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Chapter 4

I woke this morning only a little later than I normally do, and Jason woke up only a few minutes later. I pressed our lips together once again, and we kissed tenderly. I reached down and felt Jason”s diaper, and he is soggy, but nowhere needing a change yet. For some strange reason, he felt the need to do so to me as well.

Well, that caused us both to go incredibly hard, and as we kissed, we stroked each other through our soggy diapers. I came first, but Jason started cumming not even half a second later, and pumped out a good few shots of sweet baby cream into the front of his diaper. Well, that just will not do, so I dug into his diaper, scooped up as much as I can, and then feed it to Jason, but worry not, I dove back into our kiss, and got to enjoy it just as much.

Through two more gay baby boygasms, we did this, and we are now very satisfied, and finally soft.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing.” Jason whispered hoarsely.

“Mmmhmm, it sure was.”

“Should we change now, or just leave our gloriously soggy baby diapers for now?”

“I vote for leave them, they”re nowhere near close to leaking yet, and I prefer them nice and soggy.”

“Mmmhmm, me too.”

“Good. Let”s play games again.”

We played games, laughing and having a good time, until they brought us breakfast. It was even worse than dinner the night before, but at least I am eating. Almost as soon as we were done, my doctor came and told me that I need to go for more scans, and I asked if Jason could come along as well, and he said yes. He told us to go ahead and change first, since I told him that we need to, and so he gave us our privacy, and we changed each other, though of course we did not get to play, but that is perfectly okay as well, since we had played well and released a lot of tension quite recently anyway.

It took almost three hours for all my tests to be ran, and then Jason and I were sent back up to our room to await the results. Lunch arrived shortly after we did, and at least it was reasonable, and then almost an hour later, my doctor came back to tell me that everything is all clear, and that as soon as my dad arrives, that I am good to go home. We had still just been playing games and talking. Jason is of course to be released at the same time. I still have no idea if Dad will have gotten everything arranged in time to have Jason live with us, but I keep those fears to myself, Jason does not need to worry right now. We watched a movie after that, and about ten minutes before the end, Dad arrived.

“So, how are my baby boys doing?” He asked.

“Good.” We both said.

“Good to hear. So, I stopped at the nurses station to see if you boys were free to be freed, and I was told that you”re both in excellent health now, and that you were to get the hell out of their hair. So, I have clothes here for the both of you, and I”m willing to bet that you both need soggy baby bum changes, so, let”s get you diapered and dressed, shall we.”

“Okay.” We both said as one.

Dad changed and dressed me first, and just as he was half way through changing Jason”s soggy baby diaper, someone came in, and then asked to come in. It is Trent, so Dad told him to come on in.

“Hi Baby, we”re just getting ready to go home. How was school today?”

“Oh, that”s good. Meh, it was school, nothing really good or bad, just school.”

“Nothing bad happened, I hope.”

“No. Buncha kids are still in shock about what happened. By the way Jason, you look really good in just a diaper.”

“Thanks.” He whispered and blushed.

“You”re welcome.”

“So, Dad, I was kinda wondering, how”s the legal stuff coming with adopting Jason?”

“I was wondering when someone would ask. It”s going well. I found a lawyer and he”s taking care of it all for us. He”s gonna go right to Jason”s dad and demand that he put Jason into my care, and that if he does so, Jason won”t press charges for mental and physical abuse. He figures that”s the cleanest and easiest way, and this”ll save him probably ten years of jail time. Of course, everything else is still gonna add up to something like fifteen anyway, but this”ll get him out that much sooner if he agrees, which he”d be stupid not to.”

“I”d almost rather he be in prison for life.” Jason muttered.

“Yes, well, this way it”ll also save you from having to go and face your dad in court, that”s not easy, trust me. No, I strongly suggest that you accept that offer, so that it makes life so much easier on you. He”s still going to jail, there”s no question there, and he”s gonna be there for a long time. Also, remember, he”s highly racist, as well as a severe homophobe, and that”s not gonna go over well in prison, if he gets out at all, I”ll be shocked.”

“You do have some good points there, that”s for sure, and we can always hope, right.” He grinned.

“Yes. Now, let”s get you three baby boys home, shall we?”


Dad signed Jason and I out, the nurses told us to have a good life, that they never wish to see us again, and then we were off. The entire car ride home was pretty silent, and as soon as we arrived, I led the pack in stripping down to just my diaper, though of course Dad is in just his underwear, but sometimes he goes nude too.

“So, how are you boys doing now?”

“Good.” I said first.

“Shockingly good, actually.” Jason said.

“That”s good. Now, I don”t want you boys going to school for the rest of this week. I want things to settle down a bit first, and let you get even better Jason. Nothing good can come of you going back to school yet.”

“Okay.” We both said.

“Can I stay with them then?” Trent asked.

“I don”t mind, but you really will haveta call your mother tonight and tell her. I”ll call the school tomorrow and let them know that you three won”t be in this week.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Because Dad left work early to come and get us, he decided that since he has so much work to be doing, to head back and continue working for a few more hours, leaving us boys to ourselves for the rest of the afternoon. Almost as soon as Dad was gone, I grinned to the other two.

