the dildo with one hand, the other exploring Bruna’s tiny, wet body. So tight and petite, she thought as her hand roamed across her tits, abs and thighs, eventually settling between her legs and delicately probing against her enclosed clitoris.

Bruna let out a little ‘eek’ as she felt Rosana’s fingers against her sex, and thought her legs might buckle as they gently opened her pussy lips. Bruna could no longer concentrate on Rosana’s breasts as she felt her lover’s middle finger ease inside her. She gripped Rosana’s arms tightly and exhaled as her wet pussy was finger fucked slowly.

?Feeling Bruna’s warm breath over her chest, Rosana smiled down at her and asked,

‘Do you want to climb on the dildo now, sweetheart?’ Bruna nodded excitedly as she flung her arms around Rosana’s neck and hauled herself up into her arms. Rosana was able to catch her and rested a hand on each of her buttocks as she felt Bruna’s legs wrap around her waist.

Face to face now, the two women kissed again, more aggressively this time as Bruna fucked Rosana’s face with her tongue. How could she ever doubted that she wanted to do this? she thought as she felt Rosana’s hands guide the spare end of the dildo into her moist and expectant pussy.

Once Rosana had lined it up, Bruna eased her hips over the dildo and moaned gently as she nibbled Rosana’s lip. Slowly at first, but then gradually quickening the pace, Bruna began to thrust backwards and forward along the dildo, her tiny feet against the back wall to propel her while her hands were clasped tightly around Rosana’s shoulders. Rosana and Bruna gazed into each other eyes as they silently fucked; their tiny cubicle a momentary setting of love and passion that they both realised had always been waiting to be unlocked.

Bruna lifted her head back and closed her eyes, still thrusting her hips and letting the cool water splash against the underside of her neck as she frantically whispered,

‘I’m going to cum…!’

‘Me too…!’ gasped Rosana, though Bruna could hardly hear by this point, an array of bright colours flooded her vision as every muscle in her little body tensed up through orgasm. Her hips were now convulsing, rather than thrusting against the dildo as she shuddered to climax in wild ecstasy.

‘Fuuuuccckkkk!!’ Bruna let out a muffled scream as she gripped Rosana tightly.

Rosana was not far behind, rubbing her own clit frenetically as she watched Bruna become possessed by passion inches from her face. She could feel her own orgasm sweep across her body as struggled for balance, her feet sliding a little across the tiles as she supported Bruna.

‘Oh my Goddddd!!’ Rosana moaned into Bruna’s shoulder to desperately try and keep the noise down.

Having to bite her lip to stem her moans of pleasure, Bruna watched Rosana settle down after cumming and eased herself down from her perch on the dildo and let it fall to the floor between them. Both women were panting, gasping for air as their soaking wet bodies once again linked together in a calming embrace.

‘I love you,’ whispered Bruna.

‘I love you too,’ replied Rosana. Bruna backed away from the hug, a beaming smile across her face.

‘Come on then, I guess we better head off now,’ she said, handing Rosana her towel.

‘OK,’ said Rosana, hiding the dildo under her towel, ‘check if the coast is clear before getting your stuff.’ Bruna nodded and peeked through the door to see a deserted shower chamber. She turned back to Rosana and gave a little nod before slipping into her original cubicle, gathering her towel and shower gel up and turning off the water. She took a couple of seconds to process exactly what had just happened and smiled to herself, feeling overwhelmed with a mixture of pleasure, excitement and relief. Suddenly missing that ace didn’t feel so bad!

Bruna wrapped the towel around her body and headed back to the changing room where Rosana was already drying her hair and unfolding her clean clothes to change into. There were two other women, strangers, sitting on the opposite bench, getting ready to head out to the courts.

‘Did you girls just finish playing?’ one of them asked, ‘it must have been unbearably hot!’

‘Hmm,’ said Rosana with a shrug, ‘I guess we like it when it’s hot.’ Bruna tried to keep a straight face as Rosana flashed her a little wink. The two strangers, none the wiser as to what Rosana was getting at, marched out to the courts rackets in hand as the two lovers broke into a fit of giggles; finally able to let out their emotions without fear of being caught.

After drying off and getting dressed, Bruna and Rosana left the changing room and passed the receptionist in the foyer again. Each of them mumbled a ‘goodbye’ and Bruna was sure she could detect a quizzical look in the receptionist’s eye but she was too happy to care about such trivialities.

By now, the sun was setting behind the trees at the back of the tennis courts and Bruna found herself squinting into the low sun as she headed towards her car. Not a word was said between her and Rosana during the short drive to Rosana’s house with each of the young women quietly content in the other’s company.

Pulling up outside Rosana’s house, Bruna finally broke the silence,

‘We must do this again some time, Rosie.’ Rosana smiled and nodded, leaning in to kiss Bruna on the cheek.

‘Who knows,’ she replied, ‘maybe if you actually beat me, I’ll show you a REALLY good time!’ Bruna giggled again, giving Rosana a playful punch as she got out of the car. She watched her walk up the steps to her house and waved as she disappeared through her front door and once again took a moment to collect her thoughts. Her heart was still racing from her first lesbian encounter and the only thing she knew was that it wasn’t going to be her last.

She glanced up at her rear-view mirror and smiled at herself. She looked relaxed and satisfied, she thought, like someone who had just achieved something significant in her life. She turned the key in the ignition and began to drive towards the setting sun, knowing for certain that she would sleep soundly tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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