“Trent, you”re my baby boyfriend, and now Jason”s my baby brother, but, we have a kinda incestuous relationship as well, I really really like him, I love you, and I”d really love for all three of us to share together.”

“Really?” He asked hoarsely.

“Oh yeah.” I grinned, and from the way his dick jumped in his soggy diaper, I would guess that he likes the sounds of that.

“Will you suck my dick this time Jason?”

“Oh hell yeah, both of you stand side by side, maybe kiss each other, and let me suck both of you. Maybe you can even both slip your dicks into my mouth, not sure if that”ll work or not, but I”ll so suck you one after the other, and if you haveta go peepee, go peepee in my piss guzzling mouth please.” Jason groaned out.

“Fuck, this is gonna be so hot.” Trent said, I only nod.

Trent and I meet together in a really nice kiss, turning our lower halves just enough to give Jason all the room he needs to do what he wants and needs to do to us. He pulls down my diaper, I can only assume that he has done the same to Trent”s, and then he starts sucking me. He pulls off for a few seconds and sucks Trent, and then pulls off and sucks me again. He does this for several seconds, holding our only slightly soggy baby diapered bums in one hand each. Then he manages to move us in just such a way that he managed to get the top half of both our dicks into his mouth at the same time, and started sucking, tonguing, and humming.

Well, that was it, it was simply too much for the two of us, and we both exploded, pretty near exactly at the same time. I am pretty sure that I let go at least a tiny jet of pee, and I know that if Trent had any saved up, he offered his up as well, and all we hear from Jason is a very satisfied sigh.

Before we are even down from our first cum, Jason is sucking us once again to yet another amazing orgasm, and then two more after that just for good measure, each orgasm coming just a little longer than the one before it. It had to have taken easily half an hour, but I am finally soft, and I know that Trent is as well.

“Wow, that was possibly one of the most amazing things I”ve ever experienced before.” Trent sighed out.

“Mmmhmm.” Is all I could say.

“Should try it from my position, I never even touched myself even so much as once, and I managed to cum twice from it as well.” Jason grinned as he stood up.

“What a shame, all that cum going to waste, but no worries, I have a good idea of how to take care of that.” I said, and then reached out and quickly pulled the tapes from Jason”s diaper and pulled it from him before he could complain.

I held up the diaper, grinned to Trent, and then buried my face in there, but leaving more than enough room for him to do the same, and he took the hint loud and clear, and dove in as well. There was a very nice load of cum there for us, as well Jason had already wet his diaper fairly well, so it is nice and loaded up for us, and we both enjoyed it immensely.

As soon as we had Jason”s diaper pretty near drained, we dropped down, and both hit our knees. I offered Trent first go at Jason”s dick, so I took his hot nuts in my mouth. Jason gasped at the dual assault, started panting almost immediately, and then came maybe thirty seconds later.

Trent and I pulled off, I pulled Trent to me, and kissed him, and shared the fresh cum load in a minute or two long cum kiss. As soon as we broke off, we dove back in, and paid Jason back once more, to also make him cum four times, I got his dick this time, while Trent took his balls, and this time Jason lasted nearly five minutes, moaning and sighing happily the entire time. With his final cum, though, Jason also had a little pee that he gave to me, barely more than a mouth full, so I swallowed only just a tiny bit down to ensure I got it all, but as soon as I pulled off, I shared it with Trent, and he enjoyed this just as much.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing.” Jason said once we came up, all grins.

“Oh yeah, and I think you”ll like this just as much.” I said, as I reached to Trent”s diaper and pulled it off him, and then presented it to Jason and I for the sucking.

He grinned and dove in with me. We sucked it nearly dry. As soon as it was done, Trent relieved me of my diaper, and then he and Jason shared from mine as well. As they were doing this, I went to the closet to get the supplies that we are going to be needing, but wanting even more. As soon as they are done, I urge Jason down first.

I grabbed Trent”s diaper, poked a whole bunch of holes into it, slipped a diaper doubler into it, and then sort of taped it onto Jason. He is considerably larger than Trent and I are, so our diapers just barely wrap around him, but with a doubler in it, it almost did not, but that is okay. I then grab one of the mega thick diapers that Dad had bought for Jason already, added one more doubler to it, and then taped that onto Jason as well. I then had him stand up, and then taped it on him very well.

I laid Trent down next, and he got my diaper, with holes and a doubler in it, and then one of our mega thick diapers and a doubler in it over top, and then I taped him up extra well.

Once Trent was taken care of, Trent urged Jason to pay me back, and so I got his used diaper, with holes and a doubler in it, then a gloriously thick diaper with another doubler in it over top, and then it too was taped up very well. So far none of us had spoken.

“Wow, this is absolutely fucking amazing. Just when I thought life couldn”t possibly get worse or ever be good, you guys come along and show me how amazing it truly can be. I”ve never known love before, but I think I love both of you.” Jason said, tears coming down.

“Yeah, life can be amazing, if you let it. I think I”m starting to love you as well, though I think I still love Heath even more.” Trent smiled brightly.

escort “And I too love both of you, though Trent is truly my boyfriend, maybe we could be a trio of boyfriends.”

“I like that.” Both said as one.

“Good. Trent, go call your mom now, who cares if you haveta wake her up. That way you don”t haveta worry about it later.”


He grabbed a phone and called, she picked up after about a minute, and he told her that he is at a friends for a week and to not expect him. He did not even wait for a response.

“She was mad, clearly I woke her up,” He grinned, “She just said, who the fuck is this and what could you want so fucking early. So, yeah, as you heard, I just said it”s me and that I”m here for the week, and then I hung up before she could even say anything else.”

“Good Baby.” Both Jason and I say at the same time.

“So, what say we go make ourselves a couple really large pots of tea, have a couple glasses of water while we wait, so that we can enjoy our mega thick baby diapers the way they”re meant to be, and then go play games.” I ask.

“Hell yeah.” Both my baby boyfriends say at the same time.

So, once we are all loaded up, we head to the games room and play the afternoon away. We go and make and eat dinner when it is time to do so, and boy did I ever enjoy that so much more than the hospital food, and though it does the trick, food I barely call it. We then decide to go watch a movie, and just as we exit from watching it, Dad is walking in.

“Wow, you sure are late tonight Daddy.” I say as I go and give him a nice big hug and kiss hello.

“Well, yeah, I”m trying to make up for a little lost time. I mean, I”m still ahead of schedule anyway, the owners of the company are insanely happy with how I”m doing, and they won”t complain any time soon about me having to leave, especially for the reasons I did, and they”re happy that you”re both okay now, but I still hate feeling like I”m gonna fall behind. I told “em I”d have it done in four months, but what I meant was three, and I”ll ensure that happens, come hell or high water. The funny thing is, their other team, which has fifteen guys working it, has less to do, and are further behind than I am.”

“How many people are on your team?” Jason asks curiously.

“Just me and me alone. I”m possibly the top paid programmer in the world right now because of what I can do. The guys I”m working for right now can barely afford me, but, like they said, if I get this program out in the time I said I”d get it done for, and if it works like I know it will, they know that they”ll make a killing on it.”

“Wow, and what are you making?”

“Oh, just a little game you might”ve heard of.” Dad said, and then proudly told Jason and Trent what it is that he is working on. I of course already knew this.

“Wow, really, that”s probably the single most popular game on the entire planet right now?”

“Hence the reason they wanted me and are paying me more than you can imagine to do it. The other team”s working on character development, while I have the entire world construction, and of course the main game programming itself. I already have the world designed, and am about half way through the rest. I fully expect to be testing in only two weeks, I just won”t have more than one or two characters when I start. They”re working on making the characters the most realistic and lifelike that they possibly can, and they”re doing a really good job, but they”re not gonna be ready in time, I”ll have the rest almost completely debugged before they give me all the characters, and then it”s off for Beta testing. Of course Heath and I are the lead Beta testers, and I”ll find every flaw in their characters, and ensure I missed nothing. It happens, but thankfully rather rarely now.”

“Wow, I”ll totally be a Beta tester with you guys then.” Jason said in awe.

“Me too.” Trent said.

“Of course. We”ll go this weekend and get you both good systems, so that you can play them.”

“Really, but they”re expensive.” Trent said.

“So.” Dad said with a shrug.

“Don”t worry about it.” I grinned.

“I”m hungry, so I”m gonna grab my dinner and eat up. You boys go play.”

“Okay.” We said, and headed to the games room to finish out the night.

When it was time for bed, us baby boys are nowhere needing to be changed, so, we went and curled up in our bed, we kissed, we jacked each other off, slurped up all the cum that Jason could make, and then we were sound asleep.

As promised, Dad called the school first thing in the morning and told the vice principal what is happening and that he wants us to stay at home this week, and even though he cannot technically do so for Trent, the vice principal accepted that anyway, knowing all about Trent”s mom. He really does not like her, he grew up in just such a home himself, so will almost always help Trent out in any way that he can there.

Our diapers held on well until just after lunch, at which time we relieved each other of all our soggy diapers, watched as we each enjoyed someone else”s soggy diaper, and then we managed to figure out a really fucking hot three way kiss and jack off session. I had a handful of Jason”s hot nuts in one, and Trent”s dick in the other, then I had Trent”s hand wrapping around my dick, and Jason”s my balls, but we switched targets after every cum, we came four times, and every time someone”s hand would bring up Jason”s amazing cum, we shared it.

“You”re peeing.” Trent quickly said as we are just coming down, and before I could unload too much, he hit his knees and sucked it all down.

When I was done, and Trent had all the he could suck from me, he stood back up, and we continued our kiss, only this time Trent had some of my pee saved for the amazing kiss. Fuck it was hot.

“Wow, that was way more amazing than I could”ve possibly ever dreamed of.” I sighed deeply.

“Mmmhmm.” My baby boyfriends both sighed at the same time.

“Well, should we go swimming now Babies?”


Since we have to, we got into shorts, and then headed out to the pool. Only, we found that the pool heater is not working, and the water was really fucking cold. We have not been out here for a few days, so we had no idea. We tried the hot tub instead, and thankfully, when we lifted the cover, there was a lot of nice steam, so it is nice and hot.

“Ah, much better.” I sighed.

“Yeah, that water was really fucking cold. Wonder what”s wrong?” Trent said. “It was perfect the last time we used it.”

“No clue. I”ll take a look at it when we”re done in here, I”m sure it can”t be that hard to figure out.”

After soaking for a while, we got out and dried off, the other two followed me into the utility shed and I went to the pool heater to look at it. The pilot light is out, but the system is on. I tried turning it off, and then starting it back up again, and while it tried to ignite the pilot, nothing was coming out, so for some reason the gas is not coming. Not much I can do about that, so I called Dad, and he said he would call the pool company that manages it for his company and have them come and look at it. They were there in only a little more than an hour, Trent, Jason and I had thought it prudent to at least get dressed after only diapering each other in one regular diaper with a doubler in them. The guy worked on it for more than an hour, before coming and telling me that the entire control module had just fried out, and that he had had to replace it, so it is working now, but will take a day or so to heat back up again.

For the rest of the day, we just played and had lots of fun together, and then the next day too. Once our diapers had been sufficiently wet to change the previous day, we had lots of nice fun again, in the same manner, since it was so enjoyable, and then we quadruple diapered each other once more, since we all really enjoy that, a lot.

The next couple days went the same, we sucked and jacked, kissed and suctioned, a lot, we are all being kept well and truly drained, even though technically Trent and I cannot drain anything, but Jason sure is. We are all enjoying our diapers even more than I ever managed to before, and I had always enjoyed my diapers, a lot. We stayed in the entire time, since we are supposed to be in school and all, and we all got to really know each other, and day by day, it is definitely showing that we are all in love with each other, a great deal.

It is finally Saturday morning, Trent, Jason, and me all had a really amazing soggy diaper change, that took damn near an hour and a half, and we are now diapered and dressed, ready to go out. We are getting really low on our diaper supplies, so we need lots and lots more, and the groceries are starting to get low as well. So, our first stop is to the medical supply store, and even though I had thought that Jason might be embarrassed to be here, doing this, he very excitedly grabbed two of the biggest packs of the thickest diapers for himself that he could get. Dad made him put one back and grab one thinner daytime one as well. He pouted cutely, but Dad told him that he cannot wear those ones to school, but he claimed that he absolutely fucking would, in a fucking heartbeat, with doublers included, and proudly show off his sexy soggy baby bum. Well, not even I am that much of a diaper lover to seriously show it off that much at school, wow, and here I thought I was a full diaper lover before.

From there we went grocery shopping, and we loaded up on everything that we need, I even got permission to grab a few packs of Pampers size seven”s for playing with, and of course I grabbed lots of the best baby lotion and diaper rash cream. My baby boyfriends smiled brightly from all this.

Almost as soon as we got home, us baby boys went to play, and by play, I mean change each others baby bums. We sucked each others soggy diapers, and then each other, we all shared a nice load of pee from each of us, and we all shared Jason”s creamy cum, and then we diapered each other. We got a Pampers baby diaper with holes in it, they do not even tape up on Trent and me, but they were close, then a diaper doubler, then one of our mega thick baby diapers with more holes in it, then another diaper doubler, and finally one last mega thick baby diaper over top of that. We employed an entire roll of packing tape between the three of us, it is a good thing that we bought lots more today. It is so gloriously amazing, and Daddy laughed at his three big baby boys as soon as we emerged, we just grinned.

Those diapers lasted us until almost dinner time on Sunday, at which time we needed a seriously good soggy baby bum change, that took us nearly two hours, which made us late for dinner, but we did not care, and Dad just grinned and pointed us to the oven, where dinner was being kept warm for us. He admitted that when he came to get us for dinner, that he enjoyed watching us for a while. This time we were in a circle, sucking each other, three fingers buried in each other. This was mine and Trent”s first times fingering each other, and of course Jason had already felt it, and it was fucking amazing.

We had spent most of Saturday and Sunday in the garage, playing in there, teaching Jason lots of things, though he already enjoys all this as well.

Finally it is Monday morning again, and we really do have to be going back to school, even though none of us truly want to. Jason absolutely demanded he be double diapered, though we did talk him into just a regular diaper and a doubler, so Trent and I did the same thing. Even with our diaper shirts and proper fitting clothes, it was not hard to really tell, it is noticeable that we are quite padded, but most people will not likely notice it.

As soon as we arrived to the school, the vice principal called us into the office.

“First, Jason, let me be the first to apologize for what happened, and to congratulate you on getting so much because of it. You lost a good friend, but you gained a really good family, and a pair of hot baby boyfriends too by the looks of it.”

“Thanks Sir, I appreciate it. I”m truly sorry for who and what I izmit escort bayan was before, and you would”ve been right to give my ass to the police, but that”s all behind me now.”

“Good. And I can”t help but to notice just how thickly diapered you three are today, I don”t normally see it on you Heath!”

“Yes, well, Jason would”ve worn even thicker diapers and doublers, but we managed to talk him into what he”s wearing, and of course, what one baby boyfriend does, so do the others.” I grinned brightly.

“You know the other kids are gonna notice eventually, right?”

“Yeah, and I”m okay with that, I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover. I”m not hiding who I am any more. I”ve fought that for years, and look where it got me, damn near dead. Blake is dead because of those same desires, no more, I will not hide just because others fail to understand.”

“I congratulate you. Just, please, no hitting.”

“I make no promises, if they swing first, I will swing back, but I won”t be the first to swing, I promise you that.”

“At least you”re honest. You understand, of course, that should that happen, I”ll haveta suspend you just the same.”

“Of course. I”ll try not to let it happen, but I can”t control others, and I won”t let someone hit me and not hit them back.”

“Fair enough. I wish I could”ve had the courage to do what you boys are doing when I was your age.”

“Are you a gay baby boy diaper lover too?” Jason asked happily.

“Oh yeah, full on. Haven”t been outta diapers since I was fourteen, but I couldn”t be open and free about it, and while people did eventually find out, I still wouldn”t show off my shame.”

“Oh, I definitely don”t see this as a shame.”

“I no longer do either. You have any idea how many boys I”ve had through the years that are gay baby boy diaper lovers, and I happily helped them all out.”

“Nice, and how many of them have you fucked?” Jason grinned.

“On record, not a one.” He grinned and winked.

“Nice, lucky boys.”

“Luckier me.”

“Do you have a boyfriend right now?” I asked.

“No, it”s hard enough finding diaper lovers, but to find one as kinky as I am, that”s even harder.”

“How kinky?”

“So fucking kinky. I love it all, sucking and fucking, drinking each other fully, sucking it from each others soggy diapers, even fisting. I have the strangest feeling you three are the same though, aren”t you?”

“Yeah, except we haven”t tried fisting each other yet. My dad”s not a diaper lover, at least that”s what he says, I think you could maybe tip him in the right direction. He says that he”s tried it, but that he doesn”t enjoy it, and while he hasn”t told me so, that”s just one thing he just can”t seem to tell me, I think that he”s got some serious trauma in his past regarding diapers, and I think that he needs a full on serious soggy diaper lover to help break him of that and get him into diapers like he deserves.”

“Oh, fuck, and is he kinky too?”

“Let”s put it this way, I”ve watched him enough to know your desires are shared. He claims to be bi, I”ve even seen him with women, but no one who likes women as much as he claims can take that fucking much up his ass and not be at least ninety five percent gay. He takes kinky to whole new levels, and he loves cum and piss as much as I do, or vice versa, whichever you wish.”

“Nice.” He said.

“Come over tonight, he”s usually home for about seven, bring lotsa diapers, and don”t take no for an answer. I wanna see him so fucking thickly diapered in the morning, and walking so gingerly, I”ll know he was double fisted again, which I know he”s enjoyed before.” I said, and gave him our address.

“Oh god, absolutely.”

Shortly after that, the bell rang, so we had to high tail it outta there to get to our first classes. We had a really good day, and if anyone noticed how thickly diapered us three are, they never said anything. No one even said anything at all to Jason about what happened the previous week, so that is good.

When us baby boys got home, we decided to change our soggy baby diapers and have some serious fun, and today we got four fingers all the way inside before we were well drained. We are tender, but we all feel so fucking good too. I emailed Dad and told him that he needs to be home for seven at the latest, that I had found someone who wants to meet him. I also asked for him to bring me and my boyfriends a few nice toys. He replied only a few minutes later, asking who, and I told him it was a surprise. He tried to say that he would not buy the toys unless I told him, but I know him better than that, and told him to just make sure that he is very full when he gets home. I never said a thing about the toys, I know he will get them anyway.

At just a few minutes to seven, the doorbell rang, and we went to answer it, us three boys are in our quadruple thick baby diapers, and as soon as he was in, our vice principal eyed us all hungrily.

“My god, you three are so fucking hot in those amazingly thick baby diapers.”

“Thanks. Feel free to strip down to your soggy baby diaper as well.”

“Thanks, I will.” He said, and then did so, and he too is really fucking hot.

“My god, will you fuck me.” Jason groaned.

“No, at least not today.” He grinned.

“How fucking big are you, you”re packing a helluva weapon there?”

“Thanks, I”m just really fucking hard, I haven”t had sex in months, I”m only just over sixteen centimeters long and a little more then ten around. I”ve never had any complaints before, but I”m not the largest I”ve met either.”

“My dad”s only just a little bigger than you then.” I said.


Just then, dad walked in. He eyed our vice principal hungrily as well, I know he has not had any action since we moved, so seeing the hot man, there, ready and waiting for him, is making him super horny.

“Hi, I”m Sander, you”re the boys” vice principal, aren”t you?”

“Yeah, it”s good to meet you Sander, I”m Zayden. Heath tells me you know how to show a guy a really good time.” He said hungrily.

“Oh yeah.” Dad groaned.

“Come on, you needta eat before you two go get to know each other better, and is that our bag of toys?” I ask, eyeing the opaque plastic bag that he is carrying.

“Hmm, oh yeah, here.” Dad said, thrusting it to me, hardly even looking at me. I damn near laughed out loud at his lack of politeness, he is so fucking horny right now.

As soon as Dad handed me the bag, though, he led Zayden away, and they sure as hell were not heading toward the kitchen like I know Dad needs to be. Oh well, he will just be extra starving when they are done. I admit, I giggled as soon as they were out of ear shot.

“Well, he”s gonna be super happy tomorrow morning. That”s good. He needsta get his brains fucked out good and hard, and I think they both want it just the same. Can”t wait to see him in a gloriously thick and soggy baby diaper in the morning though.” I say happily.

“Yeah, but enough about them, what”d Daddy bring for us good gay baby boys?” Jason asked excitedly.

I headed to the dining table and spilled out the entire contents. It was not a small bag, nor was it light, and boy are we happy to see what all spills out of it. There are three rather large vibrating butt plugs, three very good sized vibrating dildos, three really nice looking vibrating cock rings, four large jars of lube, each one different, a university sized box of condoms, I know those are for keeping the toys clean, four large packs of batteries, and an enema kit for keeping us clean. I know how to use an enema, Dad had told me all about them when he told me all about anal sex and how messy it can be if I am not clean, and so he taught me everything, and says that he has one of his own, but that he would buy me one when I thought I needed it, well, I had never thought of it, so I am glad that he did.

“Fuck, even though we”re so gloriously thickly diapered, and already well drained, I so totally wanna go and install our cock rings and our butt plugs and wear them for as long as we can, preferably “til our diapers are pretty near leaking.” I say, and even I can hear the groaning in my voice.

“Okay.” The other two say as one.

We gather everything up and head to our bedroom. I dump everything back out onto the bed, and we start by breaking everything open, installing their batteries, and then we take it all to the bathroom to clean well first. Since I am the only one who knows how to apply a condom, since Dad taught me this as well, I taught the other two how to put them on our butt plugs and why. We will not bother with an enema right now, we are just going to plug each other good and full, so it really will not be a big deal, and the condoms will keep the mess down anyway.

Jason and Trent are both shocked that the condoms will even go down the plugs, but I was not, Dad showed me that not only will they fit on bananas, since that was how he showed me, but even showed me that they can even fit an average zucchini, stating that if I ever had sex with a guy who claimed that condoms do not fit him, then he is clearly too big to have sex with, since he so clearly intoned into me safe sex. Of course, Trent, Jason, and me are not worried about that with each other anyway.

“I wanna go first, would one of you plug my good gay baby bum hole, while the other installs my cock ring please?” I said, and then stood up with my legs spread for my introduction to sex toys.

I am already still nice and sloppy back there from our play time earlier, but Trent grabbed one of the jars of lube, without looking to see which one he grabbed, and really started working me with it anyway. He is starting with his fingers, which is good, and it already feels amazing.

Jason, on the other hand, is in front of me, he is slipping my cock ring into the front of my already slightly soggy and gloriously thick baby diaper, and starts working it onto my dick and balls, since it will fit around both with ease. As soon as he has it installed, he turns on the switch and starts it vibrating. Well, I fucking near came just with that.

Jason then slipped his hand out, and started just rubbing my diapered dinky as it was being vibrated upon so sexily, and Trent is still lubing me up, it feels as if he has already gotten back up to four fingers inside me, and I am feeling amazing. Jason pulled away for only a second, and must have passed Trent the plug, I am guessing that he lubed it up first as well, but I have my eyes closed to try and contain the intense feelings inside me, so I did not see it. Just as Jason started rubbing me again, though, Trent pulled his fingers out, worked the plug into the back of my diaper, and started working it into me, but about five seconds after starting, he turned on the vibrator, and that is when I came, possibly the hardest that I have ever managed to before, and when I came to, not only do I have the rather large plug fully inside me, but I am now crumpled on the floor, panting and gasping.

“Fuck me, that was fucking amazing.” I gasped.

“Goody, now it”s my turn.” Trent said first, though I happened to catch Jason”s face, and I could see that he had been just about to say the same thing himself, and he would like nothing more than to push Trent out of the way and get this next. He just chuckled, and grabbed the lube.

As soon as I was able to, I grabbed the ring, and Jason and I started working Trent in the same manner. As soon as he was ready for it, Jason started slipping the plug into Trent, I had it already lubed and ready for him, and then, when Jason fired up the vibrator, Trent also came, hard, and slumped to the ground as if boneless, Jason slipping the plug all the way in as he guided Trent down.

“Wow, that was way better than just fucking amazing.” Trent moaned deeply.

“I know, but that was the best I could come up with.” I laughed.

“Enough talk, just plug my fucking gay baby bum hole like it deserves.” Jason said, standing in position to izmit sınırsız escort get his plug and ring as well.

So, I took up Jason”s dick again, giving Trent his ass, and we got him all prepared as well. Since Jason can cum, and I do not wish to waste it, I kept my hand inside his slightly soggy diaper to catch anything he may or may not be able to offer me. We had drained each other quite well earlier, so I have my doubts that Jason will have more than just barely a drop to offer, but I will accept it none the less. Jason too did not even make it through full plugging, as soon as Trent turned on the vibrator, that was it, he exploded, and I felt four good sized squirts of cum hit my hand, and because Jason is larger than us, we had a hell of a time trying to guide him to the floor without letting him hurt himself, but we did manage, and his plug is now fully seated as well.

I pull out my hand, lick off half the mess, and then offer the rest to Trent, who happily accepts it, and licks off the rest. As soon as Jason has come back, I press my lips to his, and share with him some of his cum in a nice cum kiss, and as soon as I let go, Trent takes my place, and then as soon as they let go, I grasp Trent and kiss him, sharing just a little more with him.

“Wow, you”re both right, that was so fucking amazing, way better than I would”ve ever dreamed. It feels so good, and they”re so large that they should hurt like fuck, but it just feels so fucking good.”

“Mmmhmm.” Trent and I say together.

“Now, I desperately need a nice big drink, wanna go get a glass or two of water and make ourselves a large pot of tea?” I ask.

“Definitely.” They both say as one.

Walking with such a large toy in our baby bums is interesting, because they are probably what an average adult considers nice and large, but we are just little gay baby boys, so they are gloriously large inside us, and as such, they are making us waddle more than just a little. They feel just so fucking good though, every and all emphasis on fucking, because trust me, the vibrator in them are making us feel as if we are going to cum, again. Then there is the vibrators still on our hot hard gay baby bones, for not one of us has gone soft yet, and with all the stimulation we are getting, I do not foresee us getting soft any time soon either. I personally am hoping that the vibrators can last all night long, and that when we wake in the morning, we will be so fucking horny that there will be no way that we can go to school, because we will be fucking way too much for that, and if I have my way, tomorrow, I lose my virginity. Lots.

We go and get our drinks, downing lots of water as we wait for our tea, and then as soon as it is done, we slowly sip on it and savour it, because it is such a good quality tea that it truly does deserve to be savoured.

Several times throughout the evening, even though we were nowhere even close to my dads bedroom, we did still hear one or both of them call out his pleasure. I have some pretty good ideas what they just might be doing to make those kinds of noises, I have enjoyed watching my dad, probably more than he knows, and when he gets right rowdy and raunchy, boy can he get vocal, and downright loud sometimes. It seems our vice principal, sorry, Zayden, is much the same, because not all those calls were my dads, and even if we were not wearing nice large plugs and cock rings that are vibrating gloriously, we would still be being kept insanely hard from hearing it.

Then we heard what sounded like fifteen or twenty massive orgasms all happening at the same time.

“Fuck, what do you think they could possibly doing to make those noises?” Trent groaned.

“Not a clue, but do either of you wanna go watch as much as I do?” Jason groaned deeper.

“Hell yeah.” Trent and I said together.

“We really shouldn”t though, should we.” Jason said.

“No, even though I have my doubts that the door”s fully closed, we could easily go and watch, but if they”re gonna be boyfriends like I hope they will be, then we really should leave them for their first time. Maybe the next time they baby diaper bum fuck each other good and hard we can go watch though.” I said.

“God, they sound so fucking hot though.” Trent moaned lowly.

“Oh yeah. Wonder if they”re actually fucking with their cocks, and if so, what toys they have buried inside as well. Couple of my dads toys are frighteningly large. Trust me, the only reason I didn”t go and grab some of his are because there”s simply no fucking way we could possibly take even his smallest in us yet, “cause his smallest is probably still nearly twice as big as ours are.”

“Wow, really, now that I”d really liketa fucking see.” Jason said, rubbing his mega thickly diapered dinky. Not that he really needs to.

“Oh yeah, one of his dildos, and it”s not even his largest, is shaped like a mans fucking fist and arm, right to the elbow, I personally watched as one man was fucking him with that, while he was fucking a woman, and another man was already fucking his ass with his already pretty impressive dick. Then of course, the guy slipped that out and slipped in his slightly larger fist and truly fist fucked him. He made similar noises that night too, and if I could”ve cum, I woulda totally loaded my baby diaper in cum.”

“Fuck me.” Jason groaned.

“Oh yeah. I will. I can”t wait “til I can slip my fist in your ass as well, especially if Trent”s already fucking it with his hot gay baby bone.”

“And then he came.” Trent giggled, because all of a sudden, Jason was crumpled on the floor, he came so hard, and passed out almost instantly, then fell from the chair that he was sitting on only a second before.

“Yeah, well, I damn near am too, and I”m already really fucking sexually drained.” I giggled too.

“Wanna check to see if he managed to spew any baby milk?” Trent grinned mischievously to me.

“Fuck yeah.”

And so, before Jason even came to again, we slipped our hands inside his diaper, found that he is still stone hard, and that he had in fact squirted maybe one tiny little jet of cum, it was not much, but we scooped it all up, or at least as much as we possibly could, and then pressed our lips together and shared the wealth.

“Fuck, that never gets old. Wish I could suck a hundred hot hard cum spewing gay baby cocks, drink down every drop of cum and piss they can give to me, and just keep sucking “til they”re dried out husks.” Trent sighed deeply.

“Mmmm, wouldn”t that just be so fucking hot.” I could not agree more.

“Wow, never had that happen before.” Jason groaned out groggily when he came to.

“It was funny as hell, “cause one second you were there, then the next second you were on the ground, passed out and shaking, cumming probably harder than before.” I giggled.

“And fucking hot.” Trent added.

“Definitely fucking hot.” I said.

“No shit. Just all of a sudden felt like a freight train smacked into me. That”s how kinky I”ve dreamed of being though, as much as can be stuffed into my ass, and then just a little more after. Preferably at the same time I”m sucking so much cum and piss I”m gonna explode.”

“That does sound really fucking hot, and we”d be right beside you, sharing a ten kilometer long line of gay baby diapered boys, teens, and men.”

“Not long enough, hundred kilometers is maybe not even enough for me.” Jason grinned.

“You know, not all that long ago you were a complete gay basher, now you”re the gayest, possibly the sluttiest boy I”ve ever met in my life.” I grinned brightly to Jason.

“That there is absolutely the nicest thing anyone”s ever said to me in my entire life, and I”ll love you for a hundred eternities for it. I”m so fucking free now, you can”t possibly imagine just how jailed, how tortured I was before. I hadta live a lie so totally, I hope you never can understand how miserable I was. What happened, losing my best friend, that was horrible, absolutely, but you know what, that wasn”t even the worst I”ve ever felt. Every day, every fucking day, living with my dad, was worse, and not just by a little. I knew I could never be who and what I was because of him. I may not”ve known for certain what he was capable of, but, in the same breath, I was ten thousand percent certain of exactly what he was capable of. Now I never haveta be that person ever again, and no one, and I mean no one, will ever be able to put the genie back in the lamp, I”m not hiding who and what I am, I”m the gayest, diaper lovingest baby boy slut this world has ever seen, and anyone who attempts to deny me of that freedom will pay dearly for it.”

“I too hope that we never understand what your life was like, how miserable you were, we both have a good idea, but we”re both just as certain that our good idea is maybe one ten thousandth of a percent of what it truly was. You may just be the most gayest, diaper lovingest baby boy slut this world has ever seen, but Trent and I”ll fight for second and third place, or, we”ll try and tie you for first place. The three of us are absolutely lovers, but if and when we get the chance to be fucked and filled by others, we all share, and we be as slutty as the sluttiest person on the planet, and then some. We all know that what we want, what we need, we can”t truly have, because there”s not enough gay diaper lovers on the entire planet to sate our desires, but, you can bet that we”ll certainly try our hardest.” I grinned as I petted my incredibly hard diapered dick.

“Thanks.” Jason smiled warmly to us both.

“Do you think your dad would fuck us Heath?” Trent asked.

“Not sure, I”ve never asked him that before. I know he”ll pretty near fuck or be fucked by anyone, I doubt he”s ever said no to anyone who wanted sex. I know he doesn”t give a flying fuck about the law and what it says is legal age for sex, I am absolutely certain a few of his partners weren”t old enough, but not as young as us either, so, I just don”t know. Would be hot to have him and Zayden and one other man just take all three of us and keep rotating “til they couldn”t fuck and fill us any more though, wouldn”t it.”

“We”re so totally skipping school tomorrow and getting both of them in bed with us, if I have my say.” Trent said.

“Only if both are diapered.” Jason and I said together.

“Of course. I mean, I”d let a hundred men just fuck me through just my soggy baby diapers, but I too would really rather they be diapered too.”

“Whereas I won”t let them fuck me at all unless they”re diapered and soggy.” Jason said.

“Really, that shocks me.” Trent said. “I mean, like I said, I”d much prefer it, but if lotsa men just wanna fuck me, I”d so totally let them, even teens or little boys, as long as they fuck me, I just don”t think I”d care all that much.”

“I”m with Jason, I”m such a diaper lover that I just don”t think it”d do it for me to not have my partner diapered as well.”

“Yeah, I”d probably let them, once, but after that, if they wanna fuck me again, then they”d absolutely haveta be diapered.” Jason said.

“Oh, I definitely agree with that.” Trent said.

“Whereas I wouldn”t even let them fuck me to start.” I laughed.

“Interesting just how kinky we all are and how we all feel about that, it”s great though. Then, it”s simple, as a group, we simply never allow anyone to fuck us and fill us, unless they”re diapered and soggy as well. If I or Jason hasta go and reel a potential target, or a hundred in and allow them to fuck us without a diaper first, and then we all ride him or them once he or they”re diapered, then we so totally do so.” Trent grinned brightly.

“Agreed.” Jason and I said as one.

“Good, as the first three members of the gay baby boy diaper loving slut alliance, we have our first motion passed.” Trent giggled.

“Now that”s hot.” Jason groaned.

“Mmmhmm.” Trent and I said together.

For the rest of the night, we sat around playing games, talking, laughing, and enjoying hearing Dad and Zayden going at it long and hard. I have no idea how they both came so many times, but they were still going when we decided to call it a night and headed to bed. We fell asleep still hearing them, and then had amazing dreams because of it. I am sure the vibrating butt plugs and cock rings we are wearing had nothing to do with it at all.

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